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The bracelet flask was made famous by Cynthia Rowley, but her version is a designer piece that’s definitely on the pricey side.

These porcelain flask bracelets provide Pappy Van Winkle style on an Old Crow budget.

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Our own Geek Girl Diva is currently attending Star Wars Celebration and she’s definitely enjoying herself. Maybe a little too much.

On the plus side, she was sober long enough to shake down bartenders Keith and Brandon of nFuse at the Anaheim Marriott for the recipes of some of the Star Wars-themed cocktails on the menu. The version pictured above is called “The Princess Leia”.


There’s also the “Han Shot First” after the break along with the all the instructions you need to make these drinks at home.

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Etsy shop owner Kelly Arce Design really captures Cinderella’s elegance and regal charm with this handmade wine glass. And her gold filigree details are just gorgeous.

She also has a ton of other Disney-inspired glasses based on Rapunzel, Jasmine, Alice in Wonderland, and Ariel. There’s even a few villains tossed in there along with glasses inspired by A Nightmare Before Christmas.

Check out out the whimsical designs after the jump.

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minions shot glasses top

I mean “drinking”.

Need a wingman? Does a minion work? This Despicable Me Minions Shot Glass pack features Dave, Tim, Stuart and Carl and they’re more than happy to help you with all your evil plans. Like, for example, imbibing a lot.

Product Page: ($8.99)

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When the Merc With A Mouth needs to relax, do you know what he does? Well… yes, he probably kills people, but I also have a feeling that he loves to kick back, unwind and eat a giant stack of pancakes while sipping a tasty adult beverage from this Deadpool flask made by Etsy seller LadyRene.

The flask is available in four different finishes, and can be personalized for free. What words would Deadpool choose?

Check out the back of the flask after the break…

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Meagan is a bartender at Restaurant R’evolution in New Orleans and she’s come up with a delicious looking recipe that involves a scratch-made Pop-Tart (filled with fig jam) that’s covered with a glaze infused with 1/2 cup of port wine.

You can get the full recipe on Meagan’s site, just be sure you don’t accidentally give these to the kids in the morning rush. That won’t end well.

(Tasteologie via Neatorama)


Watching this crystal bottle come to life is just incredible. The Remy Martin Louis XIII cognac bottle is made by Baccarat Crystal and it passes through twenty sets of hands before it’s finished. That seems crazy, but this isn’t moonshine in mason jars. A beverage that costs thousands of dollars probably deserves a special bottle.

See the video after the break.

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The company VSSL has been soaring through their Kickstarter campaigns with high quality, minimal packaging camping supplies. With inspiration from the dark days of the Prohibition, VSSL has created the first stainless steel flask that is also an operational flashlight. One device: two very important aspects of camping.

The flask contains two collapsible shot glasses, a bottle opener, and space for up to 10 oz. of booze. Every design element of this flask was carefully considered including the use of stainless steel since it’s BPA free and won’t compromise the flavor of your beverage.

Check out more pics and the project video for this essential outdoor gear after the break.

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The Hollywood Kitty Company in Cleveland, Ohio believed that cats would enjoy a martini as much as some humans, and put their hypothesis to work by creating this 4-foot tall, customizable Martini Condo.

After the jump, you can watch cats partake in the feline wonderland’s two separate entrances, sisal scratch post and 36-inch diameter lounge area. In addition, humans can take advantage of the condo’s highly customizable design, choosing everything from the shapes of the openings to the color of the toothpick (although higher prices may be applied to the more complicated offerings).

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We’ve already seen some amazing examples of these 3D ice cubes, but this latest batch gets wonderfully nerdy. It was all part of an ad campaign made by TBWA\Hakuhodo for Suntory Whisky that has won awards since if was developed back in 2014. The process uses a CNC router chilled to -7 degress Celsius to keep the blocks of ice from melting. Sadly, once you put them in your glass they’re not long for this world.

See more examples and a video after the break.

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