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The Assassin’s Teapot: Tea Served Hot And Revenge Served Cold [Video]


This teapot has one thing that distinguishes it from other teapots. Or rather, two things if you count that, uh, rather phallic-looking gentleman incorporated into its design. No, the thing that really separates this teapot from other of its ilk is that it has one clear purpose: It’s designed to kill.

Yes, alright, almost any teapot can be used to kill if you swing it hard enough. But not all teapots have separate chambers inside for different contents. In this video by Grand Illusions, you’ll see that the contents of this teapot are tea and milk. Which of the two liquids gets poured depends upon which one of two holes on the handle is being covered.

But the name suggests that teapots like these were designed so that would-be assassins could brew two lots of tea – one for regular, delicious tea, and the other for something a little more deadly.

Check out the video after the jump.

UPDATE: The teapot is available for sale here.

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