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Play With Your Food

I’m sitting here shaking my head at Cakes Cove. I can’t believe that they actually made wearable Mass Effect armor out of chocolate. Even the Carnifex is edible.

I believe that this is the first time we’ve seen cosplay like this—and I love it. CC is definitely on a fashion kick lately as they’ve been steadily releasing edible shoe designs (like this Wonder Woman chocolate version with matching cake). I’ve added their latest chocolate shoe designs below. [click to continue…]

YouTuber Mini Gear features videos that teach you how to build various toys and machines out of cardboard. They’ve been on a vending machine kick lately, and this Oreo and milk model is the most interesting of the bunch thus far. I wouldn’t bother monetizing yours however. These Oreo are as easy to steal as poop bags in the park. See how it was made below. [click to continue…]

I believe that you could pull off an edible pizza bikini on your own for under $10 with at least four slices and, I dunno, some string—or you could pay Villa Italian Kitchen to make you a more elaborate version for $10,000. I know which choice I would make—and the answer is “none of the above”. [click to continue…]

The A Works cafe in Tokyo’s Gakugei Daigaku neighborhood may look rather mundane from the outside, but the interior is a bastion of some of the most unique, colorful cheesecakes you’re likely to find anywhere. [click to continue…]

If you were an ’80s kid, chances are you were exposed to Nickelodeon’s classic TV shows Double Dare and You Can’t Do That On Television, and are familiar with the network’s famous green slime. Thanks to former Double Dare and What Would You Do? host Marc Summers, we finally have confirmation on the core ingredients of Nickelodeon’s particular brand of ooze. [click to continue…]

Truly, a loaf of legend.

3D render by Zhang Chi based on a concept by Gop Gap.

I believe the this avocado art by artist Danielle Barresi is best summed up by the following comment on Reddit:

“Every hipster just insta nutted”

Check out more pics below. I can only imagine what kind of luxurious toast billionaires would spread this on. [click to continue…]

We’ve seen glowing cakes and pies in the past, but the concept is at its best when applied to a donut. I mean the name “Glonut” just works. [click to continue…]

Here’s what fans (of puns) had to say about the performance: [click to continue…]

It’s never been more fun to enjoy sushi thanks to innovations like sushi trains and themed chopsticks. However, those experiences pale in comparison to eating sushi fresh off a Ferris wheel. [click to continue…]