Just because you’re camping doesn’t mean that “roughing it” should extend to your coffee. You may be running around butt naked at Burning Man but drinking instant coffee would be downright uncivilized. That’s where the Kuju PourOver comes in.

The Origami-inspired bag is filled with 100% real coffee grounds and secures to the outside of the mug with cardboard anchors to keep it in place while you pour the hot water. The beans aren’t freshly roasted or ground right before brewing, but I suppose some compromises need to be made.

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For many of us, coffee is life. But there are times it’s not easy to get a cup of coffee, or people have pesky rules about beverages not being allowed. So, what if you could get real cold-brew coffee in a tasty gummy bite?

This is the beauty of GO CUBES chewable coffee bites (2 cubes = 1 cup of coffee). They come in Pure Drip, Mocha, and Latte flavors that give you a way to take your coffee everywhere with ease. GO CUBES also contain B complex, L-Theanine, and other “nootropics” that supposedly help keep your mind sharp.

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This mug, aside from featuring cool images of everyone’s favorite Star Wars characters, also plays a number of sounds when lifted—including the hum of a lightsaber being turned on, R2-D2 beeping away and Chewbacca roaring. Yep, I think Chewbecca roaring would get me pumped for my first cup of joe in the morning.

Product Page (£11.95 or $18.41)

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I know you’re thinking this kiss lid is the most awkward way to drink coffee, but is it really? I have a very intimate relationship with my coffee. It makes me happier when I have it and my day is fueled by it. Simply put, I can’t live without it.

I might as well just make out with my coffee.

South Korean designer Jang WooSeok totally gets people like me with these mouth shaped coffee lids. They’re only in a concept phase now but plans are underway to make the disposable lids a reality.

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Are you a trucker or a hardcore gamer with little regard for your health? Is Freddy Krueger hunting you? If the answer is “yes” to either of these questions, the Juggernaut Travel mug might be the answer to that pesky need for sleep.

It holds 52 ounces. Fifty-Two! That’s six standard cups of coffee. Or perhaps you would prefer four cans of Mountain Dew. How about an entire X-treme Gulp from 7-Eleven? Hell, you might be able to take a bath in this thing.

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Pokemon trainers need to stay focused, and these coffee labels are the perfect way to start each morning. With 13 Pokemon coffee blends to choose from, each label really captures it’s character.

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weeping angel mug

How badly do you need coffee in the morning? Are you willing to tangle with a Weeping Angel to get your fix?

Filling this heat changing travel mug with hot liquid causes an attacking angel to appear. Fortunately, if you drink enough coffee not blinking won’t be a problem.

Product Page ($16.99)

cthulhu molded mug

You can’t resist the caffeinated call of Cthulhu. But do you dare put your lips to this mug?

Product Page ($15.99)

pumpkin copy

Starbucks recently announced on their blog that their famous Pumpkin Spice Latte will actually contain pumpkin starting this fall. More specifically, it will be made with 2% pumpkin puree and without any caramel coloring.

Previously, the PSL’s flavor was the result of an assortment of spices (like ginger, nutmeg, clove and cinnamon).

Not surprisingly, the PSL is Starbucks’ most popular seasonal drink. Since it was introduced in 2003, the company has sold more than 200 million of ’em. So why are they tinkering with the recipe now? A number of major food and beverage companies–ranging from General Mills to Panera–have recently caved to customer pressure to do away with artificial ingredients. Starbucks is simply following this trend. Will it taste the same? Will it taste better? We won’t have to wait long to find out.

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force awakens coffee

This needs to be real.

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