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Breaking Bad GOT Cake

Tracey at Black Cherry Cake Company has sent us another awesome tip! Check out these magnificent cakes celebrating Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones. Your dessert now displays the Iron Throne in all its glory, inspiring you to plot your schemes of ambition. Or if that’s not epic enough, put the throne on a hat and have Walter White sit on it as he reflects on his slow descent into darkness.

Seriously, these are impressive cakes with lots of detail in the swords and in Walter White’s face. You can see the wrinkles and tired eyes. Astonishing.

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LEGO cake 1

Eating a piece of soft LEGO cake is a much less painful experience than stepping on real LEGO bricks. Cakes by Carol made the entire thing from chocolate sponge and buttercream cake topped with chocolate ganache. Everything you see is edible. I can’t believe she had the patience to create all those little dots!

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luna ball cupcakes

Ant Roman of Nerdache Cakes is a favorite of ours and, with videos like this one on her Luna Ball Cupcakes, it’s pretty easy to see why.

Not only did she put her hair up in Usagi buns for the video, she uses terms like “piping tippy thing” and does a very cool time lapse of her building her fondant Luna Ball.

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majora's mask 1

Redditor Njohns39 turned an evil mask into a lovely cake. Majora’s cake was inspired by Majora’s Mask from Legend of Zelda. Njohns39 said the cake is a dense and moist chocolate cake that’s similar to a brownie, and it has cream cheese frosting in between the cake layers. The whole thing is topped with vanilla fondant. Yum.

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arrow flash cupcake

On Saturday night of Comic-Con, DC Comics took over Hall H to show pilots and footage from some of their television series. The presentation included Arrow and The Flash, and themed cupcakes were available in the green room to celebrate the occasion. Someone had to put two of them together and make the ultimate crossover cupcake.

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Yes, this squee-inducing Star Wars cake is just about the cutest darn thing I’ve seen since Muppet Babies was on TV (I think I’m dating myself with that reference). The You’ve Been Cupcaked Bakery crafted this fine cake, and it’s just too fracking adorable: I especially love that Yoda is Chewie’s little doll, and that Han’s blaster shoots bubbles.

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gundam cake 1

There’s no Gundam quite like one made out of sugar. Mike’s Amazing Cakes is responsible for this beautifully sculpted dessert; it’s modeled after Gundam F91. I’m impressed by both the form and the paint. He didn’t know what the cake would be when he started it, and it sort of just developed. It’s incredible.

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Ok, it’s pretty hard to believe that the above Megatron is actually a cake topper! Bakery Cakez ‘n’ Fun totally nailed all the details, and it honestly looks more like a toy than an edible delicacy.

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This R2-D2 cake by Mira que tarta, is a definite winner in my book. The details are great, and I’m just waiting for the little guy to start beeping at any second.

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If the plan is to do a Super Mario cake for your wedding, you might as well go big.

Just curious, do I have to eat the whole cake in order to rescue the princess? Because I’m totally up to the task.

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