If you don’t understand the appeal of floating around on a pool toy that’s shaped like a giant slice of pizza, then I’m pretty sure you’re a robot. So, if you aren’t a robot, then consider picking up this nifty slice of pizza pool float which will be available for purchase some time this April.

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Reduce. Reuse. Grow. is a sustainability company that’s based in San Luis Obispo, CA, and they’ve developed a new kind of biodegradable coffee cup that has seeds buried within the cup’s exterior.

The cup features seeds that are native to wherever the cup is distributed, and once it’s planted it’ll sprout into flowers or trees. However, even if the cup doesn’t make it into the ground and it ends up in a landfill, it’ll break down into nutrient rich compost over the course of 180 days.

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You will soon have the opportunity to combine your love of eggs, quirky home decor, and the Michelin Man robots with this Eggbot Egg Cup. The ceramic vessel will not transport your egg to the table or use its T.Rex-like arms to crack and serve, but it will utilize its inherent temperature resistance to prevent your egg from overcooking, while also offering protection against Humpty Dumpty syndrome.

The Eggbot is expected to be released sometime in April, along with its companion piece, the Eggsplorer Egg Cup (pictured after the jump). That version will make your breakfast look like originated in a chicken far, far away, and traveled light years to get to your table.

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I can’t believe I’m saying this… but that towel looks delicious! Designer Jenny Pokryvailo (the genius behind the Loch Ness ladle) came up with this cool sushi kitchen towel, and the trick here is that when you roll it up properly, the towel actually looks like a real sushi roll! Seriously, though, don’t try to eat this towel.

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Some people collect quarters representing each state and display them proudly on wall-mounted maps. However, if you prefer to spend those quarters on vacations and beer, the new Beer Cap Map is for you.

Crafted from 1/4 inch laser cut veneered plywood, the map will help you preserve the memories of beers gone by—displaying the caps of bottles consumed around the country. In addition, it features etched state capitals, small holes for easy hang-ability and a patent pending “cap capture” design which will snugly hold your cap collection in place.

If you prefer to drink in a particular state, the manufacturer is also creating individual maps of all 50, and hopes to have the complete collection available by May.

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Lay claim to your wine glass with these Wine Lives glass markers. It’s the marker of choice for crazy cat winos.

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Here’s a great ensemble for those of you who like your space ladies more on the cheesy/sexy side.

In fact, we found two aprons from two different Etsy sellers with the same Alexander Henry fabric print. A full apron by Caroline Perez Designs and a half apron and oven mitts by Out Of Our Mind.

What is it they say about great minds thinking alike?

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Dragon Balls are notoriously tough to find, but if you’re looking for Dragon Ball mugs and glasses then you’ve hit the motherload.

The version above changes when hot liquid is added, but you can find more designs after the break…

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I have no idea why these awesome Batmobile and Millennium Falcon mint cases (with sound) needed to be made, but I guess there’s a mint needing nerd demographic out there and these fit the bill for that very niche market.

Then again, they’re actually called “Crazy Cases” and are made by Bandai, who also made these epic DeLorean and Batmobile iPhone cases.

Now that I think about it, you could put other things in them besides mints. I would have loved to see Morpheus whip one of these out for the pill challenge.

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Drink to House Stark or House Targaryen with two of the coolest looking Game Of Thrones steins released thus far. Both are available for pre-order with a release slated for May 2015.

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