cats with beer

Have you ever thought about what craft beer pairs best with your cat? There’s an catsontap Instagram account for that.

There doesn’t seem to be any kind of advertising angle to the project – only “a visual adoration of all things cats and beer”. However, we assume that there are a number ad agencies out there who are kicking themselves right now for not coming up with this idea years ago.

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Portland, Oregon-based Münkstein is bringing their vision for modern beer steins to fruition with a new Cthulhu series emblazoned with graphics by world-renowned artist Skinner.

The steins are available with either a dynamic “waterwash” glaze high relief or a low relief screen printed finish. They are each available as an mug and a limited edition stein with lid.

The 1 liter vessels are available for $40 (mug) and $70 (stein) and will require several months for shipment – although Münkstein thinks it will be worth the wait. Based on these images, we would have to agree.

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mighty mug barware

I think it’s safe to say that most of us have probably suffered the embarrassment of tipping over a glass of wine or beer after a few drinks. Well, that problem may have been solved by Mighty Mug Barware.

The glasses are made out of BPA Free Tritan plastic and feature patented Smartgrip technology:

Not to be confused with a magnet or suction cup, the Smartgrip at the bottom of the cup creates a vacuum that locks the mug onto the surface – effectively preventing it from being knocked over. The vacuum is released instantly when the mug is lifted straight up (requiring no extra effort).

The vacuum allows the glasses to withstand bumps from 360 degrees, so your rug, clothes and dignity will remain unsullied.

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the chase

Heineken has brought back Daniel Craig’s James Bond for a new ad ahead of the Spectre release, only it’s not the kind of Bond we have come to expect lately.

Imagine what it would be like if Craig’s serious Bond was dropped in a Roger Moore Bond movie and you’ll begin to get the idea.

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Han Solo may have poured first, but nothing beats Mark Hamill serving up drinks to fans after filming Star Wars: Episode VIII in Ireland. Hamill properly poured Guinness for the locals at the Cantina Bridge Bar in Portmagee and I am insanely jealous.

According to Breaking News, Steve Lynott captured the footage of Hamill lending a hand behind the tap and said it was one of the best nights he’s ever had.

“He was very generous with his time. Despite getting off the shoot late in the day, he stood for pictures and signed autographs for children and still had to get up early this morning for more filming.”

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Who doesn’t love old school VW vans? They’re an iconic symbol of the 1960s and California’s surfing heritage, and in recent years they’ve become popular collector cars.

If you can’t get your hands on the real thing, at least your beer can ride in style.

This VW Van Cooler features eight-inch rubber tires that can handle the toughest of parking lots and the sandiest of beaches. It has a carrying capacity of up to 24 16-ounce bottles (with ice, of course), a drainage hole that’s cleverly tucked away underneath the rear bumper and a long, telescoping handle.

Unfortunately, while this cooler won’t cost as much as an actual VW, it is still rather expensive at $500.

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Beer enthusiasts everywhere are getting ready to celebrate Oktoberfest, which officially begins this Saturday. These Disney ladies are among them.

The folks at wondered which brew each Disney lady would prefer, and created this delightful infographic to highlight their choices. One of my favorites is Anna’s choice of Glueh Kriek. The author explains that the spiced cherry ale “is sure to thaw out Anna’s frozen heart. It’s just what she needs to get through the cold and save her sister from a desolate life!”

The pairing not only makes perfect sense for each character, but I now have a list of beverages I’ll need to try this season. Check out the beer list after the break.

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lockhart copy

Adult Harry Potter fans can now get something a little stronger than butterbeer at a new Harry Potter-themed bar in wonderful Toronto, Canada!

Owned by Matt Rocks and Paris Xerx, The Lockhart (a nod to the Defense Against the Dark Arts professor) features a setting that’s reminiscent of an apothecary with plenty of small tributes to the Boy Who Lived scattered throughout the bar.

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Enjoying canned beer (and other beverages) is about to get easier thanks to Draft Top. This clever little tool can safely remove the top off a aluminum soda or beer can so you can enjoy the full aroma of the beverage without slicing your lips all to hell.

Plus, think about how easy it would be to turn a can of V8 into a Bloody Mary.

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If your idea of a nightmare is being on a bicycle outing with a bottle and no way to open it, a startup called NubNub has your back. Their “Pub-Nub” handlebar-mounted bottle opener is machined from T6061 aluminum, available in matte gray and matte black and will reportedly fit to almost any bike – ensuring that you will never again have to rely solely on beverages in cans or with twist tops.

It started with a cold beer, a bike ride, and “Boy, it would be nice to have a bottle opener.” Maker Todd Lenig realized his cycling multi-tool had screwdrivers, spoke wrenches, and quick fixes galore… But it lacked the ultimate gadget for recreational riders — a bike-mounted bottle opener.

“I thought, ‘Why not give it a shot?’ Now is as good a time as any,” Lenig said.

Beer and bike riding. Two great things that (almost) go great together.

NubNub is also in the process of patenting an upgrade called the “ClubNub” as well as a bike-mounted multi-tool.

Product Page: ($19.95 via Makezine)