Move Over Cronut, It’s Time For The Cragel


The latest creation to capitalize on the success of the Cronut is a combination of a bagel and a croissant dubbed the “Cragel”. It’s the brainchild of baker Scot Rossillo of The Bagel Store in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

The Bagel Store proudly reintroduces “The Cragel”© – a delicate, flaky, buttery croissant baked into a flavorful tasty bagel. Introduced by “The Bagel Store ” to the New York City market in September, 2013. It is 50% croissant, 50 % bagel and 100% delicious – all of the characteristics of a bagel with the delicate flaky taste and texture of a croissant.

You can order a Cragel for $2.95 and have it shipped anywhere in the US for your breakfast enjoyment.

See another picture after the break…


Product Page ($2.95 Gothamist via Laughing Squid)


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