Nerd Cakes


Li Ying Khoo of Cakes by Ying is a huge fan of Wallace and Gromit. Since her husband is as well, she decided to put her skills to work creating this cake for his birthday.

The result is made from chocolate mud cake and lemon-vanilla cake with salted caramel and shows the pair engaged in the completely normal tasks of canine knitting and cheese lust.

As you’ll see in the detail pics below, it is also ridiculously intricate and looks more like a stop motion animation scene than a cake.

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Chibi Cakepool


Ant Roman of Nerdache Cakes strikes again with this chibi-style Deadpool cake based on the artwork of Derek Laufman.

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Check out more pics below.

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And now for a Valentine’s Day dessert option that looks good enough to… well, not eat.

Canadian bakesmith Yolanda Gampp has made this stunningly realistic cake that looks quite a lot like a proper human heart.

The cake is assembled from two Deep Red Velvet Cakes, and is filled with burgundy chocolate ganache. Veins of red and blue fondant lie beneath a layer of pink fondant to give it that veiny look, and then the whole thing is doused in blood. Sorry, not blood. Red food coloring mixed with raspberry jam.

At least, that’s what Gampp says. I’m not convinced it isn’t actually blood. Delicious, sugary blood.

A more detailed look at the cake is available in the image below, along with Gampp’s video showing how it was made. Y’know, if you feel like it. Personally, I’m going to go wash my hands for seven hours.

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An artist named Kylie from Letterpress Bakery, is said to be Vancouver’s premier 3D cake designer. I believe it based on this amazing Simpsons / Star Wars mashup cake featuring a 3D, edible sculpture of Homer Simpson dressed as a Stormtrooper (which was inspired by the artwork of Ephin Cozmo).

Her process is detailed in the video below, and while watching it, you may catch yourself wearing the same overjoyed expression as Homer himself.

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cap cake

I have no doubt that many of you can make this Captain America cake complete with a flag in the middle without it being a disaster. Me, not so much.

See how it’s done after the break.

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Nintendo fan Star Stone has made a collection of beautifully crafted Nintendo-themed sweet treats which look far too stunning to eat.

Stone’s treats include Super Mario Bros. cookies, a variety of Kirby treats, and that stunning Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap cake-y tart-y thing in the photo above.

Check out more examples below.

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For an event celebrating the launch of First Look Events at Moss Denver, Rachael of Intricate Icings created this amethyst geode cake. The entire thing is edible and in-freaking-credible, with the geode itself being crafted from a combination of granulated sugar, rock candy and multicolored modeling chocolate set within a fondant covered cake. Additional details were reportedly added with hand painting and gold leaf techniques.

See more angles in the video below.

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The Salt Cake City bakery has created some magnificent R2-D2 groom’s cakes that depict a detailed droid noggin protruding from a tux complete with realistic buttons and a boutonniere.

Then again, R2-D2 is having a little trouble deciding on the outfit. Should he go traditional black tie as pictured above, or with the matching blue tie pictured below?

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suicide squad cupcakes

The Suicide Squad may be “the worst heroes ever“, but Harley Quinn and the Joker make for a damn fine cupcake couple thanks to Nerdache Cakes.

Check out another pic of the cupcakes below along with the poster that inspired them.

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In the anime series One Piece, Devil Fruits are strange fruits that, when consumed, can grant the eater unique powers and abilities. While a real-world version of a Devil Fruit doesn’t exist (bummer, huh?), cakes that are shaped like Devil Fruits were available recently in South Korea for 50,000 Korean Won, or about $41.

The cakes went on sale last year for a limited run, and they were apparently gobbled up pretty quickly. One Piece fans could purchase two kinds of cakes: A Gomu Gomu no Mi-themed cake which, in the series, allowed eaters to become all bendy like rubber; as well as a Mera Mera no Mi-themed cake, which granted the ability to control fire.

Some additional pics of the cakes are available below, and man oh man, do they look tasty!

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