Starbucks Wants To Cut Trash By Offering $1 Reusable Plastic Cups With Discounts

In an effort to keep people from generating so much trash, Starbucks is introducing reusuable plastic cups at all its company-owned stores in the USA and Canada. The cups will cost $1 each, but will earn customers a 10 cent discount every time they bring it back for a refill.

Although the company has offered plastic cups for awhile, they expect the lower price will bring about the change they are looking for. The cheaper cups are currently being test-marketed in 600 Pacific Northwest stores, leading to a 26% increase in use over the previous year. According to Starbucks rep Jim Hanna, the cups have interior lines to denote a “tall” or “grande” size and will be cleaned by employees using a boiling-water rinse before each refill.

(via USAT)


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