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candy sushi

I have a pretty gnarly sweet tooth, so when I saw these candy sushi I nearly took a bite out of my computer screen. Stieber’s Sweet Shoppe in NYC specializes in unique sweet treats, including candy sushi like the ones pictured here.

The shop also offers candy sushi-making classes, and the shop’s sushi expert Lee Manne recently gave Cosmopolitan a quick lesson on how to make ‘em using sugary snacks like Swedish Fish and Marshmallow Fluff. You can check out the tutorial here.

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If the bane of your morning routine is choosing whether to eat Pop-Tarts or cereal for breakfast, then you are in the same boat as the folks at Bustle, who recently decided to solve the problem once and for all by marrying the two in an explosion of flavor and calories. However, if you want to partake in the edible awesome, you’ll have to invest some time into the labor-intensive recipe, as it’s a DIY deal.

Those who are still on board can check out the recipe here. Personally? I’m going to cut regular Pop-Tarts into smaller Pop-Tarts and pour milk on ‘em.

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bacon fried oreos

Is Amy of Oh Bite It a demon that’s trying to harvest our souls by tempting us with over-the-top treats? If she’s mortal, has she finally gone to far with fried bacon wrapped Oreos?

Head on over to Oh Bite It for more details and decide for yourself.


Here’s a way to create a delicious iced coffee drink without heading out to the coffee shop. Throw some ice cream sandwiches into a blender, add your favorite brew, and blend until you have a rich, creamy shake. This looks delicious and completely addictive.

See it come together in the video after the break.

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Now that’s a creepy cake!

Created by the Vegas-based bakery Mitchies Munchies, this zombie head cake was inspired by The Walking Dead. As you can see, the details are top-notch, and everything is edible!

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Mitchies made the cake for The Baking Dead, which is a fun collaboration of over 50 bakers, sugar and cake artists. However, the project does have a serious side. Because The Walking Dead often deals with themes regarding domestic violence, the Baking Dead is also focused on spreading the word about domestic violence prevention and awareness.

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Once again, Amy of Oh, Bite It! has provided the Internet with a simple but brilliant over-the-top recipe. This time it’s for glazed cannoli doughnuts, which are described as a “warm, flaky, buttery doughnut filled with that creamy Cannoli goodness that puts a smile on your face”.

She has also issued a warning about their great taste and rapid disappearance, as well as the potential of being hounded for the recipe should you decide to share them with others.

If you’re still game, the simple instructions can be found on Oh, Bite It.

I’m not the biggest Peeps guy, but How Sweet It Is has combined Peeps with chocolate, peanut butter and graham crackers in skillet-style s’mores and it looks beyond amazing.

The idea here is that you place the chocolate and peanut butter with the Peeps and then you broil them for only a minute or two and then–presto! Tasty s’mores! Just as a heads up, you’re supposed to scoop the Peeps onto your graham crackers, so expect to make a little bit of a mess.

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Anne Heap with Pink Cake Box made this “Walking Dead edible sculpture” as part of her work with The Baking Dead. It’s a collaboration of over fifty sugar and cake artists who are creating works of edible art designed to celebrate AMC’s The Walking Dead and also spread awareness about domestic violence prevention (since domestic violence is a running theme in the show). As you can tell from the cake, the level of detail is incredible, and I have to say that Anne Heap is one extremely talented sugar artist. What do you think?

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When you give Dreamworks’ animator Fernanda Abarca access to baking equipment, incredible things happen. This artist’s talents extend beyond the computer to the kitchen, where she transforms some of our favorite characters into actual 3D edible creations.

Last year she created the adorable Toothless from How To Train Your Dragon 2. Now she’s focused on the recently released movie Home. It follows a young girl who helps this super cute purple alien run from his own people. Made for the company toast, Fernanda totally nails this characters expression in this too-good-to-eat dessert.

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If you’ve had trouble deciphering all the different varieties of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, then you should probably check out his infographic by Jishai Evers. It highlights which flavors are utilized in each ice cream so you can move past the quirky names and decide which brand is right for you (liking chocolate definitely helps).

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