dungeons and drafts

Most sports bars aren’t really the kind of place where geeks feel at home, so Melissa Garza came up with the idea for Dungeons and Drafts. It’s a bar just for geeks in Fort Collins, Colorado. Not surprisingly, their kickstarter fully funded in under seven hours.

The bar will look the part with styling like a medieval tavern and the drinks will be themed. You’ll be able to sip Thyme Lord, Grain for Ore, and Study in Pink in addition to over 30 beers, meads, and ciders.

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A Keurig machine makes it possible to get a single-serving of your favorite coffee in seconds. It’s great for mornings. The Jevo cranks out 20 Jell-O Shots in just 10 minutes using pods and the accompanying machine. It’s great for parties.

This gadget is targeting bars since not many people will require 20 Jell-O shots at a time, but there’s no reason you couldn’t order one to sit right next to your Keurig. Just don’t get the two mixed up or you’ll be in big trouble.

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Kirin Ichiban wanted to draw attention to their beer brand so, naturally, they made a music video with a beer-bottle orchestra and sushi chefs. I don’t know what I’m more excited about: the sushi, the calliope-style music, or the sexy brew-blowing gents.

And this isn’t any group of bottle-whistling musicians. The Bottle Boys have quite the repertoire of music videos all using their finely tuned assorted ales. Using empty Kirin Ichiban bottles, the Danish hunks created a delicious video accompanied by the sounds of sushi chefs and salmon rolls.

It’s music to my tummy. Check out the video after the jump.

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easter bunny jello shots

Easter isn’t really Easter until you slurp vodka-infused Jell-O out of a chocolate bunny head right? Sounds like the beginning of a wholesome new tradition to me.

If you’d like to learn how to make these shots, head on over to Oh Bite It!


A single image immediately came to mind when I saw this “Lucky Charms Cereal Milk Punch” concoction by a Dallas-based cocktail bar known as Parliament.

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Yes, this winter has been absolutely terrible but snowsculpt has found a way to make it a little easier to “bear”. Dave Rothstein is a snow sculptor in Northampton, Massachusetts who built a giant igloo, turned it into a speakeasy, and then served drinks to the neighborhood. He told Mass Live:

“It seemed a shame to let it go to waste, with only me enjoying it.”

He makes both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks and serves them up for free in shot glasses made of ice. The last few weekends he’s had as many as 70 people a night stopping by his igloo.

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It’s been about a year since Palcohol powdered alcohol was approved by the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau and then abruptly unapproved due to inaccurate labeling concerns. Now, it’s been approved again and the company plans to have four varieties of their product available soon.

“Potential for abuse isn’t grounds for us to deny a label,” the spokesperson said to The Associated Press.

There’s still the question of how individual states will regulate the product. Colorado already has legislation on the table that would ban its sale altogether. Those states that choose to allow the sale of Palcohol could have it on shelves as soon as this summer.

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Well, why not? Don’t people drink out of goblets? Is this not a goblet? Isn’t it a cup given to people when they win something? It seems to me that, if you’re going to all the trouble to win a trophy like this, the next logical step is to celebrate your win by drinking out of it, right?

I know, I know. Drinking beer out of it isn’t classy.

Try wine.

Product Page ($119.99)


Lay claim to your wine glass with these Wine Lives glass markers. It’s the marker of choice for crazy cat winos.

Product Page: ($9.99)

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Avengers Assemble My Cocktail!


A group called Secret of Booze has a series of YouTube videos that celebrate spirits and nerdiness in perfect harmony. Their latest show is dedicated to drinks based on the Avengers including Thor, Iron Man, Hulk, and of course Captain America. Each episode features your host actually walking you through the mixing for each drink with ingredients posted below the video for reference.

These are going to be perfect for your Age of Ultron themed party! Check out all the videos after the break.

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