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smart grill

Cooking a steak over a grill is about to get a lot easier thanks to the Lynx Smart Grill. The voice activated appliance automatically cooks your meals based on user commands. The igntion, burners – it’s all hands-off and preprogrammed. You tell the device what you’re planning to cook, and it searches an online database for the optimal grilling time and technique. It even tells you where on the grill you should put the food.

On the surface, it seems like it might suck some fun out of the summer activity, but I can see the perks. You won’t have to worry about the meat being cooked to the proper temperature since the grill will take care of that for you. It will even send you texts when the food is ready. Ultimately, it’s doing more of the thinking for you, so that means you can cook less and drink more beer. I call that a win.

Pricing for the Smart Grill has not yet been determined. It will be available from retailers in 2015.

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Yes, this is an actual machine that will turn water, along with a few other key ingredients, into wine. It’s the brainchild of Kevin Boyer and Philip James who plan to launch a kickstarter for The Miracle Machine very soon. You connect it to your iPhone via Bluetooth, tell it what kind of wine you’d like to make, and then the app will tell you which ingredients to add.

The wine-making device consists of a thermo-plastic fermentation chamber, a thermoelectric heater, a temperature monitor, a motor to mix the ingredients, a custom microprocessor board to control the process and a Bluetooth antenna to connect with your smartphone

The app monitors the whole process and within about three days, you got yourself some wine. In addition to the device, which is expected to retail for $499, they’ll also be selling ingredients kits to make it even easier.

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This product is supposed to be for kids, but we completely understand if you decide to buy it for yourself. It’s a make your own sushi kit that’s coming out in Japan this spring. There’s a train that looks like a boat pulling plates along a little track for delivering your sushi. It’s also got moulds to help you make your sushi. All aboard the sushi train!

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Who hasn’t longed for the day when they could walk up to a Star Trek-esque food replicator and order “tea, Earl Grey, hot?” Well, we’re inching closer and closer to that future with the Foodini 3D printer.

You can’t plug in a recipe or bark an order at the machine and watch it create your meal, but you can use the microwave-sized machine to cut down on some of the time consuming parts of meal prep. For example, if you’re making ravioli at home, you can pop the dough and filling into the Foodini and it will “print” the pasta.

Given the functionality and price tag of $1,300, it’s probably not for every household. My guess is that’s more likely to show up in restaurant kitchens or maybe in bakeries at first. Pastry chefs could surely assemble some amazing chocolate designs with the machine.

Natural Machines expects to ship the Foodini in mid-2014.

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nerdy baking gift guide

The holidays are the perfect time to bake all your favorite treats and these products will let you do it with nerdy style. There are zombie cookie cutters, star trek aprons, Nintendo oven mitts and even TARDIS silicone molds!

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Ok, so let’s say that you’re eager to start brewing your own beer, but you have limited space to do said brewing. Well, as long as you have a table (or a sizable flat surface) you’re good to go. Behold, the Picobrew: it’s a $1,600 tabletop device that brews “high-quality all-grain beer” with just the touch of a button. After adding the necessary grains, water and hops, the device will brew up a bubbly concoction over the course of three-and-a-half hours. After that, you need to wait a week for fermentation to complete before you can start the official party time.

The device is currently a Kickstarter project that has already blown away all of its financial goals. However, there’s still a week to grab yours early.

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The design of this sawed-off shotgun grill is perfect. First, the cylinder opens to show the area where you cook the meat. Then, and this is the best part, the smoke comes out of the two barrels while the meat is cooking. It’s brilliant! If you have loads of cash, you can buy this handmade grill of awesome and be the king of all BBQ in your neighborhood.

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moo mixer 2

Chocolate milk is delicious and we know this.

But making your own can lead to a few pitfalls. Chocolate syrup or powder can settle at the bottom and then, next thing you know, you’ve gotten a glup of it on your last sips.

Well, this Moo Mixer is an elegant solution. It comes with its own whisking device! And just think of the number of milk based drink combos you can make.

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Most of you have probably tried that astronaut ice cream they sell in science museums. It’s pretty nasty. I think the folks at NASA are trying to make up for that atrocity because they’re currently working on a 3D printed pizza that you can actually eat.

The idea is that you’ll have cartridges full of the ingredients like cheese and sauce which will then be layered and mixed to make your pizza. Apparently the layered nature of pizza makes it a natural for the process. That, or the guys at NASA are just really tired of having to tip the pizza delivery guy while they work on important science stuff into the wee hours of the night.

(via SlashGear)


Straight from Japan comes this butter cheese grater that “transforms solid sticks of butter into fluffy, easy-to-spread strings”. No more destroying your toast with butter cut from sticks.

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