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Taco Bell’s experimentation with chicken appears to be expanding with what they’re calling Volcano Crispy Chicken Chips. The offering is currently being tested in Knoxville, Tennessee. [click to continue…]

If you’re going to attack Wendy’s on Twitter, you had better have a solid argument because they aren’t going to lie down and take it with typical PR-speak. Apparently, they’re not afraid to embarrass you so badly that you feel compelled to delete your Twitter account. [click to continue…]

If you are the kind of person that doesn’t abide oily fingers, but feels that eating fried chicken with a fork and knife is taboo, KFC Japan has a solution. [click to continue…]


Say what you want about Arby’s food, but their Twitter game is unmatched in terms of nerdiness—especially when it comes to gaming. However, they aren’t afraid to tackle topics from all corners of pop culture. Take, for example, the following tweet featuring the Thousand Sunny ship from One Piece made out of food containers sailing on a sea of curly fries. [click to continue…]


The movie Napoleon Dynamite and tater tots are inexorably linked. Realizing the commercial potential of this bond, Burger King reunited Jon Heder and Efren Ramirez (aka Napoleon and Pedro) to herald the limited time return of the chain’s cheesy tots.

The downside is that they don’t appear in character – but since a sequel will probably never happen, we have to take what we can get. Watch it below. [click to continue…]


Taco Bell unleashed another chip brand collaboration in the form of Cheetos Quesadillas, then inexplicably offered them exclusively in the Philippines, and only for a limited time. Fortunately, we have a recipe the rest of the world can use:

Step 1: Put Cheetos in a quesadilla.

For those of you who are in the Philippines, Taco Bell reports that the quesadillas can be had at Taco Bell Gateway, TriNoma, Alabang Town Center and Cyberpark Tower. There’s no word on how long they will be available, but as the social posts below illustrate, people are sharing their thoughts on its taste, which is apparently magnificent. [click to continue…]


McDonald’s Italy is banking on the public’s love of Nutella with their new “Sweety with Nutella”—which is essentially a bun with Nutella on it. Mind blown.

The offering is part of the McCafe menu and, despite its burger-like appearance and packaging, is meat-free. Apparently, the burger is baked with the Nutella inside, which gives it a tasty crust at the edges.

Naturally, the news has been spreading across social media because anything involving Nutella always does. Unfortunately, none of that chatter involves talk of bringing the burger to the states, but (protip!) you can always get a brioche bun, slather it in Nutella and bake it for a bit. Mind blown.

Take a closer look at the Sweety with Nutella below. [click to continue…]


McDonald’s is about to add two additional Big Mac sizes to their menu. The Grand Mac and The Mac Jr. are slated to debut next year after being successfully tested in Ohio and Dallas. The Grand Mac offers two larger 1/3 lb beef patties served on a bigger sesame seed bun, while the Mac Jr. is a single patty version of the burger without the staple middle bun.

The Grand Mac will sell for $4.89, while the Mac Jr. will go for between $2.39 and $2.59 depending on location. The trial period will run from January to June 6, 2017 at select US locations. Whether it will expand internationally remains to be seen—though Japan already has this territory covered.

(via Highsnobiety)


McDonald’s will attempt to make up for lost time and get in on the mobile ordering game starting next year.

McDonald’s previously tested mobile ordering technology in countries like Austria and Thailand as well as 22 locations near Columbus, Georgia. A full roll out of the system will begin in the US and a number of international markets starting in 2017. Customers will order food through the app and scan a QR code, which automatically charges the customer via a card linked to their account.

Up to 25,000 locations are expected to make use of the system by 2018.

(Business Insider via The Verge)


A Queens, NY Burger King reached a new level of Halloween-themed trolling glory by disguising its sign, and the restaurant itself, as a ghost named “McDonald’s”.

In addition to taking a shot at their biggest rival and their lack of flame-grilled beef, they also succeeded in gaining a ton of free advertising while bringing pleasure to all the BK purists.

Check out the hilarity in its full glory below. [click to continue…]