These redone versions of the Starbucks mermaid come from redditor IHunt who got a little creative during his downtime at work. There’s Wolverine, Batgirl, and even a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle all created out of just the mermaid logo and a black marker.

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The Starbucks location at CIA Headquarters serves coffee just like any other Starbucks, but there are certain things that are very different about this particular location. They call it the “Stealthy Starbucks” because, well, spies need to be all secret about where they are and what they’re drinking in between missions.

The receipts only say Store #1 without specifying where exactly it’s located at the CIA campus and employees not only have to go through special training, but they can’t even tell anyone where they work. You can’t use your rewards card for fear of it being used for nefarious purposes and no names are printed on the cups (not even aliases) to keep everyone’s identities secret.

Of course, we all know that Starbucks baristas can’t spell names, so the names on cups are basically encrypted anyway.

You can read more about Stealthy Starbucks at The Washington Post

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This grenade mug will likely freak out any coworkers who haven’t had their morning cup. It’s a stainless steel mug with a PVC exterior shaped to look like a grenade. The top part lifts right off and even has an LED readout to really make people think you’ve lost your mind.

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dark barrel latte

If you like lattes and stout beers, Starbucks’ latest test product may appeal to you. They’ve made the Dark Barrel Latte available in select markets like Columbus, Ohio, and the drink features a flavored syrup that tastes like dark beers such as Guinness. The latte is completely non-alchoholic and topped with whipped cream and dark caramel sauce.

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Let’s face it: Spider-Man is too much of a goodie two-shoes. If you’re looking for a web-slinger that can really ramp up the intensity of your morning, you better go with Carnage coffee. This molded mug is up for pre-order, and will be available sometime next January.

Product Page: ($18.99)


Temperature based color-changing drinkware is one of those things that’s always fun. Add a geeky element to it and give people options for hot or cold drinks, and you have these new Power Up color changing exclusive mugs and pint glasses from ThinkGeek.

For you coffee drinkers, there’s the 8-Bit Legendary Hero Heat-Change Mug which loses power as your heated drink cools down or empties. If you drink coffee or tea, you’ll have a perfect visual representation of just how much energy you have or need.

In the case of the Power-Up Heart Pint Glass 4-Pack, it’s all about keeping your cool. Whether your drink is alcoholic or not, a cooler drink is more refreshing and deep red hearts are what you look for.

Both are in stock now. Check out the pint glasses after the break.

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homemade pumpkin coffee

If you’re swept up in the pumpkin-flavored craze, you may be dropping piles of dollars on coffee, lattes, and all the pumpkin things. Instructables user katvanlew can help you save money when it comes to pumpkin coffee because she’s figured out a recipe for making the beverage at home in a crock pot. She uses coffee, pumpkin puree, sweetened condensed milk, and ground cinnamon in the brew, and it sounds like it would taste really good. If you try the recipe, please report back and let us know how it is.

Get the full how-to at Instructables.

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Everyone is excited because Fall is here so it’s time to pumpkin all the things. Usually it’s lattes, muffins, and donuts, but this time, it’s your burger. You start with a coffee-rubbed grass-fed beef patty, then add caramelized onion, pumpkin spiced duck bacon, pumpkin aioli, lettuce and tomato all sandwiched on a brioche bun. Pumpkin spiced duck bacon? Who knew that was even a thing?

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Caffeine deprived people of the word, our long national nightmare is over! After being ripped away from our grasping fingers in 2003, Surge has been resurrected, if only for a limited time.

Coca Cola decided to do a limited release of Surge in response to fan requests and the desperate cries of a Facebook group with over 128k members called SURGE Movement.

The liquid, citrusy gold went up on Amazon today in a 12 count of 16 fluid ounce cans and promptly sold out in about an hour, so now the big question will be whether or not Coca-Cola is going to restock or if we’ll be seeing cans of Surge all over eBay being sold like legal nerd crack.

President of sparkling and strategic marketing for Coca-Cola North America Wendy Clark said before today’s release, “Future plans for the brand will depend on the level of excitement exhibited by fans across the country.”

I think you have your answer, Wendy. The Surge must flow.

If you are one of the hopeful, you can get on the waiting list and be notified if they restock. We wish you the best of luck in your quest.

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You say your name clearly and slowly, yet still the Starbucks barista spells your name wrong. If you’re lucky, there’s a letter or two that’s actually in your name. What is wrong with those people? Watch this hilarious video and you’ll finally understand.

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