Behold the ultimate in late-night, drunken fast food! Yes, what you’re looking at is the cheddar chicken biscuit. It’s half Red Lobster cheddar bay biscuit, and half Chick-Fil-A fried chicken filet, and it was invented by several friends from San Francisco. It looks like someone named Brittany Forks came up with the concept in a moment of sheer genius that gave her “palpitations”.

We’re with you on that Brittany.

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Well, we all know that Doug, the creator of Dude Foods, has a thing for concocting food creations that feature mountains of beef and gooey cheese. His most recent invention, the grilled cheese-stuffed burger, is no exception. He made three grilled cheese sandwiches (he used thick Texas toast for the buns), and he took one of the sandwiches, sliced it into a circle and packed ground beef around it before grilling. Now that is one intense burger!

Check out the full recipe on Dude Foods.


Arby’s recently broke a Guinness World Record for the longest commercial with a 13-hour epic designed to promote their Smokehouse Brisket sandwich. The sangie features smoked beef brisket along with smoked gouda, mayo, fried onions and a smoked BBQ sauce.

The commercial ran on May 24 in Duluth, Minnesota, but became available online yesterday. If you missed it, you can watch the 13-hour meat channel after the break.

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ramen grilled cheese

The possibilities for grilled cheese and ramen noodles cannot be overstated; people are constantly coming up with recipes that feature each snack in a new and different way. And Nick from Dude Foods? He realized he could combine them for a new cheesey-carbtastic treat: the Ramen Noodle Grilled Cheese Sandwich.

First, he cooked a block of ramen noodles according to the directions on the packaging and let them cool. Then, he turned them into imitations of bread slices by adding egg and refrigerating them. Finally, he added cheese and cooked the ramen noodle “bread” like it was a normal grilled cheese sandwich.

Is it better than ramen burgers? You’ll have to fix them both and let us know.

Get the full how-to over at Dude Foods.


This ode to Game of Thrones is called the Kaleesi Burger as it is both a tribute to the Mother of Dragons and contains not beef, but kale. Kaleesi—get it? Hahahaha…eh.

Smokey morsels of crisped shiitake “bacon,” crown a regal beet gratin, smothered in Red Dragon cheese on top of a crunchy, berberre-rubbed kale patty, heirloom tomato, and slathering of sumac aioli.

Sounds a heck of a lot better than raw horse heart.

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This towering sandwich has a food for every single letter of the alphabet stacked between two pieces of bread. It was made by Nick Chipman of Dude Foods who also built the McEverything sandwich with one of every McDonald’s sandwich.

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Nick from Dude Foods came up with a burger recipe that sounds very appealing–at least to me: a deep-fried Doritos breaded burger. Honestly, I’m a big fan of putting chips in my sandwiches (there is nothing, I repeat, NOTHING, wrong with that), so this burger was a home-run in my book. Nick took a 1/3 pound burger patty, coated it in flour, egg and crushed Doritos and then deep-fried the meaty goodness for 30 seconds. He also piled lettuce, tomato, bacon and sour cream (interesting choice) onto the burger before indulging a bit.

On that note, Nick’s Doritos breaded burger will be served at Leff’s Lucky Town in Milwaukee starting tomorrow and ending on the 31. Buying one of these burgers helps a great cause too: One dollar from every burger will go towards Autism Speaks and their Light It Up Blue Campaign. So if you’re in the area, stop by, and if not, buy a plane ticket or hop in a car or hot air balloon and then stop by!

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sochi ring fail sandwich

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grilled cheese cake

Tired of birthday cakes made with sugar and chocolate? Change it up by ordering an epic grilled cheese cake from the American Grilled Cheese Kitchen in San Francisco.

This epic cake is comprised of 24 sandwiches stuffed with cheddar and Monterey jack cheeses. The frosting? Cheddar freaking cheese. Add-on options include bacon and jalapenos. You’ll have to fork over $100 for the cheesy dessert, but you can also take inspiration and make your own version at home.

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Subway, the popular sandwich chain, is currently in the process of removing a controversial chemical from its bread, according to the Associated Press.

The chemical, called azodicarbonamide, is used in the expansion of various polymers, including natural and synthetic rubbers, polyvinyl chloride and polyolefins, according to the World Health Organization.

The company’s announcement came out roughly a day after Vani Hari, a popular food blogger, started a petition on her website to encourage Subway to stop using the chemical.

Hari notes in her petition that Subway uses the chemical to produce its bread quickly and cheaply, but that the compound is used by other manufacturing companies to produce rubber-based products such as yoga mats and shoe soles. She also notes that the chemical has been linked to certain health issues, such as asthma, allergies, respiratory problems and cancer.

A representative from Subway told the Associated Press that the move to do away with the chemical in the company’s bread production was already underway before the petition was launched. However, the representative did not give any further details on when the removal process would end.

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