Should you ever be attacked by a Kracken, offer it a beer. I’m sure it will appreciate the tentacle-themed 16-ounce glasses. This strategy also works well with Cthulhu.

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You know what goes great with a little Companion Cube tea? Cake.


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The Bottle Axe is a stainless-steel bottle opener that will make quick work of just about any bottle cap. Artist Sam Falco designed the Axe, and they’re available in two different styles that are “inspired by Norse mythology and Medieval history”.

The “Nordic” and “Timber” Bottle Axes measure about 6-inches long and 1.6-inches wide.

Plus, when someone buys a Bottle Axe, two percent of the proceeds go towards Extra Life, a gaming-based charity that benefits children’s hospitals.

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Aside from Jedi Knights and scruffy smugglers, there’s only one other thing that the Empire absolutely loathes—water ring stains on tables.

That’s why every Stormtrooper is issued with a pack of drink coasters featuring a First Order Stormtrooper, the Flametrooper, the Icetrooper, and Captain Phasma.

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Before saving Gotham City, Batman knows it’s important to eat a good breakfast. With the Batman Egg Cup and Toast Stamp you can enjoy breakfast like the Dark Knight.

That’s right—he only eats Bat-shaped food.

Dress up your eggs in a cape and mask while your side of toast can serve as the Bat-Signal. Of course, a responsible superhero breakfast should always include a bat-tastic coffee mug.

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Glassware and outdoor parties rarely mix well. Fortunately, Snow Peak has developed silicone glasses look exactly like normal fancy glasses, but they’re super flexible and virtually unbreakable. In fact, the glasses retain their shape even during extreme temperatures (we’re talking -4°F to all the way up to 390°F).

Snow Peak offers three versions: a wine glass, a whiskey glass and a high ball glass.

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star wars heat changing mug

Everything’s all well and good on this Star Wars Battle Scene Mug until you throw a little caffeine into the mix. That’s when everyone gets edgy and the pew pew action begins.

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We’ve seen many wondrous geeky aprons, but this Totoro apron goes the extra mile with a hood! Etsy shop Geeky Presents lets you cook up a little cosplay in this comfortable, one size fits most apron.

The shop also makes other hooded aprons that include Pikachu and dinosaur themes. Check them out after the break.

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Cookies and chips…with dip? How could you possibly resist the Dark Side now?

Each Death Star bowl holds 64 fl. oz. for your chips and/or your dip. Clearly, the Dark Side has a lot of dip. It’s the Dip Side.

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Stupidiotic has provided an essential piece of survival gear for pizza fanatics in the form of a portable pouch that can be worn around your neck.

However, with its proximity to your mouth and nostrils, this thing will almost certainly serve as a constant temptation that will never be full long enough to serve its intended purpose.

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