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Coming This Easter: Twizzler Easter Grass Candy And Cadbury Creme Egg Cookies


It appears that the manufacturer of Twizzlers wanted a bigger chunk of the Easter candy market, but couldn’t think of a damn thing associated with the holiday that resembles twisted strands of licorice. That must be why they decided to model their product after that fake basket-stuffing “grass” that looks about as appetizing as the sole of a boot. The green apple-flavored candy comes in loose strands that have been described as disturbingly similar to their grassy inspiration.

If that’s not enough weirdness for the season, Cadbury is also offering limited edition Creme Egg cookies (pictured after the jump), which look like they could be a convenient way to enjoy the holiday staple without ending up permanently sticky from the uncontrollable rush of fondant filling.


(Twizzlers/Cookies via Consumerist)


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