Sugar Rush

fruity crisp oreo

It’s “Fruity Crisp” not “Fruity Pebbles”. Totally different*

There have been many, many limited edition novelty Oreo flavors—but this is the first we’ve seen that are inspired by cereal (and a brand not owned by Nabisco at that). It is expected to hit stores next week.

Oh, and there’s also a Blueberry Pie version that’s coming exclusively to Target. Meh.

Cereal Oreos! Think of the possibilities! Cereal Oreo cereal in the morning perhaps?

*Totally not different.

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articulated batman cookie top

The next step in cookie evolution comes to us from Yankee Girl Yummies in the form of an articulated Batman cookie.

Apparently, licorice was used to tie his joints together—but that method ultimately failed. The good news is that we are one step closer to the dream of action cookies. [click to continue…]

Pie Another Day


Word is that Daniel Craig recently turned down a gazillion dollars to continue playing the role of James Bond. That may or may not be true, but if he returns you can celebrate with a pie. If he doesn’t and a new Bond is chosen…celebrate with a pie.

We recommend whipping up a few vodka martinis (actually don’t. Vodka martinis are inferior, not to mention weak when shaken), and this no-bake Oreo “Pie Another Day” pie from Jessica Leigh Clark-Bojin (otherwise known as @ThePieous).

Head on over to Boing Boing to check out the full recipe.


Baker and sugar artist Mike McCarey–owner of Mike’s Amazing Cakes–crafted this fun mashup-cake inspired by Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

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As you can see, each layer features a different character: the bottom layer is Kylo Ren, the middle is Rey, and the top one is BB-8.

(via Between The Pages)


I never thought I’d say this, but wow does that giant ant look tasty. Mike’s Amazing Cakes crafted this wonderful sugar art/cake-recreation of Scott Lang (aka Ant-Man) riding the his beloved carpenter ant, Antony.

Check out more pics below.

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cap vs iron man milkshakes

The battle between Captain America and Iron Man has raged on screen and off, from social media to comic books, to Captain America: Civil War, but Black Tap in NYC has just taken the battle to a new level.


This may be the hardest (and most delicious) decision yet! Watch the video below. UPDATE: Video removed. But check out their Instagram page for more mouth-watering milkshakes.


Not much is known about this cat. All we have are these pictures of it really, really enjoying a cake in a little birthday hat. That’s all the Internet needed.

The entire series of photos can be seen below. Let’s assume that the cake is made from some with cat-safe ingredients. With that in mind, you can commence cuteness overload.

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Chef Marc Marrone of the Arlington Club in New York City is the genius behind this giant S’moretrooper dessert. There aren’t any details on how the stormtrooper was sculpted, but there’s no shortage of nerdy ice trays/molds out there that could be used for something like this.

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cannoli donut

Hungry? We’re sincerely sorry about tempting you with this glorious cannoli-filled donut. However, if you live near MadaVera’s bakery in Spring Hill, Florida then you can actually satisfy your unholy urges.

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We’ve seen other takes on the cannoli donut concept – but man, these look delicious.

(via Reddit)


The Bagel Nook in Freehold, New Jersey has created a new frankenfood called “Oreo Overload” that consists of an Oreo bagel that’s stuffed with Oreos and Oreo cream cheese.

Besides living up to its name, the bagel is also apparently delicious, being described by one customer as “the best thing she’s ever had”.

Check out more pics below.

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