Play With Your Food


Teen beauty blogger “xxmakeupiscoolx” has repurposed Oreos into an experimental mascara using a mixture of rubbing alcohol, primer, and America’s favorite cookie. However, aside from the possible health repercussions and a calculated material cost of over $40, potential wearers will have to be willing to render the cookies totally inedible – which will probably make this idea a total flop.

I mean, it’s not like I would lick someone’s eyes when I discovered they were covered in Oreos or anything. That would be crazy! Hahaha…eh.

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Sculptor Ronit Baranga has reimagined the dining room table as a freakshow of fingers and mouths protruding from everyday tableware in the name of art. Although we may chalk this up to an artistic case of “why the hell not?”, there is actually a purpose to the weirdness. Baranga’s intention is to blur the boundaries between the “alive” and the “still” and, for some reason, change the way we observe useful tableware:

The useful, passive, tableware can now be perceived as an active object, aware of itself and its surroundings – responding to it. It does not allow to be taken for granted, to be used. It decides on its own how to behave in the situation.

Indeed. So now we can all imagine dinner conversation with a plate and getting flipped off by a teacup.

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Neodymium magnets are incredibly strong, so strong that they squash all sorts of stuff to bits very dramatically when caught in slow-motion. It’s a great demonstration of their strength, but the most impressive thing in this video is an apple that doesn’t get squished.

The magnets come together so fast that the apple shoots off into the air, but the magnets still connect. They smash hard enough that one shatters, and the bits get pulled right back in rather than flying off after the apple.

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middle earth cup top

As the story goes, a barista found this cup during his shift. As in, some customer drew a wonderfully detailed map of Middle Earth on a Starbucks cup and just left it there. Seems a little suspect.

The Redditor behind the pics insists that he’s just a barista, and not part of the Starbucks marketing team—but that hardly matters. Starbucks should have officially worked this out for all the cups as part of a Hobbit-themed promotion.

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dragon pumpkin

Yep. It sure does.

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You might be inclined to think that those are old-school 35mm film canisters pictured above, but they’re actually salt and pepper shakers.  The shakers (which are noted as being good for 24 “exposures”) look pretty realistic, but they’re both clearly labeled, so no one has to worry about accidentally loading a “shaker” into a film camera.

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Product Page: ($15.00 / Fubiz via Laughing Squid)


Japanese bakery DONQ is celebrating the Year of the Sheep with the cutest little sheep-shaped breads and treats. The year officially kicks off in February and you’ll be able to find different varieties of sheep-shaped goodies at all their locations (in fact, sheep-themed foodstuffs are starting to pop up everywhere in Japan).

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weyland yutani cadbury

And the UK thought eliminating dairy milk from Cadbury eggs was bad.

(via Ghoulia Childs)


Banana bread is tasty when it’s just a boring, rectangular loaf, but when it looks like this it’s got to be amazing. Cindy Li baked up some banana bread shaped like the heads of Thor, Captain America, The Hulk, Iron Man, Spider-Man and Wolverine. These are the perfect treats for Marvel fans.

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Who needs a controller when you have a toaster? This hack appears to turn two toasters into controllers capable of playing through Doom. Unfortunately, appears to be fake. It’s fun to watch though (especially at the end), and will have you wanting to take apart your toaster to see if you can make it work for real.

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