This No-Pep Boy Mug Will Keep You Fueled While You Explore The Wastelands Of Fallout


Since Fallout 4 is officially on its way (AHHH!!! Loud noises!!!), it’s time to start prepping for your extended journey to the American wasteland of the 23rd century.

You’re going to need plenty of Nuka-Cola and coffee to keep you fueled, so we suggest picking up this “No Pep-Boy” (Hardcore Mode) mug from RedBubble, which holds 12 ounces of your favorite caffeinated beverage. The mug features a unique design that serves as a reminder that avoiding coffee, much like trying to kick a Deathclaw in the face, will only result in your untimely demise.

The design is also available on everything from t-shirts to travel mugs. So what are you waiting for? Start preparing for the wasteland today!

Product Page: ($14.38)


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