A very proper, civilized duel. The winner would be the person that could draw their cup and saucer, get a kettle on, and have the tea and their pinky up the fastest. I’m also picturing a bandolier filled with teabags.

Steampunk Tea Cup Holster Cup And Saucer Set ($75)

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Mark Windsor of Full Windsor has redesigned the survivalist’s multitool to give it a food focus, combining 10 essential tools into a convenient 20 ounce device. [click to continue…]

Over the busy New Year’s holiday, Domino’s U.K. unveiled “the world’s first ‘wipeable’ onesie” complete with two giant pockets “to store dips and drinks” and “stain proof fabric with soft velveteen for comfort and resilience”. It is the perfect attire for lounging around, eating pizza, and not bathing.

In other words, it’s the most important innovation in clothing since the loincloth.

The Domino’s onesie is the work fashion designer Charlotte Denn, who managed to crank out the first prototype in a mere 13 hours. They were (and, perhaps, still are) available in U.K. restaurants for £25 with all proceeds going to charities including Teenage Cancer Trust. Check out more pics below. [click to continue…]


Rocket Design has made a pizza cutter for hipsters and DJs by making it look like a turntable. Clearly, this is a product the world desperately needed.

Just don’t confuse “beats” with “beets”, because laying down the latter on your pizza is not acceptable.

Turntable Pizza Cutter ($24.99)

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This series of “Foodnited States” t-shirts from Foodiggity reimagine the U.S. as a nation of food-focused states with punny names. Current examples include “Kaleifornia”, “Fishigan”, “S’moregon”, “New Pork”, “New Jerky”, “Ohioatmeal Raisin” and “Avocolorado”.

On a related note, I’m moving to S’moregon.

Foodiggity had previously given puntastic names to all 50 states, but whether all will make it to t-shirts remains to be seen. Check out more examples below. [click to continue…]

‘Star Wars’ BB-8 Egg Cup


Do people even use egg cups that aren’t shaped like something fun these days? I mean if my egg can’t cosplay like Togepi, a knight, Batman or BB-8 than what’s the point?


Sanrio’s lazy egg Gudetama has become a spirit animal for some people, myself included. In fact, his little “meh” face has become popular enough to land him on these new bags by Loungefly.

Gudetama backpacks, Gudetama purses, Gudetama coinpurses and wallets—it’s an eggapalooza of sleepy cuteness and I want all of it. Check out more pics below. [click to continue…]


We love a good, nerdy heat changing mug. These Deadpool and Wonder Woman mugs certainly fit the bill—plus Deadpool will insult you when hot coffee is added. Can’t beat that. Check out the Wonder Woman version below. [click to continue…]


Nari has a bigger blowhole and a tinier horn than other narwhals, but she can’t be matched in terms of cuteness (and her capacity for coffee).

Nari The Narwhal Mug ($19.49)

Taco And Hot Sauce Earrings


For those that like their style spicy, I present taco and hot sauce earrings. The fact that they have faces really sells it for me. You can tell they enjoy being in each other’s company.

Taco And Hot Sauce Earrings ($20)