Sugar Rush

cupcake oreos

We first heard about the existence of Hostess cupcake-inspired Oreos back in October, but Nabsico has made it official. Look for these limited edition cookies to hit store shelves on February 8th.

On that note, buckle up for even more flavors in 2016. Nabisco’s Wonder Vault campaign is already in full swing, and several new flavors are expected in the coming months.

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An artist named Kylie from Letterpress Bakery, is said to be Vancouver’s premier 3D cake designer. I believe it based on this amazing Simpsons / Star Wars mashup cake featuring a 3D, edible sculpture of Homer Simpson dressed as a Stormtrooper (which was inspired by the artwork of Ephin Cozmo).

Her process is detailed in the video below, and while watching it, you may catch yourself wearing the same overjoyed expression as Homer himself.

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instagram brownies

Now you can Instagram a pic of the Instagram brownies you made.

On the most recent episode of Nerdy Nummies, Rosanna Pansino walks us through the process of making fun chocolate and peanut butter Instagram brownies. Check out the video below.

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There’s no place like NYC, and they have the awesome milkshakes to prove it! Black Tap is creating next level milkshakes that are just our kind of crazy.

These milkshakes contain all the best sugary ingredients, from cookies to cotton candy to lollipops and s’mores! This is what dreams are made of.

Check out more examples below.

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On Monday, Nabisco gave the world the gift of cinnamon bun-flavored Oreos, ending the months long wait by sandwich cookie devotees. The new offering combines cinnamon-flavored cookies with cinnamon bun and frosting-flavored creme.

If cinnamon buns aren’t your thing, the company also announced that their Red Velvet Oreos will also return to shelves for Valentine’s Day.

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Prepare to obsess over the “Fried Maltella”, a giant ball of fried vanilla ice cream, Nutella, crushed Maltesers malt balls and hot, salted caramel sauce.

Unfortunately, the only way to try it is to visit Sydney-based café Piccolo Me, or figure out how to make it yourself.

Eating it will likely spark a massively unhealthy obsession. Not being able to eat it will likely cause you to descend into madness. Either way, it will be your downfall.

Check out a Vine video of the Fried Maltella below, along with more mouth-watering pics—if you can handle it.

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In the anime series One Piece, Devil Fruits are strange fruits that, when consumed, can grant the eater unique powers and abilities. While a real-world version of a Devil Fruit doesn’t exist (bummer, huh?), cakes that are shaped like Devil Fruits were available recently in South Korea for 50,000 Korean Won, or about $41.

The cakes went on sale last year for a limited run, and they were apparently gobbled up pretty quickly. One Piece fans could purchase two kinds of cakes: A Gomu Gomu no Mi-themed cake which, in the series, allowed eaters to become all bendy like rubber; as well as a Mera Mera no Mi-themed cake, which granted the ability to control fire.

Some additional pics of the cakes are available below, and man oh man, do they look tasty!

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The Star Wars universe can be a rough place. It’s good to have some friends on your side. And by “friends” I mean cute cookies. Cute cookies make everything better.

In addition to the original series featuring Luke, Leia, Yoda, Chewie, C-3PO, and R2-D2, there are two cookie cutter packs available in the Star Wars Rebel Friends series: one that’s Hoth-themed and another that’s Endor-themed. See the latter below.

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magneto cake top

Have a thing for Magneto? Well it’s no Michael Fassbender or Ian McKellen, but cake is a pretty good alternative if I do say so myself.

This fabulous creation is the work of Carla Puig for Comicake 2015, which is an awesome event where bakers from Spain, Mexico, and Argentina create comic-themed goodies. The perfect combination!

Check out another pic below.

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Just when you thought you couldn’t love Disney more, Erin Jang went and made some of your favorite characters edible.

While sweet-toothed friends will fall for cotton candified Marie and Airheaded Flounder, even healthy eaters can appreciate the veggified version of Arlo.

Check out more examples below.

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