champagne missile

A champagne bottle partnered with some sort of concrete slab to seek revenge on the guy in the suit.

Target acquired. TARGET LOCKED!

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best whiskey

Japanese distillery Suntory (their Yamazaki Single Malt Sherry Cask 2013 was honored as the best whiskey in the world last year) has announced it will be sending six samples of it’s products to Kibo, Japan’s module on the International Space Station. These samples will include a 21-year-old single malt and a whiskey that has just been distilled.

For science, not shots of course.

Once it completes it’s space travel in August, the whiskey will be undergo experimentation in microgravity conditions over the course of a few years.

In a press release, Suntory writes:

“With the exception of some items like beer, alcoholic beverages are widely known to develop a mellow flavor when aged for a long time. We still do not have a full picture of how this occurs.”

After one year, samples of the space booze will return to Earth, while the rest will remain for another year or two for further experimentation. Well, I’ll be composing my resume to include “Space Station Alcoholic Beverage Taste Tester” now.

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This handy tap is purpose built for turning a watermelon into a keg. Once you’ve taken out the tasty watermelon innards, just use the coring tool to make a hole and then slip the tap into place. It even has a locking unit to keep it secure.

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romulan ale pint glasses

Hey, these are just pint glasses. Whatever blue beverage you decide to put in them for “medicinal purposes” is your business.

Comes in a set of four.

Product Page ($19.99)

happy hour dress top

You’re gonna look fantastic when they find you passed out in the bathroom.

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cfU15Pl (1)

There are laws in each state that limit how late you can drink in a bar. Redditor manychairs created a gif based on info from that illustrates bar opening and closing times in every state. It doesn’t account for urban areas where bars might closer later, and bars in Texas actually close at 2 a.m. not 1 a.m., but it still gives you a pretty good idea about how you can stretch out last call—assuming you have a private jet or something. Then again, you could just spend all of your time in Nevada or Louisiana.

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chainmail can sleeve

Before you start a long and dangerous quest, you’re going to have to armor up. And nothing is more important than protecting your beer.

This Chainmail Can Sleeve can slide onto both a can or bottle of brew, and the armor will keep it safe from accidental falls, overly aggressive cheers and even arrows. Well, maybe not arrows, but you get my point.

Product Page: ($14.99)


Your wine bottles have been naked this whole time! Put them in a pair of vinyl ‘Vinderhosen’. They hold 750ml wine bottles and will make your cheap wine look brawny and masculine.

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Unicorns are fabled for their magical powers and their horns are supposed to have all sorts of medicinal applications, so why not toast to your good health with this Unicorn Champagne Horn?

Sure, it’s not a real unicorn horn, but I guarantee that after you drink an alcoholic beverage out of it, you’ll feel more relaxed. Maybe even wiser. Holy crap it’s magic!

It even comes with a stand so you can display it when it’s not in use.

Product Page ($31.29)


Original Grain has launched a Kickstarter for THE BARREL, a line of watches made with reclaimed American oak whiskey barrels. Not surprisingly, the project blew past its goal quickly. However, there’s still time to grab one at a discount. In our opinion, these watches are a ridiculous steal at $129-$169. Even at the full retail price of $249 they’re a bargain. Here’s why…

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