We’ve just learned that Krispy Kreme-flavored lip balms were once sold at Walmart and may or may not be available in-store at It’s Sugar locations. But that’s not all. [click to continue…]

I would steer clear of a tie emblazoned with coffee and donuts that you color in yourself with markers unless:

A. It is being worn ironically.
B. You are the manager of a donut shop.

Check out more pics below. [click to continue…]

Studio Ghibli has created the anime fan’s ideal summer travel accessory in the form of these handkerchief / snack sets based on characters from the classic Hayao Miyazaki film My Neighbor Totoro. [click to continue…]

I can see it now: this Bluetooth Banana Phone handset will become a successful Indiegogo project. Apple will wait patiently to see if it gains traction before releasing their own version that’s shaped like an actual apple. It will still have to connect to your iPhone of course—because profits. [click to continue…]

ThinkGeek is providing a new way for us to express our love of video games through mundane objects with this series of Super Mario 3D Lenticular Coasters. [click to continue…]

Pokémon fanatics will recognize Poké Balls as devices used to catch and store Pocket Monsters. However, Bandai is changing things up a bit with a series of 11 Poké Balls designed to dispense breath mints. [click to continue…]

If you’re content with Starbucks, regular drip coffee and the like, the Modishspoon is probably not for you. However, if you currently possess a cupboard full of coffee gadgets and obsess over things like bean freshness and extraction, by all means read on. [click to continue…]

Thanks to Fred and Friends you can now make your grilled cheese sandwich smile at you as if it has no clue about the doom that awaits when it meets your mouth. Then again, what if it knows exactly what’s happening? Now I’m a little creeped out. [click to continue…]

Upgrade your table setting with this series of Doctor Who ceramic bowl and plate sets. Grab the official Doctor Who cookbook and you’ll have the makings of a very fun party for the premiere of Peter Capaldi’s final season as the Doctor. [click to continue…]

Before you spend your day kicking ass Sailor Moon style, you’ll need to transform with a little help from caffeine—and this mug.

Fight Like A Girl Sailor Moon Mug ($15.99)

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