Lucas Peterson of Lucky Peach has done us all a service by ranking Hostess snacks based not only on their taste, but how appropriate they would be as pet names.

The results are obviously subjective, but nonetheless they will surely serve as a vital resource for those who are wondering how their sweet tooth compares to that of others, or how accepting the public would be of a dog named “Ho Ho” or “Jumbo Honey Bun”.

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The former Subway worker behind the theodd1sout comic YouTube page is back with another peek inside the life of a fast food employee in “Sooubway Part 3”.

He explains that the moral of the video is that you should be nice to fast food and retail employees because sometimes they will go the extra mile to serve you despite hilariously low pay. Just don’t cross them, because they might withhold your turkey just because they can. [click to continue…]

Does that mean L.A. bakeries are technically arms dealers? This changes things… [click to continue…]

Loot At This Blurry Meat

It is not out of focus. It could be thinly sliced ham, or as one Redditor conspiracy theorist noted, it could be Bigfoot meat.

Truly a meat of mystery.

Check out the entire comic from OwlTurd below. [click to continue…]

Percy the cat has long been a food thief according to his owner, Sophia Lindner. Over time, he has pilfered chocolate cupcakes, PayDay bars, popcorn, ham, chicken, beef jerky, pasta and Cheez-Its, and has honed his skills so he can steal from tupperware containers, cupboards, and even backpacks.

However, he was recently caught red pawed while trying to confiscate a cinnamon bun from the Christmas table, and the resulting photo of the incident captures Percy at the exact moment that he realizes the jig is up. [click to continue…]

It all makes sense now. Those weird products and promotions were all part of KFC’s decent into madness. The journey culminated in the New Year’s Eve tweet below. [click to continue…]

This dude may have a menial job helping to park cars at a Chick-Fil-A, but he doesn’t let that stop him from having a good time. I’m guessing that he’s very dedicated Jedi that’s trying to work his way up the ranks, but I admit that it could be some random guy that’s hopped up on drugs and chicken. Either way, his training is very entertaining. Check out the original video below along with the lightsaber edit. [click to continue…]

A new UK show called Carjackers is kind of like Pimp My Ride, only with the opposite goal. [click to continue…]

The Earth Made A Burrito


And now we know that the earth sucks at making burritos.

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