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Bees Use M&M’s Manufacturing Waste To Create Blue Honey

The discovery of blue honey recently led French beekeepers to find that their bees were harvesting M&Ms manufacturing waste from a biogas plant that processes the industrial runoff from a Mars chocolate factory.

The plant operator said it regretted the situation and had put in place a procedure to stop it happening again. “We discovered the problem at the same time [the beekeepers] did. We quickly put in place a procedure to stop it,”Philippe Meinrad, a spokesman from Agrivalor, the company operating the biogas plant, was quoted by Reuters as saying. The company, which deals with waste from a Mars chocolate factory, said it would clean out the containers, store all incoming waste in airtight containers and process it promptly, according to a company statement published in Le Monde newspaper.

In case you’re wondering, no – the honey will not be offered for sale.

(BBC via BB)


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