This beautiful TARDIS teacup is the perfect way to sip tea and while away the afternoon. From the product page:

Each cup and saucer are thrown on the potters wheel, hand painted with black clay & various glazes, hand carved and then stamped with custom made clay stamps that I made just for this item.

Glazed on the inside with starry white & blue glazes and on the outside in my own version of Tardis blue (non-toxic), which contains hints of darker blue, lighter blues and hazy green nebula mists.

You can order it with or without the spoon and saucer, and since it’s made to order, takes about 4-6 weeks to arrive at your door.

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So, can you guess what kind of beer Groot likes to drink? If you said, “I am Groot,” you’d be partially right, but the answer is actually Groot Beer. Now you can show off your love for Groot’s favorite beverage with this awesome Groot Beer T-shirt. And once you pick up the shirt, you can head to Knowhere for a quick pint with Groot himself. Sounds like a plan!

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These adorable socks will turn your feet into your favorite sushi (just like you’ve always wanted). There are several styles to choose from so you can have different sushi feet every day of the week. From the product page:

The sushi detail is knitted into the sock with colored thread instead of being printed. Seven versions are available: Masuzushi (trout sushi), Shrimp, Octopus, Red Caviar, Tuna, Salmon, and Egg. These Sushi Socks made in Toyama, Japan make a great gift for fans of Japanese cuisine!

I wonder if they come with a side of wasabi?

Product Page ($5.39 Crazy Abalone via Boing Boing)


BMO is more than a video game console–he’s also a mug! This officially licensed Adventure Time BMO mug is perfect for holding your favorite drink, and while you can’t actually play any games, it’s still just as cute as the real BMO. Now that’s something I can definitely compute!

Product Page: ($14.99)


Batman turned 75 this year, and in my mind there’s no better way to celebrate the Caped Crusader’s birthday than by putting on a cape and beating up bad guys! Then again, it might be safer to just drink a cup of coffee in his honor with this 75th Anniversary DC Comics Justice League Morphing Mug. The 11-ounce mug is heat-activated and a hidden “75 Years of Batman” image is revealed once you pour in a steamin’ cup of joe. It’s available for pre-order now with shipment slated for September.

Product Page: ($18.99 via Geek Alerts)


Bananas are a healthy snack at all, but our fit, slim and all-together-super-health-conscious country doesn’t need any more healthy snacks.  We need something that could take a healthy piece of fruit, like a banana, and then fill it with lots of caramel. Oh, why hasn’t someone invented something that could solve this particular dilemma?

Well, it looks like DestapaBanana is here to rectify the problem. This nifty little tool basically injects all sorts of fillings into a banana (that’s still in its peel) by removing the core. Then you just fill it up with flavor from a bottle. You can also cork it and take it on-the-go for later.

Unfortunately, there’s no word on when the DestapaBanana will be available commercially.

(Notcot via Gizmodo)


This 20 ounce ceramic Game of Thrones stein will hold plenty of your favorite beverage. It’s an officially licensed product embossed with a map of Westeros and is even heavy enough to serve as a weapon to bludgeon your foes should things turn sour halfway through the celebration.

Product Page ($19.99)

tardis plates

Planning to throw a Doctor Who theme party in the near future? Then these TARDIS plates are just what you need. The melamine designs measure 8 inches by 8 inches and feature the TARDIS in four different colors. Pre-order now so these plates can travel through time and space to you in September.

Product Page ($29.99/set of 4 via Geek Alerts)


I’m not sure why you’d want to wear a giant cheeseburger head mask, but if you’re ever invited to some burger themed soireè or you want to do a video like the cartoons we watched as kids where people turned into food, now you can with this Cheeseburger Head Mask.

Yeah, I got nothing. But to each his own, right?

If you want one but you’re not sure about being able to see, it does have eye holes and fits most adult heads.

Product Page: ($39.99 via Geek Alerts)


Usually when you think of origami, you think of little folded swans and animals, but this origami “Polygons” spoon is practical. Depending on how you fold it, the spoon can be any number of measuring spoons. Rahul Agarwal of Coroflot is behind the design, and it’s labelled and etched with pre-scored lines so you know exactly where to fold. He’s currently looking for investors to make his origami spoon a reality.

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