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Neil Gaiman, one of the greatest authors of our age, has agreed to divert his attention from projects like the American Gods series to read the Cheesecake Factory menu in front of a live audience. However, he won’t do it for nothing. I mean, this is a massive undertaking. Have you ever seen their menu? It will be like reading War and Peace on stage. No, he will only do it if we can raise $500,000 for charity. [click to continue…]

When it comes to themed pop-up cafes in Japan, it seems that nothing is off the menu—not even a manga about ghouls that eat human flesh. But there’s a Tokyo Ghoul movie coming out, so what the hell you know? [click to continue…]

Red Lobster took a page out of KFCs big book of marketing gimmicks and developed a lip balm that supposedly tastes like their famous Cheddar Bay Biscuits. [click to continue…]

Hoboken, New Jersey’s Tony Baloney’s is setting itself apart from other pizzerias with this massive pizza that’s topped with tacos and guacamole. Naturally, it was inspired by stoners. [click to continue…]

If you happen to be in the DC area, you simply must make your way to the Cherry Blossom Pub, which is taking over Southern Efficiency and Mockingbird Hill in Shaw until April 15. One half of the bar is all blossoms, while the other half is all Super Mario. Take a closer look in the video below. [click to continue…]

Starting on April 2nd, diners at Trattoria al Forno at Disney’s BoardWalk in Walt Disney World can share their “Bon Voyage Breakfast” experience with some popular Disney characters. [click to continue…]

Last summer Kellogg’s opened a cafe in Times Square that focuses entirely on cereal. Now they’re offering a limited-time Pop-Tart-themed menu that runs through Sunday, February 26th. The over-the-top menu includes everything from Pop-Tart “burritos” to Pop-Tart “pizza” for prices ranging from $8-$12. Check out more heavily quotation marked menu items below. [click to continue…]

You can make a burger with Lego bricks but you can’t make it taste good. That’s been the traditional wisdom up until the Brick Burger restaurant opened up in the Philippines last year. The restaurant is Lego-inspired in just about every way—including it’s burger design. Brick buns are available in yellow, black and red. But that’s not all… [click to continue…]

In addition to tasty noodles, the Fujigaya branch of ramen chain Chinrai, located in Chiba Prefecture’s Kashiwa City, gives you access to Batman’s personal bathroom. [click to continue…]


It looks like Detroit will be the best place to be drunk for New Year’s 2018. That’s because IHOP and Applebees are attempting to revitalize their business by joining forces to open their first combo restaurant inside the Millender Center sometime in late 2017.

The Detroit Free Press reveals that The 12,000-square-foot, 300 seat restaurant will employ 100 people. It will also feature “a coffee bar and Detroit-centric interior design”.

Apparently, the menu is still being developed…but think of the possibilities! With any luck, the concept will expand to other cities sometime in the near future.

(via Mashable)