Starbucks Creates It’s First Mobile Coffee Shop


Starbucks recently partnered with Swiss Train Company SSB to create the first mobile coffee store on a train. Starbucks converted a double-decker train into a sweet store on wheels (er, tracks?), and it runs exclusively in Switzerland on the route between the Geneva Airport and St. Fallen.

Check out the interior after the break…


The interior was designed to encourage guests to sit a spell and enjoy their coffees. The main bar area is on the first floor, while the seating area is on the upper deck, which is mostly for commuters. The store features textured wood tables, leather chairs and carpeted floors. A coffee waiter on the upper deck can take orders from patrons who aren’t too keen on running around a moving train with boiling-hot coffee. Can’t wait to see one of these in Los Angeles!


(via FastCompany and Foodbeast)


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