This is one of those things that’s pretty much perfect if you’re a Doctor Who fan that needs a lot of coffee in the morning.

1) It’s that pretty Tardis blue.

2) It’s a 20oz mug. More ounces is never a bad thing.

3) It’s a travel mug. We always need one of those.

4) It’s a heat changing mug and, let’s face it, those are magic.

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Black mugs that reveal the DC Bombshells when they heat up? Yes please!

Indeed, these 11oz. morphing mugs will transform from basic black as hot liquid is added to reveal some of the hottest ladies in the DC Universe.

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firefly serenity mug

So shiny! If you’re in need of a sturdy mug for coffee or Sereni-Tea then this Firefly mug from Esty seller LennyMud is perfect. It’s handmade and kiln-fired, and it features the Chinese symbol for “Serenity.”

You’re going to need a lot of caffeine to make sure no one takes the sky from you, so use this mug to stay fueled and energized.

Product Page: ($16.00)


DeviantArtist Kahahuna has turned the familiar Starbucks logo on their coffee sleeves into wonderfully geeky works of art. There are several Doctors, a Dalek, Sherlock, and even Walter White to geek up your coffee.

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Even Mr. J needs a caffeine pick-me-up from time to time, and this DC Bombshells Harley Quinn mug is perfect for revving him up.

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Birthdays and cake go together like, well, birthdays and cake. It only made sense for Starbucks to create a birthday cake concoction to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the frappuccino. The Birthday Cake Frappuccino will be available for only five days from March 26th through March 30th.

It’s vanilla bean and hazelnut flavored with raspberry-infused whipped cream. Once it’s gone, it’s gone, so plan your afternoon coffee run accordingly.

(via Mashable)


These wonderfully creepy handmade mugs are the work of etsy seller Kilikia Designs. Each is slightly different and features a twisting mass of tentacles climbing over the edge of the cup. You’ll have to be extra brave to drink from one of these in the morning.

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What’s the best way to start your day? By praising the sun and downing a nice cup of coffee, of course! Now all you Dark Souls fans out there can kill two birds with one eternally dammed stone with this new “Praise the Sun” coffee mug from Esty seller ZanzibarLand. It holds 11-ounces of you favorite joe, and, as far as I know, this mug will not try to kill you or harvest your soul. I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure it’s just a harmless mug.

Product Page: ($4.99)


Coffee lovers, rejoice! Starbucks is teaming up with delivery startup Postmates to let people order food and drinks for delivery. It’s all done through the Starbucks mobile app and will roll out first as a test in Seattle and NYC.

More specifically, the NYC test will happen in the Empire State Building. The Starbucks location in the building will be able to deliver to anyone in the offices above.

The test is set to kick off in the latter half of 2015, so here’s hoping that all goes well and a rollout to the rest of the country isn’t far off.

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Who’s the number one dog in all of Ooo? That’s Jake, of course! Finn’s bestest buddy is all over this Adventure Time Stretched Jake mug, which can hold 20 ounces of your favorite caffeinated beverage. Too bad this version of Jake can’t stretch into the shape of a coffee mug the size of a swimming pool, because that’s what I really need in the morning.

Product Page: ($8.99)

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