The Goblet Of Deadpool

deadpool goblet

They’re making another Indiana Jones film you know. AWESOME CROSSOVER TWIST: make this Deadpool Goblet the artifact he’s looking for. Of course, Deadpool himself is the only person that can drink from it without melting—so they have to team up.

Against all odds they strike up a friendship. At the end, Indy finally decides that he’s too old for this sh*t and passes the torch to Deadpool.

Naturally, the first film in a new trilogy would be Indiana Deadpool vs Mutt Williams and I would watch the hell out of it.

Deadpool Ceramic Molded Goblet ($16.99)


Getting a little bored with your basic cocktail? Well, you should consider adding a few bubbles into the mix to liven things up. That’s right—you can actually turn your preferred adult beverage into bubbles with this kit.

It comes in a pack of 6 bottles, each containing 25ml of bubble solution with space remaining in the bottle to add ANY beverage you fancy – lemonade, cola, cold-press coffee, gin, tequila – anything (well, not thick liquids like milk). Screw the lid back on, give the bottle a gentle rock and just like that, your favourite drink has been transformed into bubbly deliciousness, ready to be blown all over the place with the included wands.

Think of the fun you could have at parties! It’s like apple bobbing for drunken adults. Just make sure to leave your dignity at home.

Bubble Lick Edible Bubbles: ($19.09)

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In the following video, Han Solo learns the hard way that you should never drink and drive the Millennium Falcon. I would have thought C-3PO would be the voice of reason and Chewbacca would have taken his keys.

I mean, Lyft and Uber are both operating in Mos Eisley. [click to continue…]


Mega Man is facing his most challenging foe yet—condensation. In fact, condensation is so threatening that other villains are putting aside their differences to join him in the fight to save your furniture.

The series includes Bubble Man, Air Man, Quick Man, Heat Man, Dr. Wily, Wood Man, Metal Man, Flash Man, Crash Man, and Mega Man in an Energy Tank tin.

Mega Man II Coaster Set ($29.99) [click to continue…]

fallout coaster

Redditor slavicgrip 3D printed this Fallout 4 drink coaster and gave it a sweet paint job.

I would be willing to part with many bottle caps to own one, but those of you with access to a 3D printer can do one better and make it yourself with these free plans on Thingiverse.


Drink from a dragon’s head with no killing and minimal clean up thanks to these Dragon Head Chalices (mugs?). How big does something have to be to be a chalice, anyway?

Either way, you can get them in red or black and they’re dragon heads and they’re cool. They’re kind of like these mugs we featured a few years back, but not as elaborate.

Did I mention dragons? [click to continue…]


Warner Bros., Global Beverage Traders, and Sound Brewery recently partnered up to created a series of Mortal Kombat X inspired beers!

The limited-run series features a “Scorpion” brew made with vanilla bean and chilies, a “Raiden” Imperial Saison “that gives you an electrifying blast of hops and CO2” and a “Sub-Zero” Imperial IPA that boasts a lovely blend of malt and hops. They’re currently available (somewhere) in 22-ounce bottles.

Warning: If you hear the “Finish Him” line out of nowhere, it’s probably not a good idea to reach for that extra beer.

(via Beer Pulse)


If you’ve played Overwatch (and if you haven’t, what are you waiting for?), you’ve probably noticed that the game features some great sound and visual effects. Well, there’s one sound effect in particular that stands out—I’m talking about the sound you hear when your shot makes contact. It’s very distinct, and it was made possible thanks to beer. Read more after the break…


The next time you have an Alice In Wonderland-themed party, you’ll be able to serve beers like March Hare Hops, Chesire Common, Red Queen’s Pale Ale, Mad Hatter’s Hard Tea, or Wonderlager by using free printable beer labels by Costume Discounters.

Having seen these labels, I wish these beers were real! They sound delicious.
Take a closer look at the labels below…


Beginning this week, Pizza Hut UK will test beer-infused pizza at a London Pizza Hut outpost. Customers will be able to partake in the mashup by visiting the location on Friday and mentioning the secret phrase “I like it hop” to their server.

The new offering consists of craft beer-infused pizza dough and will be available in two flavors – Steak Feast and The American Hot. Specifics on those flavors are still unknown, but Kathryn Austin, Pizza Hut’s director of marketing, did explain what inspired the choice to The Mirror:

“We know that craft beers are really popular right now and we’re celebrating this not just by adding craft beers to our menus, but also by adding this to our pizza dough. It took our team many hours to perfect the recipes and flavor combinations, but all of their hard work definitely paid off as we’re thrilled with the results and can’t wait for our customers to try them.”

If customers take a liking to the beer pizza, it will reportedly be offered at locations around the UK. There’s no word on whether it could eventually spread to the states, or if you will need ID to eat it.

(via Eater / Top Image: Flickr/Tamas Repus)