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Make Your Own Candy Salad


If you think you’re a likely candidate for this DIY candy salad adventure, you’re either a child, a chocoholic, or someone else with the incredible power to look at this much chocolate and not feel nauseous thinking about the cloyingly sweet taste.

Whatever the case, you’ll have to be prepared to turn your back on things like Runts, because they are strictly forbidden. Instead, according to the instructions, “you want at least one representative candy from the following categories: pretzel, peanut butter, peanut, caramel, nougat, cookie, crunch. You’re also going to need chocolate syrup, a big-ass bowl, a mixing spoon, a cutting board, and a knife.”

If you’re buckled up, click the link below and get ready for a wild ride on the anti-nutrition speedway.

(via BF)


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