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gundam cake 1

There’s no Gundam quite like one made out of sugar. Mike’s Amazing Cakes is responsible for this beautifully sculpted dessert; it’s modeled after Gundam F91. I’m impressed by both the form and the paint. He didn’t know what the cake would be when he started it, and it sort of just developed. It’s incredible.

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Ok, it’s pretty hard to believe that the above Megatron is actually a cake topper! Bakery Cakez ‘n’ Fun totally nailed all the details, and it honestly looks more like a toy than an edible delicacy.

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This R2-D2 cake by Mira que tarta, is a definite winner in my book. The details are great, and I’m just waiting for the little guy to start beeping at any second.

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If the plan is to do a Super Mario cake for your wedding, you might as well go big.

Just curious, do I have to eat the whole cake in order to rescue the princess? Because I’m totally up to the task.

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cyberman cake 1

It isn’t a party until Cybermen from Doctor Who show up, and this Cyberman cake was probably the life of the event he was made for. The confection by Happy Occasions Cakes looks like it rolled off the screen and onto a table; I wouldn’t be surprised if he started assimilating all the party attendees.

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This Totoro cake, created by Mike’s Amazing Cakes, is pretty darn cute. But where’s Catbus? Now that’s a birthday cake I want to see.

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frozen cake 1

One lucky five-year-old recently got a birthday cake inspired by Disney’s Frozen. Cake Central member motowifey created the dessert, and I love the icy blue colors. She sculpted Elsa, Anna, and Olaf to go with the cake, and if you can believe it, this was the first time she’d ever done figure modeling. That’s impressive.

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ghost trap cake

If ghosts looked as precious as the one caught in this ghost trap cake, no one would need the Ghostbusters. Shawna Morawski made this edible for her son’s sixth birthday, and the design of the dessert is completely based on felt Ghostbusters art by Steffbomb. Yes, the internet is awesome like that.

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zelda wedding table 1

Looking for some gaming flair for a wedding or party? Etsy seller Just a Level has you covered if you’re a Legend of Zelda fan. She’s come up with treasure boxes for favors and cupcake toppers inspired by the Zelda games. The toppers feature the Triforce, rupees, and hearts from the life meter. They’re made from Perler beads, and since they’re not edible, the tokens could be a neat keepsake. Orders are shipped within 3-5 business days.

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Fan of the macabre and all things gruesome, Annabel de Vetten of Conjurer’s Kitchen opted to make the above “dissected” cake after being asked repeatedly by her fans and customers as to what’s inside of all her very delicious cakes. Now, a run-of-the-mill baker might just respond by saying, “Well, there’s cake inside of my cakes!” But Annabel is not your average baker. Here’s what she had to say:

“Of course only the pretty cakes look like this on the inside, all the creepy and unusual cakes are yummy sponge cakes in many different flavours! ;-)

OK, so I’m kidding. Everything is tasty.”

Yeah, this lady is A-OK in my book.

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