You’ve probably seen unicorn poop cookies before, but these cookies take the concept to the next level. Rainbow unicorns that poop rainbow stars!

There is so much rainbow awesome in this video that your head may well explode. It all comes courtesy of My Cupcake Addiction who’s made a great video tutorial so you can make these cookies, too.

See the video after the break.

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For those days when you want more cheese than conventional mac n cheese can provide, there’s these DIY Mac n Cheese Mozzarella Bombs from Amy at Oh, Bite It. The “one of a kind mouth experience like no other” consists of “ooey-gooey balls of mac n cheese” that are “literally exploding with miles of melty mozzarella”.

Thankfully, a recipe has been provided for cheese fiends. If you’re among them, you can check it out on Oh, Bite It.


Our own Geek Girl Diva is currently attending Star Wars Celebration and she’s definitely enjoying herself. Maybe a little too much.

On the plus side, she was sober long enough to shake down bartenders Keith and Brandon of nFuse at the Anaheim Marriott for the recipes of some of the Star Wars-themed cocktails on the menu. The version pictured above is called “The Princess Leia”.


There’s also the “Han Shot First” after the break along with the all the instructions you need to make these drinks at home.

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If the bane of your morning routine is choosing whether to eat Pop-Tarts or cereal for breakfast, then you are in the same boat as the folks at Bustle, who recently decided to solve the problem once and for all by marrying the two in an explosion of flavor and calories. However, if you want to partake in the edible awesome, you’ll have to invest some time into the labor-intensive recipe, as it’s a DIY deal.

Those who are still on board can check out the recipe here. Personally? I’m going to cut regular Pop-Tarts into smaller Pop-Tarts and pour milk on ‘em.

(via Foodiggity)


Here’s a way to create a delicious iced coffee drink without heading out to the coffee shop. Throw some ice cream sandwiches into a blender, add your favorite brew, and blend until you have a rich, creamy shake. This looks delicious and completely addictive.

See it come together in the video after the break.

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Once again, Amy of Oh, Bite It! has provided the Internet with a simple but brilliant over-the-top recipe. This time it’s for glazed cannoli doughnuts, which are described as a “warm, flaky, buttery doughnut filled with that creamy Cannoli goodness that puts a smile on your face”.

She has also issued a warning about their great taste and rapid disappearance, as well as the potential of being hounded for the recipe should you decide to share them with others.

If you’re still game, the simple instructions can be found on Oh, Bite It.


YouTuber “How to Cook That” has demonstrated the creation of a Rainbow tie dye cake with a surprise heart inside – a masterpiece of multicolored cake mixes and fondant that will thrill little girls, hippies, and unicorns alike.

Check out the video recipe after the jump.

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A chocolate dinosaur lollipop is a great idea, but a giant chocolate dinosaur lollipop is a brilliant idea. It was designed by Insructables user Malikivan who originally made it for his girlfriend because she “likes chocolate and dinosaurs”.

Makes sense to us.

He started off the project by making sketches before importing them into Z-brush for final detailing. The dinosaur was milled from a piece of foam using a CNC-milling machine and then turned into a mold using a thermo vacuum machine and a 1 mm thick sheet of plastic. The mold was filled with 1.8 kg of chocolate and the stick is actually a piece of 20 mm PVC pipe.

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Avengers Assemble My Cocktail!


A group called Secret of Booze has a series of YouTube videos that celebrate spirits and nerdiness in perfect harmony. Their latest show is dedicated to drinks based on the Avengers including Thor, Iron Man, Hulk, and of course Captain America. Each episode features your host actually walking you through the mixing for each drink with ingredients posted below the video for reference.

These are going to be perfect for your Age of Ultron themed party! Check out all the videos after the break.

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Donuts just taste more delicious when they are decorated as adorable Disney characters. Food blogger Fork To Belly baked the dozen to look like Mickey, Minnie, Donald, and Daisy. The confections have a 1950s charm about them with their nostalgic costume colors. But most importantly, they are donuts you can totally make at home.

Find out more after the jump. Because… Disney donuts.

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