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Chocolate Benedict Cumberbatch Bunnies Are Real, And They’re Kind Of Terrifying


Hello, gentle reader! Apologies, I’m just on the phone with my editor, won’t be a mo. Yes. Yeah, no, I’ll cover the chocolate Cumberbatch bunnies, absolutely. No, I wasn’t planning on getting any sleep tonight anyway, so… yeah. Great. Chat later.

Alright, sorry to keep you. So! Some bright spark has made chocolate bunnies with… with Benedict Cumberbatch heads! Because that’s a thing the world needed, apparently (just like we needed this). Certainly it’s not something directly lifted out of one of the fever dreams I had when I was down with the flu earlier this week, haha. What an oddly specific image that would be, ha ha ha.

Ha ha.

The so-called “Cumberbunny” was designed by chocolate artist Jen Lindsey-Clark of UK-based Chocolatician. It weighs 400 grams (about 14 ounces) and is made of Belgian chocolate coated in something called “lustre dust” – possibly an explanation for what Cumberbatch puts in his hair when he’s on Sherlock. It costs £50 (approximately $71 US) and comes in milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and a slightly pricier white chocolate version sporting a 22 carat gold bow tie. D’aww.


Unfortunately, they’ve put a hold on shipments to the U.S. for the moment, which sucks because it would make a great Easter pressie for anyone suffering from OCD (Obsessive Cumberbatch Disorder).

(via Mashable)


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