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The M&Ms And Skittles Sorting Machine Apple Would Make [Video]

Willem Pennings spent several months of his free time in the pursuit of an elegant and advanced M&Ms and Skittles sorting machine. I assume Apple is going to hang back and see where this goes before jumping into the market with their own overpriced product, but Pennings’ machine isn’t going to be easy to improve upon.

“It’s pretty quick and sorts about 2 pieces of candy per second” Pennings says. “It uses Arduino microcontrollers and stepper motors for quick and precise movement. A TCS34725 color sensor performs the measurements. Furthermore, the device is equipped with LEDs in several spots which nicely complement the overall look of the machine.”

Indeed, this is a candy sorting machine that I wouldn’t mind showing off in my kitchen (plus I enjoy the sounds of the candy falling into the cups). If you agree, Pennings has graciously provided details on the build for anyone willing to give it a go. All of the “why do you have a beautiful candy sorting machine?” questions you get will make the effort totally worth it.

(via Boing Boing)

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