Pie Another Day


Word is that Daniel Craig recently turned down a gazillion dollars to continue playing the role of James Bond. That may or may not be true, but if he returns you can celebrate with a pie. If he doesn’t and a new Bond is chosen…celebrate with a pie.

We recommend whipping up a few vodka martinis (actually don’t. Vodka martinis are inferior, not to mention weak when shaken), and this no-bake Oreo “Pie Another Day” pie from Jessica Leigh Clark-Bojin (otherwise known as @ThePieous).

Head on over to Boing Boing to check out the full recipe.


Dan Whalen of “The Food in my Beard” blog recently had a moment of inspiration that led to the creation of the Grilled Cheese Taco.

In place of tortillas or shells, Dan calls for grilled cheese sandwiches made from bread sliced with a “really long bias”, while the stuffing consists of conventional taco favorites.

“The taste is as you would expect,” Whalen explained. “The flavors of a grilled cheese and a taco in one, but it creates something greater than the sum of its parts because of the crazy way it looks and the texture when ground beef starts to soak into the bread. The crisp lettuce and fresh pico is also important to balance out the heavy bread cheese and meat.”

Thankfully, Dan has created an easy recipe that you can check out here. There’s also an additional mouth-watering pic below. [click to continue…]

Jabba The Tart


Piemaker Jessica Leigh Clark-Bojin made these snazzy-looking apple turnovers in the shape of the most visually inconsistent Star Wars character across the entire saga. No, not Yoda (seriously, what was up with his mouth in the prequels?), but… y’know. Jabba The Hutt.

Using just two apples, some patsry and a hint of cinnamon, Jessica has created a version of Jabba the Hutt even Han Solo wouldn’t object to. I mean, probably.

Check out more pics below.

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Mysterious Russian confectioner Olga makes desserts that look like they were painted and polished in an auto body shop.

Her Instagram account features a number of the creations, the secret of which was recently revealed by reddit user SuperDrew124, who provided a list of ingredients and instructions on how to achieve the mirror-like glaze and marbled effect. Check it out below, along with additional examples of Olga’s work.

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Pokemon has maintained its place among the most beloved video game franchises for years. There’s an endless array of merchandise of course, not to mention a plethora of themed foodstuffs.

Now you can make some of your own Pokemon-themed treats with the help of Maki Kudo’s The Pokémon Cookbook: Easy & Fun Recipes, which is coming to North America on December 6th.

The cookbook is said to contain 35 recipes based off of some of the franchise’s most beloved characters. Some of the dishes include the Poké Ball sushi roll, Pikachu-style ramen and mashed “Meowth” potatoes.

Check out an additional pic of the Japanese version below.

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YouTuber “Cocktail Chemistry” obviously believes that drinking a cocktail should be both a visual and a flavor experience. To achieve this end, he’s posted a video showing how to create a drink called the “Smoke Bomb”.

See Also: Learn How To Make A Fancy Ice Ball Cocktail [Video]

The drink, a Black Manhattan, employs a large ice sphere that releases a waft of wood chip smoke when broken that is also said to add a hint of fragrance to the beverage.

Check out the video below.

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Indeed, the container holding this candy is edible. Dave Hax created the vessel out of chocolate and fitted it with the label and lid from a conventional bottle for added realism.

The creation of the “Chocolate Milk Bottle Surprise” is chronicled in the video below, and will no doubt be used in place of conventional pinatas at many a party to come.

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rainbow grilled cheese recipe

You don’t need to travel to Hong Kong to enjoy rainbow grilled cheese.

PopSugar Food has you covered with the video recipe below. Plus, it kicks the sandwich up a notch with sprinkles. Because everything is better with sprinkles.

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Chef Joe Castro of Quest Nutrition in LA likes to experiment with food, and obviously believes that one cookie simply isn’t enough. Therefore he created a chocolate chip cookie-topped chocolate chip cookie.

For the individual cookies, dubbed “Chocolate Chip Qookies”, Castro created a recipe that reportedly upps the protein and surgically removes over half the calories, carbs and fat without altering the flavor. Best of all, he’s provided a recipe, which you can check out in the video below.

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If you’re old enough to remember Dunkaroos, aka the kangaroo-shaped mini cookies dunked in icing, then your wait for their return may finally be over.

Josh Elkin has tackled the product in his series of Snack Back videos, and teaches us how to make the icing with cream cheese, unsalted butter, salt, vanilla extract, powdered sugar and rainbow sprinkles.

Does it stack up to what you had in the school lunches of your youth? Check out the recipe below and find out.

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