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Making ice cream the old-fashioned way is great, but it’s not particularly fun. Thankfully, it looks like Hammacher Schlemmer has come up with an entertaining and innovative way for the whole family to make ice cream together while also getting a bit of exercise. The $35 Kickball Ice Cream Maker is… well, a kickball that makes ice cream.

Once you put all of your ingredients inside the “ice chamber,” it only takes 20 minutes of play-time to make a pint. Sounds good to me, but just make sure that’s 20 minutes of “no messing around, let’s kick butt and rule the playground” kickball, because otherwise, I think it might take a lot longer to churn out that tasty ice cream.

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butterup 2

If you’ve ever had a problem buttering something because the butter was too hard or because you can’t keep a pat of butter on a knife (yes, I’m that person), allow me to introduce you to The Stupendous Splendiferous ButterUp Kickstarter project.

The ButterUp is a knife that quickly and easily grates your butter onto the knife for easy spreadability. No muss or fuss or broken toast.

No wonder this thing has funded way beyond the proposed budget. It’s one of those wonderfully simple but brilliant items that are an absolute must-have.

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spiro pancake

If you ever played with a Spirograph as a kid, you know how much fun they were. You may have also wondered how your spiroskills might have an application in your future daily life.

It turns out that your ability to spiro may have a real world application thanks to the Pangraph.

Pancakes in amazing geometric shapes? Bring on the syrup!

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Pancakes on a stick may not be new, but a machine that will let you make these tasty treats is big news! All you do is pour in some batter, put in a stick, and then wait about ten minutes and you’ve got yourself a pancake. I know, that’s an awfully long time to wait for a single pancake, but it’s on a stick so that makes it totally worth the wait.

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Yeah, I have a thing for ice cream sandwiches, and if I decide to make any unnecessary purchases this year, I’ll probably go out and buy this countertop Ice Cream Sandwich Maker. Why, you ask? Well, let me walk ya through the basics. Made by Nostalgia Electronics, this nifty little device is actually pretty simple to use. You just add your favorite cookie dough into the molds, let them bake (or don’t, raw cookie dough is probably the greatest food on Earth) and then you can make your own custom ice cream sandwiches. Pure genius, right? Sure, you still have to scoop the ice cream and place it between the cookies, but come on, science can’t solve all of our problems.

Product Page ($19.99 via Foodbeast via The Consumerist)


You can always count on R2-D2 to save the day, or in this case, save the cookies from burning. He’s a 60-minute timer with a bell that rings for 5 seconds when time runs out. You set it by turning his little domed head to the desired number of minutes. He measures 14 cm and is an officially licensed Star Wars product.

Product Page ($32.95 via Geek Alerts)


The beauty of a Keurig machine is that it can brew individual cups of coffee in different flavors at the touch of a button. The beauty of the Flatev is that it does the same thing but with tortillas, right down to having a variety of flavors. You just put in the pod of your choosing and the little machine spits out a perfectly cooked tortilla at the touch of a button. You can preorder the Flatev now with delivery expected sometime in 2015.

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smart grill

Cooking a steak over a grill is about to get a lot easier thanks to the Lynx Smart Grill. The voice activated appliance automatically cooks your meals based on user commands. The igntion, burners – it’s all hands-off and preprogrammed. You tell the device what you’re planning to cook, and it searches an online database for the optimal grilling time and technique. It even tells you where on the grill you should put the food.

On the surface, it seems like it might suck some fun out of the summer activity, but I can see the perks. You won’t have to worry about the meat being cooked to the proper temperature since the grill will take care of that for you. It will even send you texts when the food is ready. Ultimately, it’s doing more of the thinking for you, so that means you can cook less and drink more beer. I call that a win.

Pricing for the Smart Grill has not yet been determined. It will be available from retailers in 2015.

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Yes, this is an actual machine that will turn water, along with a few other key ingredients, into wine. It’s the brainchild of Kevin Boyer and Philip James who plan to launch a kickstarter for The Miracle Machine very soon. You connect it to your iPhone via Bluetooth, tell it what kind of wine you’d like to make, and then the app will tell you which ingredients to add.

The wine-making device consists of a thermo-plastic fermentation chamber, a thermoelectric heater, a temperature monitor, a motor to mix the ingredients, a custom microprocessor board to control the process and a Bluetooth antenna to connect with your smartphone

The app monitors the whole process and within about three days, you got yourself some wine. In addition to the device, which is expected to retail for $499, they’ll also be selling ingredients kits to make it even easier.

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This product is supposed to be for kids, but we completely understand if you decide to buy it for yourself. It’s a make your own sushi kit that’s coming out in Japan this spring. There’s a train that looks like a boat pulling plates along a little track for delivering your sushi. It’s also got moulds to help you make your sushi. All aboard the sushi train!

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