Catbus And More Absolutely Awesome 3D Latte Art

latte art 1

If you stop by an Italian restaurant called Belcorno in Japan, you might be treated to some seriously impressive latte art. Ito Yuichi has mad skills when it comes to the beverage artistry; he’s sculpted lumps of foam into Catbus (my favorite), Totoro, Charlie Brown and Snoopy, cute creatures, and so many more. Each of the puffs are colored and look too adorable to ruin. If I received a beverage with 3D latte art like this, I wouldn’t be able to drink it.

Check out more of the fluffy art after the break.

latte art 2

latte art 3

latte art 4

latte art 5

latte art 6

latte art 7

latte art 8

latte art 9

(YP via Kotaku)


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