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KFC may have gone a step too far with its latest creation. The Double Down Dog features a hot dog drizzled with cheese that is then sandwiched in a fried chicken bun. This follow-up to the Double Down Sandwich is being sold in super limited quantities. Participating stores appear to be limited to the Philippines at the moment, and each restaurant will be allowed to sell only 50 each day through January 27th.

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At this point, KFC has no plans to bring the hot dog to the U.S.

See a picture of the real deal after the break along with a list of participating locations.

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You may think that an Irish taco would be doused with booze before having punches thrown at it in the rain, but as Conan O’Brien recently demonstrated, you would only be partially right.

After noticing that one of his employees is a Taco Bell superfan, Coco treated him to a behind the scenes look at the restaurant’s headquarters in California. In the process, they visited the test kitchen and were given the opportunity to make their own creations, which included the marriage of tacos and ice cream cones in “La Cone-A”, The Hands-Free Burrito (which didn’t arrive in time for this guy), and finally the Irish “O’Taco”, which consists of cabbage, mashed potatoes and corn beef topped with Guinness.

The entire visit is chronicled in the video after the break, and includes a taste test of the chain’s experimental “quesalupa”, an in-house museum tour, and employees’ awkward banter with a TV host.

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Grant Imahara of Mythbusters fame is once again teaming up with McDonald’s to demystify how their foods are made. We’ve previously seen him reveal the secrets of the McRib and this time it’s french fries.

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Rest assured, the number one ingredient is potatoes. However, they do add a few extra, scary sounding things. Dextrose, natural sugar, and corn oil are okay, but dimethylpolysiloxane is a little hard to swallow.

See the video after the break.

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Way back in May of 2013, Sir Patrick Stewart tweeted about having his first ever pizza “slice.” During a recent appearance on Conan, the host asked him to clarify what he meant. It turns out the slice wasn’t the first time he’d ever eaten pizza (though he didn’t know what pizza was until he was 22), just the first time he’d ordered a single slice. He wasn’t familiar with the concept of going into a restaurant and ordering a single slice. Then he goes on to admit he prefers to use a knife and fork to eat his pizza even though he knows it’s a “social abhorrence.”

Watch the video after the break because man, Stewart is ridiculously charming.

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Anthony Bourdain took some time to visit one of the best burger joints in California–I’m talking about In-N-Out, of course. He also brought a camera along and recorded some of his thoughts about the popular chain. He notes that on his social media accounts, his In-N-Out Burger pictures are typically the most “liked” images, and he also goes on to say that In-N-Out is “the only fast food chain that I actually like and think is reasonably good for the world.”

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Thanks, Anthony. As a native Angeleno, I’m on the same page with you when it comes to In-N-Out’s tasty burgers.

Check out the video after the break…

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These fun photos are the work of Rebecca Rütten who is a German photographer. She took photos of people with modern-day fast food posed to look like paintings straight out of the Renaissance. She calls them Contemporary Pieces and explains them thusly:

During the conception of “Contemporary Pieces, “I became enamored with the eroticism, presentation and charisma of paintings from the Renaissance Period. In the Late Renaissance, Italian and Dutch painters dealt with the middle and lower classes. In my opinion, Fast Food Culture represents these two social classes in the United States today. To eat healthy is expensive. However, one can buy large amounts of food at a fast food restaurant for a comparatively low price.

Tacos and donuts have never looked so elegant.

See more examples after the break.

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mcdonald's cosplay 1

If you head to a McDonald’s in Taiwan on New Year’s Eve, you might have your fries served with a side of cosplay. Employees are taking special occasions like Christmas or New Year’s and turning them into costume wearing occasions. I applaud this idea; let’s make every holiday like Halloween!

Apparently, the costumes are a way to bring in more customers before the year ends, and sometimes they even pay models to come in. Outfits have been based on Child’s Play, Frozen, Dragon Ball, and more. I think McDonald’s should build upon this idea and change the food names on their menus to match the costumes.

See more fast food cosplay pictures after the break.

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It can be incredibly easy to drop $250 at Williams-Sonoma. That’s not too far off the price of the least expensive KitchenAid mixer model. But, Nick of Dude Foods didn’t have a need for anything at Williams-Sonoma even though some tools and gadgets appealed to him. He thinks they’re overpriced and felt bad about buying them. Instead, he dropped $200 on an ounce of white Italian truffles. No, I don’t know why he didn’t feel guilty about that (especially in light of what he was about to do with them).

Rather than trying to put them in a fancy food dish, he talked with a friend and ended up making the most expensive White Castle slider he could come up with. We all have to have goals, I guess. Here’s what he put on the slider:

A slice each of Pleasant Ridge Reserve and Hook’s 15 Year Cheddar, priced at $25 and $80 per pound
1 ounce white Italian truffles
A couple of ounces of prosciutto
A slice of duck foie gras
Port wine pate
Russian caviar
A fried quail egg
24K gold flakes

It adds up to $400, and as you’d imagine with that combination, it didn’t taste amazing. What a tremendous waste of money.

Read more about the misadventure at Dude Foods.

mcdonalds batman and joker

I’m about to surprise you: McDonald’s has released a commercial that’s worth watching. It’s all about bringing archenemies together over, you guessed it, a helping of McDonald’s. The illustrations are charming, and they feature a plethora of nerdy characters including Batman and the Joker, Bowser and Mario, Pac-Man, and more! The best part? It doesn’t even make you crave McDonald’s. Well played for getting me to watch an ad McDonald’s, but it fails on the inspiring me to stuff fast food into my face front. I’m okay with that.

Check out the commercial after the break.

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There’s likely some subtle marketing genius behind what Dunkin’ Donuts is calling the “Tomato Mozzarella Supreme Bagel.” The rest of us would call this a pizza bagel, but Dunkin’s version is clearly above the name the rest of the planet uses for a bagel covered with tomato sauce and cheese. It will be available at select locations for a limited time and it looks quite tasty no matter what they call the thing.

(Huffington Post via Consumerist)