Approved Products

BB-8 is a droid of many talents in the kitchen. He can be a measuring cup set, he can make you tea and waffles, and now he can slice your pizza. Is there anything he can’t do?

Hot coffee can do a lot of things besides perk you up. For example, it can make Dragon Ball characters go Super Saiyan and it can determine whether or not you’re crazy. Apparently, it is also capable of powering a teleportation machine: [click to continue…]

Is your cat alive or dead? You won’t know until you add a hot liquid.

The two mugs in this set look identical, but when you add hot liquids, one of the mugs slowly reveals a live cat, and the other, dead. But until you add the hot liquid, you don’t know which mug you have, and the cats can be simultaneously alive and dead, just like in Schrodinger’s thought experiment. No radioactive source or poison necessary.

I imagine that getting the dead cat mug wouldn’t be the best way to start your day.

Schrodinger’s Cat 10oz Mug Set of 2 ($19.99)

The heart wants what it wants, and for reasons you can’t quite understand, it wants a giant bag of inedible plush cheesy puffs. The reason is simple. [click to continue…]

When unicorns go to frat parties, they drink out of this. When unicorns want to get a buzz at the movie theater, they reach for this rainbow hip flask.

Iridescent Hip Flask ($12.95)

You have lots of choices when it comes to wine holders, but you’re a kooky bastard. No, you’re going with something fun even though it only holds one freakin’ bottle. A T-Rex Wine Guzzler is clearly the choice for you. The question is—do you want one that is alive or dead? [click to continue…]

Our friend Jessica from Pies Are Awesome knows a thing or two about making geeky treats. Now she wants to help you transform plain store-bought desserts into something epic with her book Pie-Modding. [click to continue…]

Vault dwellers play for keeps in a game of Nuka-Cola checkers. [click to continue…]

I don’t have confirmation on this, but The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Pizza Cookbook author Peggy Paul Casella may have gone into the sewers to raid Michelangelo’s pizza recipe box. [click to continue…]

If your coffee was sorted, which Hogwarts house would it end up in? Is it bold like Gryffindor or mellow like Hufflepuff? If the coffee is something from Starbucks, your mug is a muggle. [click to continue…]