Play With Your Food


In the beginning of this year, “sexy carrot” took the Internet by storm. Now that the entire Internet has Overwatch on the brain, people have put two and two together.

Tracer with sexy carrot legs was born.

Uuyan, a Japanese Twitter user, posted the picture above, and is is very sexy indeed (not to mention high in beta-carotine). But it gets better! There’s a second photo below that may be too sexy for young, impressionable minds. [click to continue…]


At a recent “talent” show, Mike Senatore of Charlotte, NC’s Ardrey Kell High School came out on stage and flipped a bottle above a table. When it landed right side up, the audience erupted like he just won the Super Bowl.

Amazingly, the signed bottle is now for sale on eBay, with bids over $14K (some of them are probably legitimate) at the time of writing.

Check out the video below. You’ll either be impressed or baffled at why so many other people are impressed. [click to continue…]

Game Of Molds [Video]

game of molds

Apparently, there’s an epic drama happening on my bread. Each bite is a rollercoaster of emotions.

Then again, that could be food poisoning.

Check out the “Game of Molds” intro below. [click to continue…]

articulated batman cookie top

The next step in cookie evolution comes to us from Yankee Girl Yummies in the form of an articulated Batman cookie.

Apparently, licorice was used to tie his joints together—but that method ultimately failed. The good news is that we are one step closer to the dream of action cookies. [click to continue…]

tiny ramen

YouTuber “Hamster Miniature Studio 2” has become a viral sensation for producing a series of videos showing the creation of tiny fake food.

The tiny fare includes ramen, strawberries, bags of potato chips and more. The videos detail the projects from the printing and cutting of labels, through the paining the chopsticks, all the way to the final scene, which shows two characters sitting down to eat… we assume in a dollhouse. Watch the videos below…

cheese ball machine gun

If you attempt one DIY project in your life, make it a cheese ball machine gun. I can’t think of a better use of your time—or of cheese balls.

See how it was done in the video below. [click to continue…]


This isn’t the first time we’ve featured the work of Thai food artist Nawaporn Pax Piewpun aka Peaceloving Pax, but she’s been hard at work creating delightful rice ball superheroes, wizards, Pokemon and more.

This battle is going to make me hungry.

Check out more examples below. [click to continue…]


Millennials reportedly eat less cereal and prefer those stupid things that are not hoverboards to the physical exertion required for walking. Therefore, General Mills decided to reach out to the demographic (again) with an ad featuring a “Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cruiser”, which is basically a “hoverboard” equipped with a bowl-topped pedestal.

The video demonstration below contains disclaimers such as “not available to the public” and “professional rider do not attempt” that would normally dash all hopes of the device being a reality. However, General Mills did say in a blog post that there are five models being tested with fans that aren’t for sale “right now”—which implies that they could be sometime in the future. [click to continue…]

Pie Another Day


Word is that Daniel Craig recently turned down a gazillion dollars to continue playing the role of James Bond. That may or may not be true, but if he returns you can celebrate with a pie. If he doesn’t and a new Bond is chosen…celebrate with a pie.

We recommend whipping up a few vodka martinis (actually don’t. Vodka martinis are inferior, not to mention weak when shaken), and this no-bake Oreo “Pie Another Day” pie from Jessica Leigh Clark-Bojin (otherwise known as @ThePieous).

Head on over to Boing Boing to check out the full recipe.


I’ve seen some weird vinyl figures in my day, but these Ghostbusters “Funedibles” figures are truly baffling. The above “Pizza Venkman” and the below “Slimer Lime Gelatin” figures are supposedly so cute that, well, you’ll want to take a bite out of them.

They even have a Stay Puft version, which kind of ruins the whole concept. Read more after the break…