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This chicken wing throne by Josh Elkin has me picturing Westeros populated by a bunch of craft beers.

Maybe the White Walkers would be a group of ice cold Buds, buying up their craft beer enemies to serve them.

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TJ Miller of Deadpool and HBO’s Silicon Valley hooked up with “First We Feast” for a unique interview that features him and his interviewer eating progressively hotter wings.

The discussion includes topics such as Deadpool, hecklers and relationships with a liberal peppering of humor, snot, coughing, milk drinking and bets about who will puke first.

Watch it below.

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If there’s one thing that Deadpool loves more than breaking the fourth wall and swearing, it’s chimichangas! As a nod to the Deadpool movie and its star Ryan Reynolds, Cantina Dos Segundos in Philadelphia added a new dish to their menu: the Deadpool Poutine Chimichanga. I’m sure Ryan would appreciate the nice Canadian touch to the dish, and Deadpool… well, Deadpool would definitely love this delicious-looking chimichanga.

Cantina Dos Segundos posted the dish’s ingredients on Instagram:

Braised short rib, French fries, Fried cheese curd Black beans, Bacon, Pickled red onion & jalapeño. served with a side of short rib au jus, topped with sour cream onion, scallion, cilantro.

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It’s spicy, delicious and now it’s super portable too! It’s taken forever, but Sriracha will finally be available in small condiment packets. There’s no word on when you might see these packets popping up at your favorite local eatery, but you can purchase the packets for yourself at Sriracha2Go’s website. It’s $14.99 for 50, or $34.99 for 200.

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There’s danger in every bag of Doritos Roulette. Most of the chips are nacho cheese flavored, but one in every six chips is described by Frito-Lay Senior Marketing Director Jeff Klein as “melt-your-face” hot.

Doritos Roulette was first rolled out in Canada and Mexico but will be available in the U.S. for the next 12 weeks. You can follow the marketing campaign on Twitter at #DoritosRoulette for a chance to win prizes.

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The story begins with a husband (Redditor “Toastedchillies”) who loves to cook and provides his wife with a daily bagged lunch. However, the wife soon complained that her food was disappearing once every couple of days. To identify and discipline the thief, a plan was hatched between the pair to bait the fridge with buffalo wings which had been laced with Ghost chili powder and a couple of drops of Blair’s 4am Reserve, which is more than 7,000 times spicier than Tabasco and is apparently supposed to be portioned out with 1 drop per 5 litres of liquid.

After testing some of the concoction to ensure he wasn’t about to kill someone (he describes himself as “a bit of a chilli head”), he sent the revenge wings off with his wife.

“Needless to say just before lunch, there was a shrill from the kitchen, a young male colleague decided to help himself the my wife’s lunch which was clearly marked with her name. He ran to the toilet and vomited over and over. Apparently the moans sounded like he was dying. My wife just sat there innocently pretending nothing was wrong. Needless to say she has not lost a single lunch since.”

Swift and satisfying justice if you ask me.

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There’s nothing that can’t be made a little better with sriracha, including ketchup. That having been said, Heinz is introducing a new Sriracha ketchup that you’ll soon be able to find in stores everywhere for $2.69 a bottle. What will they make sriracha-flavored next?

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This meal masquerading as a bacon sriracha cronut was made by the mad scientists ad DK’s Donuts of Orange in California. The taste is something you won’t soon forget according to 7 Deadly who notes:

However, the first bite makes it clear that the cronut-gimmick is merely a vehicle for the punch-in-the-face flavors of the thick Sriracha glaze and generous amount of candied bacon sprinkled on top.

If you’re looking for something “delicate,” this is not the donut for you. This savory behemoth is a Sriracha-soaked, protein-packed meal that just happens to be on a cronut-like pastry. There’s a faint hint of sugar from the dough, but that quickly gets lost as the spicy, meaty heat overwhelms every square centimeter of your tongue.

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This would surely make cronut creator Dominique Ansel cry.

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If you’re someone who puts Sriracha hot sauce on everything, then we’ve got your new favorite beer. Rogue is introducing Sriracha Hot Stout which will debut next month with a 6% ABV. They’re still finalizing the details, but expect coffee notes and the searing heat of hot sauce to burn your drunken taste-buds.

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