Get me a spoon and a plane ticket to Sydney, I need to nom these. My Sweet Boutique coffee and waffle food truck makes incredibly mouth-watering Nutella waffle creations presented in personalized mason jars. They’re like chocolate breakfast baristas that can spell.

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With additions like ice cream and fresh fruit, patrons of the dessert house on wheels are going crazy posting their treats to Instagram. Check out some of them after the break.

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For the last three years, Lay’s has been soliciting new potato chip flavor ideas with a contest cleverly named “Do Us A Flavor.” Many of the flavors from previous years have been uninspired to say the least, but this year’s finalists actually seem like they would be incredibly delicious.

The four flavors include: Kettle Cooked Greektown Gyro, Wavy West Coast Truffle Fries, Southern Biscuits and Gravy, and New York Reuben. Man—this might be a tough choice to make.

On that note, voting opens up July 27th. And while we wait, there’s a video of Nick Lachey surprising each finalist with the good news after the break…

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Instagrammer “Peep My Sneaks” has created deep fried lasagna rolls using lasagna pasta, ground beef, pasta sauce, mozzarella cheese, eggs and panko bread crumbs which are combined into what we can only assume is calorie-packed deliciousness.

Hit the jump to check out the video recipe.

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Update my Facebook profile now, because I am having a serious relationship with these milkshakes. Canberra, Australia-based café, Pâtissez is responsible for the milkshake to end all other milkshakes, and it is aptly named The Freakshow.

These dangerous looking desserts take the traditional recipe of milk and ice cream and stuff syrup, whipped cream, candy, pieces of cake, and your wildest dreams into a mason jar and then hand you a spoon. They’re as big as your head.

Yes. Please.

Aside from these gigantic sugar-rush drinks, Pâtissez creates a wonderful array of whimsical cakes. Check out more mouth watering pics after the break…

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Two of breakfast’s favorite menu items have joined forces to become powerfully delicious bacon French toast roll ups. It’s so simple I don’t know why I didn’t think of it.

Thank the foodie gods that Recipe Tin Eats had a moment of brilliance and shared this marvelous treat with us. And the best part is that you don’t have to be a professional chef to make these salty and sweet snacks at home. Just cook bacon slices as usual, grab some super fresh bread (you don’t need anything fancier than regular sandwich style), roll it, dip it in eggs, and then fry those bad boys up.

I believe we shall all have a wonderful morning, starting tomorrow.

Check out more mouth-watering, bacony pics after the break.

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Grab some Pepto, and feast your eyes on the 30-pound grilled masterpiece that is the Beer Keg Bacon Burger Pizza. Grill master Charlie Sims was inspired by the TV show BBQPitBoys, especially the popular episode featuring the beer-can bacon burger. His competitive nature made him wonder how he could top that.

So he ran to the store to spend $110 on 17 pounds of 80/20 beef mixed with three pounds sausage, a pound each of ham and pepperoni, a gallon of homemade tomato sauce, green, yellow and red bell peppers, mushrooms and four kinds of cheese. He molded it around a beer keg and threw it on the grill for a gigantic carb-killing new invention.

He tells Nola:

“It was a huge hit. It made a little over 30 pieces, and we had about 20 people here. It was great. Everybody got destroyed.”

I can’t imagine the food coma after that meal. Check out more photos after the break.

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Come At Me Bronut!


Patrick Evans, owner of the MarieBette Cafe has one-upped the cronut. He’s created this delectable mash-up of a donut,  brioche, and a croissant called the brioche feuilletée. That’s way too hard to pronounce, but foodies have stepped in and given it a more Internet-friendly name: the bronut. Charlottesville29 writes:

“With dense layers of light, flaky pastry, dusted with crystals of sugar, it is like a cross between brioche, a croissant, and a donut.  But, its name doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue. Its translation – flaky brioche – is even worse.  In the era of social media, we wonder whether this delicious pastry would be a sensation if it had a name as hashtag-friendly as, say, cronut.  Whatever you call, it, you should definitely eat one.  #bronut #crioche #broissant”

I want to. I really, really do. Check out more mouth-watering pics after the break.

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Pizza Hut Australia is upping their cholesterol game with their newest meaty creation, the Four’N Twenty Stuffed Crust Pizza.

Indeed, the crust is stuffed with eight pint-sized Four’N Twenty Meat Pies. The new pizza was announced this past Tuesday, and it came with a fair amount of drama.

Four’N Twenty partnered with Pizza Hut Australia to make the new pie, and the duo announced on social media that that they were in a “complicated relationship” with one another. As you’ll see in the posts below, I think Pizza Hut has some trust issues that need to be resolved.

Check out the posts after the break…

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From the looks of Tym Bussanich’s Instagram account, the man is on a mission from God to create the ultimate gnarly fried snack. Case in point: this tater tot that’s stuffed with a cheeseburger that’s wrapped up in bacon.

In order to make the burger, Bussanich took cheesy tater tots and ground them up. Then he took a cheeseburger patty wrapped in bacon and “breaded” the meat with the tater tots before frying.

See it come together in the video after the break…

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French fries and burgers are perfect companions and The Vulgar Chef has found a way to make them even more perfect together. His motto is #eatlikeshit and this definitely qualifies.

It’s a hamburger with cheese on both sides which is then completely encased in a French fry bun. That sound you hear is your arteries clogging.

(via Mashable)