On Sunday, the highly anticipated premiere of Game of Thrones season four will air on HBO. As fans look forward to the return of the show’s classic action and drama, they also have another aspect to look forward to: the food.

It’s hard not to notice the elaborate feasts and interesting dishes being enjoyed by the characters in the series. It adds something to the atmosphere of the show that has been important to the story’s setting well before Game of Thrones made the move to TV.

“Food plays a recurring role in the books of A Song of Ice and Fire. Characters are constantly chatting and plotting over a meal. The really big feasts tend to involve major confrontations,” Alan Kistler, author of The Unofficial Game of Thrones Cookbook, told That’s Nerdalicious.

Kistler’s cookbook features over 150 recipes inspired by George R. R. Martin’s fantasy series. Each of the recipes includes a description of the scene it is from and a discussion of the setting, characters, or themes. The cookbook also specifies in which book and chapter the food can be found which is fun for any literary geek who wants to enjoy dishes by their corresponding novel. The good thing is all this information avoids spoilers, so you can try anything without worrying about ruining the story if you’re not caught up yet.

Featuring everything from appetizers to desserts, the cookbook has just what you need if you’re planning to throw a delicious Game of Thrones party for the premiere. After the break, find five fantastic recipes you can try along with insight and tips from Kistler!

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beaker cookie pops

This is a Beaker Cookie Pop. In this case, he’s made with Vienna Fingers cookies, white and orange chocolate, candy eyes, orange peanut M&Ms and a whole lot of imagination.

I’ll be disappointed if you don’t add “Meep Meep” noises while eating them.

Want to cook some up? You can check out the tutorial over at Mouse Ears Mom.

(via Home Geekonomics)

apple pie in apple pie

The hardest part about making apple pie from scratch, or any kind of pie for that matter, is making the crust. It’s just time consuming. Instructables user Juanamac has come up with a way around that makes perfect sense: put it inside an apple! You just need puff pastry (you can buy sheets of it in the freezer aisle), apples, and other basic ingredients. Hollow an apple, put the filling in, add the puff pastry crust, and tada! Cute little apple pie inception!

Get the full recipe and how-to at Instructables.

(via Foodbeast)

chocolate chip shot glass

When we posted pictures of Dominique Ansel’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Shot Glasses a while back, it’s a pretty good guess some of you wondered how to make (and then eat) them.

Which is why it’s so great that someone took the time to figure it out, take pictures and create a handy guide.

A basic picture guide is available after the break…

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nutella hamentashen

Growing up Jewish, I know all about the deliciousness of Hamantaschen, but Just Jenn has taken them to a level that has to be considered divine.

She wrote a recipe for Nutella Hamantaschen.

For those of you not familiar with what Hamantaschen is, Jenn explains:

“Hamantaschen is eaten at Purim, a holiday that celebrates the Jews deliverance from Haman’s evil plot. It’s a cookie that represents Haman’s three cornered hat. Perhaps you’ve heard of the idiom, ‘I’ll eat my hat!’ said when something surely won’t happen, since the plot was foiled we are in fact eating his hat and it’s delicious!”

Plus, Nutella is Kosher. Double yay!

You can get the full details at Just Jenn.

2014-01-29-baking-1 (dragged) copy

I’ve often contemplated whether or not you could make cookies with cookie dough ice cream, and now I know that it’s possible. Joe Satran of HuffPo Taste took a couple of different ice cream brands–including Edy’s, Turkey Hill and Ben & Jerry’s (yes!)–and removed the cookie dough chunks from the various ice creams using a fine-mesh strainer. He then molded the pieces into pseudo-cookie shapes and popped them into an oven for 15 minutes. The picture above shows the cookie dough bits before they went into the oven.

Check out the results after the break…

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What’s the best way to a math nerd’s heart? Cake. Especially pi cake. And lucky for you, Instructables member Anred Zynch posted a recipe for a 3D version that will knock your tastebuds out with sweet, delicious math.

Note: This method also works if you’re planning to build a replica of Stonehenge out of cake.

Head on over to instructables for the complete recipe.

disney cocktail 1

Infusing cocktail creations with Disney characters doesn’t make the booze any less potent, but it does make blending and tossing it back more fun. If you’ve already gone through round one of Disney-themed drinks created by Cocktails by Cody, you’re in luck because he’s posted several more animated libations. His latest round of concoctions feature flavors inspired by Frozen, The Lion King, Alice in Wonderland, and more. It’s time to make a trip to the liquor store and whip up your own brand of Disney magic!

See nine more delectable recipes after the break.

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Rosanna Pansino of Nerdy Nummies made a special treat with a twist in her latest how-to video: Rubik’s Cube Brownies. They look absolutely delicious. In the video, Rosanna guides us through the entire process–from baking the brownies to creating the special edible stickers.

Oh, but guess what the best part is about a Rubik’s Cube Brownie? The only way to solve it is by eating it! I wish you could do that with a real Rubik’s Cube.

Check out the video after the break…

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sandworm bread

Kitchen Overlord is celebrating Dune week, and they’ve been posting wonderful-looking recipes. This spice-filled sandworm bread is my favorite. It’s a sweet, dessert bread that looks pretty close to the Shai-Hulud. The bread is rolled just right to replicate the sandworm’s body, and they used almonds for the teeth. The sandworm takes a little time to make since you’re making bread with yeast, but the results look like they are worth it. Warm bread with spices covered in a cinnamon vanilla glaze? Heck. yes.

Get the entire recipe and instructions at Kitchen Overlord.