Lay claim to your wine glass with these Wine Lives glass markers. It’s the marker of choice for crazy cat winos.

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Avengers Assemble My Cocktail!


A group called Secret of Booze has a series of YouTube videos that celebrate spirits and nerdiness in perfect harmony. Their latest show is dedicated to drinks based on the Avengers including Thor, Iron Man, Hulk, and of course Captain America. Each episode features your host actually walking you through the mixing for each drink with ingredients posted below the video for reference.

These are going to be perfect for your Age of Ultron themed party! Check out all the videos after the break.

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Presentation is important, and The Standard & Co. Bar is doing it right with this awesome hand-crank steampunk-style mixer. Owner Darrell Greig had this double mixer specially built for his bar from an 1800’s drawing he found. In a recent interview with Green Bay Press, Greig said the device gets lots of second looks.

“Something to be fun, something to catch people’s eye. When it lights up at night, people all want to know what’s going on. They think it’s crazy, people love it. They giggle.”

Check out a video of the mixer in action after the break (video may autoplay).

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Have you ever wondered how about the ingredients and history of your favorite alcoholic beverage? This infographic breaks it down. Some require a minimal number of ingredients, but other like absinthe have surprisingly long lists.

See the full infographic after the break.

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Now you can look like you’re being a responsible parent when, in reality, you’re a shady character that’s drinking in public. The Cool Baby is a flask that’s hidden inside a fake baby in a baby carrier so you can sip away without anyone being the wiser. According to the Kickstarter campaign,

The head, legs and arms are a lifelike PVC construction. For the drink-insulating torso, a simple Polyurethane foam. For the baby-body-shaped, 36oz. drink container and straw, BPA-free Polypropylene. The mouthpiece is silicone. The harness is a cotton blend. Materials we’re all familiar with, and we’ve all stuck in our mouths since we, ourselves, were babies.

Now it’ll look like you’re giving your precious baby a kiss when you’re really taking a sip of the good stuff.

See another picture and the project video after the break.

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Way back in 2013 we brought you news of a Kickstarter campaign for Periodic Tableware, which surely got the attention (and dollars) of science fanatics who wanted to give their kitchens a chemistry theme. Now the collection is available to own for everyone.

Currently the selection consists of a Beaker Rocks/Highball Glass, Erlenmeyer Decanter/Flask Martini Glass, Infinity Invertable Wine/Martini Glass, Laboratory Beaker Wine Glass, Laboratory Shot Glasses and a Vacuum Flask Cocktail Shaker Set. Each piece is hand assembled in a Shelton, Connecticut factory which is actually open to the public on Fridays and Saturdays.

Hit the jump for additional pics.

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firefly flasks

If there’s one thing most Browncoats I meet seem to like, it’s hand made items that would fit right in in the ‘Verse. I’d say these hand tooled leather flasks count.

Made by Grimm Designs, each 8oz. stainless steel flask is wrapped in hand tooled and cut leather, and is available in 9 Firefly designs including the option to have one custom made to say whatever you’d like.

I wonder if he can get “Shun-SHENG duh gao-WAHN” on one for me.

Head after the break to see more designs.

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This nerdy necklace is actually a tiny flask that will hold one ounce of your favorite drink. It measures 2 3/4″ x 1 5/8″ and is covered with a Zelda wrap reminding you that, “It’s Dangerous To Go Alone, Take This.”

See Also: More nerdy flasks

Then again, going alone with this flask might be MORE dangerous.

See more pictures after the break.

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If you’re planning a trip to wine country, you’ll need to come up with a strategy for transporting bottles home in your luggage without decorating your entire wardrobe with an expensive mix of fermented grapes and shattered glass. Enter the WineCruzer, a specialized wine case that meets all TSA transport and shipping regulations and protects your investment from UV ray damage, heat spoilage, and contamination.

It also looks like something an assassin would carry weapons in.

The cases are available in a variety of sizes, accommodating from 2 to 24 bottles while also offering convenient features such as wheels and handles.

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The effort to convert everything associated with weaponry into some sort of drinking accessory continues with these Whiskey Bullet Beverage Chillers. They provide a unique look and a “mellow” chill without diluting the flavor of your spirit with melted tap water.

They also feature rounded edges to prevent scratches.

The bullet chillers come in a set of six, and can also be engraved for a potentially misunderstood gift-giving experience.

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