Play With Your Food


Cats are the animals in charge, which makes it perfect that a cat with a human body is presiding over this dinner that features dogs with human bodies. It’s all part of a fun holiday greetings video from Fresh Pet pet food. All the pets are up for adoption through the Utah Humane Society so if you fall in love with one of these guys, you might even be able to take them home.

They eat of each others plates, sit in awkward silence, and one even hides in his hoodie and texts his friends. It’s just like a real holiday dinner, only funnier.

See the video and a making-of after the break.

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sesame street ian mckellen

The Cookie Monster isn’t the fastest learner when it comes to techniques for curbing his craving. He wants cookies immediately and all the time. I don’t blame him. This time, Sir Ian McKellen stopped by Sesame Street to teach Cookie Monster the meaning of the word “resist.” He uses an example from Lord of the Rings, and it’s the most charming thing I’ve seen this week.

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sugar glue

One of the challenges of crafting a gingerbread structure is getting the icing just right so that it holds walls together while you’re building. Instructables user all_thumbs tackled that problem head-on by devising a way to essentially make edible glue sticks from sugar.

It starts with molds made from aluminum foil. You can base the mold on an actual glue stick to get the right size. Once you have molds, you fill them with molten sugar, let them cool, and then load them into a hot glue gun and use the gun as you normally would. And yes, you’ll want to use a brand new hot glue gun for this. Glue residue from these guns isn’t nearly as delicious as the paste you ate as a child.

There are some safety concerns to keep in mind, but all in all, this idea sounds effective.

Read about the entire process at Instructables.

(EMS via Boing Boing)

doritos cheese ball bites

I’m convinced Amy at Oh Bite It is a sorcerer. She comes up with wild but delicious sounding recipes and churns them out like crazy. Her latest invention revolves around nacho cheese Doritos so you know it’s a winner. She made balls from cream cheese, shredded cheese, and salsa and covered them in crushed Doritos. Easy, colorful, and magical. Making these for your holiday gathering might make you a hero.

Learn more about how to make these cheesy gems at Oh Bite It.


These Chocolution Exploration Kits allow you to experiment and learn how different spices and chocolates change the taste of everyone’s favorite sweet treat. You can choose the Chocolate Drink Time Traveller Kit, Cacao Bean Botanist Kit, or Raw Chocolate Explorer Kit.

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candy food 1

Think you’re looking at a delicious meal of sushi and sashimi? Wrong. The above dish is made of candy. Artist Jess Gabe used the following materials to make her faux sushi: Airheads, Rice Krispie Treats, fruit jellies, fruit roll up, sugar crystals, icing and Hershey’s chocolate syrup. It’s all part of her drool-worthy Candy Cuisine project.

She takes a variety of savory meals like sushi, pot pies, and tacos and makes them from candy for fun, and she does an incredible job.

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If you’re like me, and you’ve got cookies on the brain 24/7, then you might like these custom, 3D printed cookie cutters by Boetech. The Etsy seller makes anatomically correct cookie cutters of brains, hearts and skulls.  He also has plenty of other non-organ-related designs to peruse too, like his periodic table of elements cookie cutters (which you can check out after the break). Gosh, I’m really hurting for a cookie now.

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sub stop motion

Stop motion filmmaker PES has released a new video that’s both bizarre and beautiful. It features a sub made from everyday items such as sports equipement, playing cards, googly eyes, shredded paper, and more. It sounds weird, but the result is surprisingly mesmerizing.

See the making of the cool sandwich after the break.

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This is one time that you won’t mind being Rickrolled. These are delicious King’s Hawaiian Sweet Rolls painted in food gel dye with a cut out template of Rick Astley’s face. You’ve been deliciously Rickrolled!

Also, there’s now a hilarious exchange happening between the folks at King’s Hawaiian and Nerdist where the recipe was first posted.

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Anne Widya is a mom and photographer, and when she has to make breakfast for her four little ones, she does it with an impressive amount of artistic (and humorous) flair. She recently made a series of breakfast dioramas from hot dogs and other tasty nibbles and she posted it all to her Instagram page. Widya notes that each dish takes roughly 45 minutes to an hour to make, and that hot dogs work really well as little edible characters. Well, I think somebody is up for the mom of the year award!

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