Custom 3D Printed Pez Dispensers


A company recently approached Hot Pop Factory co-founders / designers Matt Compeau and Bi-Ying Miao seeking to create unique 3D printed Holiday gifts for each of their employees. The subsequent brainstorming led to the creation of custom Pez dispensers using an Xbox Kinect motion-sensor and a 3D printer.

The first and most important task was to 3D scan all the employees without giving away the surprise. Miraculously, we managed to convince everyone to let us digitize their heads for a mysterious “research” project, albeit a lot of protesting and interrogation. Nevertheless, we were determined to keep the actual plan a secret until the big reveal!

I’m sure the employees are thrilled to have the privilege of dispensing Pez from the throats of their plastic doppelgangers rather than say, a bonus check.

Hit the jump for an additional pic.




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