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dalek cake 1

Finally, a Dalek that won’t go after the Doctor! This Dalek won’t be exterminating anyone because it’s only a harmless cake. Happy Occasion Cakes made this edible version of a Dalek, and it’s so detailed that it practically looks like a toy. The fact that the eyestalk and base light up only adds to that illusion.

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Here are the perfect treats for you next Harry Potter themed party. JustJenn has created three different kinds of cupcakes, including a golden snitch that will have you longing to watch a game of quidditch. They’re made by covering a malt ball in yellow chocolate and then piping out little wings in the same chocolate. She’s also made one with a chocolate frog topper and another with a Harry Potter logo cookie.

See the rest of the cookies and get the full recipes at JustJenn.

Library Cake

I never imagined I would want to live in a cake, but this library design by Kathy Knaus has changed my mind. There are a mind-blowing number of details on this cake. The front features the entrance to the library, complete with potted plants. The inside of the library is on the other side, and there are dozens of books on the shelves, a little globe, and a desk with gumdrop lamps covered in papers. I believe the entire thing is edible. If I can’t move in, maybe I could just curl up next to it with my book and eat it.

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Groot cake

Groot’s a busy guy. When he’s not busy dancing or hanging out with Rocket, he moonlights as a cake. This dessert by Tattooed Bakers is so realistic it’s hard to believe it’s not right from Guardians of the Galaxy. The Groot confection is made from edible bark painted to look like wood grain. The design is incredibly detailed, and the bark surface covers a chocolate cake.

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Super Mario Bros. Wedding Cake by Naera.

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intern batman montana cake

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httyd 2 cake 1

The popularity of the How to Train Your Dragon franchise in recent years means some bakers have become exceptionally skilled at sculpting dragons. Art Cakes Bg has done a few cakes with characters from the movies and TV show, but this one has five (!) dragons. She included Toothless, of course, but also Barf and Belch, Hookfang, Meatlug, and Stormfly. She did such a great job with the shading and details on each of the adorable little creatures.

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oz pop up cake 1

The Garden State Cake Show’s theme last year was books through cakes. Basically, they challenged participants to depict their favorite books in cake form. Prima Cakes Plus chose The Wizard of Oz and made it a pop-up cake. The finished product is marvelous and wonderfully detailed. Here’s what the baker had to say about creating the panels:

Each panel was hand cut from fondant mixed with tylose powder. Then I airbrushed a base color layer on both sides of each panel. Details of the figures, trees and windows was then added to both sides with food color gel. After everything was dry I went back and added in the black outlines that are common in storybooks.

I’m amazed.

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This Angry Birds Star Wars cake has all your favorite characters in tasty cake form, finished off by a deadly pig Death Star. It’s the work of Alina Vaganova who made all the little birds and even painted the cake itself to look like space. Chewbacca looks too adorable to eat!

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