nessie tea infuser

A new addition has been added to the Nessie family. Say hello to the Baby Nessie Tea Infuser (available in three different colors).

Apparently, your kitchen is the best place to spot the Loch Ness Monster.

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A friend of Redditor dmizz recently visited a Starbucks in Los Feliz, CA and was greeted by this guy. Apparently, Starbucks was the only place he could find the inspiration and caffeination to lay down that hot keyboard track.

It’s only a matter of time before Starbucks has to add conference rooms and apartments to its locations.

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ottertea copy

We’ve seen some unique tea infusers in recent years, but the cuteness level of the Tea Otter is unmatched (with the possible exception of the sloth tea infuser).

Clearly, our future would be in tatters without this product. So, the key to our continued survival as a species is funding the Gama-Go Tea Otter Kickstarter.

Still not convinced? Remember that it does TWO things well:

-Looks cute
-Makes tea

Check out the project video below.

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Smooth Operator [Video]


Morning ladies. Coffee? Follow me back to my place.

Check out the video below (NSFW language).

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chibi star wars mug top

These mugs and boxes from Etsy seller Blue Potion UK Shop are too cute for words. They feature some of our favorites, from ‘The Legend of Zelda’ to ‘Star Wars’ in chibi style.

Check out more examples below.

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Arizona-based Starbucks employee Tony Aguilar and his co-workers recently concocted several Valentine’s Day-themed drinks which were handed out to customers as free samples, and became instant hits.

The offerings included “The Valentine Frappuccino” which includes strawberries and cream with raspberry pumps, vanilla bean and blackberry topped with whipped cream; “The Love Bean Frappuccino”, which consists of vanilla bean with raspberry pumps topped with raspberry-infused whipped cream and chocolate curls, and “The Java Berry Frappuccino” which is a Java chip Frappuccino with raspberry-infused whipped cream.

Even though these aren’t officially available on the Starbucks menu, a company spokesperson noted that customers can tailor their drink to match their own personal taste preferences.

Take a closer look at the drink recipes in the gallery below.

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starbucks 2016-01-12 at 9.23.47 AM

Then again, pretty much all names baffle Starbucks baristas. It’s also common knowledge that some baristas just like messing with you. But the struggler is realer for Siân David.

She currently lives in Bristol, England but her name, pronounced “Sh-ah-n”, is Welsh. It’s the equivalent of “Jane” and she notes that it isn’t unusual in the UK. However, it’s clear that her local Starbucks baristas can’t handle it. So she took to facebook to document the hilarious misspellings.

Check out some examples below.

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Experience the mesmerizing Catpuccino wiggle below.

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dragon ball z mug

Caffeine will keep you in Super Saiyan mode at work. However, just like this heat changing Vegeta mug (there’s also a Goku version), when the coffee is gone you’ll power down. Frustration and rage will ensue, so you’ll know it’s time for another transformation.

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Minimalist art can be kind of hit and miss for me, but I happen to like Etsy seller HelloImNikDesign’s minimalist Star Wars-inspired mug. There are simple images of Boba Fett, C3PO and a First Order Stromtrooper all around each mug. It’s all the Star Wars you need to start your day.

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