Las Vegas-based barista Mason Salisbury has raised the bar for latte artists everywhere by creating intricate foam leaf patterns with food dye.

The process involves steaming milk before infusing it with dye and pouring it into the cup. He then uses his skills to create colorful foamy art.

Check out some videos and photos of his caffeinated creations below.

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Geek store Cognitive Surplus has created a line of glassware for chemistry buffs that feature the molecular makeup of the beverages they’re designed hold. The line includes glasses suited to water, coffee, beer, wine and whiskey.

Besides being educational, the glasses are reportedly printed with eco-friendly ceramic ink for a raised rough texture. The ink also fires on at temperatures of up to 1,200°F and becomes part of the finish, so the image won’t peel, flake, or scratch.

Check out additional pics below.

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For the most part, tea is associated with wellness and peace, which is why it’s the perfect way to relax after a stressful day. But for high octane lifestyles, only one tea will do.

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Enter these amusing tea bags from Yamasu, which feature tags shaped like Samurai, Ninjas, Sumo and Geisha.

Check out more pics below.

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YouTuber “Reactions” has turned your morning cup of coffee into a chemistry lesson, describing the science behind the perfect cup.

As you’ll see in the video below, the journey follows the coffee bean from the tree, through the roasting process all the way to the cup. You’ll also learn why coffee smells so great and the secret to freshness. However, the video moves pretty fast, so you may want to drink a cup before watching so you’re fully alert.

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Artist Lingvistov has an obsession with coffee. So much so, that she created a series of illustrated quotes that fellow caffeine addicts are sure to relate to.

They also make it pretty clear that in many cases, the humble coffee bean is the difference between alert and productive workers and those who go through their day with a perpetually extended middle finger.

Check out more examples below.

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dr pepper card

Sorry. With your credit I can only offer you a Dr Thunder card.

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mario soda

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Highly caffeinated Fans of Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman will be happy to know that these heroes finally got their own Funko Pop! mugs. Which one’s your favorite? I’m thinking Wonder Woman is my pick — she and I will battle breakfast together, side-by-side!

Product Pages: Wonder Woman Mug: ($9.99)/ Batman Mug: ($9.99)/ Robin Mug: ($9.99)/ Superman Mug: ($9.99)


Leave it to Japan to reimagine the Starbucks mermaid as a mech. She’s also wearing a tie for some reason. Like a Starbucks version of Newton Geiszler in Frappuccino Rim.

The shirt is available in two sizes from Rakuten (medium and large) for ¥1600/$14.20, and it comes in six different colors: sky blue, red, green, brown, navy and black.

Take a closer look below.

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Imagine it: an Eggspresso paired with toast slathered in Creme Egg Cashew Nut Butter.

I couldn’t handle it.

However, I’ll admit that the Eggspresso (espresso shots served in hollow chocolate eggs) does look pretty fantastic. The drink has become popular in Australia and is available in select coffee shops around the globe.

Behold it’s magnificence in the video below.

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