Tealeesi Must Be The Mother Of These Tea Dragons

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If you’re a diehard tea-drinker, then a “tea dragon” would probably be your patronus. Created by Strangely Katie, an illustrator from New Zealand, tea dragons embody the particular characteristics of specific tea blends (e.g., the “Chamomile” dragon is always pretty sleepy).

Strangely Katie notes on her Tumblr that tea dragons are friendly critters, and have tea leaves actually sprout from their bodies (don’t worry, plucking the leaves doesn’t hurt them). However she does point out that the dragons “have been bred to the point that they rely completely on humans to survive. Seen as luxury pets, the number of humans willing to spend the time and effort to keep a spoiled, demanding and somewhat fragile creature alive in order to make a good cup of tea has dwindled…”

Well, drat. It looks like we’re going to have to start a tea dragon sanctuary. My, God, it’s going to be adorable! On that note, The tea dragons originally started as doodles, but Katie’s illustrations have proved popular so she decided to create a short, tea dragon-themed comic so fans can explore her caffeinated fictional world.

Check out some examples of her work after the break…

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