The TGX tactical drinking flask offers 6 oz of liquid storage in a stainless steel housing with a matte black finish, textured PVC accent and screw-on cap. A nylon holster with 1 1/2″ belt loop is also provided for portability, as well as integrated MOLLE webbing.

It’s the kind of flask a spy like Archer would probably love to bring with him on an important mission that requires laser-like focus.

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Fans of Wes Anderson’s uniquely kitschy aesthetic will be happy to hear that the director designed a bar in Milan, Italy. It looks like it could be a set in one of his films.

Opening on May 9, Bar Luce is located within the Fondazione Prada—Prada’s art and culture center.

According to Wired, Anderson’s overall design plan for the bar was for it to “echo old-school Milanese cafés.” The bar features a number of vintage touches, including a juke box, pinball machines (appropriately Steve Zissou-themed), formica chairs and what Anderson describes as a “perfectly centered schoolhouse clock.” It also boasts wallpaper and arched ceilings that are meant to mimic the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, which is a local landmark. Anderson noted that his goal was to create a bar that he’d be comfortable spending his “non-fictional afternoons in,” and it looks like he nailed it.

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This beer stein makes putting a shot into your drink easier and awesomer. It comes with a shot glass that sits right on top of the stein. Fill it with liquor, push the trigger, and the shot drops right into your glass. The 6″ tall stein holds 12.6 ounces with a shot glass that holds 2.37 ounces.

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Fender has made a special limited edition “80 Proof” Blues Junior amplifier that is made using whiskey barrels. Specs include:

-Limited-edition 15 watt combo
-One 12” 8-ohm Jensen P12Q speaker
-Three 12AX7 preamp tubes and dual EL84 power tubes
-Onboard spring reverb and FAT boost
-Optional one-button footswitch for hands-free boost

Each amp is unique and will be one of just 100 produced, with 60 of those amps going to select retailers in the US. Needless to say, you had better act fast (and have deep pockets) when these go up for sale sometime in July.

Product Page ($2000 via Busted Wallet)


When Harry Potter fans took an age old drinking game to the next magical level, Quidditch beer pong was invented. But really, who has time to make all those table-top accessories? Thankfully, a ready-made set is now available for purchase and at a reasonable price. The set includes 3 Quidditch Hoops, 2 Beater Bats, and 1 Golden Snitch Ball.

“With the Unofficial Quidditch Pong Set, you can enjoy the fierce competition of Quidditch while downing a few Butterbeers.  Cast spells!  Block shots! Or, sink the Golden Snitch to win it all!”

It’s all handmade and disassembles easily for travel and storage. Check out a pic of the full set after the break.

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flask bracelet

The bracelet flask was made famous by Cynthia Rowley, but her version is a designer piece that’s definitely on the pricey side.

These porcelain flask bracelets provide Pappy Van Winkle style on an Old Crow budget.

Product Page ($35)


Our own Geek Girl Diva is currently attending Star Wars Celebration and she’s definitely enjoying herself. Maybe a little too much.

On the plus side, she was sober long enough to shake down bartenders Keith and Brandon of nFuse at the Anaheim Marriott for the recipes of some of the Star Wars-themed cocktails on the menu. The version pictured above is called “The Princess Leia”.


There’s also the “Han Shot First” after the break along with the all the instructions you need to make these drinks at home.

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Etsy shop owner Kelly Arce Design really captures Cinderella’s elegance and regal charm with this handmade wine glass. And her gold filigree details are just gorgeous.

She also has a ton of other Disney-inspired glasses based on Rapunzel, Jasmine, Alice in Wonderland, and Ariel. There’s even a few villains tossed in there along with glasses inspired by A Nightmare Before Christmas.

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minions shot glasses top

I mean “drinking”.

Need a wingman? Does a minion work? This Despicable Me Minions Shot Glass pack features Dave, Tim, Stuart and Carl and they’re more than happy to help you with all your evil plans. Like, for example, imbibing a lot.

Product Page: ($8.99)

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When the Merc With A Mouth needs to relax, do you know what he does? Well… yes, he probably kills people, but I also have a feeling that he loves to kick back, unwind and eat a giant stack of pancakes while sipping a tasty adult beverage from this Deadpool flask made by Etsy seller LadyRene.

The flask is available in four different finishes, and can be personalized for free. What words would Deadpool choose?

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