If you love the great outdoors and you also happen to be a bit of a coffee fanatic, then you’ll totally love the COFFEEBOXX. This ruggedized coffee maker was created by Oxx, a design firm from Grand Rapids, Mich., and it’s built to take a real beating. It’s described as being “the world’s first ruggedized brewer for the jobsite or weekend adventure,” and it’s ideal for camping, off-roading and construction sites.

The coffeemaker weighs eleven pounds, uses K-cups and can handle the full weight of a car. Currently, Oxx is raising funds for the coffeemaker over at Kickstarter.

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It’s a challenge for guys with mustaches to keep their whiskers out of their beer, so the Whisker Dam is here to keep that ‘stache dry. It’s a little metal plate that fits over the edge of your glass right where your mustache would otherwise go for a dip. From the product page:

The Whisker Dam is an easy to use solution for guarding your stache’ from the indulgent beverages one may consume. When it comes to moustache guards you will not find a more premium product. Made from 100% Copper, dressed with a timeless patina and coated with a non-toxic barrier, the Whisker Dam has been handcrafted to perfection.

This might be the most useful and important product of the 21st century.

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the drinking jacket 1

It’s not enough that an official Drinking Hoodie exists, it’s been upgraded and improved and is now known as the Drinking Jacket. Designed by Zane Lamprey, the hoodie is packed with features such as a built-in bottle opener, a koozie pocket, a hidden flask pocket, drinking mitts, a sunglass holder, and more. It’s so fancy and irresponsible!

The Drinking Jacket is being funded on Kickstarter, and they’ve already exceeded their goal. You can pledge $75 and pre-order one of your very own.

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placs to go 1

Sure, beverages quench your thirst, but some of them have stories. Photographer Jason McGroarty worked with project curator Karen McDermott to bring the cultures of different drinks to life with beautiful images of miniature cities sitting atop beverages like wine, coffee, and Guinness in his “A Place to Go, Please” project. I want to go there. Fortunately, prints are available.

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Chewbacca isn’t what you would call “cute”, but Mew-bacca is just adorable. This little cat version of the wookiee even has a bandoleer. He probably has a bowcaster hidden in his fur and should someone try and steal you coffee, he’ll be right there to defend you and claw their arms out of their sockets.

Product Page ($11.99 via GeekAlerts)

deep fried eggnog

Amy of Oh Bite It has become somewhat of an expert on turning beverages into deep fried treats. This is the lady who came up with a way to deep fry tequila shots.

Her latest beverage turned snack is deep fried eggnog with a rum glaze. As far as I’m concerned, anything you can do to make eggnog more appealing is a fantastic idea. The cubed dessert is simply pound cake dipped in eggnog and fried. Yum.

Get full instructions on deep frying eggnog and making the rum glaze at Oh Bite It.


For Rick Grimes, there are only three questions that matter: How many walkers have you killed? How many people have you killed? Why?

In case you’re a bit forgetful and can’t remember those three very basic questions, then we suggest picking up this Three Questions mug. It’ll help jog your memory and it can also hold your coffee too. Plus, it will surely lighten the mood in the office breakroom (or maybe not).

Product Page: ($12.50 via Buzzfeed)


We all know that Thor loves coffee (I mean, he smashed his coffee mug for a reason, right?), so it would make sense for the Australian coffee chain The Coffee Club to create this artistic homage to Thor (or Chris Hemsworth). It took roughly 2000 coffee cups to make this image, and I have to say that it’s pretty spot on. What do you think?

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Yeah, I’ll take one ice cold beer. But hold the icicle, please.

(via Reddit)


This Double Heat Changing Skull Mug changes quite a bit once you pour in some hot or warm water. If you add in warm water, the skull changes to red, and if you add in something hot, it changes to white. It’s kinda like the skin is melting off the bone.

Product Page: ($19.99)