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Chocolates For Your Samurai Valentine

Japanese confectioner Mary’s has released a new line of chocolates dubbed “Tsuwamono” (a Japanese word meaning “warrior”) that pay tribute to three famous Japanese samurai.

“Kiremono”, dedicated to Nagano hero Sanada Yukimura, contains pieces shaped like Sanada’s antlered helmet as well as candies flavored with apples—a Nagano specialty.

“Sharesha”, inspired by feudal ruler Date Masamune, features chocolates adorned with the crescent moon motif seen on Date’s battle helmet as well as pieces employing the zunda sweetened bean flavor associated with Date’s region, located around present-day Sendai.

“Atsukimono” recalls warlord and sword collector Oda Nobunaga with a chocolate katana, while a “Hayatemono” set features chocolate shuriken, or throwing stars.

Just in case you want to give your sweetheart the gift of edible armor and weaponry, the chocolates can be delivered prior to Valentine’s Day (in Japan anyway) and are currently available for 648 to 1,404 yen ($5.60 to $12.10).

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