In the beginning of this year, “sexy carrot” took the Internet by storm. Now that the entire Internet has Overwatch on the brain, people have put two and two together.

Tracer with sexy carrot legs was born.

Uuyan, a Japanese Twitter user, posted the picture above, and is is very sexy indeed (not to mention high in beta-carotine). But it gets better! There’s a second photo below that may be too sexy for young, impressionable minds. [click to continue…]


It all started when a McDonald’s in Somerville, Massachusetts began advertising two egg muffins for $5 on their billboard. Shortly thereafter, the nearby Sav-Mor liquor store put up their own billboard ad, reading “Three egg muffins for $4”. With this, an ad war began that is still raging today, and the public is the beneficiary of the hilarious results. See more after the break…


In his latest video, YouTuber JP Sears is showing hardcore vegans how they look to the rest of the world by using their approach to promote a meat-only diet. As you’ll see, it’s hilarious, but vegans will have to check their pride at the break. [click to continue…]


Not much is known about this cat. All we have are these pictures of it really, really enjoying a cake in a little birthday hat. That’s all the Internet needed.

The entire series of photos can be seen below. Let’s assume that the cake is made from some with cat-safe ingredients. With that in mind, you can commence cuteness overload.

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Pets Vs. Food

pets vs food

In the following GIFs, you’ll see two adorable pets biting off more than they can chew.

And, possibly, a dog getting two snacks for the price of one.

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civil donut

The feud between Iron Man and Captain America is getting out of hand. They’re arguing over everything now—including the last donut.

Though, to be fair, it DOES have red, white and blue sprinkles. Seems like Cap’s kind of donut. However, he clearly warned RDJ about eating the last donut—but didn’t do the sensible thing and lick it to claim ownership. You just can’t take chances like that with Tony Stark.

Check out the hilarious video below.

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Thug Life

fwb tattoo

Bonus points for the Trailer Park Boys reference.

Inked by Meredith Little Sky at Terrarium Tattoo in in Fort Collins, CO.

If that’s not hard enough for you, check this out…

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Police in Guangzhou, China recently moved in to apprehend a Ronald McDonald statue that was loitering in front of his fast food restaurant.

The statue was considered an obstruction and the restaurant reportedly ignored instructions to send Ronald packing, so the cops decided to haul him away. During the scuffle, his massive red shoes were left behind as a tragic reminder of what once was.

Truly a sad day for corporate mascots everywhere. Watch Ronald McDonald hit rock bottom in the video below.

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old dutch vending top

Either this vending machine hates ketchup chips or it just hates Redditor skuzgang.

Check out the entire pic below to understand full scope of this vending machine’s wrath.

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garlic star wars

I think we should start a petition to get Star Wars: The Force Awakens Garlic Bread Edition released in the theaters.

Check out several Star Wars scenes with garlic bread upgrades from GuyGoald below.

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