hamster hot dog contest

Thanks to AOL user sathernagem, we’ve discovered a new Tiny Hamster video in which the world’s tiniest eating machine meets the Guinness World Record winning Takeru Kobayashi in an epic hot dog battle.

It’s a race to the finish and it’s pretty much the most adorable thing you’ll see today.

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pizza art

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milkshake car

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old milk

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This Dhalsim curry is an official Capcom product and recently went on sale (and promptly sold out) in Japan. Dhalsim is the fire-breather in Street Fighter II, so it’s a safe bet this curry was on the hot side. Gigazine reviewed the curry and said it was so hot, their reviewer broke out in a sweat. It also could have been the price that caused his distress as this curry went for a whopping $26 for a 5-pack versus the roughly $1 per pack it costs for stuff normally.

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dark side cookies shirt

Darth Vader is just a big ol’ softy at heart. When he’s done slaying Jedi children and blowing up unsuspecting planets with moon-like space stations, he loves to bake chocolate chip cookies. Celebrate the kinder side of Darth Vader with this “You Can’t Resist The Force Of The Cookies” t-shirt, which is 100 percent cotton. Just remember, Darth Vader hates oatmeal cookies, so don’t bake those. If you do, he might think you’re part of the Rebel Alliance and a traitor, and he’ll have you taken away. Trust me, you don’t want that.

Product Page: ($15.00 via Shirtoid)


King of the Hill fans will definitely dig this Bobby Hill tattoo, which was done by Harmony Nixon at Diamond Street Tattoo in Lancaster, Calif.

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Guardians of the cheese copy

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dominos box

When the Domino’s guy shows up at your door with a hot, delicious pizza, it’s all you can do to wait to open the box until you’re at the table. Now just imagine your horror when you open the box and discover just a big circle of bread. How could this happen? Wait, there’s a logical answer to this one.

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