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For some reason, YouTuber Matt Stonie thought it would be interesting to deep fry a McDonald’s Filet-O-Fish sandwich eight times and then eat it.

The process is revealed in the video after the jump, which shows the steps of batter, fry, repeat over and over again until the result looked something like a football on a bun. He then ate layers of pure fried batter, made his way to the tiny fish core, and continued until there was nothing left.

Viewers will no doubt find his thin frame just as surprising as his ability to stomach this thing.

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Taco Bell is back on the hunt for the next crazy item to add to their menu, and it looks like they’re taking inspiration from KFCs infamous Double Down. Enter the Naked Crispy Chicken Taco (sort of a terrifying name, really) that’s currently being tested at select locations in Southern California.

A Reddit user spotted the taco on the menus of two Taco Bells in Bakersfield and Lost Hills, and it runs for about $2.99 (or $4.99 for a combo). It features a “taco shell” that’s actually crispy chicken, along with lettuce, cheese, avocado ranch sauce and tomato.

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international peace day mcwhopper

We all know that Burger King and McDonald’s have been bitter rivals for decades. The Big Mac vs. Whopper debate is just one of many in the battle known as the “Burger Wars”.

Surprisingly, Burger King extended an olive branch to their competitor and suggested they call a cease fire and work together to sell a McWhopper hybrid burger. It would be available for one-day-only in honor of Peace One Day, a nonprofit group that works to raise awareness of the International Day of Peace.

BK set up a fantastic website with the proposal at and took out full-page ads in both the New York Times and Chicago Tribune with an open letter to McDonald’s. Honestly, it’s pretty amazing and all McDonald’s would need to do is say “yes.”

Unfortunately, it turns out that giving peace with BK a chance isn’t what Mickey D’s had in mind.

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Since you can never get too much Chipotle, the following strategy might just change your life.

One Chipotle master-patron figured out how to get 86% more burrito for free. Oh yes.

Step one: Get a burrito bowl with a tortilla (double wrap) on the side. That alone will give you 15% more ingredients.

Step two: Order half-servings of everything — half white and half brown rice, half pinto and half black beans, half chicken and half steak, etc. The fajita vegetable mix and corn salsa are free to add, so make sure to do that as well.

Based on the average from 35 test orders, these super burritos weighed around 32oz compared to the standard 17oz control burrito—yeilding 86% more deliciousness for your money.

Check out the proof after the break.

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Brittany Creech is a diehard Taco Bell fan. In fact, when it was time to take her senior photos, she ran for the border.

Brittany tweeted out some of her senior photos, and as you’ll see after the break, she honestly looks like she was shooting a commercial for Taco Bell–on that note, her Twitter bio does say that her life goal is to star in a commercial for the chain, so that kind of makes sense.

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While the majority of people are probably sad to see Jon Stewart leave The Daily Show, you have to figure that some people are thrilled. Most notably, Fox News and Arby’s. If you’re a regular viewer, you know that Arby’s has been a running joke on TDS for years. Sure, we all laughed, but Arby’s had to be pissed.

Except, they’re not cheering his departure. In fact, Arby’s put together a tribute video of Jon’s best insults to their brand and it’s brilliant.

I’ve always been an Arby’s fan, IBS or not. This has made me like them even more.

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KFC Canada is celebrating their 60th anniversary by releasing a special version of their chicken bucket (dubbed “The Memories Bucket”) that is also a photo printer. Ordinarily, I would say that’s weird but:

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

It connects to your phone via Bluetooth so you can just beam the photos to the bucket and print out some very greasy memories of that time you ate at KFC and felt really gross and bloated.

Want one? Of course you do. Unfortunately, KFC notes that The Memories Bucket will be given away as a limited release.

Head on over to the KFC Canada Facebook page for more info and a video.

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Hmmm…Misguided Paeans may be onto something here.

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We can only assume McDonald’s employee Garrett either really needs money (he does work at McDonald’s after all), or really needs attention – because he was willing to lick a grease trap for $5. As if that wasn’t enough, he did it twice.

That’s a whopping $2.50 per lick. I wouldn’t lick a grease trap for anything under $50. I have standards.

Watch the grossness after the jump.

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nickofferman copy

Our nation’s standards for healthy school meals aren’t exactly the greatest, which is why this parody video by Funny or Die and the American Heart Association really hits home.

During the video, Nick Offerman gives us a tour of his fast food farm, where he harvests a wide assortment of sun-kissed pizzas, taquitos and fish sticks.

Humor aside, the video’s purpose is to help to spread awareness about the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act, which aims improve nutrition standards for school meals.

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