bantha blue milk bread

Looks great doesn’t it?

Bantha Blue Milk Bread (French toast) is currently being sold in Disneyland for the Season Of The Force celebration (which officially starts on November 16th).

You might be wondering about the taste. In the following video, Guy Seiga gave Bantha Blue Milk Bread a try and discovered (*gasp*) that it’s just regular French toast with blue food coloring.

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pop tarts flavors

A gradual rollout of five new limited edition Pop-Tart flavors will begin this December and continue on through Spring 2016—and Kellogg’s is definitely dipping into some new (possibly weird) territory here. The flavors include:

-Maple Bacon: Mid-December 2015
-Watermelon: Mid-December 2015
-Chocolatey Caramel: Mid-December 2015
-Frosted Spring Strawberry: Early 2016
-Pink Lemonade: Mid-April 2016

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Japanese bakery chain Ginza Cozy Corner has turned our favorite characters from Star Wars into adorable, edible treats.

Yuuummmm…(from top-left to right) Storm Trooper cheese tart, Wicket chocolate roll cake, C-3PO lemon tart, Jabba the Hutt pistachio tart, Star Wars Logo rasberry and chocolate cake, R2-D2 yogurt cake, Darth Vader chocolate cake, The Imperial Army and Rebel Army pistachio and chocolate tart, and a Yoda  matcha powdered green tea tart.

Jedi, Sith, Wookiees, and droids make cute confection appearances in this collection of cakes, tarts and limited edition tins that are available only from November 1st to December 21st.

Check out more Star Wars treats after the break.

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Super Dads Neil Patrick Harris And David Burtka went all out for their kid’s 5th birthday, including this epic battle cake between droids and princesses.

NPH and Burtka baked and decorated this crazy cake with each side featuring a beach battle for Gideon and Harper, the “two greatest kids in all the land!”

Check out close-ups of this super fun cake after the break.

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keyboard waffle 4

Feel like traveling for a little dessert breakfast? This delicious looking keyboard waffle dessert is served in the cafe at the Nexon Computer Museum in South Korea.

Not only do you get a keyboard waffle, but you get a pastry mouse and some delectable looking sides.

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When proposing to your best friend, one cake is simply not enough. That’s why Alex Patterson enlisted the help of Creative Cakes by Catherine to create an epic 3-tier cake that represented all the fandoms the couple share.  The elaborate cake was presented to Patterson’s longtime boyfriend Benjamin Mize on his birthday.

Patterson told BuzzFeed:

“We’re both literary minded. We’ve also developed a shared interest in board games, so I thought about the books and games that are most important to us. September 21 is Ben’s birthday, so I decided to do a surprise birthday party for him, but I didn’t tell everyone coming it would also be a surprise engagement and party.”

The fandom-licious cake paid homage to Harry Potter, The Walking Dead, The Office, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, the game Pandemic and classic novels The Iliad, and The Odyssey.

After the break, check out more views of this fantastic proposal cake and the couples exciting engagement moments. 

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cinnamon roll donut

It’s also magical.

Kudos to Chef Thiago Silva of Catch NYC for delivering this gift to the world.

(Instagram via Foodiggity)


To show their support for the LGBT community, Doritos introduced these limited edition Rainbows chips with all proceeds going to the It Gets Better Project. The non-profit organization’s mission is “to communicate to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender youth around the world that it gets better, and to create and inspire the changes needed to make it better for them.”

So far, all the social buzz about #boldandbetter has been positive. A representative from the It Gets Better Project recently told Mashable:

“Doritos reached out to the It Gets Better Project because they wanted to celebrate the LGBT community and provide support to LGBT youth.”

The Cool Ranch flavored chips in brilliant rainbow colors are available exclusively online for a minimum donation of $10. So now you can eat your favorite chips in bold colors, knowing you’re playing a small part in helping your community.

(via Mashable)


Get me a spoon and a plane ticket to Sydney, I need to nom these. My Sweet Boutique coffee and waffle food truck makes incredibly mouth-watering Nutella waffle creations presented in personalized mason jars. They’re like chocolate breakfast baristas that can spell.

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With additions like ice cream and fresh fruit, patrons of the dessert house on wheels are going crazy posting their treats to Instagram. Check out some of them after the break.

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For the last three years, Lay’s has been soliciting new potato chip flavor ideas with a contest cleverly named “Do Us A Flavor.” Many of the flavors from previous years have been uninspired to say the least, but this year’s finalists actually seem like they would be incredibly delicious.

The four flavors include: Kettle Cooked Greektown Gyro, Wavy West Coast Truffle Fries, Southern Biscuits and Gravy, and New York Reuben. Man—this might be a tough choice to make.

On that note, voting opens up July 27th. And while we wait, there’s a video of Nick Lachey surprising each finalist with the good news after the break…

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