YouTuber Astonishing Studios used LEGO bricks for possibly my favorite reason of all time: to make a working McDonald’s McFlurry Maker! The hand-churn style machine not only makes fresh vanilla ice cream, but it also contains two compartments for M&M’s and Oreo toppings.

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In the video, he explains a bit how to construct your own LEGO McFlurry machine as well as the ingredients for the frozen dessert. So if your boss doesn’t want to break the budget for any fun break room appliances, you can just bring your own.

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Despite the fact that Tony Stark has a lot on his plate, he hasn’t forgotten about the importance of protecting your beer. This Iron Man Mini Fridge has a convenient carry handle for portability and it will keep a six pack nice and cold (or warm thanks to a heating function). It even has light up eyes!

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Gosse Adema has used LEGO to build a fully functional 3D printer that creates sculptures out of chocolate – and a step by step is available for those who would like one of their own.

The project was originally begun as part of a Remix 2.0 contest for improving existing designs on the Instructables website. The result is an improved version of a decade old device created by a user named Saul, and includes the addition of a chocolate extruder made from a basic syringe.

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han in carbonite battlefront

There’s no doubt that I’m excited to play Star Wars: Battlefront, but I’d buy this mini-fridge on the strength of the Han in Carbonite alone.

You can pre-order this Deluxe Edition of Star Wars: Battlefront for PlayStation 4 or the Xbox One w/Han mini-fridge at Wal-Mart. We’ve featured the fridge before, and it retails for $149.99. This fridge/game bundle is $129.98, so that’s a pretty sweet deal.

Product Pages: PS4 / Xbox One ($129.98)

(via Polygon)

cold boy

Sure, you can buy decals that make your fridge look like a Game Boy, but Daniel d’Entremont a.k.a. Mod Purist went a step further by turning his mini fridge into a playable system.

The Cold Boy mod involves the addition of an LCD screen, Raspberry Pi 2 and large wooden buttons. But the best part is that it still functions as a fridge.

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This compact charcoal grill cube is small enough to use just about anywhere. It measures 6.5 x 6.5 x 5.1 and comes with detachable parts for grilling, small spit roasting, or even kettle boiling.

I wonder if I can put one on my desk for some BBQ and browsing without burning my house down.

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With a name like “The Magic Candy Factory” you expect great things. I would say that 3D printed custom gummy candies definitely deliver. German company Katjes teamed up with organic confection entrepreneur Melissa Snover to unveil this fancy 3D printing gummy machine.

The machine allows the user to design their candy using an intuitive iPad-based user interface. The gummy candy is heated while printed, and as each layer cools it hardens to retain the 3D shape. It take about five minutes to print out a 10 gram treat and it’s totally memorizing to watch.

While the ingredients are confidential, Snover confirms the candies are lactose, gluten and gelatin-free, and entirely vegan. Delicious designs can be printed from seven different colors and 10 different flavors including mango, apple, blackberry, and extra sour flavors.

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iron man rice cooker

It looks like appliance manufacturers in Japan are taking design cues from Marvel. Either that or Tony Stark is branching out into home appliances.

Twitter user @00_yaduki noticed that his Toshiba RC-6XH-R IH rice cooker (in Grand Red, of course) bore an uncanny resemblance to Iron Man’s helmet.

Sadly, the product page doesn’t say anything about a built-in J.A.R.V.I.S rice cooking control system.

(via Rocket News)


Gamers old enough to remember the Game Boy will undoubtedly love these FreezerBoy magnets. They can turn any household appliance into a giant Game Boy (though a fridge works best). The set comes with six magnets including a giant 16″ by 12″ screen.

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simpsons kitchen

Joe Hamilton and Marcia Andreychuk of Calgary, Alberta love The Simpsons. In fact, they love it so much that they are in the process of giving their 1950’s kitchen a complete makeover with blue counter tops, a green stove, and corncob curtains for a near perfect recreation of Marge’s decorating style. From the CBC:

After that, she went searching online for corn cob-patterned fabric for the curtains. She lucked out and found the perfect match and sewed them herself.

Pulling them shut to show off their full effect, Hamilton proudly admits they’re “tacky.” Then he spews out some Simpsons 101 — that the cartoon family never actually closes their kitchen curtains. […]

The couple is saving up to buy new “retro-inspired” granny-apple green appliances.​

In the meantime, they’re covering their countertops, cabinets, washer/dryer, fridge and stove with colourful contact paper, which is similar to shelf liner.

Once the kitchen is complete, Andreychuk jokes they’re going to transform their basement into Moe’s Tavern. I’d say that definitely needs to happen.

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