fried candy corn

Looking for something new to do with candy corn? Amy of Oh, Bite It has an idea for you: deep fry the yellow, orange, and white pieces of sugar. I can’t say that it looks appealing, but the process could create a tasty ball of melted candy. She used Pillsbury crescent dough for the breading and put four pieces of candy corns into each ball. Then she deep fried away and made ooey gooey candy corn puffs.

Get the full recipe and how-to over at Oh, Bite It.


LA-based donut shop/culinary dream factory California Donuts has a rather unique donut that’s been garnering quite a bit of attention lately. It’s called the Snickers Bar Donut. Why? Because it features an entire Snickers candy bar inside of a flippin’ donut.

Mind blown? Yeah, well it gets even better: the donut is topped with peanuts and chocolate chips too. So if I were you, I’d head on over to California Donuts and pick up one of these tasty treats. The shop’s Instagram page makes it look like the Snickers Bar Donut is available intermittently, so just check before you decide to pop over for a visit.

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deep fried psl

The baking genius behind deep fried tequila shots has come up with a new delicious sounding fall treat: deep fried pumpkin spice latte. The Starbucks drink is all the rage this time of year, and Oh, Bite It has mixed the beverage with cake. Cubes of pound cake were dipped into a pumpkin spice latte and fried in hot oil until they became golden on all sides. It’s enough to make me consider buying a deep fryer.

Get all the details at Oh, Bite It.

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Minoo City in Japan is famous for its Japanese Maple trees called momiji, and each year when the leaves change, they celebrate by creating momiji tempura. These fried leaves are first soaked in salt barrels for more than a year before being dipped in batter and fried up into a snack. This is a very old tradition with some saying it’s been around for 1000 years!

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red velvet corndog

Like corn dogs and pancakes? Then this post is for you. The Vulgar Chef “got drunk and made corn dogs a few ways” and that includes wrapping hot dogs in pancakes. He used blueberry pancakes for one version and red velvet pancakes on another. He doesn’t got into any details on how he made them but don’t let that stop you from experimenting!

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kit-kat sandwich 1

Nick of Dude Foods is known for his weird food combinations, and I think the latest one takes the grand prize for being bizarre. He coated and deep fried two KitKat candy bars and then used them instead of bread for a grilled cheese sandwich. Yes, you read that right, it’s a deep fried KitKat bar grilled cheese sandwich. He claims it’s tasty:

Honestly, looking back at it right now it doesn’t even look that appetizing, but let me tell you, it was pretty damn good!

No, it doesn’t look appealing, and I’ll have to take his word that it’s edible because I don’t foresee putting that creation into my mouth anytime soon.

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How do you deep fry tequila? Easy. This recipe by Oh, Bite It makes it simple by cutting up pieces of angel food cake, dipping them in tequila, and then throwing them in the deep fryer. She even dusted them with powdered sugar to look like the salt that’s usually on the rim of the glass.

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Deep Fried Spaghetti Dog


Get ready for the latest creation from Dude Foods because it’s epic: a deep fried spaghetti dog. The intense recipe involves grilled Italian sausages covered in cooked spaghetti. You bread them and deep fry them before serving them with marinara sauce. It sounds like something you’d find at a state fair.

Read more about the deep fried spaghetti dog at Dude Foods.

funnel cake burger

Oh. My. God.

Check out the recipe for this amazing creation at Culinary Bro-Down.

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I’m sorry. I’m so, so sorry. But it looks like your burger is burning. I better get to flipping it with this nifty Doctor Who spatula, which is made from silicone and features a metal handle that’s 11 inches long. It’s even better than the sonic.

But wait. You’re probably saying to yourself, “I’m not eating a burger right now. I’m not at a barbecue. And that spatula isn’t available until October 2014. How are you doing this? What are you?”

Well… I’m a Time Lord? You’re welcome.

Product Page: ($13.99)