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Believe it or not, there’s actually a sushi chef in Japan that makes sushi using only a single grain of rice.

In a short video shot by Reuters, the man behind the mini-sushi mentions that it all started as a practical joke for a customer. But once he started making the tiny treats, he kept wanting to experiment to see how small he could make them. Fun fact: it takes him five minutes to make each piece, while in comparison, it takes him only one minute to make a normal piece of sushi.

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There are all sorts of crazy Doritos flavors out there but this latest one might be the weirdest. It’s a new limited edition shrimp mayonnaise flavor that’s available through the middle of March. As you’ve probably guessed, you can only get them in Japan.

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It’s a turkey stuffed with an octopus. With crab legs sticking out from the sides. With three slices of bacon on top because bacon makes everything better. The “Cthurkey” was made by Rusty Eulberg of Lubbock, Texas a few years ago with the help of his wife, Jenny. According to an interview in Gothamist:

“We wanted to do something unique for Christmas dinner with friends of ours. Jenny is a big fan of Cthulhu so we went and bought some crab legs and some octopus and bacon and cooked them all separate and slapped them together on a plate, and that was it. The next year I made a Cthicken; the same thing using squid instead of octopus and a chicken.”

I don’t care how much delicious bacon they wrap this thing in, there is no way I’m eating that for dinner. No. Way.

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crab centipede dinner

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Talk about talented: A Japanese sushi chef who goes by the name “Tama-Chan” creates sushi rolls that are pure works of art.

He recreates classical pieces of art, like Edvard Munch’s The Scream or Johannes Vermeer’s Girl with a Pearl Earring, with pieces of sushi, and just to make it even more amazing, “Tama” puts all of the relevant ingredients together with the idea that once the sushi is assembled and then cut into rolls, then (and only then) will the cross-section resemble said pieces of art.

Is your mind blown, yet? Talk about a pretty detailed imagination.

Tama has started teaching classes in Tokyo’s Omotesando neighborhood too. So, if you’re ever in town, go check him out!

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Ever wonder what a dragon roll is really supposed to look like?

Instagram user @mydefpony knows the truth. Thanks for the clever pic!

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sushi tank

These sushi tanks were created at Kurisakiya restaurant in Ōarai, Ibaraki, Japan in recognition of Japanese anime and manga series Girls und Panzer:

“The military girls anime is set in the town of Oarai in Ibaraki Prefecture, which is where Kurisakiya is located. Thus, tank sushi! Girls und Panzer< features real Oarai locations, and that helps create local tourism: Anime fans often like visiting real-world locales featured in their favorite cartoons."

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Mister Donut makes all sorts of tasty, cream-filled treats, but in Thailand they look a bit different. You can buy boxes of Sushi Donuts that look like ebi, tamago, maguro and salmon, with frosting instead of fish. This would likely be a version of sushi that anyone would be happy to eat.

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attack of the giants

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big daddy lunch

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