The Buffalo, New York area got dumped on by Mother Nature with 6-feet of snow that pretty much brought life to a standstill. There are abandoned cars and trucks all over the place, including one Doritos truck that some residents decided was an open invitation. They broke into the truck and helped themselves to a snack. We love Doritos, too, but stealing them in a snowstorm?

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nerdalicious shirts

The Nerd Approved Media family of sites has teamed up with TeePublic to create a shirt store that features hand-selected designs from some of our favorite artists (like Megan Lara, Karen Hallion, Captain RibMan and more). For fans of That’s Nerdalicious, we’ve also included several shirts for nerdy foodies!

Head on over to the store to see all of the designs. And stay tuned because more designs will be added regularly.


Red Robin has announced that they’ve added a new red wine milkshake to their menu.

It’s called the “Divalicious” Red Wine Shake, and it features “Little Black Dress” Divalicious Red Wine, whipped cream-flavored vodka, raspberry puree and vanilla soft serve ice cream. The milkshake also comes with a wine charm that’s in the shape of a little black dress. *Shudder*

Of course, Red Robin’s use of the word “diva” in a product shouldn’t come as surprise. This is the same company that recently released Cronut knockoffs called Doh! Rings.

(via Eater)

pizza hut Sweet Sriracha Dynamite

Things are getting fancier and weirder at Pizza Hut as of November 19th. The franchise is releasing a brand new menu with new sauces, new “premium” ingredients, and even different crust flavors. You can mix and match them to suit your tastes or order some of their special combinations like BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger, Sweet Sriracha Dynamite (pictured above), Pretzel Piggy, and Cock-A-Doodle Bacon. Who’s naming these things?

Here are the new additions in all their glory:

Ingredients: Sliced Banana Peppers, Peruvian Cherry Peppers, Fresh Spinach, Premium Salami, Classic Meatball

Crust Flavors: Hut Favorite, Toasted Asiago, Honey Sriracha, Salted Pretzel, Toasted Parmesan, Fiery Red Pepper, Toasted Cheddar, Garlic Buttery Blend, Ginger Boom Boom, Get Curried Away

Sauces: Classic Marinara, Premium Crushed Tomato, Garlic Parmesan, Buffalo, Barbeque, Honey Sriracha

Drizzles: Balsamic, Honey Sriracha, Barbeque, Buffalo

What does “Ginger Boom Boom” even mean? I can get behind the garlic flavored crust, but I don’t know how I feel about the rest. I wouldn’t order a whole pizza with the bizarre flavors unless I could try samples.

More pictures of the new pizzas after the break.

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Nutella has been the go-to spread for those seeking spreadable chocolate goodness, but Reese’s has introduced a chocolate peanut butter spread that will likely give Nutella a run for its money. It joins the rest of the Hershey’s spreads lineup and will likely tempt you to turn that peanut butter and jelly sandwich into something even better. Look for it on your grocery store shelves for just $3.89 per 13-ounce jar.

(via Consumerist)

JJ Snack Foods Corp OREO Churros

It’s becoming clear to me that Oreo is looking to take over the world by making us all too fat to move. Still, now that I’ve seen the new Oreo churro, I am totally ready to welcome our new Oreo overlords.

This gloriousity is made by J&J Snack Foods and comes in churro sticks, double-twisted churros and bite-size churros. It also can be partnered with a Oreo creme dipping sauce.

All hail Oreo. Now give me my churro.

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The team at Brewery Ommegang has unveiled the latest in its line of Game of Thrones themed beers and this one is called Three-Eyed Raven. According to the press release:

Three-Eyed Raven is brewed with a carefully crafted mixture of specialty malts, including malted rye, midnight wheat (provides depth of color but not the roasty flavor of a dark beer), and dark candi sugar. It’s hopped with Hallertau Spalt Select, Tettnang, and Bravo hops, which give the beer a spicy, fruity character. A fair amount of late-addition hops are added for character. Three-Eyed Raven is fermented and bottle-conditioned with Ommegang’s signature house yeast.

This 7.2% ABV ale will be available in the Spring although no exact date has been set. You’ll be able to buy it on draft and in corked 25.4 ounce bottles for $9.50 each.

(via The Mary Sue)

eggnog latte

Fans of Starbucks’ eggnog lattes don’t have to fret any longer: after hearing from many customers who were unhappy that Starbucks dropped the holiday beverage, they’re trying to make amends. USA Today reports that Starbucks spokeswoman Linda Mills said, “We made a mistake. We are very sorry.”

They’re aiming to have eggnog lattes back in all stores by November 17. They just have to get enough eggnog from suppliers.

Whew. National crisis averted.

(via Consumerist)

Hello Kitty

California’s getting all the cat cafes. The first actual cat cafe opened in Oakland recently, and a Hello Kitty cafe is coming to Orange County in summer 2015. It will be the first such cafe in the continental United States (continental because Hawaii has a Sanrio cafe). The decor and food will be themed to prominently feature Hello Kitty, and they’ll serve cafe-style food alongside artistan pastries. Fingers crossed that they’ll offer Hello Kitty latte art.

(LAist via Eater)


Breaking Bad fans will be happy to hear that a new Breaking Bad-themed cookbook called “Baking Bad” is set to be released on November 6. Plus, you can cook these recipes without worrying about prison or a violent death.

Food writer Walter Wheat (yeah) has compiled a whole list of recipes that pay homage to the ever-so-popular series. Some of the stand outs include Jesse’s Jell-O Acid Tub, Walt’s Birthday Platter and White’s Tighty Whitey Bites. I thinking any of these sweet treats would be great for a Breaking Bad marathon. Who’s with me?

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