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Rev7 Gum Is Biodegradable, Easy To Clean

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Let’s face it – people have no idea how to dispose of gum. That’s why they spit it out on the sidewalk or stick it under furniture. Thankfully, a new brand called Rev7 is hitting the market that will dissolve into a fine powder in a matter of months. In addition, the gum can also be removed from surfaces with a hose and a broom:

Normal gum is hydrophobic (does not mix with water), and things that dissolve immediately are hyrdophilic (mix well with water). But Rev7 is amphiphilic, a combination of both. So you can chew it, but it allows enough water to penetrate it that it will slowly break down, and can be removed from a sidewalk with normal cleaning techniques.

The new gum comes in peppermint, spearmint, and cinnamon flavors. If you’d like to give Rev7 a try, you can check out the link below for a list of locations where it is available.

(Rev7 via Treehugger)


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