Fast food fanatics will no doubt be flocking to St. Joseph, Missouri to take advantage of an all-you-can-eat fries offer from a new McDonald’s that will open in July.

But this won’t be just any McDonald’s. This new location is being touted as the “McDonald’s of the future”—a 6,500 sq ft restaurant that will also offer new menu items, customizable burgers, a private play room and push-button table-side service.

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From cat cafes to owl cafes, Japan has it all. So it’s not really a surprise that Tokyo’s Roppongi district is home to the world’s first hedgehog cafe.

At the Harry cafe, you can pet and play with hedgehogs for roughly $9 (Or 1,000 yen) an hour. And if you happen to find a pincushion compadre that you can’t part with, you can adopt a hedgehog at the cafe too.

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sailor moon burger

Get ready to please your tastebuds by moonlight! As we get closer to the third season of Sailor Moon Crystal, a pop-up cafe in Tokyo’s Roppongi is introducing a burger that would make Usagi’s mouth water.

With a pink bun and an adorable design, the burger will be just one of the magical (and expensive at 1,600 yen / $14.34) items on the menu at the Chibiusa Cafe during it’s run from April 16th to June 19th. Even though it looks a little weird, it seems fit for a magical girl who needs to fuel up before kicking some butt.

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If you’re in Japan or thinking of making the trip soon, consider grabbing your talking cat and heading down to Tokyo or Osaka, where all-new outer senshi-themed desserts and drinks have come to the adorable Sailor Moon Crystal-themed cafes in town.

The drinks sound delicious: Moon Spiral Peach Tea, Pink Sugar Milk, Space Sword Blue Soda, Deep Aqua Melon Soda, and Garnet Orb Au Lait.

Anion Station will be dedicating two of its chain stores to the newest season of Sailor Moon Crystal, as we gear up to meet Sailor Neptune, Uranus, and Saturn (Pluto has already featured in the show, and it was awesome).

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Cutthroat Kitchen host Alton Brown recently joined forces with restaurant chain Umami Burger to create a breakfast burger that looks absolutely amazing.

Dubbed the “Alton Burger”, the creation consists of a beef patty with bacon lardons, mashed up cheesy tots, cheddar, miso-maple bacon strips, homemade coffee-flavored ketchup, a sunny side up egg, and fried sage.

The burger will not only benefit your taste buds, but also charity, as $1 will be donated to the Make-a-Wish Foundation with every sale. The burger will reportedly be available at all Umami Burger locations from until April 24th.

Watch Brown provide his patented sciency overview of the burger in the video below.

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Ladies and gentlemen, another rung in the ladder towards the future promised to us by Wall-E is here – Domino’s has partnered with Australian company Marathon Targets to develop the DRU, or Domino’s Robotic Unit, which will autonomously deliver a pizza from the store right into your mouth. Well, not your mouth, but y’know. Close enough.

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Oh, and you have to be living in Queensland, which is in Australia, which is on the bottom of the planet, and is therefore upside-down all the time. So, y’know, get extra cheese so that the toppings stay on.

More info, and a snazzy demo video below.

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The Universal Orlando Blog has revealed plans to bring an unofficial, but definitely Willy Wonka-inspired restaurant to CityWalk sometime “later this year”.

The Toothsome Chocolate Factory will transport you into a 19th century-inspired Steampunk chocolate factory. You’ll indulge your appetite amidst towering smoke stacks, funky gadgetry, and staff wearing unique Steampunk fashion.

As cool as that sounds, the food looks like it will be even better…

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kb-22 copy

If you’re a fan of Studio Ghibli’s 1989 film Kiki’s Delivery Service, then you’ll be happy to know that there’s a bakery in Japan made just for you.

This fun bakery inspired by the film is pretty darn cute, and it’s jam-packed with tasty pastries. A RocketNews reporter stopped by the bakery (it’s based in Yufuin Floral Village, a shopping complex in the Oita Prefecture of Kyushu) and she snapped some fun pictures of the quaint, European-style bakery and sampled a couple of delicious goodies too.

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dnd burgers

Canada’s Storm Crow Alehouse sounds like our kind of place. For one thing, they hired artist Noah Stacey to create a D&D-style burger alignment chart and character cards. Apparently, you can roll a burger there just like a character.

Clearly, this is right next to the Sistine Chapel in terms of a commission’s impact on art history.

Check out the completed cards below.

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When it comes to fine dining for Valentine’s Day, KFC wouldn’t show up on anyone’s radar, and for obvious reasons. However, the UK branch of the chain is hoping to change that perception by offering a date night table service.

The experience will reportedly include tables dressed with linen napkins, silver candelabras, vases of flowers, and a soft drink sommelier. It will also take place at their at Fishergate restaurant near Preston in Lancashire – considered their most “romantic” location because it served as the meeting spot for a couple that has now been married for 44 years and still visit for weekly date nights.

This is how KFC is selling it:

“A spicy zinger burger is all you need for love at first bite and our table is perfect for any hot date this Valentine’s Day. Our date night table offers diners the finest window seat with an exclusive view of Fishergate High Street, a perfect setting for our finger lickin’ good chicken.”

Finger lickin’ lonely is probably a more realistic outcome. Hey, while you’re at it, why not treat your lady to some Doritos roses?

But if I’m wrong, and the if the experiment proves successful, the company plans to roll out the service across the UK.

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