Sugar Rush

cotton candy oreo

The Instagram user that recently leaked photos of Red Velvet Oreo cookies and S’mores Oreo cookies is back to unveil pics of a cotton candy version. since “cookie0man” has been correct before, it’s fairly safe to say that you’ll see these limited edition cookies on your store shelves very soon.

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Cat Eclairs Are The Cutest

cat eclairs

Apparently, February 22nd is cat day in Japan. It’s also Ninja Day. Food blogger Caroline made cute eclairs that celebrate the former holiday, but not the latter.

I think this was a missed opportunity to create ninja cat eclairs.

(via Neatorama)

candymaker copy

Hard candy is a lot more than a fused hunk of sugar that resides in a bowl at grandma’s house for years on end. La Confiserie CandyLabs in beautiful Montreal, Canada is making this stuff the old fashioned way and it’s mesmerizing to watch.

This artisan candy shop specializes in handcrafted hard candies which often feature fun shapes on the inside (see above). The shop recently shot a short YouTube clip that captures all of the hard work that goes into making hard candies. The entire process (which involves cooking the candy at just the right temp, and also manipulating it constantly) takes roughly three hours!

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How do you improve upon a classic Twix bar? By making it friggin’ huge of course! Elise, the star of the the My Cupcake Addiction YouTube channel, came up with a recipe for a giant Twix bar that’s pretty simple to whip up. In fact, you don’t even need to use a oven.

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Excuse me…chocolate dipped. So fancy. So unhealthy. So magnificent.

(via Reddit)

picard valentine

They’re so yummy! Eat one Captain. EAT IT DAMN YOU!

Redditor CakeForReddit got cardboard Jean Luc Picard to help make a batch of Valentine’s chocolates featuring Earl Grey ganache and lemon cream.

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nerdache box

We’re huge fans of Ant Roman of Nerdache Cakes, so I’ll admit to literally flailing when I saw that she’s gone and created a Nerdache Box. What’s a Nerdache Box? Think Loot Crate but with noms.

This endeavor is still in its early stages and she’s offering a very limited amount of boxes currently, but the idea that you can have edible geek treats sent directly to your home monthly may be my idea of heaven.

The other neat thing here is that you get to see what’s in the box before you order. Ant will be posting her next Nerdache Box soon for voting and pre-order.

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icecreamcone copy

If you’ve ever wondered what an ice cream cone made with Rice Krispies Treats would look like, take a moment and soak this in. It’s something to behold for sure.

Nick of Dude Foods made this krispy behemoth, and while it was pretty simple to make, its size made for some unique complications. The cone was so large that he had to use a soup ladle instead of an ice cream scoop to pop the ice cream onto the cone.

(via Dude Foods)

cp-6 copy

If you and your S.O. are planning on pigging out on chocolate this Valentine’s Day, then a chocolate piggie from Tokyo-based candy manufacturers, tutto bene would be the perfect treat. Then again, it might send the wrooooooong message.

Though it’s a Japanese company, the candy makers’ name is derived from an Italian saying that means, “Everything is great.” In keeping with the whole Italian thing, the company makes a variety of chocolates that are pig-shaped, since Italy is (apparently) pretty well known for its pig-themed good luck charms, symbols and trinkets.

The company offers a few different piggie chocolates, but all of them are definitely tasty. The big guy pictured up top is the Gran Siesta, a 2.2-hunk of chocolate that’s made with 35 percent cocoa butter and it’s priced at $68, or 8,000 yen. There’s also the Juliette II, a smaller, tutu-wearing chocolate piggie that costs 600 yen, or roughly $5. Lastly, there’s the Figaro set, which features a mixture chocolate “cuts” that are arranged to look like a butcher’s pork diagram. That one runs for 1,800 yen or roughly $15.

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In celebration of World Nutella Day last week, Elizabeth of Sugar Hero made giant versions of Ferrero Rocher candies. These candies are usually bite-size balls of hazlenut and chocolate that are made by Ferrero (the same company that makes Nutella). Elizabeth’s versions measure 5 inches across.

Since they wouldn’t hold if they were made exactly like the candy, she changed them up a little. They’re filled with layers of hazelnut chocolate mousse and chocolate cake. One of them will do nicely for dinner, don’t you think?

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