Since isopods are a thing that’s popular in Japan, we now have an isopod tea infuser. It was only a matter of time I suppose.

Unfortunately, you’ll have to travel to the Numazu Deepblue Aquarium in Japan’s Shizuoka Prefecture to get one. One user commented that tea kept gushing out of the crustacean’s bottom holes, making it “grosser than expected”… We imagine that its weird looking smile didn’t help.

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Getting a little bored with your basic cocktail? Well, you should consider adding a few bubbles into the mix to liven things up. That’s right—you can actually turn your preferred adult beverage into bubbles with this kit.

It comes in a pack of 6 bottles, each containing 25ml of bubble solution with space remaining in the bottle to add ANY beverage you fancy – lemonade, cola, cold-press coffee, gin, tequila – anything (well, not thick liquids like milk). Screw the lid back on, give the bottle a gentle rock and just like that, your favourite drink has been transformed into bubbly deliciousness, ready to be blown all over the place with the included wands.

Think of the fun you could have at parties! It’s like apple bobbing for drunken adults. Just make sure to leave your dignity at home.

Bubble Lick Edible Bubbles: ($19.09)

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Did you know that you can boost the volume of your smartphone’s built-in speaker simply by popping it into an empty glass? Alternatively, you could get the Hydra SmartBottle from ThinkGeek which works as a Bluetooth 2.1 speaker, an FM radio, a speakerphone, a white noise generator, an emergency light, and a party light. It has a built-in battery pack for mobile charging, a hidden compartment for your keys, a bottle opener in case you fancy drinking something a little harder… oh, and it also holds 20 ounces of liquid, if that’s your bag. Seriously, this thing has more features than a video game blog during E3.

Hydra SmartBottle ($59.99)


So that’s one small latte. Would you like art on that?

Japanese artist Kohei Matsuno can transform a simple cup of coffee into something magical, and Utah-based Kuma Films caught his process on film. Check out the video below, along with additional photos of Matsuno’s amazing work. [click to continue…]

kc-0-1 copy

Japanese katanas are known for being deadly but beautiful weapons. As an homage to these legendary swords, Kotobukiya released this set of four katana handguard coasters. Each coaster is inspired by a significant figure from Japan’s feudal era.

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If you prefer a more civilized camping experience, this “Pint” vessel from Stable Goods Co. should be right up your alley.

The Pint easily converts from a canteen to a wide-mouthed pint glass/goblet by flipping it over and removing the bottom. The base can also be attached to the canteen spout to prevent tippage.

The product is made from double walled food grade stainless steel with a granite finish and is said to look and feel like ceramic but offer the durability of steel.

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Mega Man is facing his most challenging foe yet—condensation. In fact, condensation is so threatening that other villains are putting aside their differences to join him in the fight to save your furniture.

The series includes Bubble Man, Air Man, Quick Man, Heat Man, Dr. Wily, Wood Man, Metal Man, Flash Man, Crash Man, and Mega Man in an Energy Tank tin.

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Instagram user Melaquino has been crafting latte art for the last four years, and judging by her photos and videos, you can tell that she’s already mastered the medium.

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hulk faceswap

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The mad mixologists at Above Average recently whipped up a slew of summery cocktails that all feature one very cheesy ingredient: Kraft Macaroni and Cheese. These cocktails look slightly horrific, but funny enough, I’m actually craving mac and cheese right now. Check out more examples below…