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zombie cutting boards 1

If you like the idea of including a side of zombie with your charcuterie board or if you just want get some zombie slashing practice in, then these cutting boards from Dave Stencil might be for you. The wood boards are made from bamboo, maple, cherry, and mahogany in two sizes with three different zombie designs.

The boards are currently on Kickstarter and have already surpassed their fundraising goal. However, you can still back the project and pre-order your board. Estimated delivery for the zombie cutting boards is November.

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These little 3D dinosaur cakes look too cute to eat, but you’ll devour them anyway. They’re made with a 2-part silicone mold that will produce two each of a brontosaurus, tyrannosaurus and stegosaurus. Once they’re done baking, you just stick the two halves together and you’ve got an edible dinosaur treat.

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iron man cutting board

Tony Stark’s had a few different roles over the years: he’s a hero, a businessman, a mechanic, and also a cutting board.

Craftster user BadWolf314 designed and assembled this gorgeous Iron Man cutting board for a craft swap. She made it from bloodwood, maple, and cherry. All the pieces were glued together and then planed. I don’t even want to think about how long it took to cut all of the tiny blocks.

(via Geek Crafts)

d 20 cake pan

Having a D&D party? Make your own D20 mini cakes with the D20 Critical Hit Mini Cake Pan. Or, if you’v got gamers on the way over, you can make 1Up mushrooms in a variety of colors with the 1-Up Mushroom Cupcake Pan.

You can even bake up some mini “building blocks” with the Building Brick Mini Cake Pan and then set everyone loose with the bricks and some frosting and see what people create.

I can definitely see people having some fun with these.

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doctor who cutlery

If you were a fan of the Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver Pizza Cutter, I’m totally going to make your day with this news.

Now you prep dinner with a Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver Peeler, dine with your very own Doctor Who Cutlery Set, and then wash up afterwards with the Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver Washing Brush.

While it’s not technically sonicing dinner or sonicing the dishes clean, it’s close.  And if you don’t make noises while using them, I’ll be very disappointed.

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butterup 2

If you’ve ever had a problem buttering something because the butter was too hard or because you can’t keep a pat of butter on a knife (yes, I’m that person), allow me to introduce you to The Stupendous Splendiferous ButterUp Kickstarter project.

The ButterUp is a knife that quickly and easily grates your butter onto the knife for easy spreadability. No muss or fuss or broken toast.

No wonder this thing has funded way beyond the proposed budget. It’s one of those wonderfully simple but brilliant items that are an absolute must-have.

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I’m sorry. I’m so, so sorry. But it looks like your burger is burning. I better get to flipping it with this nifty Doctor Who spatula, which is made from silicone and features a metal handle that’s 11 inches long. It’s even better than the sonic.

But wait. You’re probably saying to yourself, “I’m not eating a burger right now. I’m not at a barbecue. And that spatula isn’t available until October 2014. How are you doing this? What are you?”

Well… I’m a Time Lord? You’re welcome.

Product Page: ($13.99)

lightsaber bbq fork

Grilling techniques from the galaxy far, far away are coming to Earth. We’ve already seen lightsaber BBQ tongs, and now ThinkGeek’s offering a lightsaber BBQ fork to go with them. The stainless steel design won’t let you turn hot dogs over with the Force but using a lightsaber is the second best thing, right? Right.

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Cooking may not be rocket science, but that didn’t stop actual University of Oxford rocket scientist Thomas Povey from applying his smarts to the design possibilities of the sauce pan. He created the Flare Pan which uses a third of the gas and cooks 30% faster than standard pans.

The idea first came to Povey when he was hiking at high altitude and needed to boil a pot of water. He then worked with his students for three years to perfect the design until the cast aluminum pan with ridged fins became the finished product. Those who have done mountaineering may be familiar with something called JetBoil which is a compact system used to boil water. It’s got a similar ridged design. When asked about the similarities, Povey told io9:

I was actually working on this project before the Jetboil was patented, with designs very similar to the Jetboil, so that was not — as you speculate — the inspiration, but is certainly a great product which good design and function – I own one myself. More recently we started to look at household applications, where the optimisation problem is more difficult (needs to work on conventional gas stove, needs to be cleanable, look good, durable in kitchen environment). The design that resulted is the result of that rather different optimisation challenge.

So, looks like similar concepts applied to two different design problems.

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When the zombie apocalypse hits, you’re going to have to learn how to improvise a whole lot of stuff. For instance, if you don’t have an oven, how are you going to cook your hot dogs? If you said “fire”… well, good answer, but did you know that you could also make your own solar oven out of a Pringles potato chip can? Instructables member Cat’s Science Club highlights every step, and it’s actually pretty simple. Once you get this thing made, you’ll be making tasty hot dogs in no-time. Cat’s Science Club actually got the oven up to 170ºF on a hot day too. Pretty cool, right?

Check out the instructions on Insructables.

(Make via Neatorama)