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R2-D2 is one very advanced droid: he can navigate an X-wing, patch into the Death Star’s super computer and, surprisingly, break down into a bunch of nifty measuring cups.

There are four measuring cups and four measuring spoons in all. Just remember, this officially licensed Lucasfilm product is highly sought after by chefs of the Empire, so act fast, and don’t tell those stormtroopers nothin’.

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light up chop sabers sushi

We’ve written about these lightsaber chopsticks before, but now that they’re in stock for less at ThinkGeek, we definitely wanted to share them again.

How cool will it be to go to a restaurant and eat your sushi with officially licensed Star Wars light-up lightsaber chopsticks? Would you ever use regular chopsticks again?

These Chop Sabers come in Darth Vader’s red or Luke Skywalker’s blue and are priced low enough that you can probably get both and have some epic sushi battles.

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Why have a boring old egg cup when you can get your Star Wars fix at breakfast with this Star Wars R2-D2 Egg Cup?

Just pop the dome off and R2′s body will hold your egg while you eat. You’ll have to supply your own bips and boops.

Product Page ($16)

burger fries rolling pin

My first thought when I saw this Burger and Fries Embossed Rolling Pin by Poland-based Valek Rolling Pins was, “oh please tell me you can customize them”.

You can. Yep. Not only do they have rolling pins with cats and dogs and dinosaurs, but you can customize your own.

I’m pretty sure that the best thing about this Etsy shop is the quote on the about page by owner Zuzia Zuber, “I’m a young Polish designer, living outside of Warsaw, almost in the middle of a birch forest! I just got a laser engraver, which I use to make all kind of stuff out of local wood. I hope you like it!”

She seems to be enjoying this immensely and is open to suggestions.

I now want a Star Wars version. Just think of the possibilities!

Product Page ($49)


Summer isn’t too far off, and if you’re planning on some beach time, we’ve got a nifty nerdy baking product that definitely won’t make you nervous about getting in the water: Snack (Shark) Attack Cookie Cutters. The set comes with a bitten surfboard, a hungry-looking shark and a… uh, unfortunately wounded surfer. The cutters are roughly 4-5 inches long too. So, what are you waiting for? Tempt fate. We dare ya. We triple dog dare ya!

Product Page: ($11.99)

samurai bottle ninja bottle Opener

Whethere you need a slice of cake, a bottle cracked open or a cool ice pop after a long battle, you can get it done with Samurai precision and style thanks to these awesome kitchen tools from Fred and Friends.

Having a TMNT party? Make red-bladed Ninjasicles with the Samurice Ice Pop Molds, bust open some Asahi with the Ninja Blade Bottle Opener and serve up some cake with the Samurai Cake Knife.

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Remember how we lost our nerd minds over the Firefly/Serenity Ice Cube Tray & Chocolate Mold?

Well, we’re gorram losin’ them again seeing this Firefly Cookie Cutter set.

We now live in a world where you can make Firefly cookies and Serenity chocolate and wash them down with a cool drink thanks to Serenity ice cubes.

How’s that for shiny?

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lightsaber bbq tongs

Those who fail to complete Jedi training may end up flipping burgers in some fast food joint on a distant outpost, but they do get their own version of a lightsaber. Behold, the Star Wars Lightsaber BBQ Tongs.

The tongs are officially licensed and feature classic lightsaber sound effects and a removable transparent red cover. Pre-order yours now for an April release – just in time for grilling season.

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Slicing and dicing your veggies to prep for dinner is a boring task, but it’ll be a lot more fun with one of these cutting boards. Each is laser-etched with wonderfully nerdy stuff like pi, quotes from Marie Curie and Einstein and even the whole solar system.

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death star cutting board 2

Cutting vegetables and fruits is one of my least favorite things to do in the kitchen, and I bet I’m not alone in those feelings. This Death Star “Worktop Saver” cutting board could go a long way towards making the chore more interesting. I could pretend to shove cucumber slices into the thermal exhaust port!

If you don’t need another cutting board, you could definitely use this weapon as a serving tray. It would be ideal for a Star Wars-themed party.

Product Page ($17.95 via Stitch Kingdom)