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So you’ve collected the Iridescent Hip Flask, the Steel Rainbow Party Cup and the Unicorn Tiki Mug. You’ve even managed to track down Unicorn Tears Gin. Unfortunately, all of the cocktails you’ve made using these items have failed to make you immortal. The Iridescent Cocktail Shaker is the missing piece of the puzzle. The greatest discovery in the history of mankind is within your grasp.

The original Harry Potter cauldron mug has been upgraded for a more realistic look. It even comes with a spoon so that you can properly mix your Folgerserum Eye Opener potion.

Harry Potter: Toil and Trouble Cauldron Mug ($19.99 shipped)

Some say that the unicorn tiki mug was the chalice of Dionysus himself. But that’s only one of the many legends surrounding these vessels. Those who have raised the mug to their lips tell tales of its mysterious powers—from turning water into glitter to curing canker sores. I wouldn’t be surprised if all of these stories are true. They also come in white and pink, which is nice.

Unicorn Tiki Mugs ($21.79)

Subsisting on microwaveable ramen wouldn’t be so bad if you were eating it out of a unicorn bowl right? Elodie is the bowl for that job. Or should I say bowls? Yes I should, because Elodie is two bowls in one. [click to continue…]

ThinkGeek has just dropped their Star Wars series of ceramic snack bowls in Chewbacca, Jabba the Hutt, and Wampa styles, and I’m already wondering if I could handle filling them with sugary cereal so I could use them EVERY SINGLE DAY. [click to continue…]

A cup of coffee and some inspirational words from Bob Ross are all you need to get motivated for the day ahead. Though, the quote on this heat-changing mug makes it seems as though Bob is convinced that you’re going to screw something up today. I would have preferred “let’s get crazy”. Then I would have been all like “Okay, Bob. I will have that second cup of coffee”. [click to continue…]

Gladiators were the sports celebrities of their time. If they existed today, I’m sure that the Gratiator Cheese Grater would be endorsed by a champion. I can picture the commercial now: the gladiator stands victorious over a wheel of parmesan. He looks up for the signal from the crowd and they respond with thumbs down. The gladiator could simply stab the cheese, but he chooses to grate it. A gruesome but fitting end for a competitor that didn’t put up a fight in the arena. [click to continue…]

ThinkGeek is the only place to go for an official Nuka Cola mini fridge but, in our opinion, the custom versions made by Etsy seller Dragonbornstudios are superior. I mean, just look at them—the paint job is superb. [click to continue…]

These Jelly Belly and Hershey’s Movie Mix collection of lip balms are the tastiest way to keep chapped lips at bay. But be warned—one minute you’re re-applying, and the next minute you’re huddled in a corner eating lip balm with tears streaming down your face. [click to continue…]

This Mrs. Potts teapot looks like it came right out of the animated Beauty and the Beast film. It is an actual, functional teapot—but I wouldn’t be surprised if it starting singing or solving murders.

Beauty and the Beast Mrs. Potts Sculpted Ceramic Teapot ($49.99)