Indeed, Pinup Jordan has me wondering whether or not unicorns have their own Starbucks, and if those Starbucks are currently flooded with orders for Human Frappuccinos. Probably not—even unicorns can’t resist the taste of unicorn… [click to continue…]

So was a ghost trapped in the coffee or are we witnessing the steamy soul of the coffee ascending triumphantly? Maybe it’s not expressing joy, but anger. Anger for leaving its delicious coffee body so soon.

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If I could pay Maro the cosplaying chef cat in Fancy Feast and laser pointers I would hire him in a second to make my meals. I mean, he does put together quite a spread. Check out more examples below. [click to continue…]

As Pizza Rat™ proved, if you’re a rodent, NYC is the place to be. Now we have Taco Squirrel™, who is pictured here showing off the dumpster find of the century. After discovering a completely intact taco shell, the squirrel absconded to the nearest tree where it could enjoy the meal in peace—or so it thought. [click to continue…]

Ronald McDonald and Pennywise are the real standouts.

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May the Pizza be with you, always. Though lightsaber tattoo removal IS available should you need it. Inked by melinasartdesign.

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What does Star-Lord eat? Well, the answer to that question can be found in Chris Pratt’s new segment “what’s my snack?”. Spoiler: It’s some weird (tiny) banana shake and sushi (also tiny). Star-Lord must be on a diet. [click to continue…]

When they make that blockbuster baked potato movie, this little guy should be the star.

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Artist Dan Meth has used his talents to redesign product packaging so it will appeal to the hipster market. As you will see, the results are highly amusing. [click to continue…]

Bagel Blasphemy

How does this picture make you feel? Angry? Uncomfortable?

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