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You can’t fault KFC Hong Kong for attempting to combine two of the world’s favorite foods, pizza and fried chicken, into one insane product. But they were so preoccupied with whether or not they could that they didn’t stop to think if they should.

Details on the “Napoli Crispy Pizza Chicken” are scarce, but I’m sure it would run amok on your taste buds.

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attack on titan hot dogs

The Titans might not have wieners, but you can still enjoy an Attack on Titan hot dog in the theater if you don’t think too much about it. The hot dogs will be on sale at Aeon cinemas in Japan ahead of the movie’s debut. Diners can choose from honey mustard which goes on sale this week or relish and ketchup which comes out in September. Both are ¥550 or about $4.48 and come in Attack on Titan boxes.

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If fairs have taught us anything, it’s that pretty much anything can be fried, put on a stick and sold for an absorbent price. In that spirit, the folks at Peep My Eats created this deep fried Big Mac that was made by coating the burger with eggs, covering it with breadcrumbs, and dipping it in the deep fat fryer and impaling it on a stick for quick and easy food porn.

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McDonald’s is struggling financially, but their packaging design game is strong. Back in May they debuted a takeout bag that turns into a serving tray, and now they’ve developed a takeout container that’s designed specifically for cyclists.

Created by ad agency Tribal Buenos Aires in Argentina, the “McBike” container can be transported on the handlebars of a bike, and it can securely hold a burger, drink and fries.

The McBike debuted in Copenhagen, Denmark, and then it popped up in Medellin, Colombia. The next step, apparently, is to introduce the container to cities that are known for being bike friendly (like Amsterdam and Tokyo). While I haven’t actually seen a cyclist pop into a McDonalds drive-thru before, it seems as though McDonald’s is starting to encourage the idea. Maybe we’ll see it in Portland sometime soon.

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Burger King in Japan already tried out black burger buns, so red seems like a natural evolution of the trend. We assume it was flame-broiled in the fires of Hell.

It’s called the Aka Burger or “Red Burger” and can be ordered with Samurai Beef or Samurai Chicken starting on July 3rd.

It comes with hot sauce made from miso paste mixed with Chinese chili bean sauce and red peppers. They call the concoction “ANGRY” sauce. It’ll cost you about $4.36 for the chicken or $5.57 for the beef.

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KFC has launched a new ad campaign that features a version of Colonel Sanders played by Saturday Night Live alum Darrell Hammond that looks like a stalker with a bucket of fried chicken.

Now you’ll be able to have his voice for your GPS navigation system.

Waze users have the option to select the Colonel through August 16th. They’ll also get Colonel-isms like, “Pothole on the road ahead. I’d fill it with gravy.” He will even guide you to the nearest KFC location (presumably where he will kidnap you).

(via Eater)

Cap'n Crunch Delights

On July 2, Taco Bell plans to release its Cap’n Crunch Delights donuts nationwide.

The Delights were originally tested in Bakersfield, California and, not surprisingly, they passed with flying colors. Now they’ll be popping up on the new, healthier, artificial ingredient-free Taco Bell menus throughout the entire country.

Ah, but you must be saying to yourself, “How are these Delights thingies not dripping with artificial flavors and ingredients?” Oh, but they are! See, back when Taco Bell made it known that they were planning on moving away from artificial ingredients and preservatives, they also announced that co-branded dishes (like the Doritos Locos Tacos) wouldn’t be affected by the changes. So, that’s good news if you’re a fan of giant sugar bombs slathered with preservative-rich icing. Hooray!

(SFgate via Consumerist)

taco bell 2

As more and more companies look to go fresh and “artisanal”, Taco Bell is finding itself having to figure out ways to get people to keep making a run for the border. Recently, they announced that they’d be removing artificial colors and other chemical ingredients from their products (no more Day-Glo nacho cheese), but now their breaking out the big guns.


Taco Bell has confirmed that they’re planning to test “wine, beer and mixed alcohol freezes” at their new Wicker Park, Chicago location when it opens this summer. If this means an alcohol infused Baja Blast daiquiri, I’m in.

They’re also planning a new design and food presentation that shows more of what goes into their products.

So, looks like the plan is to go from Taco Hell to Millennial Bell. As long as I can still get two tacos at 3am, we’ll get along just fine.

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Because you can’t go five minutes without using your phone, Kentucky Fried Chicken chains in Germany came up with a wacky techno-marketing gimmick that involved lining serving trays with disposable Bluetooth keyboards. Yep.

The deal here was that you could sync the keyboard (pictured above) with your phone, and then type away while you’re snacking on greasy chicken. Presumably, this would help to keep your screen clean (though wouldn’t you still have to touch your phone to wake it up or switch apps?).

It seems stupid, but stupidity sells. Apparently, the week-long campaign was so successful that all of the customers who received one felt compelled to take the keyboard home.

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shrimp sword

Isao Machii is a master swordsman, and he recently had the opportunity to show off his skills for mobile carrier Softbank. During the ad, Machii takes out a number of different foods (including fried shrimp) traveling towards him at high speed. Needless to say, never get into a food fight with a samurai.

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