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There are times when you should really just put your iPhone aside and ignore any phone calls or texts for awhile. No, I’m not talking about distracted driving, but distracted baking. Twitter user @azealiadelminaj decided to bake a cake, but somehow didn’t notice that she dropped her phone into the batter. Always keep track of your phone while baking. You know, there ought to be an app for that.

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Alton Brown is the man when it comes to culinary tricks and tips. Remember his recent instructional video on how to properly slice up a slippery mango without chopping your fingers off? Well, we thought his slicing-and-dicing mango trick was pretty nifty, but it looks like YouTuber Smart Cook came up with a mango hack that’s even more efficient than Alton’s.

Basically, you slice a ripe mango around the pit and press the edge of the slices up against the lip of a very sturdy glass. Voila! The skin comes right off!

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Peeling potatoes is a real hassle. So I think it’s pretty cool that Leo Morten Lund shared this Facebook video demonstration on how to peel an entire bucket of potatoes in less than 60 seconds. Now I can make a week’s worth of mashed potatoes at lightning speed! Yes!

Ok, so the trick here is that Leo used… well, I think he used a toilet brush (hope it was clean) that was attached to a power drill. Then he immersed a bucket full of potatoes in water using a hose, and created a little mini-whirlpool using the powered toilet brush. The bristles peel all of the skin right off. Pretty crazy, right? If you’d like to see the demonstration yourself, check out his video after the break.

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mango mishap

Did you know that over-caffeinated and rabies-infected weasels are actually easier to handle than mangos? That’s why foodie Alton Brown thinks it’s important that we all learn how to safely confront them. In his latest YouTube video, Alton shows us how to properly, and safely, handle and serve up that delicious fruit.

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science cake

If you’re like me, you probably cut your cake into slices of all sizes–the people I like get the big pieces, and the grumpy party-poopers get the tiny slivers. It’s only fair.

Anyway, there’s actually a proper, more scientific way to serve up cake. In this YouTube video by Numberphile, mathematician Alex Bellos shows us how to cut up a cake into proportional pieces that keep leftovers fresh.

So, yes, thanks to science, even the party-poopers get a decent slice. You’re welcome.

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skirtsteakalton copy

In his latest YouTube video, food genius Alton Brown shows us how to cook the “perfect” steak using a very surprising method. Instead of grilling his skirt steak the traditional way, he places the meat directly on top of the charcoal. Now, you’re probably like me and you’re thinking that charcoal’s going to get all over your dinner. Here’s what Alton had to say about that:

Yes, some of the charcoal is going to stick, no that’s not a problem. A little ash never hurt anybody, it’ll turn into a relish sauce.

Works for me!

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A Big Flat Sandwich, for the uninitiated, is basically a whole loaf of bread that’s been hollowed out and filled with a vast assortment of meats, cheeses and veggies. Then the sandwich is compressed for a few hours, and voilà, you’ve got a tasty, panini-like flat sangie that’s packed with more greasy cholesterol than your heart can handle.

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peanut butter copy

Recently, Alton Brown taught us how to make a “true” grilled cheese (and, yep, it actually involved grilling!). This time around, he’s teaching us how to make wok-fried peanut butter. It’s actually pretty easy, so get to frying!

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cherry tomato hack

Whether you’re a noob in the kitchen like I am, or you’re a seasoned pro, something tells me you’ll think this life hack on how to cut cherry tomatoes is pretty cool.

I’m guessing it’ll work with other small items. Now I’m tempted to try it.

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Oreos are pretty great on their own, but a couple of expert chefs have teamed up with Oreo to find casual “hack” recipes to make the delicious cookies even better.

For their ongoing “Snack Hack” series, Oreo asked chefs Roy Choi, Michael Voltaggio, and Nguyen Tran to create Oreo-based recipes that are simple and creative. The resulting dishes are very tasty-looking too: Choi came up with a Golden Oreo cookie and panko-breaded chicken recipe, Tran made bread pudding and Voltaggio made nachos and Lemon Oreo shandies.

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