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Parenting is all about making tough decisions. None are more important than deciding whether or not you’re going to raise your children on burgers or tacos.

If you’re in the latter group, then only one handcrafted felt mobile will do.

Taco Dreams Mobile ($48)

Oh, and while you’re at it you might want to add these.

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Japanese katanas are known for being deadly but beautiful weapons. As an homage to these legendary swords, Kotobukiya released this set of four katana handguard coasters. Each coaster is inspired by a significant figure from Japan’s feudal era.

Check out the entire series below. [click to continue…]


I don’t think you can actually drink out of this Sailor Moon Rainbow Moon Chalice, but who cares about that when it can totally transform you into Super Sailor Moon*?

This replica of the 1994 Chalice has two settings that play different sounds including the transformation melody and an homage to the original theme. Plus, when you open the top, the crystal inside lights up in various colors.

Sailor Moon Rainbow Moon Chalice ($124.50)

*Okay, maybe I just wish this was true.


If you prefer a more civilized camping experience, this “Pint” vessel from Stable Goods Co. should be right up your alley.

The Pint easily converts from a canteen to a wide-mouthed pint glass/goblet by flipping it over and removing the bottom. The base can also be attached to the canteen spout to prevent tippage.

The product is made from double walled food grade stainless steel with a granite finish and is said to look and feel like ceramic but offer the durability of steel.

Check out a demo video below. [click to continue…]


Mega Man is facing his most challenging foe yet—condensation. In fact, condensation is so threatening that other villains are putting aside their differences to join him in the fight to save your furniture.

The series includes Bubble Man, Air Man, Quick Man, Heat Man, Dr. Wily, Wood Man, Metal Man, Flash Man, Crash Man, and Mega Man in an Energy Tank tin.

Mega Man II Coaster Set ($29.99) [click to continue…]

deadpool taco pants

If your idea of a perfect day is lounging around the house and eating tacos, we’ve found the perfect pants for the job. They’re also great for watching Deadpool, reading comics, playing games and sleeping. They just might be the most magnificent pants ever created.

Deadpool Taco Pajama Pants ($15.92)


There are already so many ways you can own BB-8. You can get him as a lamp, as a remote control toy, a big cuddly plush, and more besides. Now you can have a teeny-tiny BB-8 monitor your fridge.

See Also: ‘Star Wars’ R2-D2 And BB-8 Mini Fridges

The little scamp detects when the refrigerator door opens and greets you with one of 20+ pre-recorded bleepy-bloopy droid noises. Leave the door open for too long and it’ll wail to get your attention. It has an ickle-wickle motorized head, uses three AAA batteries which can last up to three months, and you can position it anywhere you like in your fridge.

There’s just one catch – it’s currently available exclusively in Japan, where it sells for ¥4,860 (roughly $45 US).

(via Technabob)

breadcat top

The latest creation from South Korean toy artist Rato Kim is “Beautiful Brown Breadcat”, which is essentially a tiny cat toy that’s shaped like a loaf of bread. How cats and bread came together as inspiration for the product is unknown, but we’re guessing this phenomenon could have something to do with it.

Or maybe this.

Whatever the case, the handmade breadcat is currently available for pre-order directly from the artist through July 2nd and will arrive in its own little bread bag wearing one of four faces.

Check out more pictures and a video below. [click to continue…]

fallout coaster

Redditor slavicgrip 3D printed this Fallout 4 drink coaster and gave it a sweet paint job.

I would be willing to part with many bottle caps to own one, but those of you with access to a 3D printer can do one better and make it yourself with these free plans on Thingiverse.


In an impressive advertising move, Burger King Brazil has introduced a Whopper air freshener that will fill your car with an irresistible burger bouquet.

The product was recently tested by cab drivers, and apparently served its purpose of luring people to BK. Watch the video below. [click to continue…]