Japan has all sorts of Kit Kat flavors that we don’t get in the United States and a lot of them seem like they would be delicious. This one looks questionable. Apple pie and carrot Kit Kats are a new flavor available in Japan for Easter. These limited edition flavors are collectible and even considered lucky so they are pretty sure to be a hit. This is one flavor that Japan can keep.

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Finally, the perfect treat for fans of sharks and chocolate. These chocolate Megalodon teeth are cast from actual fossil teeth and come in high quality dark, milk, and white chocolate.

That’s a serious sweet tooth. I’d take it over a chocolate bunny any day.

Product Page ($15.99)

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kit kat sandwich

Japan’s already known for having the most unique flavors of Kit Kats and now they’re breaking ground again with a Kit Kat sandwich.

Fast food chain First Kitchen will is behind the cocoction. But, what is a Kit Kat sandwich? Imagine a Kit-Kat topped with whipped cream, sprinkled with orange peel on white bread. Yum.

It even uses a specially made Kit Kat called a “Kit-Kat for Cafe” which is made to be dipped in hot drinks and is a bit crunchier.

Show of hands: how many of you are going to try this at home?

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It’s a little off-season, but you’ll want to get these candy bowls now and be ready to scare the kids come Halloween. They’re supposed to be cute, I think, but somehow even characters like Rocket Raccoon and Thor look weird. You’ll probably save on candy, too, since no kid is going to want to reach into a Spider-Man Venom bowl.

Many of these have been around for a while, but Rocket, Venom and Thor are new and expected to ship this month.

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A chocolate dinosaur lollipop is a great idea, but a giant chocolate dinosaur lollipop is a brilliant idea. It was designed by Insructables user Malikivan who originally made it for his girlfriend because she “likes chocolate and dinosaurs”.

Makes sense to us.

He started off the project by making sketches before importing them into Z-brush for final detailing. The dinosaur was milled from a piece of foam using a CNC-milling machine and then turned into a mold using a thermo vacuum machine and a 1 mm thick sheet of plastic. The mold was filled with 1.8 kg of chocolate and the stick is actually a piece of 20 mm PVC pipe.

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In an effort to give milk an Easter twist, Prairie Farms teamed up with Just Born to create dairy products flavored like Peeps (in other words, sugar milk with food coloring). As the number one non-chocolate candy brand for the Easter season, the marriage of milk and marshmallow was dubbed “an obvious choice” even though customers won’t be able to watch these Peeps expand in a microwave.

The new flavors include Marshmallow Milk, Chocolate Marshmallow Milk, and Easter Egg Nog – all of which are available for a limited time.

(Praire Farms via Consumerist)


It appears that the manufacturer of Twizzlers wanted a bigger chunk of the Easter candy market, but couldn’t think of a damn thing associated with the holiday that resembles twisted strands of licorice. That must be why they decided to model their product after that fake basket-stuffing “grass” that looks about as appetizing as the sole of a boot. The green apple-flavored candy comes in loose strands that have been described as disturbingly similar to their grassy inspiration.

If that’s not enough weirdness for the season, Cadbury is also offering limited edition Creme Egg cookies (pictured after the jump), which look like they could be a convenient way to enjoy the holiday staple without ending up permanently sticky from the uncontrollable rush of fondant filling.

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Butterfinger bars are delicious, but they’re not exactly healthy. I mean, all that sugar aside, chocolates like these are generally loaded with artificial ingredients—including food dyes and preservatives. However, Nestlé USA is planning on removing these unnatural elements from its chocolate products by the end of this year. Over 250 Nestle chocolate products, ranging from Butterfinger bars to Baby Ruth and 100 Grand bars, will be affected by this change.

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How do you improve upon a classic Twix bar? By making it friggin’ huge of course! Elise, the star of the the My Cupcake Addiction YouTube channel, came up with a recipe for a giant Twix bar that’s pretty simple to whip up. In fact, you don’t even need to use a oven.

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cp-6 copy

If you and your S.O. are planning on pigging out on chocolate this Valentine’s Day, then a chocolate piggie from Tokyo-based candy manufacturers, tutto bene would be the perfect treat. Then again, it might send the wrooooooong message.

Though it’s a Japanese company, the candy makers’ name is derived from an Italian saying that means, “Everything is great.” In keeping with the whole Italian thing, the company makes a variety of chocolates that are pig-shaped, since Italy is (apparently) pretty well known for its pig-themed good luck charms, symbols and trinkets.

The company offers a few different piggie chocolates, but all of them are definitely tasty. The big guy pictured up top is the Gran Siesta, a 2.2-hunk of chocolate that’s made with 35 percent cocoa butter and it’s priced at $68, or 8,000 yen. There’s also the Juliette II, a smaller, tutu-wearing chocolate piggie that costs 600 yen, or roughly $5. Lastly, there’s the Figaro set, which features a mixture chocolate “cuts” that are arranged to look like a butcher’s pork diagram. That one runs for 1,800 yen or roughly $15.

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