Fast Food

fry bed 1

Would you like to dream about french fries? This Supersize Bed by Cecilia Carey will whisk you into the realm of fast food indulgence without any of the calories. The fries are loose cushions that can be rearranged or removed from the carton and used as pillows. The price for this french fry bed isn’t listed, but Carey states it can be made to fit any mattress size.

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I have one rule. Just one. I live my life by it. It’s my code, my personal creed of sorts.

Eat more pizza!

Yes, this shirt is a celebration of my one rule. It’s available for both men and women. And it is glorious.

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Meat Mountain

Arby’s got tired of their customers assuming they only did roast beef, so they put up a poster featuring a stack of the all the meats they offer. Turkey, brisket, corned beef – there are many meat options. The ploy worked, but in a different way than Arby’s expected: customers started asking if they could order the pile of meat in the picture.

Not ones to stomp all over the dreams of ‘Murica, Arby’s said “sure.” The Meat Mountain sandwich was born. It’s $10 and not advertised; you have to ask for it at the counter. John Wright shared a picture of the creation on Twitter, and it looks like a beast. Or more correctly, several beasts. Here’s what the Meat Mountain contains:

2 chicken tenders
1.5 oz. of roast turkey
1.5 oz. of ham
1 slice of Swiss cheese
1.5 oz. of corned beef
1.5 oz. brisket
1.5 oz. of Angus steak
1 slice of cheddar cheese
1.5 oz. roast beef
3 half-strips of bacon

Yeah, that’s a lot of protein.

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Here’s one for all you cat lovers who also love pizza. I’m thinking that’s a Venn diagram with a lot of overlap. There’s a webseries running for Japanese Pizza Huts that shows the day-to-day antics of its cat employees. Yes, cats make the pizza and face all the inherent challenges of the task.

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Those thirsty for a drink in Japan can get a Jumbo size drink that’s so big that it comes with holes for two straws. You can share it with a friend or try and suck down the whole thing yourself. This special size, roughly the equivalent of two Medium US sodas, is only available for a limited time, and if you have a friend, then it’s a fun idea. Those without a friend will find it a sad reminder of just how lonely their life is.

Top Image via BuzzPlus

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The Internet’s practically over-flowing with videos of folks (ranging from Oprah to Chris Pratt) pouring ice water over their heads in the name of charity. The videos are meant to raise awareness about Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), which is also known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease. Because of these videos, the ALS association has raised over $15 million.

Now that’s all good and fine, but things got downright creepy when Wendy Clark, the senior vice president of integrated marketing at Coca-Cola Co., challenged Ronald McDonald to take the ice bucket challenge. As you’ll see in the following video, Ronald is a little too enthusiastic about the whole thing, and to top it off, he challenges all the gingers of the world to take the ice bucket challenge too.

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weird commercial copy

You know when you’re on your way to work and you’re so hungry, and I mean like I’m-hallucinating-and-totally-starving-hungry, and the whole world around you starts to morph into tasty snacks? In this Pepsi commercial, a commuter gets a hankering for a hot dog, and then he “imagines” that the subway train is actually a giant chain of hot dogs. Nothing weird about that at all.

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For example, it says “I like games and fast food. I also make questionable fashion choices.”

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burger king

Apparently, Redditor thr111 found himself in line at Burger King in front of a truly obnoxious child. Mom was paying no attention and when he asked if she could quiet down her child, her reaction was predictably nasty. Here’s how thr111 got his revenge:

So a while ago I had decided to treat myself and go to Burger King. I hadn’t had the greatest of days and I had a headache coming on. It was a very long line and I was at the end of it waiting patiently. When behind me comes this woman yapping on her cellphone with a little monster of a child. This kid was out of control, screaming, punching his mother throwing around a gameboy whenever something didn’t go right in the game. The mother didn’t seem to pay any attention to him and his continued yelling of ‘I want a Fucking PIE’. After about 5 minutes of the line with these people behind me, I had gone from a headache to a full on migraine, but nothing was going to stop me from getting those burgers.

I calmly turn and ask her nicely if she can please calm or quiet her child down. Immediately she gets up in my face telling me I can’t tell her nothing about raising her child and to mind my own business. I nod and turn around, shes still yelling at the back of my head when the child cries out again how he wants a pie, the mother consoles him, calling him sweety and ensuring they’ll get pies for lunch because she loves him so much.

I then decide to ruin their day. I order every pie they have left in addition to my burgers. Turned out to be 23 pies in total, I take my order and walk towards the exit. Moments later I hear the woman yelling, what do you mean you don’t have any pies left, who bought them all? I turn around and see the cashier pointing me out with the woman shooting me a death glare. I stand there and pull out a pie and slowly start eating eat as I stare back at her. She starts running towards me but can’t get to me because of other lineups in the food court. I turn and slowly walk away.

Some might call this guy mean, some might call him a hero. Some might call this story complete b.s. What do you think?

(reddit via Happy Place / Image: Mike Mozart)


Sure, you can already order pizza online but you have to go to different websites for different pizza places and fill out all these forms and it’s a horrible hassle. That’s why one group of friends has come up with a nifty little iPhone app called Push for Pizza The app is free to download and all you need to do is put in your credit card and address one time, then press one button and your pizza (plain cheese or pepperoni) will be on it’s way from a local pizzeria.

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