Play With Your Food


A guy named Peter Bamforth, who admittedly has way too much time on his hands, decided to fill a void in the world of trick shots by demonstrating various impressive ways to sink an Oreo in a glass of milk. However, as you’ll see after the jump, an aversion to crying over spilled milk is a necessity to pull these off.

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I have no idea who came up with this idea, but I love it. These are tools. Made of chocolate. Each one is made of Belgian chocolate and looks convincingly realistic.

Not gonna lie, I think it would be fun to put real tools in the mix and see what happens when people bite into them, but I’m evil.

Product Page $22.39 (Per Tool)

cthulhu melon

YouTuber Valeriano Fatica of Ortolano Production is a master watermelon carver who may have taken his art a little to far. He has unleashed Cthulhumelon upon us all.

Check out more examples of his work in the videos after the break…

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You’ve probably seen unicorn poop cookies before, but these cookies take the concept to the next level. Rainbow unicorns that poop rainbow stars!

There is so much rainbow awesome in this video that your head may well explode. It all comes courtesy of My Cupcake Addiction who’s made a great video tutorial so you can make these cookies, too.

See the video after the break.

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According to Sanrio, this is the world’s first Hello Kitty restaurant. It is set to open this month in Hong Kong and features themed foods, most shaped like Hello Kitty.

I’m not so sure about that Hello Kitty meatloaf-esque dim sum though. That looks a little odd.

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pizza throne

The question is, would you rather rule from a pizza throne or a bacon meatloaf throne?

(via TCD)


Oreo asked the creators of the asdfmovies to make an Oreo commercial and the result is this slice of crazy. The power to turn anything into an Oreo goes horribly wrong when a friend unexpectedly walks through the door and, uh, oops, there goes the moon. Don’t we need that?

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Our own Geek Girl Diva is currently attending Star Wars Celebration and she’s definitely enjoying herself. Maybe a little too much.

On the plus side, she was sober long enough to shake down bartenders Keith and Brandon of nFuse at the Anaheim Marriott for the recipes of some of the Star Wars-themed cocktails on the menu. The version pictured above is called “The Princess Leia”.


There’s also the “Han Shot First” after the break along with the all the instructions you need to make these drinks at home.

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candy sushi

I have a pretty gnarly sweet tooth, so when I saw these candy sushi I nearly took a bite out of my computer screen. Stieber’s Sweet Shoppe in NYC specializes in unique sweet treats, including candy sushi like the ones pictured here.

The shop also offers candy sushi-making classes, and the shop’s sushi expert Lee Manne recently gave Cosmopolitan a quick lesson on how to make ‘em using sugary snacks like Swedish Fish and Marshmallow Fluff. You can check out the tutorial here.

Photo via stiebersnyc

(Design Taxi via Laughing Squid)


This fantastic birthday spread was Magic: The Gathering-themed from start to finish. Guests came with their own decks, so it started with the suggestion that everyone dress in their favorite deck colors. Then each guest got a custom card and a glass that was also themed to their deck.

There was plenty of delicious food with names pulled right from the game. Kool-Aid became many different colors for Mana, veggies were Elven Fare, potato chips became Faerie Flakes, and chips and dip became Dragon Scales and Dragon’s Breath.

Head on over to Sugar Bean Bakers to see more clever ideas for a Magic: The Gathering party.