Sugar Rush


As of yesterday, July 1st, 7-Eleven is serving Sour Patch Watermelon Slurpees. Costs for the Sour Patch Kids-themed treat will vary depending on the location and the size of the Slurpee, but it should go for between $1.20 and $1.70.

Well, I know what I’m doing this summer. Deliciously sour (then sweet) brain freezes all day, everyday! Woohoo!

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starbust smores

I hate to use the tired old line, but I think we’ve been eating Starbursts all wrong. It turns out we should have been roasting them all along. You can even make s’mores with Starbursts!

See the roasted, gooey, Starbursty-ness after the break.

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Activision recently unveiled plans for a brand new quest in Destiny that has fans a little ticked off. The expansion, called The Taken King, will feature a new “never-before-seen, multi-stage mission in [upcoming expansion] The Taken King that will test the speed and strategic abilities of Destiny players in new ways.”

However, it’s only available to Destiny fans once they purchase a can of spasm-inducing Red Bull.

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Behold the work of Oak Lawn, Illinois baker Timmy Hanno aka archiehemmingway who made these Alien-themed treats as gifts for his girlfriend. It included both a raspberry-filled facehugger fritter and a raspberry-filled xenomorph head. Nothing says true love like deadly alien donuts.

See the Alien version after the break.

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Amy of Oh Bite It! is always pretty clever when it comes to creating simple, unique and insane snacks and treats. But I have to say, deep fried s’mores are really something else.

Amy placed some chocolate, graham cracker crumbs and marshmallow cream inside a wonton wrap, sealed the sucker up and then fried it. The end result is essentially a s’mores egg roll.

Check out more pics and the complete set of instructions on Oh Bite It!


Say hello to the “Hit Me chocolate cake.” Created by Thiago Silva, an executive pastry chef from New York, this treat features roasted white chocolate ice cream, layers of devil’s food cake and brownie, and a Liquid “Klondike” Bar on top (it’s basically a little chocolate shell, and when you tap it with your spoon, it cracks and releases all the good stuff so it soaks into the cake).

If you’re interested in trying it, you can head over to CATCH restaurant in New York City. Or, if you can’t afford a plane ticket to NYC, then you can just watch a short video of Instagrammer Chef Kelvin trying the cake for himself.

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Cap'n Crunch Delights

On July 2, Taco Bell plans to release its Cap’n Crunch Delights donuts nationwide.

The Delights were originally tested in Bakersfield, California and, not surprisingly, they passed with flying colors. Now they’ll be popping up on the new, healthier, artificial ingredient-free Taco Bell menus throughout the entire country.

Ah, but you must be saying to yourself, “How are these Delights thingies not dripping with artificial flavors and ingredients?” Oh, but they are! See, back when Taco Bell made it known that they were planning on moving away from artificial ingredients and preservatives, they also announced that co-branded dishes (like the Doritos Locos Tacos) wouldn’t be affected by the changes. So, that’s good news if you’re a fan of giant sugar bombs slathered with preservative-rich icing. Hooray!

(SFgate via Consumerist)

Come At Me Bronut!


Patrick Evans, owner of the MarieBette Cafe has one-upped the cronut. He’s created this delectable mash-up of a donut,  brioche, and a croissant called the brioche feuilletée. That’s way too hard to pronounce, but foodies have stepped in and given it a more Internet-friendly name: the bronut. Charlottesville29 writes:

“With dense layers of light, flaky pastry, dusted with crystals of sugar, it is like a cross between brioche, a croissant, and a donut.  But, its name doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue. Its translation – flaky brioche – is even worse.  In the era of social media, we wonder whether this delicious pastry would be a sensation if it had a name as hashtag-friendly as, say, cronut.  Whatever you call, it, you should definitely eat one.  #bronut #crioche #broissant”

I want to. I really, really do. Check out more mouth-watering pics after the break.

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Hot on the heels of Cotton Candy Oreos, there’s a new limited edition flavor to get excited about—Brownie Batter. They were first spotted at a trade show in Chicago so they aren’t out just yet. Expect them to join the ranks of the other Oreos on store shelves any day now.

(The Impulsive Buy via Consumerist)


Well, leave it to Amy of Oh Bite It! to start jamming Snickers minis into doughnuts and waffling them. I mean, don’t get me wrong–it’s pure genius. But seriously, the human body can only handle so much of your sugary madness, Amy. Take pity, please.

So yeah, Glazed Doughnut Snickers Waffles. I thought they might require a bit of work to make, but the doughnut wasn’t made from scratch. All she did was was slice open a store bought glazed doughnut, toss in a few Snickers like you’re making a chocolate fiend’s favorite sandwich, and then place the sticky concoction onto a waffle iron. Easy peasy.

If you’d like to check out some of Amy’s tips for the recipe, or if you’d like to check out some more pics, then head on over to Oh Bite It!