Here’s one for my wine loving geeks (and I know you’re out there!). Check out this Harley Quinn Mallet Corkscrew And Wine Charm Set.

I mean, think about it, Harley would probably be down with using her mallet to open a bottle of wine. Plus, a wine charm makes sure you know which glass is yours—just in case you want to, I dunno, poison someone? Not really, but you know what I mean.

Batman Harley Quinn Mallet Corkscrew With Wine Charm Set ($12.99)


Periodic Videos has transformed the Jagerbomb from booze into a bomb by adding sodium and potassium into the mix.

The sodium provides a pop and bright colors when it is dropped into the Jager and Red Bull concoction, while potassium causes a violent reaction that actually shatters the beaker.

While this is just a basic description, the video below provides all the details… and the explosions.

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One of the best things in the recent Lootcrate Firefly Crate was a little 4-pack of paper drink umbrellas based on Kaylee’s parasol. I didn’t want to use them because I only had four, but QMx has solved that problem.

They’ve released the new Kaylee Parasol drink umbrellas in packs of 30, so you can have a Firefly shindig and make sure everyone gets one.

How shiny is that?

Firefly Kaylee’s Shindig Paradise Parasols 30-Pack ($9.99)


On February 23rd, undercover agents from the Utah Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control went to see Deadpool at the Brewvies theater and bought beer. Now Brewvie’s is facing fines and the potential loss of their liquor license because of a Utah obscenity law prohibiting the sale of alcohol in the same place where nudity or sex acts can be viewed.

Apparently, an R-rated movie qualifies. I mean, c’mon.

Brewvies has decided to fight back, declaring that the law itself is unconstitutional. In order to fund the legal action, they’ve set up a Go Fund Me page to cover the cost of legal fees and fines.

Ryan Reynolds heard about Brewvie’s plight and it appears that he may have donated to the cause himself. He also had something to say about it.

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Restaurants and bars with nerdy themes are definitely in right now. Honestly, I’m surprised it took this long for one of these establishments to focus on the work of Tim Burton. Imagine how awesome that could be.

Okay. Stop imagining. Beetle House in NYC is about to make it happen.

Taking cues from films old and new, the menu features drinks such as the Chocolate Factory Martini, the Headless Horseman and the Bride’s Butterflies. There are even drinks based on Burton’s less mainstream movies, such as the Glen or Glenda (inspired by his Ed Wood biopic).

Check out more drink options below.

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The pinata has been given an adult makeover with the “Nipyata!”. It supplements the obligatory candy with tiny plastic bottles of booze. For a limited time it’s available in our Nerd Approved Deals Store for $79 (12% off with free shipping)!

-10 nips of assorted liquor
-20 feet of rope
-Assorted candy: Skittles, Starburst, Gummy Lifesavers, Dots & Dum Dum Lollipops
-Nipyata! fortunes: naughty messages attached to each nip
-Customizable design: open it & reseal to add more items
-Blindfold & smashin’ stick
-Made in the USA

Nipyata! Booze Piñata ($90 $79)


Fun fact, Nerdalistas – I’m neither a drinker nor a Dark Souls fan, so I’m absolutely the right person to tell you about this adult beverage based on a healing potion from what is apparently everybody’s favorite roleplaying game.

The team at The Geeky Chef have provided a recipe based on the game’s Estus potion which includes, among other ingredients, orange juice, ginger beer and – no, but yes! – cinnamon whiskey. You then serve the concoction in a tiny glass bottle for authenticity’s sake, I guess.

One of these and your HP will be restored, giving you the strength and courage you need to save Middle-Earth (or something). Just remember that alcohol doesn’t actually have healing properties and is, in actual fact, a depressant, so you may find yourself less inclined to rescue Muggles (or whatever) and more likely to burst into tears and loudly asking why Jennifer left you. Why, Jennifer? We were so good together.

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If you’re the kind of wine aficionado that has a drawers full of gadgets for opening bottles, chilling, preserving, aerating, etc— SYNEK has created fancy wine chiller/dispenser called “Somm” that should be right up your alley.

Somm employs a temperature control for chilling, aeration control for red wines and a method of automatically adjusting its settings based on a winemaker’s exact recommendations.

Unfortunately, the device only works with Sylo cans, which are designed to retain freshness for longer periods than an open bottle. The manufacturer reportedly has a number of wines lined up for production that represent a broad array of tastes.

Somm is also connected to an app that allows the user to check wine flavors and levels, ensuring that you’re never subject to an unexpected outage of booze. It even learns your palate over time and can auto-order on your behalf.

Check out more details about the Somm in the video below.

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fallout flask

Fallout 4‘s wasteland can be downright stressful. From raiders to mutants, pretty much everyone and everything in that irradiated cesspool can kill you. Plus, its almost impossible to find a beverage that isn’t chockfull of radiation.

Fortunately, there’s this trusty Vault 111 flask. Featuring an official Vault-Tec logo with stitched numbers, this flask can hold six ounces of your favorite radiation-free beverage. Warning: the flask doesn’t offer any damage resistance bonuses.

Product Page: ($13.99)

cocktail ice

If murky ice cubes are ruining your sophisticated gatherings, Cocktail Chemistry can help.

The following tutorial video illustrates a process called “directional freezing” that allows sediments in the water to rise to to the top and be separated once frozen. In addition to being crystal clear, the resulting ice is customizable to any size and can be shaped into cubes balls and sticks.

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