Coffee is what we all need to keep going and now you can direct it down your throat with a game controller coffee mug. It’s designed to resemble a Playstation controller and holds plenty of caffeinated goodness. Order now for shipping on December 3rd and you’ll always have plenty of coffee to power through the next level of your day. There’s even a Game Over warning at the bottom of your mug so you know when it’s time to refuel.

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Poor Jon Snow. He knows nothing, but to be fair there is at least one thing he does know. He definitely knows that he loves Yrgitte. These 8-bit mugs are the latest Game of Thrones designs from Etsy seller FleaBottom and they’re the perfect gift for your true love. Just be careful of any stray arrows aiming for your hearts.

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sailor moon tea 1

Nothing makes teatime feel fancy like an intricately painted tea cup made from china. It hits a magical level when that tea cup is inspired by Sailor Moon. This matching tea cup and saucer set from Premium Bandai and Noritake is made from fine bone china and features a Sailor Scout bow, symbol, and Sailor Moon’s name written in script.

The only uncool thing about this beautiful set that will be out in April is that it’s tricky to order if you live outside of Japan.

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You may be familiar with the Handpresso, but it looks like a Hong Kong startup called Wacaco, has developed an even smaller, pocket-sized espresso maker called the Minipresso.

It uses a cylindrical system that features a scoop for measuring and tamping coffee grounds, a tiny serving cup and a small built-in thermos for holding hot water. A small hand pump is used to cycle water through the grounds.

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goldfish teabag 1

Until today I’ve only seen tea bags in two shapes: circles and squares. Charm Villa is making the product kitschy with their goldfish-shaped tea bags. The bags go through a 16 step manufacturing process and when they’re dunked in your mug of hot water, they actually look like swimming fish. The tea bags are beautiful and just a tiny bit weird.

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If you’re a fan of Cyberdyne’s work–I mean, those Terminators are very good at what they do–then you might want to show off your love for the company’s handiwork by picking up this Cyberdyne mug.

Also, if you want to pretend that you work at other fictional corporations and/or branches of local government (like Detroit’s OCP or the Amity Police Department), then you can pick up some of Last Exit To Nowhere’s other logo mugs. Check them out after the break…

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dancing groot mug

As someone who is firmly of the opinion that there is no such thing as too much dancing baby Groot, I’m in love with this new figural mug by Entertainment Earth.

Groot’s mini pot is actually a mug. Plus, you can put the top on to keep the coffee warm. Seems like the perfect mug to keep by your side when you’re working.

It’s not in stock until May of next year, but you can pre-order now.

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It’s hard work fighting off the alien hordes, but caffeine helps. Thankfully, there’s this 16-ounce Space Invaders mug to help quench your thirst. It’s an officially licensed Space Invaders product with aliens printed all over the outside and a handle that looks like a joystick from the classic arcade game.

Product Page ($12.99)

coffee mug

This nifty mug features a detailed compilation of all the different ways that coffee can be made. It includes everything from automatic drip to Chemex brewers.

The mug is double the size of the average coffee cup, and it’s an absolutely perfect gift for that coffee fiend in your family.

Product Page: ($15.00)


Coffee comes in large cups and espresso comes in small cups, but now you can have one cup for both drinks. This clever glass mug will hold 5.5 ounces on one side or you can flip it over for a tiny 1.5 ounce espresso cup. Just think how much space you’ll save in your kitchen cabinets.

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