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guardians cake 1

When a birthday cake needs saving, one group of outlaws is willing and ready: the Guardians of the Galaxy. This dessert by The Regali Kitchen features Groot, Rocket Raccoon, Gamora, Star-Lord, and Drax figures atop a bright blue cake. They look like they’re protecting the cake from anyone who might destroy it. I hope the recipient was brave enough to remove the Guardians and cut the cake because I’m not sure that I’d risk ticking off Rocket even if he’s made from modeling chocolate.

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superhero cake 1

There are superhero cakes, and then there’s this magnificent creation by Delaney’s Cakes. This tiered dessert is a whopping six feet tall and is heavy enough that it required two men to carry it to the venue.

The cake features Wonder Woman, Superman, Wolverine, Spider-Man, Hulk, Batman, and Captain America. Paul Delaney said the secret of keeping it all together is a threaded rod that goes all the way through the cake and is anchored on the base. I’m still impressed it didn’t fall apart.

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This fantastic Iron Man cake is the work of Dolci Pasteleria in Mexico. They did an amazing job recreating his armor with a segmented design that makes it all look very real, but the best parts are the eyes and arc reactor. Both light up to make the cake look well and truly just like Iron Man.

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DIY Poké Ball Cake [Video]

poke ball cake

Are you ready to catch all of the desserts ever? Then you’ll need a Poké Ball cake. Fortunately, Cakes By ChoppA has shared a video tutorial on making one from vanilla cake. Even though I’m a novice when it comes to forming cakes into shapes, I have to say this looks like a pretty basic project that simply requires patience. If anything, the trickiest part looks like covering the Poké Ball in fondant.

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bag end cake 1

Bilbo and Frodo Baggins live in the coziest and tastiest hobbit hole in all of the Shire. Julia Hardy Cakes made this detailed cake for a man who is a huge Lord of the Rings fan. It nearly fills a 14-inch board and features a sculpted stone path, lots of flowers, and Frodo and Gandalf.

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i am groot cake 1

The beauty of Groot’s “I am Groot” is that it can mean anything, including “Happy Birthday!” The baker behind Between the Pages made a baby Groot cake for that occasion and used modeling chocolate to build Groot around a wooden dowel base. The letters were cut from fondant, and the white flower pot is five eight inch round cakes that were sculpted.

The Guardians of the Galaxy-inspired design is creative and since it included crushed Oreo cookies (for the dirt), buttercream icing, and chocolate ganache, it was probably delicious too.

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doctor who donuts

Apparently, this donut case was spotted at The Donut Whole in Wichita, Kansas.

(via Reddit)

falkor cake

The Neverending Story is one of those films I’ve been afraid to watch as an adult because I don’t want it to tarnish my childhood memories. I particularly adored Falkor the Luckdragon and am in love with this cake featuring the creature by Marcy’s Cakes. All the scales and fur look so detailed! I’m not sure who this cake was made for, but Falkor is appropriate for any occasion.

(Cake Wrecks via FAE Magazine)

hedwig cupcakes

These adorable Hedwig the owl cupcakes are perfect for your next Harry Potter themed party, or the next party your kids have at school. Watch as Rosanna Pansino of Nerdy Nummies walks you through the process of creating these tasty treats from start to finish.

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tardis cake

This birthday cake was made for reader Nikki by a genius at Carvel in Wayne NJ. She noted that whoever did it “deserves a raise”. Indeed.

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