These cute Sailor Moon cup huggers ensure you will never be lonely while you sip your drink. They were on display this past weekend at the Summer Wonder Festival in Japan and can now be ordered from Bandai. You can choose Sailor Moon, Sailor Mercury, or Sailor Mars to adorn your glass.

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These vibrant ombre-colored tentacle cups are perfect for a summer BBQ setting. If Cthulhu had a sangria-drinking-beach-vibe, these would definitely be the Dark Lord’s pint glass of choice.

Etsy shop Wood Eye Glass etches these terrific cups with every possible color combination you can imagine. The set comes in three different sizes: pint, shot, and tumbler.

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Some superheroes concentrate on saving the world and beating up bad guys. But the legendary Sandwich Defender has an ever higher calling.

Esty seller jimbobart is a talented illustrator who’s based in the United Kingdom. Woodland creatures with a whimsical twist seem to be a favorite theme–as noted by the bear/superhero plate depicted above. There’s plenty more where that came from in his shop.

Product Page: ($34.00)


Etsy shop Clazy Day Ceramics just calls them “robots”, but there’s a uncanny resemblance to the dangerous, singing turrets from Portal. The set includes a hand-crafted nine-inch tea pot and three matching mugs.

This cute tea set is definitely a conversation piece, but if you hear “Are you still there?” and you’re alone, I would find cover. Immediately.

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Man, we’ve seen a lot of Star Wars stuff for the kitchen lately—from pizza cutters to containers to Death Star kitchen timers. Enter these R2-D2 and C-3PO spice shakers. Features include:

-Star Wars R2-D2 & C3PO Spice Shaker Set
-Officially-licensed Star Wars merchandise
-A ThinkGeek creation & exclusive
-Capacity: Holds approximately 1 cup
-Materials: Metal with enamel coating
-Dimensions: 2 1/2″ diameter x 3 3/4″ tall
-Weight: 4 oz. each
-Not dishwasher safe
-Not microwave safe

The spice must flow. That’s from Dune but whatever.

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Boba Fett: Pizza Hunter


Pizza is the most wanted food in the galaxy, so there’s only one slicer for the job (well, maybe two). The Boba Fett pizza slicer. It even has sound effects!

Product Page ($14.99)

Smilin’ Sushi Purse


Just look at the smile on that shrimp nigiri. This sushi knows its too cute to eat. Also, it’s a purse so you would be crazy to try.

The Sushi Purse includes a small pocket on the inside and on the back and interior dimensions that measure 9 1/4″ wide (9″ zipper opening) x 7 1/2″ tall. It even has a shrimp tail zipper pull!

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If your kitchen is a little unorganized, these droids can help.

You can easily store away your favorite tea, coffee or spices inside these droids to keep them safe from the Empire. After all, the Empire is forever stealing sugar for those cookies we hear so much about.

Product Page: ($26.99)


You’ll be able to cook at Warp 10 in these Star Trek uniform aprons. They’re in the style of The Next Generation and available in red, gold, or blue. Features include:

Star Trek The Next Generation Apron
-Officially-licensed Star Trek: The Next Generation merchandise
-Choose Red (Command), Gold (Operations), or Blue (Sciences)
-Clever chevron piecing recalls uniform design
-Strap is a single piece of ribbon, 120″ long, with an adjustable clip
-A ThinkGeek creation & exclusive
-Features embroidered combadge and logo
-Materials: 100% cotton
-Care Instructions: Hand wash at 30° C. (No machine wash). Do not tumble dry.
-Dimensions: 30″ long in the front x 26 1/2″ wide at bottom

Now you can boldly head into the kitchen to whip up dinner for your crew.

Product Page ($24.99)


The way I see it, I’m both dead and alive before I’ve had my coffee in the morning. So this Schrödinger’s Cat Mug is perfect.

Product Page ($9.99)