hot dog in a sausage bun

When hot dogs are grilled just right, they can be a treat beyond comparison. The experience only gets better when you wrap them with bacon. But what about ditching the bread bun and replacing it with more meat? It doesn’t hurt to try, and The Vulgar Chef dove right in. He split a bacon cheddar sausage down the middle and sandwiched a bacon wrapped hot dog in it. I have two words for this: Oh. My.

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You know a food has got to be good when it’s the one that astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin ate to celebrate landing on the moon. According to Amy Shira Teitel over at Vintage Space:

[B]acon cubes were among the meals stored in the lunar module. And it worked out that meal A, the first scheduled meal to be eaten on the Moon, consisted of bacon squares, peaches, sugar cookie cubes, pineapple grapefruit drink and coffee. They ate history’s first meal on Moon slightly ahead of schedule after landing at the Sea of Tranquility.

As you would expect, bacon was a favorite treat among astronauts. Astronaut Walt Cunningham commented to Bill Pogue during the Apollo 7 mission that “Happiness is a package of bacon squares on day 10.”

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This dish is sort of like turducken but without any of the pesky healthy bits like turkey or chicken. It’s the mad creation of Mirko over at Fat and Tasty and it looks delicious. He took a hot dog, put it in a bun, and then wrapped the whole thing in sausage. Next he wrapped that in a lattice of bacon with a little tomato paste and some gouda cheese. Mirko cooked it all in the oven, and now we have a whole new treat that you don’t have to wait until Thanksgiving to eat.

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bacontail squirrel

By Yoe Tattoo.

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oscar mayer bacon app

What is your favorite smell to wake up to in the mornings? I drool over the aroma of freshly brewed coffee, but the savory scent of bacon is always welcome. I’m guessing most of us don’t have someone cooking breakfast for us every morning, but there’s a way around it thanks to Oscar Mayer. They’ve just launched a “Wake Up & Smell the Bacon” campaign. It works with your phone to emit the smell of bacon. Oh, yes.

Basically there’s a device that plugs into your phone works with an Oscar Mayer app. You download the free app, set your alarm, plug in the device and boom, the magical waft of sizzling bacon fills the air. The only catch is that the device isn’t widely available. You can apply for your chance to get one and become a beta tester at Oscar Mayer. I’m keeping my fingers crossed, and I’m excited to see where this technology leads.

Watch the commercial for the app after the break (there are bacon roses!).

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mac n cheese bacon taco

Dude Foods is known for using bacon in creative and sometimes ridiculous ways, and one of his most infamous creations is the bacon weave taco. When he had to create a new dish for a local television show, he decided to upgrade the recipe to become a “Double Decker Mac & Cheese Stuffed Bacon Weave Taco.” The monstrosity includes two bacon weave taco shells with macaroni and cheese in-between. I don’t know if I could eat the whole thing, but I couldn’t resist taking a few bites.

Get the instructions at Dude Foods.


The Lehigh Valley IronPigs are a Phillies’ Triple-A affiliate who decided to give their uniforms a makeover in the best way possible. Taking a cue from their name, and the best food on the planet, they have integrated bacon strips into one of their new uniform designs. The shirts have the word “Pigs” underline with a strip of bacon and the hats also sport a wavy strip of bacon. You can purchase official team logo items in their shop, including t-shirts and sweatpants. Go team Bacon!

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When someone sends you bacon, you’ve got to cook it. That’s a moral imperative. Dude Foods’ answer for “what do I do with this package of bacon from Hormel” was to cover it with Oreo cookie filling. He started his Oreo Cookie Glazed Bacon by removing the filling from an entire package of Oreos. Yep.

He microwaved the filling to melt it, then used a pastry brush to coat the uncooked bacon with the melted filling, and baked it. If you like the combo of sweet and savory, this could really work for you. I’m too lazy to take the time to scrape Oreo filling out of the cookies, so you’ll have to let me know how it tastes.

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We’ve pulled together a list of the most romantic geeky food gifts for Valentine’s Day. There’s something for everyone—from D20 chocolate to Star Trek wine.

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After recently announcing their new “Bacon Insider” burger, it looks like the company has released two more limited-time creations.

The Bacon Ranch Monster Taco, picture above, features shredded lettuce, ground beef with ranch and, of course, tons of sliced bacon.

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