Dragon Ball fans might need to plan a trip to visit Danke Dinning. The Nagoya, Japan-based restaurant serves edible Dragon Balls. Who knew they were so easy to find?

The Dragon Balls are included in a hot-pot style meal called “Dragon Ball Nabe”. The restaurant makes the balls using collagen jelly and the tiny stars are made using carrots.

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bobs burgers halloween

The Vandal, a Pittsburgh-based restaurant, decided to have a little fun this past Halloween by having the staff dress up as characters from Bob’s Burgers. The entire Belcher gang, from Bob to Tina, were all present and accounted for.

The restaurant also served up plenty of pun-packed dishes like the Curryous George and the I’m a Slav For You burger. Industry Public House, a restaurant across the street, was in on the fun too–they put up a sandwich board sign for Bob’s rival, Jimmy Pesto’s.

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Whirling cogs and brass pipes line every square inch of this amazing steampunk-themed bar in Romania. Interior design company 6th Sense took nearly two years to completely cover the space with kinetic machines.

The Enigma Cafe, located in Cluj-Napoca, Transylvania is being touted as “the world’s first kinetic steampunk bar” with features like a giant illuminated cog clock, old typewriters, gas masks, and brass bulbs suspended from the ceiling. It’s the most impressive steampunk decor I’ve ever seen.

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back to the future food

Japan is famous for fandom-themed cafes, so it’s no surprise that multiple Back To The Future cafes have popped up to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the franchise. In fact, there are no less than five BTTF cafes with movie-inspired drinks, food, decor, and music. Even TV personality and film critic Kon Arimura got in the spirit with his Marty McFly jacket and hoverboard.

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The locations includeTrattoria Paradiso in Tokyo and Sweets Paradise restaurants in Chiba, Osaka, Hyogo, and Okayama.

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Feast your eyes on pastels and rainbows in a very colorful My Little Pony cafe in Harajuku, Japan. Every square inch of this bright pop-up restaurant is decorated with ponies, including the retro characters from our childhood. Even big plush ponies hang out while you gaze at the specialized MLP menu.

It may just be the most adorable cafe on earth. If you can get out there, make sure to check out the MLP cafe before it closes on November 29th.

Top Image: Omotesando Info

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With the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens film fast approaching, L.A. eatery Faith and Flower is jumping on the bandwagon with a limited time (now through December) off-menu dessert tray.

According to Eater LA, the tray will feature chocolates crafted by head pastry chef Josh Graves. Some of the tasty treats will include a chocolate Death Star bon-bon, Han Solo encased in chocolate carbonite and a chocolate Millennium Falcon.

These are being touted as “handcrafted”, but it seems as though you could easily reproduce everything with one of the many, many Star Wars-themed molds out there.

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keyboard waffle 4

Feel like traveling for a little dessert breakfast? This delicious looking keyboard waffle dessert is served in the cafe at the Nexon Computer Museum in South Korea.

Not only do you get a keyboard waffle, but you get a pastry mouse and some delectable looking sides.

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The “Metal Gear Cafe” recently opened as a pop-up restaurant in Paris, featuring such menu items as “Le Big Boss Burger”, “Hot Diamond Dogs”, Phantom cocktails, and Mother Base-themed desserts. The cafe is filled with Metal Gear Solid memorabilia for sale, a playable arcade console, and it’s completely decked out in MGS decor.

The cafe is only open until the release of the new game on September 1st. I can’t help but wonder if the wait staff is trained to repeat your order as a question.

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international peace day mcwhopper

We all know that Burger King and McDonald’s have been bitter rivals for decades. The Big Mac vs. Whopper debate is just one of many in the battle known as the “Burger Wars”.

Surprisingly, Burger King extended an olive branch to their competitor and suggested they call a cease fire and work together to sell a McWhopper hybrid burger. It would be available for one-day-only in honor of Peace One Day, a nonprofit group that works to raise awareness of the International Day of Peace.

BK set up a fantastic website with the proposal at and took out full-page ads in both the New York Times and Chicago Tribune with an open letter to McDonald’s. Honestly, it’s pretty amazing and all McDonald’s would need to do is say “yes.”

Unfortunately, it turns out that giving peace with BK a chance isn’t what Mickey D’s had in mind.

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Yes, I wrote “official” and “three”.

JT Network–owner of a large chain of DC Comics Super Hero retail stores scattered throughout Singapore, China, Macau, Hong Kong and Malaysia–also owns two officially licensed DC Comics Super Hero Cafes in Malaysia. Kusto Lifestyle Concepts is currently aiming to open a third restaurant in Singapore on September 1.

The restaurant, which will be based at The Shoppes in Marina Bay Sands, will offer a preview of its menu at the annual Epicurean Market this coming weekend. DC fans can expect to enjoy such delights as the Aquaman Justice Prawn Cocktail, Superman Man of Steel BBQ Chicken Burrito and the Dark Knight Mini Wagyu Beef Burger. The other cafes feature items like a Wonder Woman turkey roll and Green Arrow Mint Tea.

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