The first Denny’s in Manhattan is opening this Friday and besides swank decor, they’re offering craft cocktails. No, seriously. The location’s owner, Rahul Marwah, told Good Morning America that they wanted to serve the higher-end clientele in the Financial District nearby. To that end, they put together the $300 Grand Cru Slam. It includes the infamous Grand Slam entree for 2 and a bottle of 2003 Dom Perignon champagne. Let’s not forget that the price tag also includes a high-five from the bartender.

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Any hope I had of not being a million pounds may have just gone up in pretzel steam thanks to Little Caesars.

The pizza chain is adding a pretzel pizza to their Hot-N-Ready pick up options which, like their regular Hot-N-Ready, will be $6.

Yep, from Sept. 1st to Oct. 26th, you can get a pretzel crust with cheddar-based sauce and six other cheeses as the topping.

Basically, it’s a big cheesy pretzel with less worry about dripping while you eat it with one hand and drink beer with the other.

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Indochinese Spitting Cobra

Chinese chef Peng Fan was preparing a dish using Indochinese spitting cobra and died from being bitten by the snake even after the head had been separated from the body for 20 minutes.

It seems the chef was bitten on the hand when he was picking the snake’s head up to throw it away and the jaws contracted in a reflex motion, injecting him with deadly venom.

So, yeah, a chef died after he was bitten by a dead snake 20 minutes after he killed it.

Apparently, he never watched any of those survival shows on Discovery.

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pumpkin spice

The Starbucks’ Pumpkin Spice Latte may be the most popular flavored beverage on the planet. It even has its own Twitter account. The drink heralds the coming of fall (which seems to come earlier every year in terms of pumpkin spice creep), and this year, fall is coming to Starbucks beginning next Monday, August 25th. Only seven days away. I’m counting the hours.

Check out the official tweet (with animation) after the break…

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3 skus-comps-6

Start making room in your cupboard to hoard new Hobbit-inspired beer from Fish Brewing, Ocean Brands, and BevLink. My guess is everyone involved looked at the success of the Ommegang Game of Thrones beers and decided to give it a shot.

The trio of beers are at 10% ABV and feature Smaug, Gollum, and Bolg in the titles and on the labels. Here are the official descriptions from BevLink:

Gollum Precious Pils: A strong Imperial Pils, with flavors as smooth and crafty as Gollum himself. Like the ring which Gollum pursued for the rest of his life, his “precious” pils, if your quest leads you to it, could extend your life too! (at least we’d like to think so) It will, at a minimum, make your journey a little more enjoyable!

Smaug Stout: Smaug Stout is styled after a classic Russian Imperial Stout, but with a subtle hint of Habanero chilis to remind you of the fire and danger awaiting you in your journey to The Lonely Mountain. Pronounced notes of Coffee and Chocolate balanced with Northwest Hops and a touch of heat produce an exceptional imperial stout, a worthy reward for your hard-fought journey.

Bolg Belgian Tripel: An Orc chieftain who ruled for 150 years, Bolg would drink his grog of choice and no one would tell him otherwise – a flavorful strong Belgian Tripel. Some said it refined an otherwise gruesome character

While I think they missed an opportunity to make classier looking labels, the premise is fun.

Distribution of the beer will begin in the west (it happens to be because of location, but I love that it’s also a Middle-earth reference), but they hope to make the brews available throughout the United States.

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The Lone Star tick is an annoying little bloodsucker that’s indigenous to the Midwest and the Eastern U.S. Its bite, believe it or not, has the unique side effect of turning its human victims into vegetarians.


Apparently this little guy contains a certain kind of sugar called Galactose-alpha-1,3-galactose, or alpha-gal, that’s also found in red meat and some dairy products. When a person is bitten, that person’s immune system creates antibodies to that particular sugar, thus resulting in a mild or downright severe allergic reaction to meaty dishes. A doctor in Virginia noted that he sees “two to three new cases every week.” He also notes that some patients recover over time.

Now, I know this sounds crazy, but I’m thinking this might be a conspiracy between cows and ticks. I mean, it’s the only thing that makes sense, right? It has to be the work of the Illu-Moo-nati!

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General Mills’ old-school “Monster Cereal” characters–Boo Berry, Frankenberry and Count Chocula–are getting a makeover. DC Comics recently partnered with General Mills to help redesign these retro monsters (they all originally premiered in the ’70s) with the hopes of making them more relevant for modern consumers. According to USA Today, DC co-publisher Jim Lee redesigned Boo Berry, Terry and Rachel Dodson (Marvel Knights Spider-Man, Uncanny X-Men) redid Chocula and Dave Johnson (Deadpool, 100 Bullets) spruced up good ol’ Frankenberry. Aside from the redesigned boxes, each cereal will feature comic strips by Brent Schoonover (Batman ’66).

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Fatburger is hopping aboard the gluten-free train with the “protein-style burger.” This KFC DoubleDown-esque creation features lettuce, pickles, relish, onion and mustard that’s all stuffed between two lean burger patties–no buns required! The new burger debuted at the chain’s Beverly Hills location this week but you can expect to see it hit Fatburger menus nationwide shortly starting at $4.50.

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dunkin donuts coffee donuts

Donuts and coffee are already a match made in heaven so it makes sense to combine them into sugary goodness. Dunkin’ Donuts has introduced not one, but two coffee flavored donuts – the first of their kind to be made with their Original Blend Coffee. They’re offering a Glazed Coffee Creme Donut and a Coffee, Creme, & Sugar Donut.

From the press release:

Glazed Coffee Creme Donut features a glazed yeast shell filled with coffee buttercreme and drizzled with chocolate icing

Coffee, Creme & Sugar Donut features a yeast shell filled with coffee buttercreme and finished in powdered sugar

I’m not really a fan of creme filling, but for the sake of coffee flavored donuts, I’d give these a try.

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Congrats, Red Robin! It looks like you’re the creator of the unhealthiest meal in America, according to USA Today. The Center for Science in the Public Interest recently released a report that stated that the “Monster” double burger, the “bottomless” fries and a “Monster” milkshake add up to a whopping 3,450 calories. That, for the record, is a whole lotta calories. The Cheesecake Factory was also mentioned in the study, which isn’t surprising since they are perpetually at the top of these unhealthy food lists.

Denny Marie Post, Red Robin’s chief marketing officer, noted that the meal “combines some of our most indulgent items into one meal.” She also adds that the restaurant does serve healthier items, and that patrons can order “a lettuce-wrapped turkey burger, sans cheese and bun, with a side of broccoli and a light lemonade” that only has 540 calories. But we’re pretty sure that’s on the menu just so marketing officers can say “we serve healthier items too.”

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