Ooh…this is one clever quesadilla.

Head on over to Totally The Bomb for the complete recipe (then make this for dessert).

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Following up on his $1500 scratch-made chicken sandwich, YouTuber “How to Make Everything” traveled over 1100 miles and invested $900 to make a root beer float from scratch.

Unlike the previous creation, the ending to this project was much more positive – however, the new found appreciation you’ll feel for mass production and the grocery store will remain unchanged.

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bb8 cake

I’m an utter disaster in the kitchen, but if anyone with skills could make this adorable BB-8 cake and send it my house, I’d be ever so grateful.

This tasty droid is made using cake, ganache, fondant, modeling chocolate, and a few other things (like a drill) which make it sound like you’re building a real droid.

Check out the tutorial after the break.

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fruitloopscup copy

You might actually look forward to the morning if Froot Loops-covered Oreo chocolate cups are involved.

All you’ll need is some Oreo cookies, chocolate and Froot Loops, and you’ll have yourself an edible (and super delicious) cup in practically no time. Check out the how-to video after the break.

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chocolate bar chewbacca

Using some chocolate candy bars, white chocolate, brown and black fondant, silver luster dust and this template (PDF), you too can make a chewy chocolate bar Chewie.

And this will be his closest friend.

Check out the tutorial video from Ann Reardon of How To Cook That after the break..

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zombie mouth cupcakes

Want to make a terrifyingly realistic zombie mouth cupcake? Head on over to SemadarG’s Instructables page for step-by-step instructions.

Just keep in mind that if you make zombie mouth cupcakes, it’s crucial that you also make this super realistic brain cake.

Then put them together and wait. I’m interested to find out what happens.

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mason jar cookies

SweetAmbsCookies isn’t making a nerdy cookie here. The title of the video is “Mason Jar Cookies With Burlap and Lace!” for chrissake.

The whole thing is very civilized. It features classical music and instructions like:

Pipe leaves with green stiff consistency icing and a tip 3.

It’s hypnotic and inexplicably relaxing. Check it out after the break…

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Yolanda from “How To Cake It” is giving the world the recipe for her ultra realistic Brain Cake just time for Halloween and the new season of The Walking Dead.

Although consisting of Deep Red Velvet cake, fondant and raspberry jam, its appearance will probably be enough to prevent people from trying it. Whether or not that would be a compliment is up to the baker.

Check out the video recipe after the break.

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If you’re on the hunt for a Harry Potter-themed dessert to make for Halloween, then you definitely have to try out Rosanna Pansino’s recipe for pumpkin pasties. Now, the best place to snack on one of these pasties would probably be on a magical train. But since those are in pretty short supply, we suggest parking yourself in front of the TV for a Harry Potter marathon.

Check out the recipe after the break…

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HellthyJunkFood is showing us all how we can live the dream and eat pizza and cake for breakfast. This appropriately named “Breakfast Pizza Cake” is made using pizza crust, Bisquick, eggs, milk and whatever toppings you find appetizing.

While the recipe is open to modification, you can get the basics with the step by step video after the jump.

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