Florida-based candy shop Public Displays of Confection uses a restored 19th century fruit drop roller to make a “Nectar Drop” candy, which is described as tasting like pound cake or almonds.

The shop recently demonstrated how the device works and, in the process, revealed why lemon drops and cough drops are called “drops”. As you’ll see in the video below, the process involves rare rollers, hand cranking and an amazingly simple separation method. [click to continue…]


The Doctor’s Sonic Screwdriver has taken many forms, but none have been edible.

Behold Sonic 2.0.

Modeled on the Eleventh Doctor’s Sonic Screwdriver, this edible option measures 6.5″ long, and contains a pretzel stick wrapped in caramel and covered in chocolate. Think Twix, but with pretzel instead of cookie, and Sonic Screwdriver instead of stick thing.

They’re $15 from The Truffle Cottage, who also make a selection of other Whovian treats from cookies and creme Daleks to TARDIS-shaped truffles. Yum yum!

So the question is… Who’s ready for dessert?

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Ferrara Candy Company has teamed up with 7-Eleven to create Trolli Sour Brite Weird Beards, which are essentially sour gummies shaped like pro basketball player James Harden’s bearded head.

The offerings are available in red/yellow, pink/blue, and orange/green, but are only on sale until June 30th, coinciding with the national basketball playoffs. For it all to make (some) sense, we’ll just have to pretend that the Houston Rockets haven’t already been knocked out of contention.

(Ferrara via Eater)


We’ve seen space-themed lollipops in the past, but ThinkGeek is offering an entire solar system’s worth for $29.99.

How many licks it takes to get to the center of the Earth? Let’s find out.

Flavors include:

Sun – Marshmallow, Mercury – Tropical Punch, Venus – Cherry, Earth – Cotton Candy, Mars – Pear, Jupiter – Key Lime, Saturn – Guava, Uranus – Blackberry, Neptune – Mango, Pluto – Strawberry / Kiwi

Handmade Planetary Lollipops ($29.99)


Since gummy bears are apparently conspiring to take over the world, the Hydraulic Press Channel decided that they needed to be dealt with. However, instead of handling the job by eating them, they were placed in a hydraulic press.

Even the angry and dangerous giant gummy was taken out, and their destruction was complete – although the bears’ nimble gumminess did help them attempt an oozing escape.

Check out the video below.

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reeses pieces cups

The ultimate Reese’s candy is coming.

Indeed, Hershey’s has been teasing new Pieces-infused Peanut Butter Cups hard. Like, super hard.

Nothing’s official yet (the image above was leaked), but come on. This is definitely happening—and soon. Apparently, the release is slated for July.

Prepare yourself. It will be a glorious day that you’ll remember forever.

(via Eater)


Eat it before it eats you.

This unique handcrafted chocolate Dragon Egg is a one of a kind! Crack it open and find yummy chocolate covered almonds with a stunning dragon truffle inside. All edible, and delicious. This dragon egg comes in 3 different flavors ~ White (raspberry truffle) Milk chocolate (mint truffle) and Dark chocolate ( hazelnut truffle)

Check out more pics below.

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Indeed, the container holding this candy is edible. Dave Hax created the vessel out of chocolate and fitted it with the label and lid from a conventional bottle for added realism.

The creation of the “Chocolate Milk Bottle Surprise” is chronicled in the video below, and will no doubt be used in place of conventional pinatas at many a party to come.

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Those who partake in giant jawbreakers will tell you that conquering the candy is a time consuming process – that is unless you decide to melt it with a blowtorch.

See Also: Jawbreaker Vs. A Red Hot Ball Of Nickel [Video]

That’s exactly what YouTuber “Let’s Melt This” did, and the results are like watching Toht’s face melt off in Raiders.

Watch it below.

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The latest Franken-candy to emerge from The Food Surgeon’s operating room is a Milky Way bar with peanut implantation and a liquid chocolate exoskeletal cast.

Clearly this Milky Way has some form of body dysmorphia.

Watch the operation below.

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