Chef Jacques Lamerde’s Instagram account is full of exquisite, dainty cuisine sculpted into works of art fit for any posh restaurant. Except upon closer examination…yup, that’s totally a Pop-Tart. And wait, is that a Mike ‘n Ike?  His hilarious food porn brilliantly pokes fun at the New Nordic plating techniques with a tag line of “small portions | tweezered everything.”

And the best part of the stylish dish instagram pics are the descriptions:


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(Jim Benton via Pleated Jeans)


Is eating on a rollercoaster possible? YouTuber “DudeSons” decided to put it to the test (with permission, of course). As you’ll see after the jump, the answer is “kinda”. However, as a result, you will likely waste a ton of food and money while pissing off every passenger who is unfortunate enough to be sitting behind you.

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tiana bowl

We’ve seen a million Disney Princess mashups, but we haven’t seen one this powerful since they were reimagined as piles of rocks.

I don’t know if the lukewarm nature of the water is artistically significant, but someone not only thought this idea up, but they took the time to create it and that is worthy of some sort of attention.

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hungry man snow

(via TCD)

cokebathtub copy

It’s the next best thing to jacuzzi.

YouTuber Hajime recently took it upon himself to cover his entire body in Mentos and then jump into a ridiculously small bathtub full of Coke Zero. The result, as you can probably guess, was rather fizzy. Also, I now know what a bathtub full of Coke looks like… and it’s definitely unappealing.

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gatlinggun copy

Ever wondered what a meat-machine gun would look like? (Yeah, that sounds rather dirty.) Anyway, the guys on The Science Channel’s “What Could Possibly Go Wrong” TV show felt inclined to make a meatball-firing Gatling gun out of PVC piping, and as you can see in the following video, it actually works!

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While recording a promotional video for the upcoming cookbook “FUDS: A Complete Encyclofoodia from Tickling Shrimp to Not Dying in a Restaurant“, celebrity chef Mario Batali talked about the foreword he wrote as well as some of the recipes contained therein.

As you’ll see after the jump, he started out well when listing such appetizing delights as “Six Hot Dog Weiners” and “Secret Item With Surprise Bag”, but was struggling to maintain his composure by the time he got around to “Hot Melted Crayon Wax Served in Discarded Monopoly Thimbles”.

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cabin fever

(via Tosh.O)

tomato robot

Ok, I love tomatoes just as much as the next guy, but I don’t think I could stomach eating a tomato while I’m jogging around the block.

Kagome, a Japanese juice and ketchup company, designed this strange backpack/tomato dispenser for the Japan Marathon. The health benefits of tomatoes aside, the backpack is really just a PR stunt to help to promote tomatoes: since 2008, Dole Japan has sponsored the Japan Marathon, and they provide tons of bananas to help keep all those runners energized. It looks like Kagome is hoping to drive some attention away from bananas and over towards tomatoes.

Yeah, I think I’d rather snack on a banana while I’m running.

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