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zombie mouth cupcakes

Want to make a terrifyingly realistic zombie mouth cupcake? Head on over to SemadarG’s Instructables page for step-by-step instructions.

Just keep in mind that if you make zombie mouth cupcakes, it’s crucial that you also make this super realistic brain cake.

Then put them together and wait. I’m interested to find out what happens.

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This incredible life-size Legend of Zelda cake is 20-inches tall and consists of five separate cakes, 6.6 pounds of sugar, 2.2 pounds of vanilla buttercream, and almost 3-pounds of dark chocolate.

Emerald Stewart’s cake creation is not only impressive in size, but the attention to detail is really amazing. Zelda’s Majora’s Mask pendant was created using a 3D printed mold, and the rest of her armor and jewelry was designed using fondant.

The oft-used phrase “it looks too good to eat” definitely applies here, but I’ll always have this photo – get me a fork!

Check out more views of the fabulous Zelda cake after the break.

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tim burton cake edit

Somewhere in the world, a very lucky Tim Burton fan by the name of Lauren turned 21 with an epic 29-inch tall Tim Burton cake. Created by Custom Cake Designs, the cake features Jack Skellington and Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas, the Headless Horseman from Sleepy Hollow, and Weird Girl, Mr. Whiskers, Victor Frankenstein, and Sparky from Frankenweenie.

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Tracey from Little Cherry Cake Company does Disney/Pixar justice with this cake featuring Sulley, Mike and Boo from Monsters, Inc.

As you’ll see in the additional photos after the jump, the attention to detail is pretty damned impressive. It must have been a delicious shame to take a fork to it.

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When proposing to your best friend, one cake is simply not enough. That’s why Alex Patterson enlisted the help of Creative Cakes by Catherine to create an epic 3-tier cake that represented all the fandoms the couple share.  The elaborate cake was presented to Patterson’s longtime boyfriend Benjamin Mize on his birthday.

Patterson told BuzzFeed:

“We’re both literary minded. We’ve also developed a shared interest in board games, so I thought about the books and games that are most important to us. September 21 is Ben’s birthday, so I decided to do a surprise birthday party for him, but I didn’t tell everyone coming it would also be a surprise engagement and party.”

The fandom-licious cake paid homage to Harry Potter, The Walking Dead, The Office, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, the game Pandemic and classic novels The Iliad, and The Odyssey.

After the break, check out more views of this fantastic proposal cake and the couples exciting engagement moments. 

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Famous Paintings On A Cake Canvas


Artist Maria A. Aristidou is better known for her coffee portraits, but she has taken her paint brush from cup to cake with beautiful recreations of famous paintings. Aristidou decorates each cake with edible paint inspired by the works of Van Gogh, Munch, Dali, and Picasso.

Requiring 6-10 hours to complete, the cakes are baked with Cyprus-based Vienna Boutique’s famous chocolate recipe, covered in sugar paste, and then the masterpiece begins.

Check out more of her edible artwork after the break.

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totoro cake

Kudos to Deliciously Yummy Sydney.

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cake hulk


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KFCcake copy

If the Colonel was still kicking, and if it was his birthday, I’m pretty sure he’d commission Aussie Branka Njegich to make one of these KFC cakes for the celebration. Depicted above in all its sugary glory, this KFC cake doesn’t actually feature any chicken, corn or potatoes.

“It’s all cake,” said Branka to The Daily Mail. “The only things that aren’t edible is the Pepsi can obviously and the little boxes.”

Apparently, the gravy’s made from caramel, the corn’s made from jelly beans and Starbursts and the mashed potatoes are actually made from vanilla buttercream. Gosh, I can’t decide if I want fried chicken, cake or fried chicken cake for dinner now.

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Baymax, in all his sugary glory, is here to save the (birth)day. Charity Fent Cake Design whipped up this fantastic cake for a lucky four-year-old.

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Personally, I liked that they incorporated the San Fransokyo skyline onto the cake, and the little Baymax topper looks appropriately adorable.

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