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AT-ATs are deadly, but this amazing AT-AT cake by New Adventures in Cake is pretty sweet (in more ways than one).

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Tasty food pops up quite a bit in the Game of Thrones narrative. So, it’s fitting that Michelle Wibowo, a sugar artist and cake designer would use her talents to make a gingerbread version of King’s Landing (from the HBO title sequence) for the Taste of London 2015 festival.

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She accurately recreated nearly every aspect of the capital in stunning (and delicious) detail.

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oreo churros

Up until now, Oreo Churros were something you could only enjoy in public venues. However, bite-sized versions that are actually filled with creme (as opposed to the earlier dippable version) may be lurking in the frozen dessert section of your grocery store as you read this.

They could be there. Right. This. Second.

Assuming you haven’t already bolted for the door, know that the cookies are made with Oreo pieces that are filled with classic creme and topped with crumb sugar. The 10-inch sticks will continue to be exclusively available at sporting venues, movie theaters and the like.

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star wars disneyland treats

Earlier today we posted about Bantha Blue Milk Bread being served at Disneyland. It looked…questionable. That’s not the case with Darth By Chocolate, The Pastry Menace, and the BB-8 crisped rice treat that are also part of the Season Of The Force celebration.

These look amazing.

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yoda cake

Claire Jensen of the Cornwall-based Peboryon Cakes was at “Cake International — The Sugarcraft, Cake Decorating & Baking Show” with an amazing entry that demonstrates Cake Yoda’s power to levitate another cake with the Cake Force.

Imagine being able to float cake into your mouth from anywhere. I want to be a Jedi so bad.

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fruitloopscup copy

You might actually look forward to the morning if Froot Loops-covered Oreo chocolate cups are involved.

All you’ll need is some Oreo cookies, chocolate and Froot Loops, and you’ll have yourself an edible (and super delicious) cup in practically no time. Check out the how-to video after the break.

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Pumpkin Spice season will soon make way for winter flavors. Among them is Nabisco’s new hot cocoa-flavored Chips Ahoy, which consist of a chocolate base, a cocoa center and marshmallow chips.

To handle the “hot” part, they recommend heating the cookie for 7 seconds to provide the sensation of chewable hot chocolate.

The product hit shelves yesterday, but are only available for a limited time.

(Fast Food Geek via FoodBeast)

donut-how-to copy

Doughnuts are always fantastic, especially when they’re fresh-out-of-the-oven. If you’re looking for some fresh doughnuts, you’ve got two options: Pop over to your local doughnut shop at 5:30 a.m., or make your own at home.

The good news is that yeasted Krispy Kreme-style doughnuts are surprisingly easy to make—you only need a few basic tools (including a deep fryer). Chefsteps has a how-to video on how to whip them up after the break.

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pop tarts flavors

A gradual rollout of five new limited edition Pop-Tart flavors will begin this December and continue on through Spring 2016—and Kellogg’s is definitely dipping into some new (possibly weird) territory here. The flavors include:

-Maple Bacon: Mid-December 2015
-Watermelon: Mid-December 2015
-Chocolatey Caramel: Mid-December 2015
-Frosted Spring Strawberry: Early 2016
-Pink Lemonade: Mid-April 2016

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hunger games cake top

Nerdache Cakes recently whipped up this awesome Mockingjay cake, and it’s packed with tons of references to The Hunger Games series (the bloody white roses are definitely a nice touch). Here’s what baker Ant Roman had to say about the cake:

There’s lots of cool textured pieces in there like feathers, metals, bloody roses, twigs and wood grain- every trick in the book! Katniss herself is fondant with papercrafted wings and chocolate hair. There wasn’t nearly enough references to my liking for the Mockingjay Dress, so I went back to my Fashion Major days and made one for her.

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