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batman guitar cake

DeviantArt user AsheryW, a.k.a. Ash, is a talented cake decorator. She’s made cakes that look like cameras, Spongebob, a sea turtle, and a guitar. Not just any guitar though, a Batman guitar! Makes total sense to me.

She made it for a 17th birthday a couple of years ago, and I’m imagining the recipient is a musician who has a Batman tattoo.

(via AsheryW)

gollum cake 1

Sometimes I forget that Gollum can be a scary creature, but this realistic cake by Sweet Little Treat has refreshed my memory. Baker Karin spent about 30 hours working on the confection and did a top notch job capturing every detail in Gollum’s sneer. I’m particularly impressed by his teeth. It’s uncanny!

Karen made Gollum’s head for the Cakes from Middle-earth collaboration and used modeling chocolate, fondant, and edible paints to craft the cake. Those single strands of wispy hair? They’re made from sugar.

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I never thought I’d actually say something like this, but that Nazgul looks delicious. I mean, honestly, I’d totally give up the One Ring for a slice of that Ringwraith.

This stunningly detailed cake was made for Cakes From Middle Earth, a “Sugar Art Collaboration” that’s made up of thirty cake decorators and sugar artist from New Zealand who are working tirelessly to create edible homages to Peter Jackson and his incredible films. The collaboration features tons of tasty treats ranging from King Kong to The Hobbit, and the group is helmed by Mel Todd of Take the Cake. Mel created the Ringwraith cake, and he noted that building the structure to help support the rearing horse was a bit challenging, but the end result looks totally… (sigh) sweet.

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It’s no secret that I’m a fan of the owner Cakes Cove and the awesome stuff she makes. So, when I heard that she’s doing a Kickstarter to help open a retail location, I jumped in to help.

Then she went and sent me the pictures of this new Elsa cake and now I really want to help her get a shop because if she’s making things like this at home, can you imagine what she’d do with a dedicated space? She has 4 days to go and she could use your help.

Head after the break to see more pictures of this amazing Elsa cake along with the project video.

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smaug cake 1

Smaug spends most of his time covered in gold and looking menacing, but he occasionally takes a break to look fantastic in cake form. Baker Sheila Haughie of I Love Cakes By Sheila crafted this stunning dessert for a Cakes from Middle-earth Cake Collaboration in honor of  The Hobbit. The cake features Smaug flying towards Lake-town saying “I am fire, I am death” and spewing flames. Haughie placed LEDs inside the chest of the dragon to make it glow.

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downton abbey cake header

Downton Abbey’s Dowager Countess is a regal sort of lady. Played by Maggie Smith, Violet Crawley is sharp-tongued and delightful. Cake artist Karen Portaleo created an amazingly lifelike cake based on the character for Georgia Public Broadcasting’s launch party at the Fox Theater on December 4th. I can’t believe all the details and the texture and color of the skin – she looks so real!

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hhg cake

Mikey Mason got a pretty awesome cake for his birthday, and it came with a towel. Sort of. This creative Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy cake was decorated to look like a stack of towels, and the decorator did a smashing job. It was apparently made from two sheet cakes and lots of frosting with fondant for the guide.

If you eat a towel, is that the same as carrying a towel? Anyway, happy birthday, Mikey!

(photo via Instagram)


Avengers assemble! This tasty looking Avengers cake was whipped by With Love and Confection. The details, as you can see, are pretty astounding. I love Captain America’s shield and Thor’s helmet, and the bricks flying in the air–coupled with the Hulk’s massive green fist–are a nice touch.

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(Reddit via FoodBeast)


This isn’t a stylish steampunk corset—it’s a cake. Seriously, you can eat this. It was made by baker Sheila Jimenez, who’s part of the Steampunk Sugar Geeks–a collection of over 40 “sugar artists” who all really love steampunk. Color me impressed.

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