In this gloriously insane video, the guys at Photonicinduction amp up a regular toaster to a level that the fire department would likely not approve. They use huge power supplies to push up the voltage and watts of a poor toaster so that the thing glows like molten lava and cooks/sets fire to bread in just ten seconds.

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jet grill top

While the name isn’t exactly accurate, the Jet Grill does at least look pretty cool. First off, this grill doesn’t actually cook your meat with jet power. Instead, this $240 grill captures rising heat to turn your food on a spit so everything is evenly cooked. The unit features removable side panels where the user places the charcoal. Then the food is held in the middle of the grill via a spit. As the heat rises, the spit turns, and the heat is evenly drawn up and distributed due to the “turbine” at the top. The result is a meaty dish that’s evenly cooked all the way through.

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pixel waffle 1

Would you like to have some food art with your waffles? That’s what Quirky user Chunder has developed with Pixel. The waffle iron comes with a silicone pattern tray that fits over the metal portion of the iron. You can create a custom pixelated design on your waffles by pushing in different squares on the silicone tray. Hearts, flowers, words – it’s up to you! The tray is only under consideration right now, but if it’s actually made, I’m sure users will share free waffle patterns to use with it.

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No need to worry about having enough chairs, or room on your grill when you have “America’s Finest Grill” at your service. First off, the grill is very patriotic with its George Washington riding an eagle while holding a hot dog graphic and its Mount Rushmore condiment dispenser. It’s also ridiculously huge. And did I mention its Bluetooth wireless sound system? Because there’s that, too.

It has a built-in table to seat 8 of your friends and 2 beer kegs along with 1600 feet of grilling space. Grill masters get a double-wide grill with 7 burners and 114,000 BTUs that can take on nearly 100 hot dogs at one time. The project is a joint effort between Ball Park, Patrick Norton and Discovery Communications and is part of promoting Ball Park’s new Park’s Finest hot dogs.

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Here’s a creative and likely very expensive way to bring unique design your kitchen. Robert Kolenik has designed this kitchen island to be a huge saltwater aquarium. It is an absolutely gorgeous centerpiece with a countertop workspace, cabinet storage on one side, a sink, and even working burners for cooking.

As brilliant as it looks, the real trick is in how to access the tank to keep it clean as well as accessing the pipes and hoses for the sink and burners. The problem is solved by pushing a button that activates a contraption that lifts the entire countertop right off of the tank.

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steampunk coffee 1

Coffee making just became more elegant thanks to Dutch Lab. The company has developed an elaborate steampunk coffee machine titled “Gothicism.” Priced at over $7,000, the gorgeous appliance uses the cold drip brand of brewing. Each machine is handmade and incredibly detailed, but don’t worry, it’s designed so that it can be disassembled into six pieces for shipping or storing. Maybe you could make this your super fancy party coffee maker?

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rubiks cube fridge 1

Want to feel like you’ve worked for your midday snack or beverage? Then keep them in this Rubik’s Cube mini fridge from ThinkGeek. The cube shape is perfectly suited for this purpose, and just like the recently announced Borg fridge, the portable appliance holds nine cans of soda or snacks. It comes with 110V and 12V power cords and a replacement sticker pack. No, there are not enough stickers to make the Rubik’s Cube appear solved.

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borg cube fridge 1

ThinkGeek has taken the Borg Cube where it’s never gone before: into the realm of kitchen appliances! The cube shaped ship makes a perfect mini refrigerator. It’s lit with green on the inside and looks sufficiently ominous. It will hold nine cans of soda and has a 12V DC power cord in case you’d like to plug it into your car. The portable fridge would be perfect for a roadtrip!

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coolest cooler 1

Coolers serve an important function during hot summer days. But what if they did more than just keep your drinks cold? The Coolest Cooler is leveling up the handy appliances by adding touches such as a built-in blender, Bluetooth speakers, USB charger, bottle opener, a cutting board, and more. It’s like the Swiss army knife for coolers!

There’s a Kickstarter campaign to help move these fancy coolers into production, and they’ve already raised over $4 million. They only asked for $50,000. Apparently the world is ready for a cooler development.

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selfie toaster

Are you ready to eat your favorite selfie every morning? You could get that image (or just about any other one) on toast with a custom toaster from Vermont Novelty Toaster Corporation. Images, line art, clip art, logos, notes – they can make it all. It’s certainly one way to make the early hours more interesting.

Product Page ($75 via Chip Chick)