First, there was duct tape in plain, boring silver. It adorned countless broken things and held together many a car past its prime. It didn’t take long for things to get fancy with patterned duct tape that featured everything from jelly beans to skateboards, and now you can even get the stuff scented. Duck Tape Scents are a new line of tapes that smell like grape, mint, and even cupcakes. You’ll be hungry before you even start to fix your next broken tail light.

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I have one rule. Just one. I live my life by it. It’s my code, my personal creed of sorts.

Eat more pizza!

Yes, this shirt is a celebration of my one rule. It’s available for both men and women. And it is glorious.

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Here’s a handy gadget that turns your toast into an adorable 3D teddy bear. It’s like a toast version of a cookie cutter and it even comes with interchangeable faces so your happy teddy toast can give you one of three different smiles. He’s the work of Japanese company Tokyo Hands and will surely send kids off to school happy.

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Sure, you may be able to snap their tops off with the sharp tap of a spoon, but these little guys are still tough. These Sumo wrestler egg cups come in sets of two with one red and one black that make them perfect for early morning matches.

Product Page ($16.99 via The Green Head)


Apparently, a crafty sandwich thief caused a fair amount of havoc at an office. Said thief started a note war, further escalating the conflict. However, you might be surprised to see how the conflict actually ends.

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Here’s one for all you cat lovers who also love pizza. I’m thinking that’s a Venn diagram with a lot of overlap. There’s a webseries running for Japanese Pizza Huts that shows the day-to-day antics of its cat employees. Yes, cats make the pizza and face all the inherent challenges of the task.

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This picture was snapped by oonaghmclaugh who is a big Game of Thrones fan and managed to spot the cast at a convenience store in Belfast, Ireland. She looks very happy, but Petyr Baelish looks miserable. It’s like they didn’t have the ice cream he wanted, and he’s stuck holding some substandard treat while he pouts for the camera. Come on, that’s a chocolate coated ice cream. It’s going to be tasty, Petyr.

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honest liquor labels 1

Different kinds of booze have different effects on your system and personality. Total Sorority Move imagines a world where the labels on the bottles are honest about what’s going to happen later in the night. Malibu Coconut Rum? It’s packed with sugar and will leave you bloated. Wine? That will leave you crying into your pillow. Choose carefully, folks.

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The Internet’s practically over-flowing with videos of folks (ranging from Oprah to Chris Pratt) pouring ice water over their heads in the name of charity. The videos are meant to raise awareness about Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), which is also known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease. Because of these videos, the ALS association has raised over $15 million.

Now that’s all good and fine, but things got downright creepy when Wendy Clark, the senior vice president of integrated marketing at Coca-Cola Co., challenged Ronald McDonald to take the ice bucket challenge. As you’ll see in the following video, Ronald is a little too enthusiastic about the whole thing, and to top it off, he challenges all the gingers of the world to take the ice bucket challenge too.

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weird commercial copy

You know when you’re on your way to work and you’re so hungry, and I mean like I’m-hallucinating-and-totally-starving-hungry, and the whole world around you starts to morph into tasty snacks? In this Pepsi commercial, a commuter gets a hankering for a hot dog, and then he “imagines” that the subway train is actually a giant chain of hot dogs. Nothing weird about that at all.

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