If you thought Jake’s Bacon Pancakes song was an earworm before, wait until you hear this remix version from Jonathan Mann.

On the plus side, you’ll never forget the recipe. Check out the video after the break…

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air-nomad-fruit-pies-640x425 copy

If you ever watched Avatar: The Last Airbender and got really hungry, we have good news for you. Felicia Berger recently came up with a number of recipes that are inspired by meals from the show. Some of the recipes she’s created include cabbage steak, Air Nomad fruit pies (they look delicious, right?), Water Tribe tentacle soup and Fire Nation turkey leg.

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Standard corn dogs are pretty delicious, but Nick from DudeFoods figured out a rather clever way to ratchet up the flavor factor–he created a corn dog that includes the five different “racing sausages” featured at Milwaukee Brewers home games (bratwurst, chorizo, hot dog, Italian and Polish) along with a batter recipe from

Nick posted a video on Instragram (which you can check out below) that shows how these magnificent corn dogs were created.

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It’s survival 101: if you’re stuck on Hoth, and you’re freezing to death, your tauntaun can be a lifesaver. But, let’s face it, cutting open an actual tauntaun isn’t for the squeamish.

Not so with these tauntaun cookies. They’re packed with delicious gummy worm innards!

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tiger sushi roll

Everyone knows that the only thing better than sushi is sushi that looks like a tiger. With that in mind, this uramaki sushi roll is filled with spicy salmon tartare and topped with a special mango agar gel.

If you’d like to try this yourself, Chef Davy Devaux made a video tutorial for you to follow. Having watched it, I can tell you that I’d never be able to make this, but I’d be perfectly happy to eat it!

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totoro tarts

Today in “This is so adorable, I could just nom it” are these super cute Totoro Black Sesame Tarts by Rachel from KawaiiSweetWorld. The tarts are made with black sesame pudding for Totoro’s grey fur and whipped cream for his tummy.

Rachel was also kind enough to film a tutorial video so you can make your own.

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Instagrammer “Peep My Sneaks” has created deep fried lasagna rolls using lasagna pasta, ground beef, pasta sauce, mozzarella cheese, eggs and panko bread crumbs which are combined into what we can only assume is calorie-packed deliciousness.

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This watermelon shark fruit bowl is easy to make, and it’ll definitely serve as a conversation piece for a Shark Week party–I mean how could a watermelon shark not turn a few heads?

Instructables user Mike Warren came up with the design for the bowl, and there are a number of cool details that he added in for fun. For example, the blue jello makes it look like the shark is rising out of the water, and he tossed in a few gummy fish for good measure.

If you’d like to learn how to make the bowl, head on over to Instructables.

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Australian YouTuber “The Simple Cooking Channel” has taken to the net to teach us all how to make a Rainbow Piñata Cake that is stuffed, and topped, with gummy bears. The process is described as surprisingly easy, requiring only cake mix, food coloring, frosting, and mounds of gummy bears.

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Two of breakfast’s favorite menu items have joined forces to become powerfully delicious bacon French toast roll ups. It’s so simple I don’t know why I didn’t think of it.

Thank the foodie gods that Recipe Tin Eats had a moment of brilliance and shared this marvelous treat with us. And the best part is that you don’t have to be a professional chef to make these salty and sweet snacks at home. Just cook bacon slices as usual, grab some super fresh bread (you don’t need anything fancier than regular sandwich style), roll it, dip it in eggs, and then fry those bad boys up.

I believe we shall all have a wonderful morning, starting tomorrow.

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