cheese puff

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Heavy Breathing

heavy breathing

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twizzler prank

You know they’ll get baked later and Micah here will have the last laugh.

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chicken cat

In the long and storied history of jerky cats, this cat among the jerkiest.

-Watch as he perches atop the cabinets!

-Watch as he makes a daring leap!

-Marvel at his pinpoint chicken landing!

The question is, where was this cat before climbing the cabinets? It was the litter box. I just know it.

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sherbert day

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We first saw this beautiful Disney princess three years ago when she accidentally Taco Belled. Since then, her Taco Belle has become legit thanks to this dress.

“The tacos are hand-painted card stock, tissue paper, and felt. The flowers and, uh, ‘ruffle things’ are made from [unused] Taco Bell wrappers. “

She looks elegant and now I look starving.

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Hmmm…Misguided Paeans may be onto something here.

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goku sandwich

Goku is not messing around when it comes to making a sandwich for lunch as this video by FOXADHD demonstrates. He needs bread and bacon and lettuce and he will have them come heck or high water. It really would be a lot easier and less destructive if he just planned a run to the grocery store.

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Some superheroes concentrate on saving the world and beating up bad guys. But the legendary Sandwich Defender has an ever higher calling.

Esty seller jimbobart is a talented illustrator who’s based in the United Kingdom. Woodland creatures with a whimsical twist seem to be a favorite theme–as noted by the bear/superhero plate depicted above. There’s plenty more where that came from in his shop.

Product Page: ($34.00)

st. landry crime stoppers

“Congratulations, son, you’re about to be famous.”

While the officer is addressing those words to the perp, I think it’s also true for Lt. Higgins himself. His passion and determination to get whoever it was that robbed Stelly’s Restaurant is palpable. Seriously, this guy is a star:

“The Sheriff likes Stelly’s restaurant. And so do I….We’re going to identify you, arrest you, and put you in a small cell. After that, I’m going to have a cheeseburger here, with fries and a coke…Meanwhile, your next meal with be served through a small hole in a cell door.”

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