This concept Lolo Lid is basically a special lid that grips a beer can—allowing it to be hidden inside a coffee cup.

The lid, which is currently the focus of a Kickstarter campaign, will not only provide an air barrier that acts as an insulator for your brew, it will allow you to drink beer where you probably…definitely shouldn’t be drinking beer.

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This mug, aside from featuring cool images of everyone’s favorite Star Wars characters, also plays a number of sounds when lifted—including the hum of a lightsaber being turned on, R2-D2 beeping away and Chewbacca roaring. Yep, I think Chewbecca roaring would get me pumped for my first cup of joe in the morning.

Product Page (£11.95 or $18.41)

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Are you a trucker or a hardcore gamer with little regard for your health? Is Freddy Krueger hunting you? If the answer is “yes” to either of these questions, the Juggernaut Travel mug might be the answer to that pesky need for sleep.

It holds 52 ounces. Fifty-Two! That’s six standard cups of coffee. Or perhaps you would prefer four cans of Mountain Dew. How about an entire X-treme Gulp from 7-Eleven? Hell, you might be able to take a bath in this thing.

Product Page ($14.99)


Hidden in the depths of the Pacific, beneath rolling waves of darkness, lies true terror. Some say that he can be summoned if you say “Chips Ahoy” three times.

I’m talking about, of course, the Cthookie Monster. If you want to keep your cookies safe, show your allegiance to the ancient but adorable monster with this t-shirt.

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Inspired by a question posed by his wife, expert woodworker and engineer Matthias Wandel created a clever cake knife to cut hexagonal shapes.

“This project started when Rachel said “Now I have to cut the cake into squares or triangles”. My immediate thought was “why not cut it into circles, or hexagons?”. This got me thinking about a good method of cutting a cake into a hexagon honeycomb pattern.

The easiest I figured, was to make a knife that snakes through the honeycomb pattern …Testing the knife by pressing it down on some pine. I had actually shaped the handle to have a slight curve on the bottom of it so that the knife can be rocked back and forth a bit for cases where it needs to slice through some tough cake or pizza bottom. It left a nice indentation in the pine. so I’m confident that it can slice any cake.”

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I like Star Wars and I like cookies and it’s neat that you get your choice of Darth Vader’s breathing noises or R2’s beeps and boops when opening these jars, but this seems like an alarm system to me. R2 or Vader will narc on you when you get a cookie and that is so totally Dark Side.

Product Pages: Star Wars Darth Vader Helmet Cookie Jar with Sound / Star Wars R2-D2 Cookie Jar with Sound ($39.99)

weeping angel mug

How badly do you need coffee in the morning? Are you willing to tangle with a Weeping Angel to get your fix?

Filling this heat changing travel mug with hot liquid causes an attacking angel to appear. Fortunately, if you drink enough coffee not blinking won’t be a problem.

Product Page ($16.99)

cthulhu molded mug

You can’t resist the caffeinated call of Cthulhu. But do you dare put your lips to this mug?

Product Page ($15.99)


If the Merc with a Mouth had a thing for chocolate instead of tacos or pancakes, then he’d probably love this Marvel Deadpool Silicone Tray. You can use the tray to make chocolate or gelatin treats and ice cubes that look like Deadpool’s lovely face (try not to think about old avocados having sex).

Product Page: ($14.99)


Gamers old enough to remember the Game Boy will undoubtedly love these FreezerBoy magnets. They can turn any household appliance into a giant Game Boy (though a fridge works best). The set comes with six magnets including a giant 16″ by 12″ screen.

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