Sugar Rush


With the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens film fast approaching, L.A. eatery Faith and Flower is jumping on the bandwagon with a limited time (now through December) off-menu dessert tray.

According to Eater LA, the tray will feature chocolates crafted by head pastry chef Josh Graves. Some of the tasty treats will include a chocolate Death Star bon-bon, Han Solo encased in chocolate carbonite and a chocolate Millennium Falcon.

These are being touted as “handcrafted”, but it seems as though you could easily reproduce everything with one of the many, many Star Wars-themed molds out there.

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We’ve seen some really amazing zoetrope cakes from Alexandre Dubosc in the past, and this one is just as mesmerizing to watch. When animated, this chocolate cake titled ‘Melting Pop’ shows a series of short scenes all about popcorn. I watched this gif for at least five minutes before I remembered that I needed to finish writing about it.

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Yes, we live in an age where news outlets rush to scoop leaks on both iPhones and Oreos. Much like Apple, Nabisco is terrible at keeping a secret.

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The latest (unconfirmed) limited edition flavor appears to be “Filled Cupcake” and it’s due out in January of 2016.

(Instagram via Consumerist)


YouTuber Astonishing Studios used LEGO bricks for possibly my favorite reason of all time: to make a working McDonald’s McFlurry Maker! The hand-churn style machine not only makes fresh vanilla ice cream, but it also contains two compartments for M&M’s and Oreo toppings.

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In the video, he explains a bit how to construct your own LEGO McFlurry machine as well as the ingredients for the frozen dessert. So if your boss doesn’t want to break the budget for any fun break room appliances, you can just bring your own.

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Tracey from Little Cherry Cake Company does Disney/Pixar justice with this cake featuring Sulley, Mike and Boo from Monsters, Inc.

As you’ll see in the additional photos after the jump, the attention to detail is pretty damned impressive. It must have been a delicious shame to take a fork to it.

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Cinnamon Bun Oreos have been spotted on store shelves (supposedly)! Notice that they aren’t branded as a limited edition flavor. Indeed, they could very well be a permanent addition. Word is that they will be hitting store shelves next month.

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Was not partnering with Cinnabon a missed opportunity here?

(via The Impulsive Buy)

Eat The Cupcake Sarlacc


The Sarlacc is known for eating things, so I find it fitting that you can eat the Sarlacc thanks to these cupcakes from Yummy Crumble. They’re perfect for your next Star Wars-themed party.

Part of me hopes someone tweaks the recipe to add a gummy Boba Fett either inside the cupcake or in various stages of escaping.

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The Empire might be evil, but they’re big on cookies and candy. In fact, the average Stormtrooper helmet works perfectly as a candy dish (or as a drum if you’re an Ewok).

These cool Star Wars Candy Bowls are perfect for passing out candy this Halloween. You can go with either Darth Vader’s helmet or a Stormtrooper’s helmet. Yeah, I think I’m definitely choosing the Dark Side this Halloween.

Product Page: ($14.99)


Designed by Paolo Ulian, these concept “finger cookies” might have an odd appearance, but their design does seem pretty practical. Because of their shape, you can easily dip the cookies into a wide range of sweet stuff (Nutella being the obvious choice).

It’s kinda like Bugles chips – only better.

(Toxel via Neatorama)

KFCcake copy

If the Colonel was still kicking, and if it was his birthday, I’m pretty sure he’d commission Aussie Branka Njegich to make one of these KFC cakes for the celebration. Depicted above in all its sugary glory, this KFC cake doesn’t actually feature any chicken, corn or potatoes.

“It’s all cake,” said Branka to The Daily Mail. “The only things that aren’t edible is the Pepsi can obviously and the little boxes.”

Apparently, the gravy’s made from caramel, the corn’s made from jelly beans and Starbursts and the mashed potatoes are actually made from vanilla buttercream. Gosh, I can’t decide if I want fried chicken, cake or fried chicken cake for dinner now.

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