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Hard-boiled eggs are tasty, but they can look kind of…boring, so why not squish them into a Star Wars shape? It seems like the logical thing to do.

These Star Wars egg shapers let you make your own R2, Threepio, Stormtrooper, or Darth Vader eggs. Just boil and peel the egg, pop it in the mold and squish! Use the Force to crush Vader once and for all!

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Inspired by a question posed by his wife, expert woodworker and engineer Matthias Wandel created a clever cake knife to cut hexagonal shapes.

“This project started when Rachel said “Now I have to cut the cake into squares or triangles”. My immediate thought was “why not cut it into circles, or hexagons?”. This got me thinking about a good method of cutting a cake into a hexagon honeycomb pattern.

The easiest I figured, was to make a knife that snakes through the honeycomb pattern …Testing the knife by pressing it down on some pine. I had actually shaped the handle to have a slight curve on the bottom of it so that the knife can be rocked back and forth a bit for cases where it needs to slice through some tough cake or pizza bottom. It left a nice indentation in the pine. so I’m confident that it can slice any cake.”

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If the Merc with a Mouth had a thing for chocolate instead of tacos or pancakes, then he’d probably love this Marvel Deadpool Silicone Tray. You can use the tray to make chocolate or gelatin treats and ice cubes that look like Deadpool’s lovely face (try not to think about old avocados having sex).

Product Page: ($14.99)


It may be designed as a gelatin mold, but if someone doesn’t use this Captain America Shield Mold to make a 10-inch ice shield, I will be sorely disappointed. Make some Cap shield ice, put it in a big bowl of blue punch and that’s a party right there.

I mean, you can make a Jell-O shield too. Heck, make a chocolate one! Make all sorts of things. Just don’t use it in the oven because you don’t need melted plastic everywhere.

Product Page ($13.99)


Today in “I have no idea why these exist, but I have to show you”, I present these Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman spatulas. They won’t help you leap tall buildings or transform into an Amazonian princess, but you can use the Trinity to make eggs. Go you!

Product Page: ($8.99)


Thanks to these cutting boards, Ron Swanson will infuse all of your meat-based dishes with a certain Ron-ness. The flavor is impossible to describe, but it makes everything better.

Etsy shop Nomad Gift makes three different versions of the Swanson cutting board in your choice of maple, ash, oak, or cherry wood. Check out the rest after the break.

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If you are an aspiring young stylist with a sweet tooth, then the Hairdo cookie cutter is for you. It churns out people cookies with big square hair.

All you need to do is nibble your way to a fabulous new cookie hairdo. Mohawk every time.

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Boba Fett: Pizza Hunter


Pizza is the most wanted food in the galaxy, so there’s only one slicer for the job (well, maybe two). The Boba Fett pizza slicer. It even has sound effects!

Product Page ($14.99)


I’m genuinely afraid to find out what will happen to my casserole when this Death Star kitchen timer reaches zero.

Product Page ($23.99)


Lord Vader’s lightsaber slices pizza with awesome sound effects…and without mercy. I am bursting with puns, but the product description sums it up best:

“There’s been no better time to join the dark slice!”

Product Page ($17.99)