In case you haven’t heard, Hi-C Ecto Cooler is making a comeback as part of the festivities surrounding the new Ghostbusters film.

We got our hands on some promotional samples, and I’m happy to report that even though I haven’t had Ecto Cooler since sometime in the very early ’90s, the neon green color and syrupy sweet citrus flavor seem to be in line with my school lunch memories. Read more after the break…


Have you been eating something other than cereal lately? If so, you’ve been missing out on all of the Star Wars goodies cereal has to offer.

Select General Mills cereals have been shipping with glow-in-the-dark Star Wars decals inside, and we have a look at most of them thanks to the “breakfast in bed kit” they so generously sent us.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t contain the coveted Millennium Falcon decal which, apparently, can only be found in random boxes of Reese’s Puffs “at select retailers within the Kroger family of stores”. Still—pretty awesome.

Take a look at the collection below.

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nerdalicious gifts

We’ve compiled a whole bunch of nerdy gift ideas for beer, whiskey, coffee and tea lovers (with a little wine thrown in). So head after the break and prepare to toast to a nerdy new year.

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(Mega Meat Dogs via Three Dogs BBQ)

There’s no wrong time to ever enjoy a good, old-fashioned hot dog but there is also never a wrong time to explore creative possibilities with the classic food. In fact, July is probably the best month to let your hot dog dreams loose since its National Hot Dog Month!

What better time is there to go a little extreme with your dog or maybe show off your geeky side and add a pop culture theme to your food? After the break see some of the most intense hot dogs that you can try making to celebrate this doggone month!

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Pokémon Lava Cookies . Photo via Gourmet Gaming.

There’s something especially delicious about how food and drink look in video games. Whether it’s something you pick up to replenish health or it’s something you just see during gameplay, there’s a part of every gamer that wonders just what they might taste like. If you’re a gamer who also loves to cook you might actually spend time thinking about how you can make these things a reality – so why not try? Whether or not you have experience cooking, there are lots of resources out there that can help you bring these from your console to the dinner table!

For example, Gourmet Gaming and The Geeky Chef offer game-inspired recipes that will have you eager to cook and replay your favorite games. Find out how these game-loving foodies started out, get their tips for combining these interests, and try four delicious recipes for yourself after the break!

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Photo courtesy of Battle & Brew / Click To Enlarge

We all love food and drinks with nerdy themes, especially when it comes from an equally geeky establishment. Unfortunately, going out to eat and being greeted by a nerdy menu is still something of a rare event. We don’t know why, but many places still choose to use the rather boring menu format without a themed-item in sight!

To fulfill our craving for creatively geeky menus, we conducted a search around the world. Here are nine of the nerdiest menus from the United States and abroad. See the menus and some of their deliciously nerdy food and drink after the break!

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Photo courtesy of Judy Gelman

The final season of popular AMC drama Mad Men has arrived, and with it fans must say goodbye to the stylish and retro atmosphere of the 1960s the show brought into their living rooms.

One element that helps bring that nostalgia to our screens is the food and drink highlighted in the series. The drinks Don Draper and his co-workers often have in hand come to everyone’s minds when they think of the series, but food also plays a central role.

“Food is as important as the drink. There are dishes that we don’t see any more such as cheese topped Apple Pie or Turkey Tetrazzini. They’re used in historical ways to help establish the period. It’s one of the details that helps establish the feeling of authenticity about the era,” Judy Gelman, co-author of The Unofficial Mad Men Cookbook: Inside the Kitchens, Bars, and Restaurants of Mad Men, told That’s Nerdalicious.

The cookbook features more than 70 recipes that can help you enjoy some retro dining with your fellow Mad Men fans as you watch season seven over the next few months. Get tips for throwing your own Mad Men-era dinner party and find four delicious recipes you can try after the break!

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On Sunday, the highly anticipated premiere of Game of Thrones season four will air on HBO. As fans look forward to the return of the show’s classic action and drama, they also have another aspect to look forward to: the food.

It’s hard not to notice the elaborate feasts and interesting dishes being enjoyed by the characters in the series. It adds something to the atmosphere of the show that has been important to the story’s setting well before Game of Thrones made the move to TV.

“Food plays a recurring role in the books of A Song of Ice and Fire. Characters are constantly chatting and plotting over a meal. The really big feasts tend to involve major confrontations,” Alan Kistler, author of The Unofficial Game of Thrones Cookbook, told That’s Nerdalicious.

Kistler’s cookbook features over 150 recipes inspired by George R. R. Martin’s fantasy series. Each of the recipes includes a description of the scene it is from and a discussion of the setting, characters, or themes. The cookbook also specifies in which book and chapter the food can be found which is fun for any literary geek who wants to enjoy dishes by their corresponding novel. The good thing is all this information avoids spoilers, so you can try anything without worrying about ruining the story if you’re not caught up yet.

Featuring everything from appetizers to desserts, the cookbook has just what you need if you’re planning to throw a delicious Game of Thrones party for the premiere. After the break, find five fantastic recipes you can try along with insight and tips from Kistler!

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We’ve pulled together a list of the most romantic geeky food gifts for Valentine’s Day. There’s something for everyone—from D20 chocolate to Star Trek wine.

See all the gifts after the break…

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sriracha candy cane cookies plate

Sriracha, also known as “Rooster Sauce,” also known as “Hot Cock,” is the beloved hot sauce that has become a restaurant staple right there next to good ol’ ketchup and those lousy communal salt and pepper shakers.

The sauce is both revered and reviled, the latter mostly by Irwindale, California residents who have complained about the spicy pollution from a nearby plant destroying their dear community. The halt to Sriracha production has led fans to rush to the markets and clear out the shelves.

The red bottle with the little green cap is filled with a thick elixir, tangy from vinegar, sweet from sugar and aromatic from peppers making it firey hot and hard to resist. It is poured on everything from noodles, to pizza to fried chicken. Here, I’ve done one better for you.

Tis the season for joy, happiness and hot sauce. I’ve taken the old fashioned candy cane sugar cookie and well, twisted it. Literally. While it looks the same I’ve replaced the normally cool, sweet, peppermint flavor and with burning hot Sriracha. Oh, the cookie is still sweet, but that pungent flavor stakes its claim through and through. If you’re a fan of Sriracha, these are the holiday cookies for you.

Check out our recipe after the break…

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