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Activision recently unveiled plans for a brand new quest in Destiny that has fans a little ticked off. The expansion, called The Taken King, will feature a new “never-before-seen, multi-stage mission in [upcoming expansion] The Taken King that will test the speed and strategic abilities of Destiny players in new ways.”

However, it’s only available to Destiny fans once they purchase a can of spasm-inducing Red Bull.

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The new Previews Exclusive Daredevil Nelson and Murdock mug is perfect for those mornings when you just can’t shake off the grogginess of a severe beating that left you unconscious in a dumpster.

The best part of waking up a severe concussion is Folgers in your cup.

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When it comes to defeating orcs, giant broadswords and crossbows are overrated–it’s all about upping your caffeine game, you know?

So, if you need a boost during your next late night D&D session, this Critical Hit D20 Mug is perfect. Plus it gives you a reflex bonus.

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If you’re a princess who’s in need of a little pick me up, you might consider having some coffee in this Disney princess/Starbucks-themed coffee mug. It’s handmade by Etsy seller AubsAndN, and it carries 16 ounces of your favorite magically caffeinated brew. If you’re more of a on-the-go sort of princess, then you might want to check out the travel tumbler version pictured after the break.

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You may have thought that deep-fried butter was the pinnacle of outlandish fair food, but the powers that be at the San Diego County Fair have found something else to tempt you away from dollars: deep-fried Starbucks coffee.

The concoction reportedly consists of deep fried balls of dough stuffed with ground coffee, dusted with sugar, topped with whipped cream and served on a stick.

The fried coffee is available at the Bacon-A-Fair booth, although there’s no word yet on how it actually tastes.

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If you aren’t familiar with Crystal Pepsi, it was part of the clear soda fad that came and went quickly the early 1990s. However, we are now learning that it may actually be poised for a comeback after competitive eater / Crystal Pepsi fan Kevin Strahle tweeted that he had received a letter from the company on Crystal Pepsi stationery that stated:

“We’ve had customers ask us to bring back their favorite products before, but never with your level of enthusiasm and humor… We definitely hear you and your followers and we think you’ll be happy with what’s in store… Stay tuned.”

AdAge confirmed with PepsiCo that the letter is genuine, but reps wouldn’t reveal any additional details other than “Crystal Pepsi fans are going to be happy with what we have planned”.

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Now we need to turn to Nabisco and start a campaign to bring back Giggles cookies.

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This Shinji from Neon Genesis Evangelion coffee mug has the character on the front drinking from the exact same mug. It’s about as meta as your morning coffee can get.

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Starbucks has come up with six new Frappuccino flavors in honor of the drink’s 20th anniversary. There is Cotton Candy and Lemon Bar for those seeking a coffee-free option. The remaining flavors are Caramel Cocoa Cluster, Cinnamon Roll, Red Velvet Cake, and Cupcake.

They made their debuts on June 8th and patrons are invited to vote for their favorite from June 19 through June 30th. The winning flavor will be announced on social media on July 3rd and then be available at a special price through the 4th of July weekend.

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Since Fallout 4 is officially on its way (AHHH!!! Loud noises!!!), it’s time to start prepping for your extended journey to the American wasteland of the 23rd century.

You’re going to need plenty of Nuka-Cola and coffee to keep you fueled, so we suggest picking up this “No Pep-Boy” (Hardcore Mode) mug from RedBubble, which holds 12 ounces of your favorite caffeinated beverage. The mug features a unique design that serves as a reminder that avoiding coffee, much like trying to kick a Deathclaw in the face, will only result in your untimely demise.

The design is also available on everything from t-shirts to travel mugs. So what are you waiting for? Start preparing for the wasteland today!

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These unique cups are the creation of Julian Lechner who has recycled coffee grounds into the very vessels that hold coffee.

He mixes the grounds with renewable raw materials to create the lightweight cups. And yes, they still smell like coffee.

An initial run of 250 Kaffeeform Cups will be sold exclusively at the Amsterdam Coffee Festival, but it seems like there are plans for a larger commercial run in the future.

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