If you’ve been around long enough to remember when the flying toaster screensaver was invading your massive, clunky computer monitor, you will likely appreciate this 3D version created by the DIY experts over at Make.

The project saw a classic toaster fitted with craft store feather wings that are operated via cables by servo. The final product will continue to brown your bagel, but won’t be flying around your kitchen.

See how the project came together in the video below.

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IKEA Taiwan is hoping to resuscitate the art of conversation by eliminating smartphones from the dinner table. How you ask? The company has developed a new hotplate that will only function once a sufficient number of phones have been placed underneath it.

There doesn’t seem to be any details on how the plate actually operates, but apparently the more phones that are placed underneath it the hotter your food will get.

As revealed in the demonstration video below, its clear that everyone will now have the opportunity to sit around a table and talk about how much they miss their phone and how concerned they are they may be missing phone calls or emails.

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captain america waffle maker

Tony Stark may be able to whip up any gadget, but the man behind the mask is just like the rest of us. He loves waffles but can’t make them look like an Arc Reactor. It’s a serious problem.

In fact, there aren’t any Iron Man-themed waffle makers on the market so far as we can tell. Now we know what really caused Civil War.

Fortunately, if you’re on Cap’s side you can get your shield waffle maker for $34.99.

(via Robert Downey, Jr. on Facebook)


If you have an endless love for pizza and a bank account with endless funds, GE’s new Monogram Pizza Oven is beckoning.

The appliance can reportedly fit into a standard wall oven cavity and cook “professional-style pizzas” in a mere two minutes. It also comes with a sophisticated ventilation system, a rarity for indoor consumer pizza ovens, and can be operated with a smartphone app.

On the downside, the two minute cook time comes after a “speedy” 30 minute preheat. And let’s not forget that this pizza oven won’t magically turn a DiGiorno into a “professional-style pizza”.

The company plans to release the oven in May for $10,000. So it’s absurdly expensive and impractical. You probably want one anyway. Still, it might be best to save around $9,940 and get something like this.

(BW via Giz)

waffle fart

It may have been a shart actually. Or maybe a wafart?

YouTuber Branden owns a gassy waffle marker that is a complete stranger to shame, ripping a “long windy one” (as James Joyce would put it) even while the camera was rolling.

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It’s also clear that the event was expected, meaning that this particular maker’s system may chronically disagree with waffle batter… tragic, but hilarious.

Watch the video below.

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We’ve featured the nerdy mixer decal kits of GoodMommyLtd in the past, but she’s finally added a BB-8 set.

Clearly, if you didn’t buy a white Kitchen Aid stand mixer you’ve thrown your money down the toilet.

Product Page ($17.99)


Simone Giertz has returned with a new, terrifying DIY gadget that is basically two massive knives connected to a motor for chopping.

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To introduce it to the world, she created a home shopping infomercial parody that shows the device wreaking havoc on vegetables and a stuffed animal while threatening a douche named Chad.

Check out the video below (slightly NSFW).

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Using Lego Mindstorms, Jason Allemann of JK Brickworks developed this “EV Icer” that will automatically decorate Christmas cookies with either snowflake, angel, or star designs.

He is also sharing his design with the world thanks to these downloadable build instructions.

However, if you want to pull it off, you’ll need the latest version of Mindstorms as well as some patience, as a perfect icing consistency is required and will likely require some tweaking.

See the EV Icer in action after the break…


Is that life-size R2-D2 fridge to rich for your blood? Not to worry. The R2-D2 or BB-8 Mini Fridge (pictured below) can chill the same amount of beer. It also has a warm setting.

Sure, it won’t bring beers to you like the life-size version, but it does cost about $8,830 less.

Check out the BB-8 fridge after the break…


Redditor “mammakjeks” picked up a Tandberg model TV3-47 television from a second hand store for 30 bucks and proceeded to repurpose it into a unique liquor cabinet.

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As cool as it looks, the process could pose some danger. Therefore, if you plan on doing this yourself, you may want to learn how to properly and safely discharge the device, as it can apparently hold a charge for quite some time.

Check out the gallery below to see how it was done.

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