Before You Take On Thanos, You’ll Need To Hydrate


Ok, so you’re going to team up with Star-Lord and take on Thanos? Well, do you have a zany ’70s and ’80s mix-tape to help keep you occupied while you’re flying through space? Good. Got a talking raccoon with an itchy trigger finger? Great. Oh! Do you need a talking house plant/muscle? Got one of those too, huh? Good for you. Looks like you’re prepared. Wait, did you remember to bring vessels for beverages? No? Well, good thing I asked!

Check out this Guardians Of the Galaxy ceramic mug, which can hold 20 ounces of your preferred caffeinated beverage (or any liquid really, except for molten steel, because that would melt the cup). Oh, and if you plan on doing some fancy flying, you’re going to need some sort of cup with a lid, so make sure to check out the 18-ounce Guardians of the Galaxy Travel Cup after the break. Have a safe space trip!


Product Pages: Mug: ($11.99) / Cup: ($9.99)


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