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pop art pancakes

YouTuber “Tiger Tomato” creates pop culture pancakes like the Sonic version pictured above using standard pancake mix (with added water), food coloring and raw talent. The perfectly even tones are reportedly the result of using low heat – only turning it up at the end of the creative process to get a fully cooked result.

TigerTomato has created a bevy of edible breakfast art including Pikachu, Adventure Time characters, and even My Little Pony’s Rainbow Dash.

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watermelon copy

Did he not see this coming? One of the spectators did, yet she said nothing. Apparently, he was sober so that’s no excuse.


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Earlier this month, we wrote about a very dedicated Fallout player named Seth who had the genius idea to send 2,240 bottle caps to Bethesda as payment to pre-order Fallout 4. In a letter to the game developer he explained that he’s collected the caps in the seven years since Fallout 3 and, while he’s only seen the game available for “pre-war dollars”, he figured this should cover the cost (bottle caps serve as currency in the game).

Well, it worked. Seth got a reply from Bethesda community manager Matt Grandstaff, who said that since he was the first person to do this, they would send a copy of the game this November. He also joked that he’d be running the caps over to deposit them at the People’s Bank of Point Lookout.

So it looks like you’ll have to come up with another brilliant scheme (with marketing potential) to get free games as this one has already been taken.

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starbust smores

I hate to use the tired old line, but I think we’ve been eating Starbursts all wrong. It turns out we should have been roasting them all along. You can even make s’mores with Starbursts!

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This kit from Japan will let you create the cutest little kitty rice balls for your lunch. It also comes with cutters so you can make whiskers and eyes from sheets of seaweed.

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Shaped watermelons are popular in Asia, and the trend seems to have carried over to bread. Apparently, the idea is that children would be compelled to eat more bread during the summer months if it looks like a refreshing watermelon.

It might look like a watermelon, but it won’t taste like one. The color comes from green tea, strawberry, and bamboo charcoal.

According to Pouch, credit for this confusing baked good goes to Jimmy’s Bakery in Taiwan.

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During the Expo Milano 2015 in Italy, a group of pizza makers broke the Guinness World Record for cooking up what’s officially the longest pizza ever. The pizza (a classic Margherita) clocked in at an astounding 1,595.45 meters in length, which is just under a mile long.

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Well, here’s another reason why you should start planning a trip to Japan. In honor of Mario’s 30th anniversary, Nintendo joined up with Tower Record Cafes to open three Super Mario-themed cafes in Tokyo’s Shibuya, Omotesando and Ebisu districts.

Kyle McLain is a diehard Nintendo fan, and he recently stopped by those three cafes (which are around for a limited time only) and documented his experience on Twitter.

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chemist bartender

Even if you aren’t a real chemist, you can mix cocktails like one.

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