This R2-D2 mug holds 20oz of your favorite beverage (coffee in the a.m.) and includes a dome to help keep said beverage (beer in the p.m.) at the proper temperature.

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granular satisfaction

Oh yeah. I could watch this all day.

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Etsy shop Clazy Day Ceramics just calls them “robots”, but there’s a uncanny resemblance to the dangerous, singing turrets from Portal. The set includes a hand-crafted nine-inch tea pot and three matching mugs.

This cute tea set is definitely a conversation piece, but if you hear “Are you still there?” and you’re alone, I would find cover. Immediately.

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The employees of Walter’s Coffee Roastery in Istanbul, Turkey aren’t making Blue Sky, but they are working with a drug that might be just as addictive. Everything in this Breaking Bad-themed coffee shop is a nod to the show, from the decor to how they brew your drink.

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The way I see it, I’m both dead and alive before I’ve had my coffee in the morning. So this Schrödinger’s Cat Mug is perfect.

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Under the Instagram account coffeetopia, artist Ghidaq al-Nizar uses leftover coffee and grounds to paint imaginative scenes on leaves, plates, and paper. He uses the tag #zerowastecoffee to show that the thing you love can create more to love. Although in my house, the phrase “leftover coffee” is completely unheard of.

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His artwork is just beautiful to look at. Check out more caffeinated masterpieces after the break.

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You simply can not be grumpy when this mug holds your morning coffee. It looks like everyone’s favorite talkative tree creature. Plus, Groot will get you through a long workday with a warm, caffeine-powered embrace.

Product Page ($14.99 via Geek Alerts)


Every morning, Lance Curran uses a different mug to turn his kids into superheroes and other pop culture characters, then he posts the hilarious photos under the tag #breakfastmugshot. From Spider-Man, to Robo Cop, Jake from Adventure Time, and even SpongeBob, the creative “mug shots” have followers in stitches.

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And when Lance isn’t working at his bazillion jobs including “Warehouse Director & Comic Book Czar for Threadless” and co-founder of Arcade Brewery, he appears to be amassing the world’s largest collection of pop-culture mugs.

However, not all of these colorful mugs are his own. Lance told me:

“Sometimes when I’m traveling I use mugs from people I’m staying with. The Cheshire Cat mug belongs to comic artist Tony Moore and I took the pic while staying at his place.”

The photos are brilliant and funny and you should click below to see more.

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If you don’t fill the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man mug with a steady supply of cocoa and marshmallows he’ll get angry. Real angry.

Sadly, Ray filled him with crappy instant coffee and now the whole city is in jeopardy. Dammit Ray.

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Dread going to work? These Calamityware mugs remind you that you could be facing a zombie poodle/UFO/dinosaur apocalypse with every sip of your coffee.

Calamityware mugs feature a Blue Willow-style porcelain pattern, but with the addition of creatures that could destroy us all. There are pterodactyls flying overhead, scary robots, and UFOs shooting beams of destruction from the sky. They’re a follow-up to the Calamitywear plates introduced early last year. The illustrations are the work of Don Moyer and are currently available through a fully-funded kickstarter.

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