Gabriel Harris was arrested in New Smyrna Beach, Florida after having one too many and then attempting to order at a Taco Bell drive-through at 3AM. The restaurant was closing and he refused to leave so the police were called. They happened to notice a Swiss Army knife hanging from a belt loop which concerned the responding officer who then tried to take the knife away. Harris wouldn’t let him and is now facing a charge of resisting arrest with violence.

Aw, someone get this guy a taco.

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Taco emoji

The fact that library of emoji characters doesn’t include tacos is serious business. So much so that Xoxco developed an app for the single purpose of texting images of tacos. Luckily, those lamenting the lack of taco emoji may not have to mourn much longer. The Unicode Inc blog shared 37 emoji character candidates for Unicode 8.0 to be released in mid-2015, and the list includes a taco! Again, it is only a candidate and not guaranteed—but if we don’t get that taco emoji a riot may be in order.

Other possible food emoji in the release include:

Hot dog
Cheese Wedge
Bottle With Popping Cork

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Too Many Cookies [Video]

toomanycookies copy

Adult Swim’s “Too Many Cooks” viral video has been all over the internet lately, but it was oddly Muppet-free. This parody video called “Too Many Cookies” by YouTubers Tough Pigs corrects that oversight.

Basically, it’s all about one particular muppet’s infatuation with cookies. I’ll let you take it from there.

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The book You Have to F*cking Eat is the brilliant follow-up to You Have To F*cking Sleep, both of which deal with some of the biggest frustrations of parenting. Now you can get an audio version of You Have to F*cking Eat narrated by none other than Bryan Cranston. This is an excerpt but you can download the whole thing for free on Audible. Try not to giggle-snort your coffee while you listen.

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So, what’s the best way to pay your respects to the six extinct animal species? Two words: commemorative plates. Artist Nicole Antebi created a series of unique and commemorative plates that feature the likenesses of the six extinct animal species. She calls the series “The Last Menagerie.”

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fake chick-fil-a

Redditor Mausar shared a list of words his manager at Chick-fil-a supposedly banned, and it’s chock-full of painful slang. While it’s hilarious and makes me feel old because I have no idea what half this list means, it didn’t originate at Chick-fil-a. Another Redditor, bdeneaux, shared the banned slang first and said it was a list of rules posted by an English teacher. Yeah, I still feel ancient.

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Once upon a time, this pizza bedding was just a dream, but now it’s a reality. It’s a great time to be alive folks.

The set includes a pepperoni pizza blanket with two matching personal pan pizza pillow covers. And just like that, we’re all ordering pizza for dinner tonight.

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There are some things you just don’t do, and one of those things is let poor Cookie Monster think your country doesn’t eat cookies. That’s exactly what happens in this video starring the furry blue muppet and John Oliver. In the midst of reassuring Cookie that he’ll be just fine in the UK, Oliver mentions that they don’t have cookies, just biscuits. Poor Cookie Monster may never be the same.

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While this isn’t exactly made by Apple, it is made with apples.

A sweet shop in Japan has a new a dessert that Apple fans (and yes, I do mean that with a capital “A”) should really dig. The shop, which is named Taroan and is located in the Japanese town of Aizubange, recently unveiled a new pie that’s a play on the new iPhone: the iPie 6 Plus. For the shop’s sake, I’m hoping that Apple doesn’t bring down the legal hammer and file and injunction against delicious pie.

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