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There is a food war raging in ballparks across America, and the latest shot has been fired by the Milwaukee Brewers. Fans will have the chance to enjoy “Inside The Park Nachos” on a stick at their beloved Miller Park this season. The snack item will feature a stick of beef packed with refried beans, which is then rolled in Doritos and deep fried. The stick can then be served with sour cream, cheese and what little dignity you have left.

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Other food items that will be available at the park this upcoming season include the Miller Park Bratchos (meaty nachos) and the Down Wisconsin Avenue Brat, which is an 18-inch bratwurst that’s slathered in gravy, cheese curds, cheese sauce, fried sauerkraut, chives, sour cream, jalapeños and French fries. Wow.

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Culinary mad genius Tym Bussanich has done the unimaginable: he somehow found a way to stuff an onion ring with a burger patty. He used an onion circle, wrapped it up with bacon, and then packed the circle with ground burger meat before deep-battering and then frying it. Just… wow.

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Cap'n Crunch Delights

The people who design the dessert menu at Taco Bell must be tapped into the 2 am collective munchiness because they consistently come up with some of the most insane but delicious ideas ever.

Continuing their tradition of desserts that make you want to make a run for the border, they’re introducing Cap’n Crunch Delights—which are basically fried cereal balls stuffed with “sweet cereal milk” icing.

Taco Bell is currently testing them at select Bakersfield, CA locations, but if they test well, they’ll be rolling them out nationwide.

We’re pretty sure that they’ll pass that test with flying colors.

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Excuse me…chocolate dipped. So fancy. So unhealthy. So magnificent.

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chicken bouquet

I’m guessing it may have stopped entirely.

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Armed with a donut mold and a dream of deliciousness, The Vulgar Chef recently pushed the cheese envelope by creating Cheetos Crusted Mac n’ Cheese Doughnuts.

The process began by cooking the mac & cheese and then pouring it into the mold. The mold was then placed in the freezer and allowed to cool for several hours. Next, the “donuts” are dunked into an egg wash and coated with crushed Cheetos before being fried for about a minute at a low temperature.

There doesn’t seem to be any word about the flavor, but if they taste as good as they look, they will be a threat to diets everywhere.

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Instagram user @archehemmingway posted a whole bunch of pics of quirky pop culture donuts (like the one above), and Albotas tracked down the baker, Timmy Hanno, who said the following:

I work at a little bakery in the south burbs of Chicago called Tuzik’s Bakery. Mostly I’m the night guy, getting things ready for the morning and decorating cakes, cookies, and donuts when needed. Half the time I know which character I’m doing that night and half the time I see a donut that reminds me of a character and I go from there. I use long johns mostly that turned out too big or I’ll make turnovers I cut into shape. I never went to culinary school, I just lucked into a job at a bakery and happen to be a decent artist.

Check out more of your favorite characters as donuts after the break…

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zombie burger

Wow. Just WOW. Let’s break this down shall we?

BBQ funnel cake bun, corndog fried bacon, fried chz curds, buttered popcorn chz sauce +CRACKERJACK SHAKE

It may not be an actual zombie, but this new sandwich from Zombie Burger can kill you just the same.

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Check out the full recipe at Fia’s Maine Kitchen.

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deep fried champagne toast

In case you haven’t looked at your calendar today, it’s New Year’s Eve! The year 2014 is almost at an end, and 2015 kicks off in mere hours. It’s tradition to ring in midnight with a champagne toast, but Amy of Oh Bite It has another idea: you can eat your champagne. She’s deep fried eggnog and many other beverages, and the technique for deep fried champagne is the same. Use cubes of pound or sponge cake, dunk it champagne, throw it in hot canola oil, and dust the cubes with powdered sugar.

Happy New Year’s!

Get all the details over at Oh Bite It.