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Pac Man and Space Invaders Arcade Cabinet Candy


You may remember our previous coverage of this Pac Man cabinet, which is now available along with a Space Invaders version. Each measures 1″ x 2″ x 3.25″ and packs approx. 30 pieces of candy. Here’s an overly enthusiastic description from the product page:

Each tin is shaped like an arcade cabinet, like the ones you lovingly fed coins. And inside each tin of Arcade Cabinet Candy is (you guessed it) candy! More specifically: Pac-Man or Space Invaders candy – whichever one you chose! And what do they taste like? Well, Pac-Man tastes like strawberry, just like the real Pac-Man (long story; trust us), while the Space Invaders taste like other-worldly sour apple. Best of all, once you eat the candy, you can keep neato things in the empty tin. Might we suggest quarters? Then you’ll be the coolest kid at the arcade! All thanks to Arcade Cabinet Candy. Yay!

Product Page: ($4)


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