rubiks cube fridge 1

Want to feel like you’ve worked for your midday snack or beverage? Then keep them in this Rubik’s Cube mini fridge from ThinkGeek. The cube shape is perfectly suited for this purpose, and just like the recently announced Borg fridge, the portable appliance holds nine cans of soda or snacks. It comes with 110V and 12V power cords and a replacement sticker pack. No, there are not enough stickers to make the Rubik’s Cube appear solved.

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borg cube fridge 1

ThinkGeek has taken the Borg Cube where it’s never gone before: into the realm of kitchen appliances! The cube shaped ship makes a perfect mini refrigerator. It’s lit with green on the inside and looks sufficiently ominous. It will hold nine cans of soda and has a 12V DC power cord in case you’d like to plug it into your car. The portable fridge would be perfect for a roadtrip!

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coolest cooler 1

Coolers serve an important function during hot summer days. But what if they did more than just keep your drinks cold? The Coolest Cooler is leveling up the handy appliances by adding touches such as a built-in blender, Bluetooth speakers, USB charger, bottle opener, a cutting board, and more. It’s like the Swiss army knife for coolers!

There’s a Kickstarter campaign to help move these fancy coolers into production, and they’ve already raised over $4 million. They only asked for $50,000. Apparently the world is ready for a cooler development.

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selfie toaster

Are you ready to eat your favorite selfie every morning? You could get that image (or just about any other one) on toast with a custom toaster from Vermont Novelty Toaster Corporation. Images, line art, clip art, logos, notes – they can make it all. It’s certainly one way to make the early hours more interesting.

Product Page ($75 via Chip Chick)

3d print bottles

Meet the Ekocycle Cube 3D printer. 3D Systems has teamed up with the Coca-Cola company to design a 3D printer that uses filaments made with post-consumer recycled plastic bottles. So, 20oz PET plastic bottles will go into making the cartridges the Ekocycle 3D printer uses (cartridges will come in red, black, white, or natural). That means the empty bottles could become cell phone cases, fashion accessories, and much more. Basically, it’s a high tech alternative to another recycling project Coke has been working on.

The Ekocycle will eventually be on sale through Cubify for $1,199.

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It’s great to have a Keurig machine on your counter to brew your morning cup of coffee, but it’d be even better if you had a machine that could give you a nice mug of beer. The folks at Synek agree, which is why they’ve created a countertop appliance that will keep beer fresh so you can dispense it at your leisure.

It holds about two growlers worth of whatever beer you choose. You just dispense the beer from the source driectly into a specially designed bag that will keep it fresh for about 30 days. It maintains the right temperature and pressure so you can just walk up and have a nice cold one anytime.

They’re currently seeking funding on kickstarter where a pledge of $299 will secure you a Synek beer dispenser when they ship next April.

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Late for work? Just toss some coffee into the Hey Joe mug and brew it in the car. This incredible mug is currently up for funding on kickstarter where a pledge of $49 can make one of these mugs yours when they ship in November. The mug runs on battery power and brews about three cups per charge using one of their coffee pods or the loose coffee or tea of your choice. It’s designed to fit in car cupholders and even has three temperature settings so that last precious sip will still be nice and warm.

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rice cooker pancake

Tired of using your rice cooker to make rice? Then follow Casey Baseel’s advice and used it to make a huge, glorious, puffy pancake. Doesn’t it look delicious?

You simply have to throw your ingredients into the rice cooker pot, stir everything together, and push the start button. In a short while, you’ll have a mound of delicious cooked pancake. It’s less work, less clean-up, and an all around win. We won’t judge you if you plan to eat the entire thing all by yourself.

Get full instructions on making the cake-like pancakes at RocketNews24.

(via Foodbeast)


Making decent espresso is a difficult (and often extremely expensive) quest, but imagine how hard it would be to do in space. With that in mind, Lavazza has developed a special machine designed specifically for use on the ISS and it’s called the, wait for it… ISSpresso.

The 44-lb ISSpresso is the result of a collaboration between an Italian coffee company named Argotec and the Italian Space Agency. Yup, it’s the Italians. Their new coffee machine will arrive on the space station along with Italy’s first female astronaut, Air Force Captain Samantha Cristoforetti.

The reason this is a big deal is because the 8 to 10-bar pressure required inside an espresso machine makes everyone a little nervous. This machine has special steel tubing that can withstand 400-bar and pumps the resulting brew into little pouches rather than cups.

As for taste, well, it’s not going to be as good as drinking it on Earth since astronauts won’t be able to smell it. It will pack quite a punch though, and be a big step up from the instant coffee currently on the ISS.

(Wired via Gizmodo)


The beauty of a Keurig machine is that it can brew individual cups of coffee in different flavors at the touch of a button. The beauty of the Flatev is that it does the same thing but with tortillas, right down to having a variety of flavors. You just put in the pod of your choosing and the little machine spits out a perfectly cooked tortilla at the touch of a button. You can preorder the Flatev now with delivery expected sometime in 2015.

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