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The final season of popular AMC drama Mad Men has arrived, and with it fans must say goodbye to the stylish and retro atmosphere of the 1960s the show brought into their living rooms.

One element that helps bring that nostalgia to our screens is the food and drink highlighted in the series. The drinks Don Draper and his co-workers often have in hand come to everyone’s minds when they think of the series, but food also plays a central role.

“Food is as important as the drink. There are dishes that we don’t see any more such as cheese topped Apple Pie or Turkey Tetrazzini. They’re used in historical ways to help establish the period. It’s one of the details that helps establish the feeling of authenticity about the era,” Judy Gelman, co-author of The Unofficial Mad Men Cookbook: Inside the Kitchens, Bars, and Restaurants of Mad Men, told That’s Nerdalicious.

The cookbook features more than 70 recipes that can help you enjoy some retro dining with your fellow Mad Men fans as you watch season seven over the next few months. Get tips for throwing your own Mad Men-era dinner party and find four delicious recipes you can try after the break!

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tumblr_n450j0Brv21qa8q3yo1_500 copy

This ancient, six-ounce Deku Flask features the legendary Kokiri symbol, which carries a powerful spell that will keep you safe from both bodily injury and a pointy-stabby death while journeying throughout Hyrule… but it also does a wonderful job of keeping your alcohol safe too!

Product Page: ($19.99)

3d whiskey 2

As far as I’m concerned, whiskey is an art form. However, it gets taken to another level when intricate 3D ice cubes are used to chill it. 3D on the Rocks uses fresh spring water and a precision drill to create what are essentially chilled sculptures for your glass of whiskey. Their designs feature sharks, the Statue of Liberty, and a space shuttle among others. I don’t know if ice cubes have ever been quite this beautiful.

See more fancy ice cubes after the break.

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drunkescapades copy

Yes, that man extremely intoxicated. There’s also a fence in his way and it’s causing him a lot of trouble, but a charitable individual shows him the secret of the rusty green fence and everything ends on a happy note. Yay!

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zelda wine charms 1

It’s dangerous to drink alone! So, take these Legend of Zelda wine charms to a party or invite people over to join you. The five piece set includes Link, Link wearing Ezlo, Zelda, Vaati, and Belari depicted in metal and displayed as charms on hoops with Swarovski crystals. They loop around the bottom of a wine glass, or you can even use them on a coffee mug handle. They would make a great housewarming present for the Zelda fan in your life!

Look at individual shots after the break.

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shot glass crawler 1

Want to make drinking shots a little more creepy? If so, you need these shot glass crawlers from Christopher Cordingley. He loves the form and expression of human hands so he designed a series of ceramic shot glasses that look like hands in motion. They are a little weird, but it’s a cool design that’s not quite like anything I’ve seen before.

They come in .6, 1, 1.5, or 2 ounces and are available in a variety of colors. The black ones would be perfect for Halloween celebrations.

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If you’re on a Whiskeys Of The World quest or you’ve ever wondered about all of the different types of whiskey available and where you can find them, you can get a nice 18″x24″ poster by Pop Chart Lab that can help you out.

Rye, wheat, corn, American, single malt, blended, whisky without the E — it’s all here.

Of course, we’re not advocating you drink your way across the world, but it looks like quite a delicious journey.

Product Page ($29 via Cool Material)

game of thrones drinking game

I know drinking games are fun and I think we need one for Game Of Thrones because, well, GoT makes you need a drink more often than not.

But I’m pretty sure the rules of this drinking game by The Savory would result in alcohol poisoning.

Aw, what the heck. Valar Morghulis.

Head after the break to see the rules.

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Couleur Nouveau wine

When I was a kid, we had those big Gallo jugs of wine. As a teenager, I saw the birth of wine in a box and, I admit, I drank it. But here’s something I never would have thought of — wine in a paint can.

Now, before you start wondering if you’ll be able to head down to the liquor store and start color matching your vino like you do at Home Depot, I should tell you that this packaging idea from by McCann Vilnius is a limited edition promotional item with a tongue in cheek twist.

From Packaging of the World:

Every year for beaujolais nouveau first tasting McCann Vilnius creates limited edition wine packaging. It’s agency way to tell their clients and market at large that we are constantly reinventing ourselves and looking for a fresh perspective. This year we tried to reimagine function of the wine.

Obviously beaujolais nouveau isn’t the best tasting wine in the world, so except making you drunk it turns your teeth and lips purple. Perfect! So this year we sent out wine packaged in paint buckets, with typical paint label, even instructions, how many glasses bring which colour on your teeth.

I’m amused.

You can see more pictures after the break, including the color chart.

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serenity sake set

As a Browncoat, I love this Serenity Sake because it feels like a perfect fit for the ‘Verse. It evokes the Chinese influence within Firefly and it’s also just really shiny.

It’s made of microwave and dishwasher safe white porcelain and in stock now.

Product Page ($15 Sake Bottle/ $15 One Pair Sake Cups)