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Because you can’t go five minutes without using your phone, Kentucky Fried Chicken chains in Germany came up with a wacky techno-marketing gimmick that involved lining serving trays with disposable Bluetooth keyboards. Yep.

The deal here was that you could sync the keyboard (pictured above) with your phone, and then type away while you’re snacking on greasy chicken. Presumably, this would help to keep your screen clean (though wouldn’t you still have to touch your phone to wake it up or switch apps?).

It seems stupid, but stupidity sells. Apparently, the week-long campaign was so successful that all of the customers who received one felt compelled to take the keyboard home.

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shrimp sword

Isao Machii is a master swordsman, and he recently had the opportunity to show off his skills for mobile carrier Softbank. During the ad, Machii takes out a number of different foods (including fried shrimp) traveling towards him at high speed. Needless to say, never get into a food fight with a samurai.

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Domino’s is introducing a new ordering system on May 20th which will allow customers to order a pizza by tweeting an emoji to @Dominos on twitter. Their CEO told USA Today:

It’s the epitome of convenience…we’ve got this down to a five-second exchange.

Details on how they’ll know exactly what kind of pizza you want or where you live haven’t been announced. I just hope setting things up isn’t too complicated. After all, I’m way too lazy to order a pizza over the phone or through an app.

(USA Today via Gizmodo)


The problem with getting a bag of food from McDonald’s is finding a way to eat it without making a mess. Sometimes it involves hastily arranged napkins on your desk or balancing food in your lap, so McDonald’s Hungary and agency DDB Budapest have tackled the problem with a brilliant new bag design.

The bottom is made from reinforced cardboard with a tearaway strip so the whole thing can serve as a tray. It’s big enough and sturdy enough to hold a large-sized meal without collapsing. Clever!

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Chipotle’s guacamole is, as any diehard fan of the chain can attest to, pretty darn good. Amazingly enough, it’s also pretty darn standard and easy to make. We know this because Chipotle has revealed their recipe so you can make your own at home.

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Breaking Bad fans may soon be able to go to a real Los Pollos Hermanos for some fried chicken. Show creator Vince Gilligan recently did a Reddit AMA and dropped the news:

Believe it or not… there is talk of a Pollos Hermanos becoming a real restaurant. This is not an idea that I generated personally. But it’s one that’s been presented to me, through the good folks at Sony, and the idea came to them from a businessman who has an interest in doing just that.

Speaking for myself, I’d love to see that happen!

Albequerque’s seeing a tourist boom thanks to Breaking Bad. Perhaps this will take some heat off the owners of Walter White’s house.

(via Eater)


McDonald’s has introduced a Create Your Taste menu that allows you to make exactly the kind of burger that you want to eat. There’s kiosk where you make all of your selections, so of course someone had to see just how big a burger they could build. You start with an “artisanal bun” and two quarter pound patties, then add:

10 slices of sharp white cheese
10 slices of pepper jack cheese
10 pieces of bacon
10x pickles
10x red onions
10x guacamole
10x tortilla strips
10x lettuce
10x tomatoes
10x jalapenos
10x grilled onions
10x grilled mushrooms
with 10x mac special sauce, 10x mayo, 5x spicy mayo, 10x sweet BBQ sauce, 10x creamy garlic sauce, 10x mustard, 10x ketchup

Moshe Tamssot built this monster which he calls “The Big Max”. He also ordered fries and a Diet Coke. It all came to just under $25 and weighed almost 4 pounds.

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Chipotle investors recently learned in an earnings call that the chain will commence a delivery service after signing a deal with the Postmates start-up. The company promises deliveries in 60 minutes or less and revealed that they delivered $500,000 worth of Chipotle orders even before an official deal had been inked.

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However, there are some drawbacks with the service, including the fact that Postmates currently operates on only 67 markets. There’s also the hefty fee (said to exceed $11) that will be added to your order.

Currently, it is unknown if an official deal will result in lower delivery fees, but we assume that many won’t care, as they were completely sold with the phrase “burrito delivery”.

(via Mashable / Image via Alpha)


It takes dedication to succeed at grind-heavy games like Destiny, but gamer “LAN Fiesta” definitely has what it takes. The Destiny fan wanted to purchase an in-game weapon called “The Last Word.” Xur, Agent of the Nine is a merchant that sells unique items (including “The Last Word”), but the enigmatic vendor only hangs around a location known as the Tower for 48 hours each week. The price for the gun was 23 Strange Coins, and our hero LAN only had 16. So, with only two days to gather his coins, LAN started his quest.

He made it up to level 25, earning six coins. Then there was a slight SNAFU: the power went out. So, LAN did what any dedicated gamer would do–he loaded up his Xbox One and a small TV into his truck and set up shop at McDonald’s (after buying a burger and a large drink, of course). The chain closed at 11 pm, so he had to transfer over to a near by Taco Bueno to finish up. The employees rewarded him for his efforts too, giving him a free plate of nachos to keep him fueled.

LAN noted in an Imgur gallery that:

“at about [1 a.m.] the [restaurant] was locked up and it was just me and the employees chilling out and we finally [achieved] our goal.”

“After I told them thanks they responded with ‘It’s Destiny, we understand’ which made me believe that these two ladies may have known my quest for The Last Word was worth it the whole time!”

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The aptly named Sticky’s Finger Joint, a chicken fingers chain eatery in NYC, recently unveiled their latest creation: cotton candy French fries. The dish blends delicious cotton candy with salty French fries, and special orders come with strawberry Pop Rocks and caramel sauce. God help us all.

(Foodiggity via Neatorama)