Sugar Rush


Holy colossal cookie container, Batman!

When Batman wants a cookie, he asks Alfred to get him one.  However, most of us can’t afford a live-in butler. So if you’re a Batman fan with a need to keep your cookies close at hand, then you might be interested in this Batman Logo Cookie Jar. It’s based on the original 1966 Batman television series, and it features the classic series logo on the front. It won’t be available until June 2015, but it is available for pre-order now.

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sugar glue

One of the challenges of crafting a gingerbread structure is getting the icing just right so that it holds walls together while you’re building. Instructables user all_thumbs tackled that problem head-on by devising a way to essentially make edible glue sticks from sugar.

It starts with molds made from aluminum foil. You can base the mold on an actual glue stick to get the right size. Once you have molds, you fill them with molten sugar, let them cool, and then load them into a hot glue gun and use the gun as you normally would. And yes, you’ll want to use a brand new hot glue gun for this. Glue residue from these guns isn’t nearly as delicious as the paste you ate as a child.

There are some safety concerns to keep in mind, but all in all, this idea sounds effective.

Read about the entire process at Instructables.

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I never thought I’d actually say something like this, but that Nazgul looks delicious. I mean, honestly, I’d totally give up the One Ring for a slice of that Ringwraith.

This stunningly detailed cake was made for Cakes From Middle Earth, a “Sugar Art Collaboration” that’s made up of thirty cake decorators and sugar artist from New Zealand who are working tirelessly to create edible homages to Peter Jackson and his incredible films. The collaboration features tons of tasty treats ranging from King Kong to The Hobbit, and the group is helmed by Mel Todd of Take the Cake. Mel created the Ringwraith cake, and he noted that building the structure to help support the rearing horse was a bit challenging, but the end result looks totally… (sigh) sweet.

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These Chocolution Exploration Kits allow you to experiment and learn how different spices and chocolates change the taste of everyone’s favorite sweet treat. You can choose the Chocolate Drink Time Traveller Kit, Cacao Bean Botanist Kit, or Raw Chocolate Explorer Kit.

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This Is Pure Evil


…especially if you have a peanut allergy.

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candy food 1

Think you’re looking at a delicious meal of sushi and sashimi? Wrong. The above dish is made of candy. Artist Jess Gabe used the following materials to make her faux sushi: Airheads, Rice Krispie Treats, fruit jellies, fruit roll up, sugar crystals, icing and Hershey’s chocolate syrup. It’s all part of her drool-worthy Candy Cuisine project.

She takes a variety of savory meals like sushi, pot pies, and tacos and makes them from candy for fun, and she does an incredible job.

Check out more sugary meals after the break.

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ultimate donut

One of the current trends of food is squishing together everything and finding out what happens. Kim Laidlaw of Chow was testing donut recipes when she got crazy. They’re calling it the “turducken” version of the donut. It has custard, chocolate, and an apple fritter:

She wrapped an apple fritter in a custard-filled donut, then glazed it with chocolate and paved it with sprinkles as subversively menacing as clownface.

I don’t even know how to process this information.

Read more about this beautiful monstrosity of a donut at Chow.

(Photo by Chris Rochelle)

krispy kreme krispie treats

Rice Krispie treats are a delicious dessert that leave your teeth coated in layers of sugar, and when you add donuts into the mix, forget about it. Amy of Oh Bite It took Krispy Kreme’s classic glazed donuts, chopped them up, and mixed them into the Rice Krispie treat mixture. She then cut the coated bites back into donut shapes with cutters. They look rich but glorious.

Get all the wonderful details from Oh Bite It.


There have been many different takes on the world famous cronut, but the cannoli cronut may be the ultimate version. Created by Benny’s Bakery & Ice Cream Shoppe in Fair Lawn, New Jersey, the cannoli cronut is a croissant-donut filled with cannoli cream and then sprinkled with cinnamon sugar before being drizzled in chocolate. There may be no better way to get your entire week’s worth of calories at one time.

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Do you know what I was craving today? A roughly five-pound gummy candy skull that’s packed with 6,000 calories worth of chewy goodness. Super weird, right?

Honestly, I didn’t think I was going to be able to track something like that down, but lo and behold, Firebox came to the rescue. They’re currently offering a candy skull that fits my exact specifications, and it comes in two flavors: cherry and blue raspberry. Oh, but there is a downside: it has a rather hefty price tag. Looks like I might have to save up if I want to satisfy my oddly specific sweet tooth.

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