Turn Your Baked Potato Into A Tauntaun [Video]

baked potato taun taun 1

Have you ever looked at a baked potato and thought it would make a great tauntaun? Me either, but one enterprising individual did and is trying to fund “Baked Potauntauns” on Indiegogo. The idea is that you stick a tauntaun headpiece and two haunches onto a baked potato, fill the potato with Luke Skywalker made from butter (the mold is provided), and then cut it open with a lightsaber knife. Because, why not?

See another picture and the campaign video after the break.

baked potato taun taun 2

baked potato taun taun 3

They’re asking for funds to finalize the CAD models, to manufacture the food-grade components, and to get licensing from Lucasfilm. You can back the project and pay $50 to pre-order a complete potauntaun kit.

(via Boing Boing)


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