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Tim Hortons Seems To Be Inspiring Random Acts Of Kindness

tim hortons coffee

Just when your faith in humanity starts to wobble, here comes a story about people doing nice things for others for no reason and just paying it forward in a simple but awesome way.

Monday,a guy walked into a Tim Hortons in Edmonton, Canada and asked how many coffees they served in a day and, after being given an approximate number of 500, he pulled out his wallet and ordered 500 coffees and asked that they be given free to the next 500 people who ordered coffee.

We’re talking approximately $859 in caffeinated goodwill that will make 500 other people’s day that much brighter.

You’d think that happening once would be cool enough, but then it happened again Wednesday at another Tim Hortons in Calgary and then a third time Thursday in Ottowa.

1500 free cups of coffee in 3 days? That’s pretty awesome. I must say.

Faith in humanity restored.

On a side note, some people seem to suspect this to be some sort of Tim Hortons publicity trick, but while they think the idea is pretty brilliant, they deny involvement.

(Yahoo and CBC News via The Consumerist)


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