Designer Jolene Carlier believes that people have been denied the pleasure of witnessing their popcorn pop for far too long, and decided to reimagine the process with a new device that is aptly named “The Popcorn Monsoon”.

The machine uses hot air to create a whirlwind of popcorn that looks similar to the aerial dance performed by lotto balls before they hand you a steaming bowl of disappointment. However, in this case you get an enjoyable performance and a snack.

Unfortunately, the Popcorn Monsoon is only a concept at this point, but you can still see it in action by checking out the video after the jump.

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Figures that the world’s biggest BBQ pit would hail from the great state of Texas. It even has a name. “Indisputable Cuz” is 40 tons, 76′ long, and hooks up to an 18-speed Peterbilt truck. There are 24 doors on the smoker and it can cook 4 tons of meat at one time. Four. Tons. It’s also got beer taps, a walk-in cooler, and a spot for your television and stereo so you can really get the party rolling.

Sound good? All you need is a spare $350,000.

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Remember when we talked about that Darth Vader toaster that toasts “Star Wars” on the side of the bread? Well, it’s finally available! Now when the Sith Lord stops by for breakfast you’ll know exactly what to serve him. Oh, by the way, you should probably skip serving him blue milk. Might remind him a bit too much of Tatooine, if you catch my drift.

Product Page: ($49.99)

taco toaster

We wouldn’t recommend putting tortillas in a regular toaster, but this taco shell toaster is designed to handle the job. Basically, you pop corn or flour tortillas into the toaster, and it transforms them into hard taco shells.

It can be a handy little tool if the soft shell tacos at the grocery store can be had cheaper than the ready-made hard shell versions.

Product Page: ($30 via Gizmodo)


You won’t need a Keurig on your counter when you have the GE Café French Door refrigerator. GE first incorporated a hot water dispenser into their fridges back in 2013. Now they’ve partnered with Keurig to add a small pod that holds K-cups.

Once that pod is snapped into place, the LCD display will offer brewing options just like you see on a standard Keurig unit. This wonder of the modern world will be available later this year for $3,300.

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Who needs a controller when you have a toaster? This hack appears to turn two toasters into controllers capable of playing through Doom. Unfortunately, appears to be fake. It’s fun to watch though (especially at the end), and will have you wanting to take apart your toaster to see if you can make it work for real.

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Your fridge is a big appliance so why not take advantage of that huge surface by turning it into something cool? This 39″ x 19″ vinyl decal will turn your fridge into a game of Tetris on the Game Boy.

It can be applied to pretty much any fridge or you can take it out of the kitchen and use it on walls, mirrors, and most smooth, flat surfaces. The piece is actually three images placed near each other, so you can even reconfigure them to fit your fridge design.

Product Page ($19.74 This Is Why I’m Broke via technabob)


The Somabar is currently up for funding on kickstarter as a countertop robot that works in conjunction with a smartphone app to mix your favorite cocktails. From the project page:

Conventional bottles or containers are bulky, wasteful and boring, that’s why we designed our SOMA PODS. With their friction-fit seal mechanism, SOMA PODS not only store ingredients for your favorite craft cocktails but also detach from your SOMABAR easily. Your airtight Soma Pods plug into a proprietary friction fit seal mechanism allowing for easily interchangeable ingredients while also ensuring your Soma Pods never leak. Liquid is quickly extracted from the Soma Pods using positive displacement pumps to make your cocktail with dead-on accuracy, every time. When you press that button on the app, your SOMABAR will take the ingredients from scratch, infuse bitters (if you are in the mood) and dynamically mix them in precise quantities using positive displacement pumps before pouring out your craft cocktail in less than 5 seconds.

You fill each Soma Pod with the alcohol of your choice and can store the pods in your refrigerator. When you’re ready to mix some drinks, you just pop them into the machine and use their proprietary app to select your beverage. You don’t need to measure and pour anything because the app knows exactly how to mix the drink to your liking and does all the work for you. It’s already fully funded with a few weeks to go, so you can pledge and be fairly confident that you will have your robotic cocktail machine this July.

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If you love the great outdoors and you also happen to be a bit of a coffee fanatic, then you’ll totally love the COFFEEBOXX. This ruggedized coffee maker was created by Oxx, a design firm from Grand Rapids, Mich., and it’s built to take a real beating. It’s described as being “the world’s first ruggedized brewer for the jobsite or weekend adventure,” and it’s ideal for camping, off-roading and construction sites.

The coffeemaker weighs eleven pounds, uses K-cups and can handle the full weight of a car. Currently, Oxx is raising funds for the coffeemaker over at Kickstarter.

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Chemex Ottomatic 1

Chemex recently dropped a surprise coffeemaker announcement into the laps of lazy caffeine lovers: the Ottomatic. The machine simplifies the process by managing some of the variables that make Chemex brewing challenging. The Ottomatic has the same hourglass shape and controls pre-infusion, contact time of water to coffee, heating the water properly, and the temperature of the hot plate.

The product’s Greedy Cup Sprayhead Technology adds extra touches such as:

• Staged brewing cycle
• Pulsing water bath which ensures maintained temperature
• Wetting of entire coffee bed
• Facilitating even extraction

The Ottomatic is available for pre-order and will begin shipping in January.

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