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If you are a fan of the movie Chef, you’ll enjoy this. If you appreciate food porn, you’ll enjoy this. If you’re really hungry right now, we’re very sorry.

Jon Favreau made some Cuban sandwiches for the Super Bowl and GOOD LORD.

Check out more mouth-watering pics and a recipe of sorts in the gallery below.

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colbert blt

Stephen Colbert’s world came crashing down yesterday when he ordered a BLT for breakfast and he noticed, too late, that it came without the “T”.

In my world, as long as I have my “B” life is worth living. I don’t even need the other “B” for bread. Just put a pile of bacon on my desk and back away. It can be on the floor even. I don’t care.

However, Stephen’s passion for a correct BLT knows no bounds. As you’ll see in the following video from The Late Show, he will stop at nothing to right this terrible wrong.

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If you’re a Jets fan, you probably think there’s nothing that can be done to make the team palatable. However, their home turf at MetLife Stadium may have found a way to keep you coming to the games while helping to offset the bitter taste of defeat with this new Jumbo Jet Breakfast Bagel. The 10″ everything bagel boasts two pounds of sausage, four slices of American cheese, potato hash, and four fried eggs in addition to a side of “Jet Fuel” in the form of a spicy green chimichurri sauce – all for the staggeringly high price of $50.

Hopefully they’ll create a version of this for Giants games as well, because they way things are shaping up, their fans will need it more.

(CBS via Eater)


YouTuber “How To Make Everything” spent six months and a whopping $1,500 to make a single sandwich, creating every ingredient from scratch. The process included growing his own vegetables, making his own salt from ocean water, milking a cow to make cheese, grinding flour from wheat, collecting honey, and butchering a chicken (which is hard to even watch if you ask us).

The result: “not bad”.

At least he got a viral video out of it – and you can check it out after the jump. You’ll never be so thankful for the grocery store.

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You can squish your eggs into Star Wars shapes and do the same for sandwiches with Vader, R2, and a Stormtrooper. Now, your sandwiches can be truly cutting edge with Episode VII Millennium Falcon, BB-8, and First Order Stormtrooper versions.

I suppose which one you eat first will show your allegiance to the light or dark.

Product Pages: Millennium Falcon / First Order Stormtrooper/ BB-8 ($16.99)

sandwiches_world copy

It seems like just about every nation on Earth has whipped up their take on a sandwich. Food, People, Places created a short video that highlights thirteen of these sandwiches from around the world, including the Danish Smorrebrod, the Gatsby from South Africa and my personal favorite, the Vietnamese Banh Mi. Yeah, I just got really hungry.

Check out the video after the break…

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goku sandwich

Goku is not messing around when it comes to making a sandwich for lunch as this video by FOXADHD demonstrates. He needs bread and bacon and lettuce and he will have them come heck or high water. It really would be a lot easier and less destructive if he just planned a run to the grocery store.

See the video after the break (you might want to turn your volume down).

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sandwich chart

There are so many wonderful sandwiches out there and this chart captures some of the most famous from around the world. From Pop Chart Lab:

Lettuce introduce you to our most impressive sub-mission yet: A savory chart of sandwiches! Featuring an internationally inspired, mouthwatering menu of nearly 90 hand-drawn heroes, gyros, and much, much more—from the basic Bologna to the revered Reuben to the veritable food-pocalypse that is the gut-busting Gatsby—each enticing edible has been deconstructed into its various components and sorted by primary ingredient, along with notations for country of origin and serving temp. An open-faced love letter to the super-heroes of lunchtime, this delectable diagram makes delightful decor no matter how you slice it.

You can buy the chart as a print and hang it on your wall so you’re never short on new sandwich ideas.

Product Page ($29 via Laughing Squid)


While Radio Free Europe was on a visit to Chernobyl, they came upon a fox and decided to share their sandwiches with the little guy. Instead of eating it all right away, he chose to save some for later.

There are quite a few pieces of bread and meat, but the fox works at it until he manages to build a five-decker sandwich in his mouth. It is presumed that the fox wasn’t afraid of humans because so few are seen inside the Chernobyl exclusion zone.

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pound cake bacon nutella sandwich

Amy of Oh Bite It has done it again with this sandwich. All it takes is some pound cake that’s been buttered and grilled, bacon, Nutella and a complete disregard for your diet.

Head on over to Oh Bite It for more pics and complete details on the recipe.