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The World’s Strongest Coffee Will Take You On A Journey Into The Unknown

An average 12oz (tall) cup of coffee from Starbucks hovers in the 200-300mg range for caffeine. According to the Mayo Clinic, 400mg a day is considered safe for most healthy adults. So, what will happen to you when you drink a cup of Black Insomnia coffee with it’s 702mg of caffeine per 12 fl. oz?

Will you go from this?

To this?

I’m not sure, but the South African company behind the coffee has gone to great lengths to verify the potency. From the press release (PDF).

To prove our claim of The World’s Strongest Coffee we’ve send samples of these three coffee samples were to SGS Laboratories, the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company to test their caffeine content.

SGS have equipment which uses High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) to test samples. The samples are tested versus standard known samples of caffeine. HPLC has the ability to separate, identify, and quantitate the compounds that are present in any sample that can be dissolved in a liquid.

The certified results from globally renowned and independent SGS laboratories indicate a clear winner in the title for The World’s Strongest Coffee. With 17524 mg of Caffeine per kg Black Insom- nia Coffee is 27% stronger then Wodfee who has 13809mg per kg. Compared to DeathWish Coffee who has only 13179 mg of Caffeine per kg Black Insomnia is a whopping 33% stronger.

If you think you can handle it, Black Insomnia Coffee is being sold on Amazon.

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