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eeve cookies

Get the recipe at Instructables.

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SharkBite Donut

While the Sharknado may have passed, Shark Week is right around the corner and Dunkin’ Donuts is getting in on the action starting August 4th with the Shark Bite Donut.

It’s designed to look like a life preserver, but if you squint, you can tell yourself it looks like teeth in flesh. Then you can bite into it and…oh, whatever, it’s a donut!

Speaking of biting into it, Dunkin’ and the Discovery Channel are also doing a “Take a Bite, Take a Pic” promotion. Just share a pic of you taking a bite out of your favorite breakfast item on either Twitter or Instagram and use the hashtag #DDSharkWeek to be eligible to win cool prizes.

The Shark Week Donut will be available at participating Dunkin’ Donuts restaurants while supplies last.

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Now I love cappuccinos just as much as the next caffeine-addicted Internet denizen, but I’m not sold on the idea of cappuccino-flavored potato chips. But some of the other flavors in this year’s Do Us A Flavor competition from Frito-Lay are a bit out there too: cheddar bacon mac & cheese, mango salsa and, of course, wasabi ginger. The four flavors will hit supermarket shelves later this month, and the public can vote on their favorite flavor through Oct. 18. The inventor of the most popular flavor will win a $1 million reward.

Which version are you most excited to try?

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dino birthday pizza

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cyclops bread

Cyclops’ uniform is blue and yellow, and if you add his optic blast powers, there’s also a touch of red. Kitchen Overlord took those basic elements and made a loaf of white bread colored to represent Scott Summers. They divided up the bread recipe and dyed three portions of dough in the appropriate colors. From there, it’s all about putting the puzzle together. Thankfully, they have pictures and instructions to help you replicate the mutant bread. It’s perfect for any occasion, but you should definitely make it for the next time you watch an X-Men movie.

Get full instructions on how to make this brightly colored bread at Kitchen Overlord.

glass glaze donut

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These adorable Harley Quinn cookie pops are the work of Etsy seller Maria Baeza. They’re handmade cookies that measure about 3.5″ and are each individually wrapped to keep them fresh. She sells them in dozens which will take about three weeks to arrive at your door from the time you order.

Product Page ($39 via Between the Pages)

one donut to rule them all

Made by deviantARTist MirachRavaia.

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Krispy Kreme has given us all another reason to flock to their stores with the introduction of two new limited-edition donuts based on pie. First, there’s Caramel Dutch Apple Pie with an apple cinnamon filling covered in caramel icing, streusel topping and a dollop of apple cinnamon filling. Then there’s Key Lime Pie which has a key lime custard filling covered with key lime icing and graham crumbles. If you want to try them, better act fast because they’re only here through May 18th.

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