This TARDIS snack cabinet was built by Whovian Craftster user BadWolf314 for her husband. He wanted a soda machine, but she did one better by making a snack cabinet shaped like the TARDIS for their movie room. It does soda, but she also managed to cram a microwave in there. Whichever Doctor shows up at their door, they’ll be sure to have the appropriate treat at the ready.

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r2d2 fridge

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A Keurig machine makes it possible to get a single-serving of your favorite coffee in seconds. It’s great for mornings. The Jevo cranks out 20 Jell-O Shots in just 10 minutes using pods and the accompanying machine. It’s great for parties.

This gadget is targeting bars since not many people will require 20 Jell-O shots at a time, but there’s no reason you couldn’t order one to sit right next to your Keurig. Just don’t get the two mixed up or you’ll be in big trouble.

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avengers waffle iron

Paul Gitter, senior vice president of Marvel licensing at Disney Consumer Products, has revealed that you are about to live in a world where you can have official Avengers-themed small appliances. From waffle makers to coffee pots, to toasters, your kitchen has never been more heroic.

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So, if you’ve always wanted an Iron Man themed mini-fridge or just wanted to cook in a Hulk apron while drinking out of a Thor glass, you’re about to be one happy camper.

Look for new products later this year.

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This may look like just another pizza box, but it’s actually a little pizza oven. It’s made of stainless steel and has a 1200-watt heating element on the top and bottom so that it will cook a 12″ pizza to perfection. You can set the temperature and time with the dials, and there’s even a rotating disc that spins your pizza to ensure even cooking.

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I’m just going to say it. This is the most important invention of our century.

Wicked Cool Toys has just announced the first ever Girl  Scouts  Cookie Oven will hit retailers this fall. In their recent press release, they state:

“The Girl Scouts Cookie Oven lets aspiring bakers experience the hands on fun of making their own Girl Scouts cookies,” the company says. “A real working oven, it comes complete with tolls and mixes that allow girls to make cookies that look and taste just like the real thing.”

The oven is touted as a safe cooking tool will help teach young pastry chefs how to bake their favorite cookies, while the parents (and hopefully all of their friends) will get to enjoy the finished product.

The oven starter kit will be priced at $59.99 when it hits toy stores this fall and comes with everything you need to make your first batch of Thin Mints. Refill packs are will be available for additional cookie flavors such as Peanut Butter Sandwich, Trefoils, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Coconut Caramel, Chocolate Chip, Sugar, and Oatmeal and range in price from $6.99 to $14.99 for the Deluxe pack.

So once again, we have to wait to savor the best cookies on earth. But after that, we can rest in sweet satisfaction knowing that the confections of our dreams are only an outlet away.

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Presentation is important, and The Standard & Co. Bar is doing it right with this awesome hand-crank steampunk-style mixer. Owner Darrell Greig had this double mixer specially built for his bar from an 1800’s drawing he found. In a recent interview with Green Bay Press, Greig said the device gets lots of second looks.

“Something to be fun, something to catch people’s eye. When it lights up at night, people all want to know what’s going on. They think it’s crazy, people love it. They giggle.”

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I’ve seen my fair share of custom game consoles, but Jarno Kotavuopio‘s NES toaster is definitely in a league of its own. It features tons of lights, cool buttons and chrome fixtures–and it’s actually a functional system!

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It’s one thing to have a few vintage touches in a room, but this whole kitchen is straight out of 1956. Everything is brand new without a single original GE appliance ever having been used, so this is exactly how your new 1956 kitchen would have looked back in the day. It was recently sold by Nathan Chandler Furniture who says:

These vintage GE appliances are original to my house circa 1956. The house was never occupied and appliances were never used. The manuals were still taped to the appliances. I purchased the home in 2010 and I am selling: side-by-side wall refrigerator, wall oven, cooktop, double bowl washboard sink, and dishwasher.

No explanation was given as to why this has all sat untouched for over 50 years, which makes you wonder just who originally owned this place.

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How many beers are left in the keg? Is the beer at the “perfect temperature”? Don’t look to the kegerator for answers. The kegerator is an idiot.

A startup company called “PicoBrew” is looking to change that with a smart kegerator that they’re funding through Kickstarter. Dubbed “KegSmarts”, the machine is equipped with an OLED display and a microprocessor that serve to maintain craft beer temperature, track freshness, display details about style and alcohol content and, of course, let you know how many servings remain. KegSmarts also lives up to its name by offering a social mapping feature that can suggest other craft beers available nearby while also notifying your friends when you’ve installed a new keg.

A $250 single-tap DIY version is available for those who want to retrofit the smart component to existing kegerators, while the complete KegSmarts will set you back $899 (or $1,099 for double-tap). Needless to say, the Kickstarter campaign has been a huge hit, and as of this writing, the company has already surpassed it’s $100,000 goal with 25 days to go.

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