If you’re a scotch lover, there’s a destination in Morioka, Japan called The Scotch House that you might want to add to your bucket list. [click to continue…]

Polish company Wealth Solutions and Swiss watchmaker Louis Moinet have found an new way to separate rich people from their money, and it involves adding a single drop of the world’s oldest whiskey to a $45,000 timepiece. [click to continue…]

Everyone knows that 99% of the flavor for wine and spirits depend on how cool the bottle is. Based on that factual piece of information, Mucha Liga Tequila must be the best ever thanks to stylized luchador mask bottles. There are four to choose from: [click to continue…]

We’ve talked about a lot of nerdy bars over the years, but Distractotron has highlighted 10 must-visit geek bars in one convenient video. [click to continue…]

When I think of food and Final Fantasy, I think of Cup Noodles—not outrageously expensive wine. Still, Square Enix has unveiled the “Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Ultimate Wine Crystal Edition” for some reason. I assume that reason is money. [click to continue…]

With the Super Bowl fast approaching, Tostitos is taking social responsibility to a new level by introducing a chip bag that can detect whether someone’s been drinking and help hail them an Uber. [click to continue…]

Introducing Alchema, a $499 countertop fermentation device that allows you to turn your leftover fruit into alcoholic beverages like mead, cider and wine. Basically, it’s a more sophisticated and expensive alternative to putting fruit and crumbled bread in a plastic bag and letting it ferment behind the toilet. [click to continue…]

Whiskey for breakfast? Go ahead, we won’t judge. However, you should know that Jack Daniel’s and World of Coffee are offering a 100% arabica bean coffee (medium roast) that’s infused with Old No. 7 Tennessee Whiskey. The fact that it’s non-alcoholic might be a dealbreaker though. [click to continue…]

A new Harry Potter-inspired cafe called Platform 1094 has opened in Singapore and it serves a variety of themed food and drink amidst a bevy of fun props like wands and witch hats. But the literal Goblet of Fire is the star of the show. [click to continue…]


Jack in a (metal) box. This irritates me just looking at it. The way I see it, there are three ways to handle it and your choice says a lot about you. Would you view this as:

A. A challenge?
B. An amusing bit of decor for the office?
C. A minor irritation that could be remedied by smashing the bottle and filtering the glass?

(via Reddit)