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Food photographer Beth Galton joined forces with food stylist Charlotte Omnès to present a photo series called “Cut Food” which uses “gelatin trickery” to show foods cut in half.

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If your inner science nerd with a sweet tooth didn’t already take control of your body and force you to click the buy button, then this may do the trick:

These cookies are made with my unbelievably popular shortbread sugar cookie dough decorated with Madagascar Vanilla and almond icing. You will not believe that something this pretty can taste so good.

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Bad-Ass Candy Cane Mohawk

Candy Cane Mohawk

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In an effort to be funny, and possibly push the placebo effect to its limits, Firebox released this line of cynical tea bags which carry titles like “Live Forever”, “Get Along With Your Co-Workers”, and “Instant Really Good Karma”. Unfortunately, every selection also carries the “results may vary” infomercial kiss of death, which basically means “this sh*t doesn’t do what we say it will”.

What you can expect are a variety of flavors, including Chamomile with Citrus & Mint, Rooibos Coconut, and Oolong with Orange.

Product Page: ($9.59)

If you have a badass pirate impression that’s in need of some appreciation, then haul your ass to one of these participating Krispy Kreme locations on Wednesday. In honor of International Talk Like A Pirate Day, the chain will be offering one free original glazed donut to those who can display proper pirate lingo. But wait! If you go a step further and dress the part, you’ll get a dozen, absolutely FREE!

As for the fine print: there’s no purchase necessary, no coupon required, and a limit of one offer per guest per visit. Finally, there’s no weapons allowed.

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Starting on Monday, September 10th candy corn flavored Oreo cookies will be available exclusively at Target stores for a limited time during the Halloween season. Sounds uh…great. When are the black licorice versions coming out?

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This appropriately named “Inebriator” robot has been developed to help people get f*cked up by mixing cocktails – although there’s no word on whether it will be available commercially.

An Arduino Mega 2560 microprocessor controls the stepper motor that drives the drink shelf, the control interface that contains a small LCD as well as a few buttons, the valves that control the flow of booze and the robot’s many LEDs.

It doesn’t matter if none of that makes sense, the bottom line is that it dispenses booze. Hit the jump to watch it in action.

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