GO CUBES: Chewable Coffee Bites Give You A Caffeine Fix Anywhere


For many of us, coffee is life. But there are times it’s not easy to get a cup of coffee, or people have pesky rules about beverages not being allowed. So, what if you could get real cold-brew coffee in a tasty gummy bite?

This is the beauty of GO CUBES chewable coffee bites (2 cubes = 1 cup of coffee). They come in Pure Drip, Mocha, and Latte flavors that give you a way to take your coffee everywhere with ease. GO CUBES also contain B complex, L-Theanine, and other “nootropics” that supposedly help keep your mind sharp.

Check out the project video after the break…

If you like the idea of chewable coffee, you can head over to their Indiegogo campaign and help make them a reality. No tee shirts or mugs rewards, just the elixir of life we all know as coffee.

(via Nerdist)


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