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KFC is taking it’s “finger lickin’ good” slogan to the absolute limit with a line of edible nail polish in Hong Kong.

They teamed up with ad agency Ogilvy & Mather and McCormick (the company that provides their 11 secret herbs and spices) to translate their Original Recipe and Hot & Spicy flavors for your fingernails.

At this point you might be asking “is there a weird video for this campaign?”.

You bet your ass their is…

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As part of a new promotional partnership with Nintendo, Sonic Drive-In restaurants will begin offering Mario & Luigi Paper Jam toys with their “Wacky Pack” meals starting on April 19 and running through June 30th.

There are five different toys to collect. Fortunately, I’m secure enough in my manhood to buy something called a “Wacky Pack” without a child present.

Check out an additional image below.

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Fast food fanatics will no doubt be flocking to St. Joseph, Missouri to take advantage of an all-you-can-eat fries offer from a new McDonald’s that will open in July.

But this won’t be just any McDonald’s. This new location is being touted as the “McDonald’s of the future”—a 6,500 sq ft restaurant that will also offer new menu items, customizable burgers, a private play room and push-button table-side service.

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Police in Guangzhou, China recently moved in to apprehend a Ronald McDonald statue that was loitering in front of his fast food restaurant.

The statue was considered an obstruction and the restaurant reportedly ignored instructions to send Ronald packing, so the cops decided to haul him away. During the scuffle, his massive red shoes were left behind as a tragic reminder of what once was.

Truly a sad day for corporate mascots everywhere. Watch Ronald McDonald hit rock bottom in the video below.

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The creators of the Push For Pizza app have partnered with the Nikolas Gregory Studio to produce a pizza box with a built-in weed pipe. That’s right, the pizza box has a perforated cardboard flap which can be rolled up into a pipe and sealed with a ceramic stand.

This makes a lot of sense when you think about it.

Right now, the box exists solely as a proof-of-concept, but apparently you can make your smoke-weed-out-of-a-pizza-box-pipe dreams come true by downloading the app for your iPhone and supporting the movement.

Okay. Well, if you’re still reading this – indeed, if you’re still able to read this – check out more photos of the pizza box below.

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Bots! They’re not just trying to get your credit card info via AOL Instant Messenger anymore. Now they want to sell you tacos. Taco Bell has partnered with community messaging service Slack to introduce a chat bot that you can use to order… well, whatever you like, be it a couple of beef tacos or a Cheesy Gordita Crunch. It can also help you select your fillings and make recommendations—and it does it all with a little personality.

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Love Taco Bell but worry about where all of the ingredients come from? Maybe you just want to improve the quality or get more for your money. If so, the Brothers Green can help.

The duo have created a series of videos showing how to make the chain’s classic menu items at home, including (among others) tacos, Mexican pizza, quesadillas, Baja gordita, chalupa and grilled stuffed burrito as well as the basics such as ground beef, refried beans, fire sauce and nacho cheese sauce.

The creations can reportedly be made using ingredients that can be found a typical supermarket, although they will likely require you to “splurge just a little”.

Check out the videos below.

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McDonald’s Japan is gearing up to supersize the Big Mac with a new “Giga Big Mac” burger that will be taller and wider than a conventional Big Mac and offer four, rather than two, beef patties for “2.8 times more meat”.

It’s described as being perfect for diners looking for “a satisfied sense of accomplishment”.

Yeah, make sure to take a picture that’s suitable for framing.

The chain is upping the ante further by selling “grand size” add-ons such as 1.7 times more fries and drinks that are twice as large as a conventional offering.

The Giga Big Mac and associated add-ons will debut at select McDonald’s locations in Japan beginning today.

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sailor moon burger

Get ready to please your tastebuds by moonlight! As we get closer to the third season of Sailor Moon Crystal, a pop-up cafe in Tokyo’s Roppongi is introducing a burger that would make Usagi’s mouth water.

With a pink bun and an adorable design, the burger will be just one of the magical (and expensive at 1,600 yen / $14.34) items on the menu at the Chibiusa Cafe during it’s run from April 16th to June 19th. Even though it looks a little weird, it seems fit for a magical girl who needs to fuel up before kicking some butt.

(via Kotaku)


If you never experienced the sh*tty rite of passage known as a retail or fast food job, YouTuber “theodd1sout comic” has provided a video to help fill you in.

The animated clip provides an overview of one man’s adventures working at Subway (or “Sooubway”)—and by “adventures” I mean dealing with micro-managing bosses, bacon fires, uncooperative security alarms and pothead co-workers.

Check out the video below.

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