Play With Your Food

snickerseat copy 2

Sometimes you get hungry when you’re flying a fighter jet. And when hunger strikes, whatcha going to do? Grab a Snickers bar, of course! This fun video shows how a fighter pilot shares a chocolate bar with his co-pilot, and it’s rather entertaining. Due to the acceleration forces that are at work in the cockpit, the bar essentially floats back towards the co-pilot.

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kaiju cake

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bagel hack

Don’t worry. This isn’t one of those tired “you’ve been doing so and so wrong your entire life” kinds of posts. In fact, this is a parody of those posts that might be an affirmation that you aren’t an idiot.

Well, unless you were making bagels with a chainsaw or something before.

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Cat cafes are popping up all over Japan, so I definitely get the appeal behind this kitchen brand. When heated up, can be used to burn a little kitty paw onto your food as a fun decorative flourish. It’s certainly a lot better than the reality of your cat walking all over your food.

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crazy egg

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Corn on the cob sure is tasty, but it can be tough to spread butter on without making a slippery mess. However, this little tool can help. All you have to do is fill the spreader (which was inspired by the “sail” of a submarine) with butter, and then you rub it up and down the cob. There’s also a little compartment at the top that you can fill with salt. Genius.

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hungry man snow

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If you don’t understand the appeal of floating around on a pool toy that’s shaped like a giant slice of pizza, then I’m pretty sure you’re a robot. So, if you aren’t a robot, then consider picking up this nifty slice of pizza pool float which will be available for purchase some time this April.

Product Page ($29.99)

cokebathtub copy

It’s the next best thing to jacuzzi.

YouTuber Hajime recently took it upon himself to cover his entire body in Mentos and then jump into a ridiculously small bathtub full of Coke Zero. The result, as you can probably guess, was rather fizzy. Also, I now know what a bathtub full of Coke looks like… and it’s definitely unappealing.

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You will soon have the opportunity to combine your love of eggs, quirky home decor, and the Michelin Man robots with this Eggbot Egg Cup. The ceramic vessel will not transport your egg to the table or use its T.Rex-like arms to crack and serve, but it will utilize its inherent temperature resistance to prevent your egg from overcooking, while also offering protection against Humpty Dumpty syndrome.

The Eggbot is expected to be released sometime in April, along with its companion piece, the Eggsplorer Egg Cup (pictured after the jump). That version will make your breakfast look like originated in a chicken far, far away, and traveled light years to get to your table.

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