deadpool latte art

The best part of waking up is a little mercenary in your coffee cup. Twitter user Sugi shared a photo of this Deadpool latte art, and I can’t get over how much detail there is. He looks like he would tear you up in from the inside if you tried to drink him.

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Channel a little bit of Walter White every time you drink with this Golden Moth Chemical drum glass from Breaking Bad. It’s 4.5″ tall and can hold all kinds of non-toxic beverages (or even office supplies). Get multiple glasses so you have an entire set to use at dinner parties. They’ll go over great, I promise.

Product Page ($11.99)


Coffee is what we all need to keep going and now you can direct it down your throat with a game controller coffee mug. It’s designed to resemble a Playstation controller and holds plenty of caffeinated goodness. Order now for shipping on December 3rd and you’ll always have plenty of coffee to power through the next level of your day. There’s even a Game Over warning at the bottom of your mug so you know when it’s time to refuel.

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The Planetary Drinking Glass Set is a 10 piece set and includes the Sun, each of our planets and even has Pluto for you Pluto fans. It puts the solar system in the palm of your hand.

They’re beautiful and I think they’d be a great gift for any astronomy lover (especially if they drink liquids).

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Butter beer

Tasting butterbeer is one of many reasons to go to Universal’s Wizarding World of Harry Potter. The drink is sweet and delicious and captures the flavor I imagined while reading J.K. Rowling’s books. Wizarding World offers the beverage as a regular drink, frozen, and as ice cream (read my review of butterbeer ice cream here).

That’s not enough though! Universal has added warm butterbeer to the menu again. The beverage is being sold at the Leaky Cauldron, Three Broomsticks, Hog’s Head Pub, The Fountain of Fair Fortune, and the Hopping Pot. No word on how long it will be available so order some hot butterbeer while you can!

(via Orlando Sentinel, photo by Amy Ratcliffe)


Halloween might be over, but these Skull Ice Molds are awesome year round. The molds come with two separate pieces, and you can get a perfectly formed skull by following the procedure outlined on the product page:

To freeze: Fill bottom half of mold up to seam. Put top half of mold on (match rear tabs). When frozen, remove from freezer. WITHOUT removing the top, fill the rest of the way (but leave a little space) and put back in freezer. Because of the magic of water molecules (and how they expand when frozen), this method prevents it the mold from leaking.

To unmold: Remove the cap. With your fingers at the edges and your thumbs at the base of the mold, push your thumbs out while peeling the mold back with your fingers. You might be tempted to run water over the mold to loosen it, but resist that urge! Keep working it out, and you’ll get a perfect icy skull.

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Poor Jon Snow. He knows nothing, but to be fair there is at least one thing he does know. He definitely knows that he loves Yrgitte. These 8-bit mugs are the latest Game of Thrones designs from Etsy seller FleaBottom and they’re the perfect gift for your true love. Just be careful of any stray arrows aiming for your hearts.

Product Page ($25.80 via Geeky Merch)

sailor moon tea 1

Nothing makes teatime feel fancy like an intricately painted tea cup made from china. It hits a magical level when that tea cup is inspired by Sailor Moon. This matching tea cup and saucer set from Premium Bandai and Noritake is made from fine bone china and features a Sailor Scout bow, symbol, and Sailor Moon’s name written in script.

The only uncool thing about this beautiful set that will be out in April is that it’s tricky to order if you live outside of Japan.

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The cold weather is officially here and there’s no better way to warm up than with a nice mug of hot chocolate. If you’re tired of the same old thing, try one of these variations to make your favorite warm-up drink all new again. There’s everything from pumpkin spice to Nutella to lavender so you’re sure to find one you love.

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chewie bottle opener 1

Hallmark wants you to use the Force and/or Wookiee strength to open your bottles. They’ve got two new Star Wars-themed bottle openers that feature Chewbacca and Yoda. While I’m not sure about the designs – the mouths are the openers – I do like that they play music when you use them. Both styles broadcast the Star Wars theme song, and Chewbacca also releases one of his trademark growls.

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