Sugar Rush


This R2-D2 cake by Mira que tarta, is a definite winner in my book. The details are great, and I’m just waiting for the little guy to start beeping at any second.

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teeny sugar party

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If the plan is to do a Super Mario cake for your wedding, you might as well go big.

Just curious, do I have to eat the whole cake in order to rescue the princess? Because I’m totally up to the task.

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aerosol cake

John McCallum and Brooke Nowakowski have done something brilliant: they’ve made Spray Cake. After much trial and error, the two Harvard students have produced a type of cake batter you can put in an aerosol can and spray into a baking dish. It gets better because it’s also microwaveable. You could nuke a cupcake in about 30 seconds. Of course, you could also eat it straight from the can.

The duo are currently in the process of patenting the idea and have already found a seller. Once they find a manufacturer, it’s only a matter of time before this product will be available on grocery store shelves.

As for the taste, bakery star Joanne Chang has tasted the cakes and given them her seal of approval. I predict they’ll make buckets of money with this invention.

Learn more about the Spray Cake in the video after the break.

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This Totoro cake, created by Mike’s Amazing Cakes, is pretty darn cute. But where’s Catbus? Now that’s a birthday cake I want to see.

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If you’re hosting a meeting of Hydra agents, there’s only one thing to serve for dessert: pie-dra. This geeky and threatening pie was made by Instagram user elholowicki, and even if it’s against my beliefs, I’d happily eat this pie. Hail Pie-dra!

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How do you make a Twinkie better? Well, if you said dip it in gold and serve it on a platter made from a unicorn’s wishes and dreams you’d be close, but wrong. For one, eating gold isn’t very good for you. No, the best way to improve a Twinkie is by dipping it in delicious chocolate. Thankfully, Hostess is bringing back it’s classic chocolate-dipped Twinkies (aka the Chocodile) starting this week.

Since the late ’90s, these Chocodiles were previously only available on the West Coast, but now they’re being released nationwide in a wide variety of flavors (fun size only), including chocolate creme, strawberry creme and banana creme flavors.

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These gorgeous cookies are the work of Butterwinks, a baker based out of Spring Hill, Florida. Each of these works of art is created by hand so they’re a time-consuming effort. There are wonderfully nerdy cookies themed for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Star Wars, and even Nintendo. If ever there were cookies too pretty to eat, these would be the ones.

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Crumbs Bake Shop abruptly closed its doors on Monday, but all hope is not lost. What’s being billed as the last cupcake from Crumbs is currently up for auction on eBay.

This cupcake was purchased at the Crumbs Bake Shop on 42nd Street. Little did Likeable Media know it would be the last “Birthday Cupcake” we ever purchased. Now we’d like to pass on the joy to you! We are going to freeze it to make sure it doesn’t go stale. But best bet is to use the BUY IT NOW option.

The cupcake already has bids, so it’s going to sell for at least several hundred dollars! Hey, in an age when a potato salad kickstarter can raise over $50,000, a cupcake going for hundreds should be no surprise.

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If you’re planning on hosting a little shindig–or you just want to treat yourself a little bit–you should try making these Pop Rocks Firecracker Truffles. Jessica from How Sweet It Is came up with these tasty little treats for her Fourth of July post, but you can make them just about anytime during the year. You’ll need a whole mess of Pop Rocks, as well as a pretty hearty sweet tooth too.

If you’d like to check out the recipe head on over to How Sweet It Is.