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elsa cake

You may have seen this side by side picture of an Elsa cake going around, but it turns out there’s more to the story than people thought. While McGreevy Cakes is listed on the original picture, McGreevy didn’t make the cake on the right. They offer tips and tutorials on cake design. The Elsa cake that came out…different appears to have been made as part of Icing Smiles, “a nonprofit organization that provides custom celebration cakes and other treats to families impacted by the critical illness of a child”.

So, this cake was made out of kindness—for no profit. The Internet probably feels so bad right now.

The baker who made the original design even weighed in to remind people that, while the cake wasn’t perfect, someone worked hard to make it.

And this is the little girl that got the cake. Looks like she’s all smiles.

(Reddit via Mashable)

harley cake

Margot Robbie celebrated her birthday on the set of Suicide Squad with a superbly detailed Harley Quinn comic book cake. Something tells me that Harley Quinn would be delighted by the Inception-like quality of eating a Harley Quinn cake.

(@margotrobbie via Comics Alliance)

Hulk Cake: Smashed It!


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If this cake doesn’t make you want to run off and immediately watch Big Hero 6, then you’re probably a robot (and not a friendly one like Baymax). This cake, made by I Love Cakes By Sheila, features a whole bunch of lovely details, including a cake topper that depicts Baymax hugging it out with Hiro Hamada.

Check out a closeup pic after the break…

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This wonderful mashup cake by Little Cherry Cake Company has Mario characters standing in for everyone in The Nightmare Before Christmas. There’s Jack and Sally as Mario and Peach, Oogie Boogie as Yoshi, Lock Shock and Barrel as Shy Guys, Boo Ghosts, Zero, Dry Bones, Yoshi eggs and Tim Burton style-Piranha plants all beautifully rendered. It’s a cake made in gamer heaven, or is that gamer Halloween?

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gremlins cake

But the pictures are the best part. See them all after the break…

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usb cake

Sadly, there are at least two cake decorators on Earth that don’t understand what do do when you give them a USB stick with a picture on it.

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abels arm

As you can guess by her name, Annabel Lecter of Conjurer’s Kitchen is a major Hannibal fan. In honor of the show, specifically Abel Gideon’s (albeit unwilling) contribution to Hannibal’s meal, Annabel has recreated Gideon’s arm and the snails that happily feed on it in cake form.

Bless her deviant, gourmet heart.

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I want a Sailor Moon birthday cake so bad! Only it’s not my birthday…and I don’t live in Japan. However, if you are a Sailor Moon fan that’s lucky enough to be in Japan, know that these intricately detailed cakes will be available at convenience stores and anime/novelty shops starting September 21st.

They’re only 600 yen (approx. $4.80 USD) and they come with a cake plate and cute little chocolate toppers.

The cakes include:

Sailor Moon Fresh Strawberry Cake, Tuxedo Mask Chocolat Framboise, Sailor Mercury Quivering Jelly Cake, Sailor Mars Red Berry Tart, Sailor Jupiter Matcha Square Cake, Sailor Venus Orange Mousse, Sailor Chibi Moon Luna P Dome Cake (made with blueberry cream), and Sailor Pluto Sachertorte (chocolate cake with apricot jam filling).

You know you want one.

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This intense wedding cake is the work of Little Cherry Cake Company. It provides artistic and delicious references to at least 12 different movies, television shows, and video games.

Included are the happy couple’s R2-D2 Special Edition Star Wars Xbox 360 on the base flanked by Jaws and the red fish from Mario. Moving up we find The Walking Dead Cafeteria, Lara Croft, A “Welcome to Silent Hill” homage to the horror survival video game, Ludo from the movie Labyrinth, Bilbo’s Bag End, and finally the Iron Throne from Game of Thrones occupied by the Joker and Harley Quinn.

As you’ll see after the jump, the back of the cake is decorated as well, with references to Beetlejuice and American Horror Story.

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