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Italian astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti recently took some time to show Mexican food fans how to make a taco in zero gravity, scooping quinoa salad, mackerel, dried tomatoes, and leek cream into a tortilla that repeatedly tries to float away.

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Now you’ll know the important stuff should you ever join her on the International Space Station.

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Trying to up your baking game? Then you should definitely check out these 10 “life-changing” backing hacks. The video features some pretty useful hacks, including using a ice cream scooper to portion out muffin mix and an apple wedge to keep cookies moist.

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This fantastic birthday spread was Magic: The Gathering-themed from start to finish. Guests came with their own decks, so it started with the suggestion that everyone dress in their favorite deck colors. Then each guest got a custom card and a glass that was also themed to their deck.

There was plenty of delicious food with names pulled right from the game. Kool-Aid became many different colors for Mana, veggies were Elven Fare, potato chips became Faerie Flakes, and chips and dip became Dragon Scales and Dragon’s Breath.

Head on over to Sugar Bean Bakers to see more clever ideas for a Magic: The Gathering party.

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Sure, you love your friends and family, but when it comes to pizza, you’d sell your brother for a two-for-one coupon. So, the next time everyone decides to order a pizza, use YouTuber Dave Hax’s sneaky method of secretly swiping pizza to score yourself a few extra slices.

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Donuts are generally round with a hole in the middle unless they’re filled, but have you ever stopped to consider whether or not the hole is optimally sized? Mathematician Dr. Eugenia Cheng did, so she used calculus to figure out the right size for the hole. She first determined that a bigger hole increases the surface area creating a crisper donut.

She then went on to measure the “squidginess” and “crispiness” ratios of the donut to determine that a ratio of 3.5:1 which comes along with an 11 mm hole makes for perfection. Of course, your tastes may vary but I’ll buy into any science that uses a term like “squidginess” to prove its point.

(Daily Telegraph via Neatorama / Image: Jerry Huddleston)


The cold weather is officially here and there’s no better way to warm up than with a nice mug of hot chocolate. If you’re tired of the same old thing, try one of these variations to make your favorite warm-up drink all new again. There’s everything from pumpkin spice to Nutella to lavender so you’re sure to find one you love.

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Don’t throw away that orange rind! YouTube user NorthSurvival has revealed that you can use it as a cupcake tin. He mixed up a batch of chocolate cake then used the rind to hold it and cook the cake in the coals of a campfire. This is a great idea for your next campfire cookout but you could try it in a conventional oven as well. Good luck trying to peel it in a perfect cup though.

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There are times when you should really just put your iPhone aside and ignore any phone calls or texts for awhile. No, I’m not talking about distracted driving, but distracted baking. Twitter user @azealiadelminaj decided to bake a cake, but somehow didn’t notice that she dropped her phone into the batter. Always keep track of your phone while baking. You know, there ought to be an app for that.

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Alton Brown is the man when it comes to culinary tricks and tips. Remember his recent instructional video on how to properly slice up a slippery mango without chopping your fingers off? Well, we thought his slicing-and-dicing mango trick was pretty nifty, but it looks like YouTuber Smart Cook came up with a mango hack that’s even more efficient than Alton’s.

Basically, you slice a ripe mango around the pit and press the edge of the slices up against the lip of a very sturdy glass. Voila! The skin comes right off!

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Peeling potatoes is a real hassle. So I think it’s pretty cool that Leo Morten Lund shared this Facebook video demonstration on how to peel an entire bucket of potatoes in less than 60 seconds. Now I can make a week’s worth of mashed potatoes at lightning speed! Yes!

Ok, so the trick here is that Leo used… well, I think he used a toilet brush (hope it was clean) that was attached to a power drill. Then he immersed a bucket full of potatoes in water using a hose, and created a little mini-whirlpool using the powered toilet brush. The bristles peel all of the skin right off. Pretty crazy, right? If you’d like to see the demonstration yourself, check out his video after the break.

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