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New Disposable Coffee Lid Is Designed To Enhance The Flavor Of Coffee

Your sense of smell is actually the biggest factor in determining how things taste (which explains why food tastes bland when you have a head cold), so Hong Kong-based Mint Urban Technologies has developed a new disposable coffee lid designed to enhance the aroma, and therefore the flavor, of coffee.

Apparently, the Aroma Lid features an “aromatic material” built right into the plastic that will make your coffee smell more coffee-ish.

“The aroma we use is very light” says Miller. “We only need it to be very subtle in order for the brain receptors to recognize the enhanced aroma. The bottom line is that the Aroma Lid will make coffee taste better than any other coffee lid on the market.”

There’s no telling when or if these new lids will ever make it to a coffee shop near us, but you can experience this technology right now by drinking your coffee without a lid. The future is here…today!

(via gizmag)


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