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When you give Dreamworks’ animator Fernanda Abarca access to baking equipment, incredible things happen. This artist’s talents extend beyond the computer to the kitchen, where she transforms some of our favorite characters into actual 3D edible creations.

Last year she created the adorable Toothless from How To Train Your Dragon 2. Now she’s focused on the recently released movie Home. It follows a young girl who helps this super cute purple alien run from his own people. Made for the company toast, Fernanda totally nails this characters expression in this too-good-to-eat dessert.

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If you’ve had trouble deciphering all the different varieties of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, then you should probably check out his infographic by Jishai Evers. It highlights which flavors are utilized in each ice cream so you can move past the quirky names and decide which brand is right for you (liking chocolate definitely helps).

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What’s better than an ice cream cake? Well, how about a milkshake cake? Amy of Oh Bite It! figured out how to blend a milkshake with a tasty cake (hint: it requires a lot of Cool Whip) and the end result looks spectacularly delicious.

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Birthdays and cake go together like, well, birthdays and cake. It only made sense for Starbucks to create a birthday cake concoction to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the frappuccino. The Birthday Cake Frappuccino will be available for only five days from March 26th through March 30th.

It’s vanilla bean and hazelnut flavored with raspberry-infused whipped cream. Once it’s gone, it’s gone, so plan your afternoon coffee run accordingly.

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Are you a big fan of desserts that are both salty and sweet? Then you’ll definitely dig Amy of Oh Bite It’s latest concoction: Ruffles Krispie Treats! They’re packed with tons of butter, marshmallows and salty chips.

Head on over to Oh Bite It for more pics and the full recipe.

easter bunny jello shots

Easter isn’t really Easter until you slurp vodka-infused Jell-O out of a chocolate bunny head right? Sounds like the beginning of a wholesome new tradition to me.

If you’d like to learn how to make these shots, head on over to Oh Bite It!

kit kat sandwich

Japan’s already known for having the most unique flavors of Kit Kats and now they’re breaking ground again with a Kit Kat sandwich.

Fast food chain First Kitchen will is behind the cocoction. But, what is a Kit Kat sandwich? Imagine a Kit-Kat topped with whipped cream, sprinkled with orange peel on white bread. Yum.

It even uses a specially made Kit Kat called a “Kit-Kat for Cafe” which is made to be dipped in hot drinks and is a bit crunchier.

Show of hands: how many of you are going to try this at home?

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Amy of Oh Bite It! has a knack for coming up with crazy culinary concoctions. Case in point: her new cheesecake freezer lasagna. Basically, Amy combined a whole mess of graham crackers, caramel and cheesecake filling into a lasagna dish and presto!

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chocoflower copy

The Ipsylon Restaurant at the The Oitavos Hotel in beautiful Cascais, Portugal is where you can find this amazing flower dessert by Chef Joaquim Sousa.

As you’ll see in the video after the break, the dessert actually “blooms” when cream is poured on it.

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This is waaaaaay better than lava.

Tanya Schultz doesn’t just have a sweet tooth–she has an eye for sweet art too. Schultz is an artist, and for this scrumptious project, she partnered up with another artist named Nicole Andrijevic to create a series that uses candy, sugar, beads and colorful toys to create candy-themed art displays. The duo (they referred to themselves as Pip & Pop before parting ways) really outdid themselves. Honestly, this is probably what a unicorn’s house would look like.

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