Hulk Cake: Smashed It!


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The Electric Love Potato is the creation of Nathalie Lawhead and she describes it as “… a virtual potato desktop assistant that offers positive reinforcement, serenades you as you work, and creates random potato recipes.”

Alrighty, then.

Unlike other assistants, this one may prove distracting and actually reduce your productivity. From The FAQ:

Q: My potato is beginning to “creep me out”. What can I do? A: If your potato is causing you discomfort simply shake the window. You can do this by mousing over the potato, and grab the draggable bar (part of the window that appears). This will jolt the potato causing it to re-think what it is doing.

You can download it for free from Game Jolt and experience the spud goodness yourself.

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We’ve previously featured Ivan Owen of MechMadnessDesigns for his crazy cereal-eating machine. This time he had a little fun at the expense of the local pizza delivery guy.

Owen and his daughter built air-powered musical stairs with pressure plates and antique organ pipes. They look just like normal stairs, but when you step on them it’s a musical medley that caught the delivery guy by surprise.

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kool aid wanted

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watermelon copy

Did he not see this coming? One of the spectators did, yet she said nothing. Apparently, he was sober so that’s no excuse.


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cheap sushi

Professional Sushi chef Yoya Takahashi from Los Angeles restaurant Hamasaku recently took some time to review inexpensive sushi from 7 Eleven, Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, Walgreens, and SushiStop. You probably already know where this is going, but the worst of the worst may surprise you.

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robot pop tart

While undergoing a functionality test that involved interacting with a dog, this NAO humanoid robot was K.O.ed by a Pop-Tart… with hilarious effect. It looks like a consultation with a toaster will be needed before it can tame the wild pastry. On the plus side, we now know how to suppress a robot uprising.

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movie fridge

Even fictional movie characters have to pop into the fridge every now and then for a snack. That’s why Roman Holiday (a film buff from London, not the Hepburn movie) made this crazy supercut clip of scenes featuring movie characters opening up the fridge to peer around inside.

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KFC has launched a new ad campaign that features a version of Colonel Sanders played by Saturday Night Live alum Darrell Hammond that looks like a stalker with a bucket of fried chicken.

Now you’ll be able to have his voice for your GPS navigation system.

Waze users have the option to select the Colonel through August 16th. They’ll also get Colonel-isms like, “Pothole on the road ahead. I’d fill it with gravy.” He will even guide you to the nearest KFC location (presumably where he will kidnap you).

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Redditor Hansel34 made a bet with his cousin, and winner could do whatever they wanted with the loser’s hair. Well, Hansel34 lost, so his cousin transformed his hair into a pineapple. Naturally.

So, did he lose or did he actually win? You be the judge.

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