Bob’s Burgers creator Loren Bouchard is teaming up with blogger Cole Bowden to release a pun-filled Bob’s Burgers cookbook. Bowden’s site, The Bob’s Burgers Experiment, has recreated many of the crazy burgers from the chalkboard in the show so the team-up is a great fit.

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Bouchard will be illustrating with the recipes coming from Bowden who, oddly, comes from a family of vegetarians so he rarely even eats burgers.

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Well, here’s a fine way to get a month’s caloric allotment in one meal. It’s a traditional Hungarian noodle dish called túrós csusza that (in this version at least) features noodles, bacon fat and sugar along with sour cream and cottage cheese. Food blogger Anna Péter shows you how it’s made and it looks absolutely delicious.

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baymax cookies

A touch of Baymax improves any dessert. The white squishy robot from Big Hero 6 is impossibly endearing, and his blob-like shape and round face makes it easy to incorporate him into baked goods. YouTuber Mosogourmet made chocolate cookies and used pre-made marshmallows to create fantastic Baymax marshmallow cookies. I’ll take a dozen, please!

Watch the cookies come together in the video after the break.

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cheesecake doughnuts

When will I learn not to write when I’m hungry? The latest creation from Amy of Oh Bite It is killing me: cheesecake doughnuts! They look so scrumptious that I want to lick my screen. They’re made with cheesecake filling (yes, that’s a thing), biscuits, caramel ice cream topping, and graham cracker crumbs. You fry the biscuits and use a pastry bag to fill the biscuits with the cheesecake filling. Um, yes please.

Get the complete recipe at Oh Bite It.


Fry Scores: An Unofficial Guide to Video Game Grub is the tasty work of Holly Green. The recipes are for beginners so you need not be an expert, but you really should be a gamer. The Sinner’s Sandwich from Deadly Premonition and baked French Toast from the Sims are just a few of the 24 recipes in the downloadable book. There is even a glossary and a tips section to make sure that novice cooks can recreate the gaming goodies.

Check out Holly’s take on Yeto’s Soup from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess after the break.

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star wars girls star wars cocktails

New Year’s Eve festivities may be over, but that doesn’t mean you should stop celebrating. Keep the party spirit alive in 2015 by learning how to make some Star Wars themed cocktails!

LeeAnna Vamp and Stacey Bender of the Star Wars Girls web series recently shared recipes and how-to instructions for light side and dark side cocktails: the Dagobah Delight and the Emperor Palapatini. You’ll have to assemble a few alcoholic supplies, but you should be able to find everything at your local grocery store/booze supplier.

Watch the cute video after the break.

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ginger beards 1

Gingerbread is everywhere you turn this time of year, but what about ginger beards? Jennifer Imhoff-Dousharm has shared her clever idea about making cookies that look like beards over at Kitchen Overlords. The recipe is a straightforward ginger cookie recipe that you then cut into shape using your favorite beard template (you could draw your own pretty easily). You can make Santa beards, Riker beards, or Dumbledore beards. If you don’t cut the ginger cookies out just right, don’t worry, you’ll still have delicious treats to eat.

Check out a couple more pictures of the ginger beards after the break.

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You’ll be happy to be assimilated by the Borg when they arrive in this gingerbread cube. It’s made by using a Borg cube cookie cutter to create all six sides and then gluing them with icing. It makes for a cute ornament or you can use it as a little container to hold more holiday treats.

Check out the full recipe on Nerdist.

doritos cheese ball bites

I’m convinced Amy at Oh Bite It is a sorcerer. She comes up with wild but delicious sounding recipes and churns them out like crazy. Her latest invention revolves around nacho cheese Doritos so you know it’s a winner. She made balls from cream cheese, shredded cheese, and salsa and covered them in crushed Doritos. Easy, colorful, and magical. Making these for your holiday gathering might make you a hero.

Learn more about how to make these cheesy gems at Oh Bite It.

koolaid breaded onion rings

Nick of Dude Foods is back in his weird food lab again, and this time he had to come up with a recipe using a SodaStream Play that he received. Rather than brewing a beverage, he decided to make Kool-Aid breaded onion rings. Specifically, tropical punch Kool-Aid. He made the Kool-Aid with the SodaStream and mixed it with flour and coated sweet onions in the mixture before frying them. This idea goes on the list of interesting recipes that I will never feel compelled to try making at home.

Learn more about this wacky combination at Dude Foods.