Heinz has a new Super Bowl ad that knows exactly what you want to see.

A whole lot of wiener dogs dressed as hot dogs in a mad dash for Heinz condiments.


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wendys burn

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A friend of Redditor dmizz recently visited a Starbucks in Los Feliz, CA and was greeted by this guy. Apparently, Starbucks was the only place he could find the inspiration and caffeination to lay down that hot keyboard track.

It’s only a matter of time before Starbucks has to add conference rooms and apartments to its locations.

(Reddit via Foodbeast)

rube goldberg soda

If you want soda, but not immediately, YouTuber Berlagawesome has a treat for you. He has created a Rube Goldberg Device that delivers your soda in 175 steps.

It took three months to build this machine, and it’s no wonder. With its many intricate movements, this is one powerfully impressive and pointless device.

Check out the video below to see it in action.

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snack makeup

Who says food and makeup don’t go together? Tim O. takes the two and makes an epic combination: a foodie fashion statement.

The intriguing part of this is how he draws our attention to the packaging on our favorite snacks. As you’ll see, Tim O. finds inspiration in the funky tones of Funyuns, Pop-Tarts and more.

His taste in snacks are as great as his talent for makeup. As Tim O. says, “You are what you eat.” He takes this sentiment literally. Check out more examples below.

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The Buffet Bandit has been caught on video. He’s got balls, and you have to admire his technique.

Plus, he was considerate enough to leave a little something behind for others one other person who may want noodles. Watch it below.

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waffle fart

It may have been a shart actually. Or maybe a wafart?

YouTuber Branden owns a gassy waffle marker that is a complete stranger to shame, ripping a “long windy one” (as James Joyce would put it) even while the camera was rolling.

See Also: A ‘Star Wars’ Death Star Waffle Maker Is The Gift That Keeps On Giving

It’s also clear that the event was expected, meaning that this particular maker’s system may chronically disagree with waffle batter… tragic, but hilarious.

Watch the video below.

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chip teeth

(Titipan Pantu via Reddit)

Smooth Operator [Video]


Morning ladies. Coffee? Follow me back to my place.

Check out the video below (NSFW language).

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starbucks 2016-01-12 at 9.23.47 AM

Then again, pretty much all names baffle Starbucks baristas. It’s also common knowledge that some baristas just like messing with you. But the struggler is realer for Siân David.

She currently lives in Bristol, England but her name, pronounced “Sh-ah-n”, is Welsh. It’s the equivalent of “Jane” and she notes that it isn’t unusual in the UK. However, it’s clear that her local Starbucks baristas can’t handle it. So she took to facebook to document the hilarious misspellings.

Check out some examples below.

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