triforce of pizza

The Triforce Of Pizza!

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pressure cooker fail

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I know you’re thinking this kiss lid is the most awkward way to drink coffee, but is it really? I have a very intimate relationship with my coffee. It makes me happier when I have it and my day is fueled by it. Simply put, I can’t live without it.

I might as well just make out with my coffee.

South Korean designer Jang WooSeok totally gets people like me with these mouth shaped coffee lids. They’re only in a concept phase now but plans are underway to make the disposable lids a reality.

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hare pancakes

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iron man rice cooker

It looks like appliance manufacturers in Japan are taking design cues from Marvel. Either that or Tony Stark is branching out into home appliances.

Twitter user @00_yaduki noticed that his Toshiba RC-6XH-R IH rice cooker (in Grand Red, of course) bore an uncanny resemblance to Iron Man’s helmet.

Sadly, the product page doesn’t say anything about a built-in J.A.R.V.I.S rice cooking control system.

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tater tot thief

“Ralph? Did you eat my tater tots?”

Not exactly.

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simpsons kitchen

Joe Hamilton and Marcia Andreychuk of Calgary, Alberta love The Simpsons. In fact, they love it so much that they are in the process of giving their 1950’s kitchen a complete makeover with blue counter tops, a green stove, and corncob curtains for a near perfect recreation of Marge’s decorating style. From the CBC:

After that, she went searching online for corn cob-patterned fabric for the curtains. She lucked out and found the perfect match and sewed them herself.

Pulling them shut to show off their full effect, Hamilton proudly admits they’re “tacky.” Then he spews out some Simpsons 101 — that the cartoon family never actually closes their kitchen curtains. […]

The couple is saving up to buy new “retro-inspired” granny-apple green appliances.​

In the meantime, they’re covering their countertops, cabinets, washer/dryer, fridge and stove with colourful contact paper, which is similar to shelf liner.

Once the kitchen is complete, Andreychuk jokes they’re going to transform their basement into Moe’s Tavern. I’d say that definitely needs to happen.

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Yes, I will have fries with that please. 

Dutch designer Rommy Kuperus, turns delicious snacks and treats into fashionable, wearable bow-ties. The men’s foodie fashions come in fries, bow-tie pasta (of course), waffles and butter, and candy.

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Mao the cat was recently given the opportunity to eat a banana, a challenge that proved to be formidable, but resulted in the type of video that the internet “eats up”.

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British pizza fan, Dan May, responded to a contest tweet from his phone company about getting free delivery. When they didn’t respond, he tweeted again and threatened to jump ship to the competition. Suddenly, the two companies were fighting over Dan and it snowballed into free pizza for a year!

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