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When it comes to fine dining for Valentine’s Day, KFC wouldn’t show up on anyone’s radar, and for obvious reasons. However, the UK branch of the chain is hoping to change that perception by offering a date night table service.

The experience will reportedly include tables dressed with linen napkins, silver candelabras, vases of flowers, and a soft drink sommelier. It will also take place at their at Fishergate restaurant near Preston in Lancashire – considered their most “romantic” location because it served as the meeting spot for a couple that has now been married for 44 years and still visit for weekly date nights.

This is how KFC is selling it:

“A spicy zinger burger is all you need for love at first bite and our table is perfect for any hot date this Valentine’s Day. Our date night table offers diners the finest window seat with an exclusive view of Fishergate High Street, a perfect setting for our finger lickin’ good chicken.”

Finger lickin’ lonely is probably a more realistic outcome. Hey, while you’re at it, why not treat your lady to some Doritos roses?

But if I’m wrong, and the if the experiment proves successful, the company plans to roll out the service across the UK.

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This could only happen in Florida.

A 23-year-old Florida man was arrested this week for an incident that occurred last October. It allegedly involved heaving a three-and-a-half foot long alligator through a Wendy’s drive thru window.

Apparently he picked the reptile up off the side of the road, drove to Wendy’s, ordered a large beverage, paid, and then pulled out the gator and flung it through the window. Why? Because Florida.

Actually, nobody seems to know the reason, although his parents are claiming it was all a dumb prank.

The alligator survived its fast food encounter and the suspect was charged with second degree petty theft (of the reptile), possession and injury of an alligator, and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon without intent to kill. After the arrest, Wendy’s released the following statement:

“This unfortunate incident occurred last year. The safety and security of our restaurant teams is very important to us, and we’re glad that no one was injured as a result of this situation.”

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Gotta buckle those nuggets up for safety.

A dude going by the name “Zealot” on Twitter recently told the world that he would no longer be working at Burger King and that he had confiscated all of their chicken nuggets, justifying his actions with a simple “f*ck it”.

The social media response was swift, ranging from affirmations of hero status to requests for nugget sharing. However, when a news station contacted him about the nuggetnapping, he revealed that he had actually been asked to pick up extra chicken nuggets from another store and was transporting them when the idea struck.

At least now we know that customers in the area didn’t have to go nuggetless. Must have been tempting though—to just drive off with those nuggets and never look back. Head to Mexico and lay low, living off tens of dollars in nugget riches.

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wendys burn

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Mc Donald’s Japan has found a new way to delight the taste buds and make some extra bank by offering french fries topped with multiple types of chocolate.

The “McChocolate Potatoes” will be available as a 50 cent upgrade beginning on January 26, although they will only be around until mid-February. Thankfully, the void can always be filled with the trusty fondue pot.

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Yeah, wonderful and horrible at the same time.

During a sauna brainstorming session (where the heat obviously affected their brains), Elie Ayrouth and his bro Matt came up with the idea of transforming an In-N-Out burger into a pie. The mission required a set of 4x4s which were added to the pie crust and formed into cubes for use as a filling (with a batter of beaten eggs and half-and-half cream to work as a binding agent).

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The concoction was baked for 30 minutes, topped with slices of cheese, fries, more cheese, and grilled onions, then baked for another 10 minutes to achieve the desired gooey/crispy texture. After a final topping of In-N-Out spread, it was sliced and consumed. Presumably, nobody died.

See it come together in the video below.

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Burger King Vs. Predator

get to the whopper

Just look at this shirt and imagine how glorious the movie would be. The Burger King can be Dillon’s character. Oooh, and let’s turn Mac into a literal Big Mac to add a little McDonald’s drama.

Product Page ($22-24)

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taco bell star wars

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rick and morty hardees

Hey, I’ll take whatever Rick and Morty I can get. Besides, this commercial is totally in line with the spirit of the show.

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nn-2 copy

Starting on Dec. 1st, McDonald’s chains in Niigata Prefecture will be offering a 48-piece bucket of McNuggets for 1,800 yen ($15). If you’re counting, that’s eight more than the 40 piece McNugget bucket that’s available in the US.

The deal is part of a promotional tie-in for a idol pop group called NGT48, which is an off-shoot of the super popular idol group, AKB48.

NGT48 sounds a lot like “Nugget 48” after all.

When you purchase a 48-nugget set, you’ll receive a promotional container that’s decorated with images of NGT48 members. Chains in the area will also offer paper tray covers and limited-edition, collectible commemorative cards with each order.

The promotional sale will continue until those Niigata chains run out of the special packages.

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