Play With Your Food

luna ball cupcakes

Ant Roman of Nerdache Cakes is a favorite of ours and, with videos like this one on her Luna Ball Cupcakes, it’s pretty easy to see why.

Not only did she put her hair up in Usagi buns for the video, she uses terms like “piping tippy thing” and does a very cool time lapse of her building her fondant Luna Ball.

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Redditor ablarga picked up a mini Bowser toy in his Happy Meal and… well, I think ablarga said it best when he described Bowser as looking a little “derpy.” So, he set out to give King Koopa a totally glitzy makeover. And you know what? The end result looks great!

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Chocolate Mill

The Chocolate Mill is the brainchild of chocolatier Rafael Mutter, Dutch architect and furniture designer Gerrit Rietveld, and Studio Wieki Somers. 10 layers of cocoa-based confection were filled with flavored patterns, then shaved away incrementally with a crank-turned blade. It’s a display of food and artful science that can be appreciated by all.

A video of the Chocolate Mill in operation can be found after the break.

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spiderman strawberries

(via Little Cook)


Yesterday we posted a picture of Tetris-shaped tater tots, and now we have information on where they came from—a company called Monarch.

That having been said, when I was a kid and I used to play the old-school Tetris on my Game Boy, I used to get so frustrated, especially when I couldn’t get that right piece to finish a line. So what happens when a kid gets frustrated with their “Totris” game? Eat the ends that don’t fit and get that straight line piece you so desperately need.

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First of all, there’s a South Korean drama called Everybody, Kimchi! The show takes place against the background of the kimchi industry. Secondly, kimchi makes a good weapon. In the below clip, a woman gets angry at a man (maybe her boss?) and slaps him with a giant hunk of kimchi. It’s about as gross as you’d think.

Watch the slap after the break. Skip to about 1:30 to see the action.

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Tetris Tots Anyone?

tetris tots

(via Pleated Jeans)

mini food 1

Dollhouses wouldn’t feel like home if there weren’t meals on the dinner table, and Kim Burke has creating those meals down to a science. She sculpts tiny food on a 1:12 scale from polymer clay, and her work is so detailed that it looks like someone took a shrink ray to a plate of real food. Whether you want a cheese plate, burgers and hot dogs, desserts, breakfast, or lasagna – she has you covered. All of her creations are available to purchase.

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teeny sugar party

(via Nerdache Cakes)


Designer Matthew Hirsch came up with a unique and rather clever way to make his resumé stand out. He created this “Hirschy” chocolate bar that features a list of his qualifications instead of the ingredients. Yeah, this guy’s definitely going to land whatever gig he applies for.

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