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Avengers assemble! This tasty looking Avengers cake was whipped by With Love and Confection. The details, as you can see, are pretty astounding. I love Captain America’s shield and Thor’s helmet, and the bricks flying in the air–coupled with the Hulk’s massive green fist–are a nice touch.

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This isn’t a stylish steampunk corset—it’s a cake. Seriously, you can eat this. It was made by baker Sheila Jimenez, who’s part of the Steampunk Sugar Geeks–a collection of over 40 “sugar artists” who all really love steampunk. Color me impressed.

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jlaw cake 1

Baker Lara Clarke of Tasty Cakes takes her entries for the Cake International contest very seriously. She won the competition last year with a life-sized Johnny Depp cake, and she went for the life-size approach again this year with Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games. The finished cake stood at 5 feet and 11 inches, and yes, Clarke won gold with the massive creation.

Clarke told BuzzFeed that the cake was made with enough supplies to feed District 12 for a month:

The J-Law cake contains about 150 eggs; 22 pounds of flour, butter, and sugar; 11 pounds of chocolate ganache; 22 pounds of modelling chocolate; and over 110 pounds of sugar.

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red riding hood cake 1

A classic fairy tale gets a steampunk twist in this detailed cake by Zorica’s Cake Art. The dessert was made for the Steampunk Sugar Geeks and depicts Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf with steampunk touches. The group includes over 40 sugar artists who worked together to come up with over 100 ideas for steampunk-themed desserts.

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The image above looks so good that you’d think it’s a drawing, but it’s not. It’s actually a finished photograph of an epic Ralph Wiggum cake. It was designed by Freshly Squeez’d for Threadcakes (the annual contest that involves making cakes based on Threadless shirt designs). It took Kylie Mangles about five days to build the cake and it consists of red velvet, vanilla bean Swiss meringue buttercream, and some Rice Krispie treats that were used to shape a few of the trickier bits.

If you love this cake, then head on over to Threadcakes and cast your vote to make it a winner!

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Now you can turn the iconic Guy Fawkes mask from V For Vendatta into a tasty and slightly creepy treat. This silicone mold is 8″ long and is perfect for baking a cake or even molding chocolate. You could even freeze a giant ice cube that would look amazing floating in a bowl of punch.

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Breaking Bad fans will be happy to hear that a new Breaking Bad-themed cookbook called “Baking Bad” is set to be released on November 6. Plus, you can cook these recipes without worrying about prison or a violent death.

Food writer Walter Wheat (yeah) has compiled a whole list of recipes that pay homage to the ever-so-popular series. Some of the stand outs include Jesse’s Jell-O Acid Tub, Walt’s Birthday Platter and White’s Tighty Whitey Bites. I thinking any of these sweet treats would be great for a Breaking Bad marathon. Who’s with me?

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sarlacc cake 1

The galaxy far, far away is full of risks and dangerous creatures. One such creature is the Sarlacc, but Kathleen of Yummy Crumble makes the Sarlacc Pit look scrumptious in her bundt cake recipe. The cake is a caramel flavor and is drizzled with homemade caramel sauce. Madeleines and buttercream teeth form the Sarlacc’s mouth. I’d willingly jump into this Pit!

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star wars rebels cake

If being turned into a cake means a series has made it, then Star Wars Rebels is all set. The series has only been airing on Disney XD for about a month, but it already has fans who adore the characters and story (myself included). This cake was presumably made for one such fan by Fuget Pasta. The cake features the show’s logo and sculpted versions of the entire crew of the Ghost from Hera to Chopper. I just hope the baker didn’t add any icing that acts like Sabine’s explosive paint.

(via Johnamarie Macias)