Sugar Rush


Going toe-to-toe with a Rancor will usually end up with you being eaten. Well, thanks to this Star Wars-themed cake by Ana Remigio with Cupcakes & Dreams Portugal, the tables have been turned—now it’s your turn to eat a Rancor! Sure, this Rancor is made from frosting and cake batter, but you get my point.

Check out more pics below.

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The latest additions to Bandai’s character-shaped sweet line feature two Doraemon-inspired treats based on Japanese confections commonly eaten during tea ceremonies.

The treats cost about 280 yen (US$2.50) each and can be found at Aeon Super Centers and Max Valu, Daei, and Aeon stores around Japan (excluding Okinawa) starting this week.

Take a closer look below.

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10 Flavors. One Cone.

ten flavor cone top

Awwwwwwww daaaaamn…

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moltengummy copy

You probably already have good idea about what happens when you pour molten copper all over a 5-pound gummy bear. But, darn it, it’s still fun to watch the magic happen!

Watch a yummy gummy transformed into a gooey monstrosity in the video below.

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Cafe DALA 100%-CHOCOLATE in Busan, South Korea has taken food art to a whole new level with their giant chocolate dinosaur egg dessert.

The chocolate egg is positioned on top of a nest of shaved chocolate ice cream and contains a chocolate dinosaur sitting atop a chocolate ice cream yolk mound.

Chocolate, uh, finds a way.

Getting inside the egg can be accomplished via two methods: pouring warm chocolate syrup over it in order to melt the shell, or simply cracking it open with a silver mallet.

See how it’s done in the videos below.

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So far, 2016 has been a good year for spaceflight. For example: Astronaut Scott Kelly spent a year in space, and SpaceX finally landed a rocket on a floating barge. Seems like a good time to celebrate all things space with this Black Velvet Nebula Cake from SprinkleBakes.

Wait until you see it sliced…

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pokemon cookies

Sometimes, being as courageous as a superhero pays off in the long run. Shelley Bean and Mallory Mae, the mother-daughter duo behind ButterWinks, can probably attest to that after leaving their corporate jobs back in 2012 to launch their own business. Their gorgeous and expertly crafted cookies are topped with unique designs ranging from abstract art to comic book heroes and even nostalgic characters from years gone by.

Every single cookie is unique, according to Mae, who said that all of the company’s cookies are “completely freehand from start to finish”. No tracing, no machines, just hard work and artistry.

Check out more of their masterpieces below.

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bazooka top

Bakers at Pasticceria Caruso in Sydney, Australia have supersized the cannoli with a creation called “The Bazooka”.

The mega dessert consists of a massive cannoli shell filled with 50 standard sized cannoli. Being huge, the result attracted a lot of attention on the Internet, leading Pasticceria Caruso to teach several bloggers the art of its creation while attending a recent Barilla AUS event.

Check out additional pics and video below.

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hulkpudding copy

Smash your tastebuds to smithereens with these Hulk pudding cups created by Nerdy Nummies’ Rosanna Pansino. In her latest video, Pansino shows us how to make these adorable pudding cups using a paint pen, some Oreos, a dash of green food coloring and a little culinary imagination.

Watch the video below.

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Looking to appease the Great Old Ones? Well, you could help them conquer humanity, or you could whip up some Cthulhu-themed cookies with this silicone baking tray.

Just so you know, Cthulhu has quite an appetite, so you might want to whip up a couple million cookies if you want to avoid being slaughtered.

Cthulhu Cookies Silicone Baking Tray: ($12.99)