The $54 Sexagintuple Vanilla Bean Mocha Frappuccino Is A New Starbucks Record


The supposed world record for the most expensive drink possible at Starbucks was set this past weekend, and the resulting 128-ounce Sexagintuple Vanilla Bean Mocha Frappuccino came out to a grand total of $54.75.

That’s a lot of caffeine.

Andrew easily beat last year’s record, which was $47.30. As a Gold member of Starbucks’ loyalty program, Andrew is entitled to one free drink after every twelve he purchases. The only limitation is how patient a barista is willing to be when a program member decides to cook-up a complicated drink order. After watching last year’s quadringoctuple frap video involving a 48-shot drink, Andrew came up with a game plan. He wanted to create something that was both expensive and drinkable.

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According to Consumerist, Andrew tracked down a 128-ounce glass (which is more like a vase) and he went in to his local Starbucks with the intention of enlisting the baristas to help him accomplish his goal. He told Consumerist via email that he approached the baristas and said:

“So, this might sound a little weird, but I saw a video on YouTube where a guy orders the most expensive Starbucks drink. I want to beat the record.” One of the baristas had seen the video, and was willing to help. “It took a few minutes to figure out all the math, but in the end, it took about 55 shots to get us over the $50 line, and we just rounded it up to 60 to make it easy,”

It took another ten minutes to make the drink. He drank a third of it (he mentioned that it was delicious), and saved the rest. Also, quick note, since Starbucks doesn’t publish info online on how much caffeine is in an espresso shot, the Consumerist team decided to crunch some numbers to find out how much caffeine Andrew ingested. They estimated that a single shot has about 75 milligrams of caffeine, which means that Andrew’s drink had about 4,500 milligrams (or 4.5 grams). An expert mentioned to Popular Science that, as long as there aren’t any pre-existing medical conditions, a lethal dose of caffeine for the average adult is around 10 grams. You’re walking on thin ice, Andrew. Pace yourself next time!

(via The Consumerist)


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