Vermeer probably never thought that one day people would be eating representations of his masterpiece “Girl With a Pearl Earring”, but that’s exactly what’s happening at L.A.-based Bohnhoff & Kent, where food artists used the painting as the inspiration for one of their signature cake-filled chocolate “gourmet stuffed candy bars”.

As you’ll see by the creative process after the jump, the completely edible creation looks delicious and far too beautiful to eat – meaning your stomach and eyes will be fighting each other as you watch.

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With a name like “The Magic Candy Factory” you expect great things. I would say that 3D printed custom gummy candies definitely deliver. German company Katjes teamed up with organic confection entrepreneur Melissa Snover to unveil this fancy 3D printing gummy machine.

The machine allows the user to design their candy using an intuitive iPad-based user interface. The gummy candy is heated while printed, and as each layer cools it hardens to retain the 3D shape. It take about five minutes to print out a 10 gram treat and it’s totally memorizing to watch.

While the ingredients are confidential, Snover confirms the candies are lactose, gluten and gelatin-free, and entirely vegan. Delicious designs can be printed from seven different colors and 10 different flavors including mango, apple, blackberry, and extra sour flavors.

Check out more printed treats and the video demo after the break.

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Artist Leon Keer has created some perspective artwork on a boardwalk alongside the Malta Street Art Festival that, when viewed from above, makes the area look like it’s being invaded by giant gummy bears during the Battle of Candyland.

The work features a number of massive gummy bears moving toward a downed comrade, who might have become the victim of a sneak attack launched by one of the equally-sized Swedish Fish that we can only assume are lurking in the nearby waters.

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Peeps’ collection of fall flavors will soon expand (in the microwave for sure) with a new Pumpkin Spice offering that will provide a marshmallow texture to the vast pumpkin spice invasion that saturates the season.

The new flavor will take is place along caramel apple and candy corn-flavored Peeps, and are expected to hit shelves on August 31.

(Thrillist via Time)

twizzler prank

You know they’ll get baked later and Micah here will have the last laugh.

Check out the video after the break…

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Back to school supplies started popping up in stores a few weeks ago. Halloween candy is on shelves in at least one Walgreens. The creep is out of control.

Jill Cataldo writes:

“I asked my husband to grab a newspaper so I could photograph this, thinking no one would possibly believe these photos were taken today without date proof,”

See another picture after the break.

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Update my Facebook profile now, because I am having a serious relationship with these milkshakes. Canberra, Australia-based café, Pâtissez is responsible for the milkshake to end all other milkshakes, and it is aptly named The Freakshow.

These dangerous looking desserts take the traditional recipe of milk and ice cream and stuff syrup, whipped cream, candy, pieces of cake, and your wildest dreams into a mason jar and then hand you a spoon. They’re as big as your head.

Yes. Please.

Aside from these gigantic sugar-rush drinks, Pâtissez creates a wonderful array of whimsical cakes. Check out more mouth watering pics after the break…

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To honor the character known as Kirimi-chan, whose head is a giant piece of salmon, Japanese companies Pucco and Sanrio teamed up to create salted-salmon chewy candy. The limited edition offering features a gray color to mimic salmon skin and the addition of salmon flakes to its center. But rather than acting as a ipecac, the candy has been described as having an orange flavor and only “hints of fish”, while others described it as sweet and mild.

Whatever the case, most purchases will most likely be the result of curiosity rather than any sort of appetizing appeal.

Check out the equally weird promotional video after the break…

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Australian YouTuber “The Simple Cooking Channel” has taken to the net to teach us all how to make a Rainbow Piñata Cake that is stuffed, and topped, with gummy bears. The process is described as surprisingly easy, requiring only cake mix, food coloring, frosting, and mounds of gummy bears.

Check out the step by step after the break.

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starbust smores

I hate to use the tired old line, but I think we’ve been eating Starbursts all wrong. It turns out we should have been roasting them all along. You can even make s’mores with Starbursts!

See the roasted, gooey, Starbursty-ness after the break.

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