C Is For Christmas Tree


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Christmas-themed Sandwich Monsters are the pinnacle of deliciously terrifying (but festive) treats. These tasty Xmas sangies all feature clever titles such as The A-bacon’nable Snowman, the Caribou-logna, Peng’weenies and, my personal favorite, the B Elf T. There’s also a Santa sandwich that’s made from cheese, marinara and cream cheese… and he looks, uh…extremely appetizing.

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Weird Al is known primarily for making very funny parodies of popular songs. He’s not know for his skills as a magician, but this video will change that forever. Check out the magical floating orb of magic! How’d he do that? I don’t know but I could really go for a bowl of soup.

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This Is Pure Evil


…especially if you have a peanut allergy.

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This is one time that you won’t mind being Rickrolled. These are delicious King’s Hawaiian Sweet Rolls painted in food gel dye with a cut out template of Rick Astley’s face. You’ve been deliciously Rickrolled!

Also, there’s now a hilarious exchange happening between the folks at King’s Hawaiian and Nerdist where the recipe was first posted.

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Graters Gonna Grate


I work hard in the kitchen, but some cast doubt on my skills. They may say belittling things like, “Hey, man, you know you can’t put tin foil in the microwave?” or “You know you’re supposed to boil the pasta before eating it, right?”

But it’s all just hate, man. They’re just doubting my culinary expertise.  All I need to do is  hang up this cross-stitch and let the negativity wash over me.

Product Page: ($3.00 / Pattern Only via Buzzfeed)

bobross car wrap

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arnold tea

The caffeine probably helped.

The trailer for Terminator: Genisys was eagerly awaited by fans of the franchise, and also by Arnold Schwarzenegger. He posted a fun video on his Facebook page the morning before the trailer’s release as he sat there, drinking his tea, tapping out a somewhat familiar tune with his spoon.

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pan solo

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Yeah, I’ll take one ice cold beer. But hold the icicle, please.

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