Chocolate Mill

The Chocolate Mill is the brainchild of chocolatier Rafael Mutter, Dutch architect and furniture designer Gerrit Rietveld, and Studio Wieki Somers. 10 layers of cocoa-based confection were filled with flavored patterns, then shaved away incrementally with a crank-turned blade. It’s a display of food and artful science that can be appreciated by all.

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If you’re a fan of colorful, candy-like jewelry, then you’ll definitely dig Onch‘s work. The Los Angeles accessories designer has a knack for creating bright, showy jewelry, and he has a celebrity following too (Nikki Minaj wore his rainbow swirl cone necklace to the 2011 VMAs). Recently, Sweet Los Angeles, a candy boutique, released a a special candy bar that was designed by Onch. The Monchie bar features delicious white chocolate and it’s chock full of gummy bears, Sour Patch Kids and Fruity Pebbles cereal. It honestly looks like a work of art.

Product Page: ($7.99 via Chow / Photo by Chris Rochelle)


Designer Matthew Hirsch came up with a unique and rather clever way to make his resumé stand out. He created this “Hirschy” chocolate bar that features a list of his qualifications instead of the ingredients. Yeah, this guy’s definitely going to land whatever gig he applies for.

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anti gravity candy cake

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Nude Snickers


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It can be hard to find the time to prepare breakfast in the morning. Sometimes even popping a frozen waffle in the toaster is more work than I want to do. These new breakfast lollipops from ThinkGeek could save the day though.

The set has bacon, donut, and waffle lollipops, and their flavors pretty much match their titles. According to ThinkGeek, “The bacon tastes like bacon; the donut tastes like coconut (with strawberry frosting); and the waffle tastes like delicious maple syrup.” All you have to do is unwrap the suckers and destroy a tasty, if nutritionally poor, breakfast.

Product Page ($9.99)


These beautiful chocolate bars look like they’ve been splattered with paint and melted crayons, but they’re still perfectly safe for you to eat. They’re designs created by chocolate maker Unelefante who puts as much of a focus on artistry as they do quality. You can purchase them directly from their site in packs of three.

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spiderman macarons

Y’know what’s really amazing about these Amazing Spider-Man Macarons made by Lou Lou P’s Delights? They were made without molds, are all hand painted, and are 100% edible.

I was also amused by the post Lou Lou P made right before she posted the pictures of these ASM beauties. “I’ve just made the smallest most intricate things I have ever made, now watch me drop them.”

Good thing it worked out. Now I just want to know how I get a hold of some.

(via Between The Pages)

m & m cake

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We’ve previously featured Moonblush Baker’s maple cupcakes topped with tiny pancakes, but this time it’s all about a caramel-filled cake that mimics the tastiness of a Mars bar. From Neatorama:

The inner core is salted caramel. It’s surrounded by yellow cake donuts, which are themselves surrounded by a thick frosting that tastes of honey and nuts. Then the entire concoction is wrapped in a layer of vanilla butter cream frosting. Then she topped it with dulce de leche and pieces of Mars Bars.

This cake will likely put you in a permanent sugar-induced coma, but it will so be worth the price.

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