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bad wendigo

I’m sure Yelp used to be a super helpful service once upon a time, but more and more we’re hearing about all kinds of ways to game the system and make an establishment look better than it may actually be.

Or, in the case of Botto Italian Bistro, gaming the system to make it look as awful as possible.

Why would a restaurant want to have the worst Yelp rating in the Bay Area? Well, owner David Cerretini decided to show his disapproval with Yelp when, he claims, they tried to blackmail him.

Cerretini says that Yelp called hime 20 times a week to advertise, and he caved to the tune of $270 for six months. He decided not to continue, and that’s when his negative reviews went up and his positive reviews disappeared. Can Yelp do that? According to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco, legally they can.

So, Cerretini’s turned his negatives into a positive by offering 25% discounts on pizza to customers who give the Botto Bistro 1-star Yelp reviews. The results have been hilarious, clever, and downright negative in the best way.

Apparently, Yelp sent him a threatening letter about the stunt, but Cerretini isn’t backing down. He claims that the campaign has attracted lots of loyal customers (not to mention great press).

Check out some of the reviews and Botto’s offer after the break.

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There’s nothing spooky about a standard, run-of-the-mill cheese plate. So if you’re planning on throwing a little Halloween get-together, crank it up with a tiny cheese graveyard. Check out the how-to guide over at Kathleen’s Confections.

(True Blue Me and You via Makezine)

falcon pizza

Apparently this crazy Dominos pizza with hot dog crust arrived like this. It must be some sort of sign.

(via Reddit)

red velvet corndog

Like corn dogs and pancakes? Then this post is for you. The Vulgar Chef “got drunk and made corn dogs a few ways” and that includes wrapping hot dogs in pancakes. He used blueberry pancakes for one version and red velvet pancakes on another. He doesn’t got into any details on how he made them but don’t let that stop you from experimenting!

See the blueberry pancake corn dogs after the break.

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pixel waffle 1

Would you like to have some food art with your waffles? That’s what Quirky user Chunder has developed with Pixel. The waffle iron comes with a silicone pattern tray that fits over the metal portion of the iron. You can create a custom pixelated design on your waffles by pushing in different squares on the silicone tray. Hearts, flowers, words – it’s up to you! The tray is only under consideration right now, but if it’s actually made, I’m sure users will share free waffle patterns to use with it.

See more photos of the waffle iron after the break.

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When I think about donuts, I think about munching on a dozen Krispy Kremes while also hanging out in a pool full of rainbow sprinkles with Homer Simpson. But when artist Mike Mitchell thinks about donuts, well, he thinks about murderous little fried bits of dough that are going to use a battle axe to butcher all the donut-eaters in a 200-mile radius. Yeah… happy thoughts.

Check out some more of Mike Mitchell’s donut-related art after the break (Even Robocop can’t resist)…

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egg art 1

When people pack bento boxes, they can get deadly serious about making the contents appealing. That dedication goes beyond shaping rice into fun forms and can extend into turning hard-boiled eggs into creatures and characters. All it takes is creativity and patience to cut up some seaweed, cheese, or carrots and build things like Pikachu, Hello Kitty, chickens, otters, and more. I love it when my food is cute.

See more eggtastic cuteness after the break.

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Dancing Groot Candy Cupcakes


Groot-themed everything is all the rage these days, and that certainly extends to edibles. DeviantArt user AnimeGeer sculpted a baby Groot and made a food safe mold. Then she made all these dancing Groot cupcake toppers with candy melts from that mold and dressed them up with a little green frosting. They look delicious and adorable.

Send photos of your geeky food creations to

Eleventh Doctor Latte Art

There’s an Italian restaurant in Japan called Belcorno, and they are responsible for some masterful pieces of latte art. We’ve featured work from them in the past, including Anna and Elsa of Frozen, and Belcorno recently tweeted this lovely Doctor Who image featuring Matt Smith as the Eleventh Doctor. Aww. I’ll never forget you, raggedy man.

(via John Farrier)


It’s common knowledge that Spider-man does whatever a spider can, and that makes him pretty awesome in my book. So, in honor of Spidey, I’m going to make a Jell-O dessert that looks like his face. That isn’t weird, right? Nope. Totally cool. If you’d like to make a dessert that looks like Spidey, then you can use this 10-inch plastic mold to make all sorts of things. You can pre-order now for shipment in February 2015.

Product Page: ($13.99)