Your instinct might tell you that you should be grabbing a cup of coffee the minute you get up for the best energy boost, but you would be wrong. Science explains that there are specific times of the day when your body will react best to the caffeine, and the moment you roll out of bed isn’t one of them.

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Here’s a great message to send to your coworkers each morning. They’ll pay for not getting those TPS reports done! Then again, if you sip your Sanka out of this every single day then your enemies might just think you have employed some really crappy assassins.

Product Page ($15 via BuzzFeed)


I don’t know about you, but before I finish my first cup of coffee in the morning I might as well be a monster from the underworld. Etsy shop owner Creature Cups makes this frightening ceramic mug complete with a Cthuhlu hiding at the bottom. It’s dishwasher and microwave safe, and holds 15 oz of your favorite beverage. It may also collect souls.

The shop has more creepy cup-hiding critters like sharks and T-Rexes. There’s an otter and bunny mug too, but they’re are still kinda on the creepy side.

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I really love being able to show you guys adorable and hilarious products, and this super cute hamster cup-clinger is a perfect example. Part of the PUTITTO Hamster series, Kitan Club has made eight furry friends to hang out with you while you drink, and you know you should never drink alone.

There are eight different ham-hams each with a irresistible pose for the outside of your glass (two of them are even munching on apples!). And for about 300 yen (around $2.50) each, they’re cheap enough to collect the whole set.

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Final bosses get a bum wrap, man. If your boss has game, consider giving this mug as a gift. Remember, like Zangief said, “you are bad guy, but this does not mean you are *bad* guy”. Right?

At any rate, this mug is definitely what I would get this guy for his birthday if I worked at Nintendo.

Product Page: ($9.99)


J.R.R Tolkien fans, whether you side with the Dwarves or the Orcs, now is your chance to drink from the skull of your enemy.

I have no idea how many ounces it holds, but for this price, I’d buy it to do shots. Then again, the $4.99 price tag might be a typo. Did they mean $14.99? Either way, better jump on it while you can.

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Show off your love for old-school arcade games in a stylish and functional way with these engraved retro gaming aluminum coasters from Etsy seller VectorEngrave. The coasters come in a pack of four designs based on Space Invaders, Pac-Man, Donkey Kong and Tetris. They’re handmade, and the $24 price tag for the set is pretty darn reasonable.

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If you have a drink that is better cold than warm, it is only logical that you should use a drink cooler. It is only logical.

There’s also a joke to be made here about Spock and his ability to keep his cool.

Product Page ($7.99)


You know, because sometimes a tall s’mores frappuccino with a cookie straw is just too tall for your diet.

Starbucks’ new mini Frappuccino clocks in a 10-ounces and will be around from May 11th through June 6th at participating locations in the US and Canada.

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The Hydaway is a collapsible bottle that’s small enough to fit in your pocket—making it an ideal alternative to disposable / bulky water bottles.

It’s made from BPA-free, food grade silicon, is dishwasher safe and comes in 600ml large and 350ml small sizes (in a variety of colors). You can squish it down to fit in your pocket or even clip it to your bag or pack with its built-in handle.

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