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We know that a battle between Iron Man and the Hulk is happening in The Avengers: Age Of Ultron, but you can preview this battle at home whenever you make coffee.

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The Hulkbuster mug vs. the Hulk mug. Who will win? Just when you think Tony Stark has him, the Hulk cookie jar shows up. Check that out after the break…

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An 8-inch by 6-inch gelatin mold of Deadpool’s severed head with exposed brain is for more than just making awesome shaped chocolates, cakes, etc. You could really have fun with this.

Add word bubbles, incorporate tacos, make his head out of chocolate (or ice), smash it, then melt it back together again. Maybe even dress up as a headless Deadpool then throw your Jell-O heads around at parties. The possibilities are endless.

The mold is available for pre-order now with shipment slated for June 2015.

Product Page ($12.99)


Sure, prohibition is over, but if you’d still like to check out a super cool (and super sneaky) “speakeasy” all you need to do is fly on over to Shanghai. There’s a sandwich shop there called The Press, and towards the back you’ll find a totally unassuming (wink, wink) Coca-Cola vending machine—yep, it’s actually a totally hush-hush, secret entrance for “Flask,” a fun and up-scale speakeasy.

The interior features a modern design with prohibition-era design elements such as vintage sofas, 25-liter whiskey bottles and old-school copper-colored lights. The architect who designed the bar, Alberto Caiola, noted:

the fun, lighthearted feel, the bright colors and lighting [in The Press] —within a few steps, these elements segue into a mysterious space with warm, muted lighting and the murmurs of bar patrons to invite further curiosity.

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You won’t need a Keurig on your counter when you have the GE Café French Door refrigerator. GE first incorporated a hot water dispenser into their fridges back in 2013. Now they’ve partnered with Keurig to add a small pod that holds K-cups.

Once that pod is snapped into place, the LCD display will offer brewing options just like you see on a standard Keurig unit. This wonder of the modern world will be available later this year for $3,300.

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While Australia is famous for its surf, kangaroos and dangerous “nopes” (I’m looking at you, Sydney funnel-web spider), the land down under is also getting some attention thanks to Starbucks. The coffee chain recently debuted a strawberry cheesecake frappuccinos there, and it’s only available for a limited time.

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You’ve successfully traveled through time and defeated the Daleks, which means that it’s time to celebrate! But if you’re going to raise a glass like a true Time Lord, then you better do it in style.

This hand-painted, 20-ounce Doctor Who glass was designed by artist Adrian Villanueva, and it is pretty fantastic to look at. It won’t be available until March 2015, but you can preorder now.

Product Page, Preorder: ($41.99)

Flat White Final JPG

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Let’s face it, Titans are dangerous. I mean, with all the smashing stuff and eating people. So, if you’re looking to learn more about them, I definitely wouldn’t suggest going near one. Instead, pick up this Attack on Titan Colossus Titan at the Wall 24 oz. Molded Stein. It features some crazy 3D details and will be available this February, so feel free to preorder now.

Product Page: ($24.99)


Something tells me this pint glass is leading a double life.

Indeed, this SHIELD and HYDRA Logo Half Pint Glass is actually two half-pint glasses with the HYDRA or the SHIELD logo. This 2-pack won’t be available until February 2015, but you can order now!

Product Page, Preorder: ($15.99)