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This Hobbit cake by Tartas Imposibles is definitely among the best nerdy cakes I’ve ever seen. I love how they were able to incorporate the book into the cake.

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Also, all of the little details, like the cold coins and the torn pages, make this cake a winner.

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This wampa cake is the work of Yummy Crumble (where you can find the complete recipe) and it’s more than a little terrifying.

Trying to eat it might be risky. Maaaaybe I’ll just put it in the freezer with a Luke figure to keep it happy. Giving his arm back might be a good idea as well.

snape cake 1

Neha, the baker behind BlueBay Desserts, is a fan of Harry Potter. Her take on a Severus Snape cake is inspired by how the character looked in the “How It Should Have Ended” take on the franchise, and I have to say that her sculpture is a close match. Besides making Snape, she crafted a potions bottle, a bit of parchment, the Slytherin symbol, and an Advanced Potion Making book to add to the cake. She put a silver doe on the side of the cake because “always.” Sniffle.

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This snake cake was made by redditor Dookalighnmike‘s uncle for his cousin’s birthday. It took him six hours to make the masterpiece which looks just like a coral snake. Coral snake venom is poisonous, and if you have a peanut allergy the same is true for this cake.

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cinderella castle cake 1

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of walking down Main Street USA in the Magic Kingdom and seeing Cinderella’s Castle for the first time. Though I love Disneyland and the smaller Sleeping Beauty Castle, Cinderella’s Castle is absolutely magnificent. It’s grand, it’s detailed, and I’d love to move in. I feel the same way about this massive cake by Francine’s Sweet Treats.

This detailed replica of the magical Disney World castle is over three feet tall! Besides the sheer impressiveness of the construction and engineering, the cake is beautifully decorated. The area around the drawbridge is covered with outlines depicting individual bricks and the windows are all iced.

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Apparently, this cake was rejected by a client because it was “too gruesome”. The moral of this story is that if you’re comissioned to make a zombie cake, it’s a good idea to settle on whether or not a cartoon zombie or a gruesome zombie is in order beforehand.

(via Reddit)


You might think taking a bite out of this bronze Joker bust would result in a very expensive dental bill, but you’d be wrong. This is an edible bust made by Crazy Sweets and is made entirely out of cake that is covered with fondant and modelling chocolate. The finished look is achieved through the application of edible gold paint with a little black mixed in to bring out the details in his hair and and features.

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Instructables member Vanweb was feeling a bit bored on New Years day, so the baking connoisseur/Guardians fan decided to mix things up by making a Groot Yule Log using some boxed cake mix and plenty of chocolate. The end result came out great, and I think using pistachios for the “moss” was a nice touch. What do you think? Honestly, Groot has never looked so tasty.

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batcave cake 1

I’ve seen several cakes featuring Batman or the Bat symbol but never a cake that looks just like the retro Batcave. I can cross that off my list though thanks to Mike’s Amazing Cakes. The talented baker designed the edible Batcave around the client’s diecast Batmobile. Mike doesn’t state which parts are fake and which are edible, so I’m going to pretend/hope everything except the Batmobile is sugar-based. Yum.

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Remember our previous post that highlighted how you can make a gingerbread version of the Millennium Falcon? While a gingerbread Falcon might work for all you rebels and nerf herders out there, I know there are plenty of pro-Empire folk who would love to snack on a holiday treat that packs an Imperial punch. Enter the gingerbread Star Destroyer. There’s no way your tastebuds can repel deliciousness of this magnitude!

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